Spring-ify your Chandelier

Spring-ify your Chandelier

I thought this was such a whimsical
and charming way to spring-ify a chandelier!
There is something so unexpected and happy
about seeing those pretty spring colored birds
all tucked in among the crystals!

Wouldn’t it be cute at a tea party?

Image via Absolutely Beautiful Things
From Bed of Roses a guest house in the Netherlands (an oh-so-charming place–pay them an online visit and look at all the happy spring colors!! I would love to stay there in real life!)

Spring-ify your Chandelier


  1. I love this idea! Of course, the practical side of me is now worrying…what if they get too hot? Wouldn’t want the little birdies to get singed by the light bulb… probably not to code… nobody asked me anyway..sorry, I’ll hush now. Have a great day!


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  2. That is charming! You’ve got me thinking of ways to spring-ify my own chandelier! :)

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  3. So cute. It would perfect in a little girl’s room, too. All year long!

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  4. That is just the cutest. What a great way to bring in the spring season. Now I just need to get a chandelier.

    Have a happy day


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  5. I clipped little butterflies to mine!

  6. Debbykay says:

    Sweet idea for spring! Might even be fun for an Easter brunch!

    Happy spring!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

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  7. So cute! I’m pretty sure those little birdies are a safe distance from the light bulbs. :)

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  8. Adorable!!!!!!!

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  9. I went to the sites- Oh my goodness- beautiful colors and so elegant.
    Thanks for sharing with us. I think I will add some little birdies to my chandelier-
    Happy day

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  10. OOOOOooooooo literally made me **gasp** with delight. Then I caught my breath and squealed. Thank you for bringing joy to every morning. **blows kisses** Deborah

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  11. How adorable, all those colorful little faces!

  12. So clever. I love it. Thanks for sending the picture our way.

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  13. Oh so darling! So many fun tea party ideas here lately…Easter, Mother’s Day…lots of possibilities!

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  14. Hi, are the birds true? Or have you put some stuff birds on? Never mind, it’s looks good.

  15. Okay that place is STRAIGHT out of a magazine! How adorable!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! It’s giving me more green ideas. : )

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  16. I love the way light sparkles through the dangling glass.

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  17. Your chandelier is just darling. I love all of those sweet birdies!


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  18. Hi Melissa! Hey this is adorable. I never thought of doing this! What a beautiful idea and so springy! I am so ready for clear skies, warm weather…and someone else to do my spring cleaning!

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  19. i really love that, but my so called chandelier isn’t that nice. :) Love the birds

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  20. So cute, I loved the rest of the ideas she shared today as well. So pretty for spring.

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  21. This really is pretty. Now I am going to wrap a creamy berry vine through my chandelier… Oh, and the Remodeling Guy always cracks me up with his comments!

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  22. Soooo super cute!! Love it!

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  23. What a cute way to make your chandelier say spring. BTW, I love your chandelier and I covet those shades!

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  24. Sweet tweets! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment and the information on the online conference. I posted on it today and am off to sign up now. I am looking forward to the variety of topics and speakers. Thanks for sharing.

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  25. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and thought it was time to say hello and let you know how much I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading your posts.

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  26. Just Darling!

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  27. LOVEly. (I am thankful I took a moment to click on your highlighted “tea Party” as I thought you meant a whole different kind of tea party. :-) The one you brought us to, was an adorable post. Thank you.

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  28. OH! Isn’t this just THE CUTEST idea!!!???
    A really sweet pop of spring color!!


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  29. Wow Melissa! It’s so pretty!

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  30. Am having chandelier envy, my place is too tiny to hold that much sparkle but those birds, what a perfect little addition for a tea party.

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  31. Cute idea, not sure how much they would like my ceiling fan though… may need to strap them down with some duct tape… ;)

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  32. I loved this idea too — so whimsical and pretty. So how are you?

  33. {p.s.} the little blog post snippet does not seem to work for my comments . . .

  34. Hi Melissa, What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to use it my own home. Thank you for sharing. Cynthia A

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