Inspired Holidays {Day 13}:: The Most Versatile Seasonal Decoration

Decorating with Branches

I love to find ways to stretch my decorating budget and keep items on hand that are extremely versatile and can be used for more than one occasion or season.

For years and years my mom used sticks for decorating. She had sticks and branches for all seasons. Glittery sticks, plain winter sticks, sticks with flowers, sticks with tiny leaves. Branches made the ultimate simple seasonal statement. I was hooked. I wanted my own.


Fast forward to now, and people are still using branches in decorating! You might think they are trendy, but they have stood the test of time and are more of a classic decorative item. I don’t think you can go wrong with items from nature. They just never go out of style.

If you can some great branches or sticks, they will look amazing alone or with almost any sort of embellishment. They work in all seasons, all holidays and all occasions. They are perfect for any room, inside or out.

Enjoy today’s round up of holiday decorating with branches! Maybe you’ll find a new idea or two you can use!

Pottery Barn

Life in the Fun Lane

I have a stick just like those with the birds on them.
Why oh why have I never put it on the wall? Now I think I will.

Country Living

Canadian House and Home

Pottery Barn

Martha Stewart

Remodeling Center

I love how those branches above are not the main event,
but just add a little height to that side table!

Country Living

Remodeling Center

Even with no other decorations, sticks and branches add a sculptural element that is just beautiful!

Housemartin via a guest post from years ago on The Inspired Room,

Martha Stewart

So many options of cute things to put on your branches!

Martha Stewart

Twigs and branches can be the perfect solution for weddings and party decor in any season too!



Nell Hills Blog


 Pottery Barn


Country Living

How have you used branches and sticks
in your seasonal decorating?

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  1. Love this post. I have always used branches in decorating. They are one of Nature’s many Gifts to us!
    Camille recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving! The Camellia, Thunder Bay, OnMy Profile

  2. It may be a bit of a stupid question, but branches I have in my garden never look this pretty. Should you dry them or something? And if so, how?
    LLMM recently posted..Waar doe je het voor?My Profile

    • My husband dried some out for me once in the oven. I imagine you need to be pretty careful with this, but they turned out lovely. He scraped all the bark off first and put them in for just a few minutes (less than 10). They had that smooth, hardened look like store-bought ones.

  3. I have had some branches in a pot on my mantle for a while- never changed them for ones with green on them come summer, like I did last year. In spring, I clipped some butterflies onto them. I think I’m going to stare at these photos some more, and see what else I can do- I am redoing my mantle today! Oh, and I finally did my front porch, inspired by your curb appeal post! (Painted my steps RED!)

  4. Franki Parde says:

    I, too, always use branches in my decorating “themes.” I especially like hanging crystals from branches surrounded by candlelight…dreamy. franki

  5. Love the look of bare branches in a vase all year long. We always use them, especially at Easter when I like to honour my children’s Swedish heritage by making an “Easter” tree from birch branches and tiny tissue paper flowers – something my ex mother-in-law did every year.
    Heather recently posted..A New Tradition for Thanksgiving – Deep Fried TurkeyMy Profile

  6. We took a walk through the woods a few years ago and made a Thankful Tree. (If anyone wants to see pics, we blogged about it back in Dec of 09.)

    After its stink for thanksgiving we really weren’t ready to give it up. So, we hung snowflakes on it for Christmas.

    Eventually, we strung white lights all over it and it now lives in my step-son’s bedroom.

    Sticks – and mini-trees, like ours – can be fun :)

    Thank you for all the pics. I’ve been meaning to make a really small stick centerpiece. Perhaps now is the time.
    Dana recently posted..31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 12 – Spice Things UpMy Profile

  7. Great ideas. I did this on my fornt porch and on my mantle. I also painted some branches white for the front porch last christmas.

  8. I love love use branches…..I’ve used them in some of the same ways you’ve shown. I did one last year painted white with snowflakes hanging from it.
    Thanks for sharing
    teresa recently posted..Nut House In-shell-My Profile

  9. I love me some branches!!
    they are so sculptural and raw and natural. once I made hubby pull off of a highway because I saw a curly willow that had fallen over. I got those sticks, girl.
    {darlene} recently posted..a room I love :: a bedroom with silhouettes en masseMy Profile

  10. I love love to use branches…..I’ve used them in some of the same ways you’ve shown. I did one last year painted white with snowflakes hanging from it.
    Thanks for sharing
    teresa recently posted..Nut House In-shell-My Profile

  11. Inspired ideas! How fun to bring a little bit of nature inside!

  12. This really makes me want to go out and gather branches and arrange them on the mantle. Or by the front door. Or on top of my kitchen cabinets…

  13. Barbara (WA) says:

    Love this! I used to have some tall curly branches in my old farm milk can, on the porch, decorated with tiny white lights. I used it year around until the wood finally got brittle and broke apart. This post is inspiring me…hmm.

  14. There is nothing like the shapes of nature! I LOVE all these images you have gathered for us! <3

  15. Great ideas. Maybe I will go up in the mountains to get some sticks…:)
    Elizabeth recently posted..Candlelight on Cool Autumn NightsMy Profile

  16. Hi Melissa,
    I love natures bounty this time of year. It is such an inviting look that Pottery Barn is imitating nature. :-)
    Karen recently posted..{Home} It’s a man’s worldMy Profile

  17. Love this post! I always use branches in my decorating – they are Nature’s best Gift to us!
    Camille recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving! The Camellia, Thunder Bay, OnMy Profile

  18. Just love the Pottery Barn Dining room with the branches and ornaments. so beautiful and easy to do. I also like the front door decoration from the Nell Hills Blog. So simple, so elegant!
    Mimi recently posted..31 Days of Orange: Day 13 Top 5 October Wedding BouquetsMy Profile

  19. I was just thinking the other day that our little tree out front needs a little pruning… I’ll be saving the sticks for sure!
    Andrea recently posted..Day 13: Cracker Snacks and Cowboy HatsMy Profile

  20. I love the look of branches. Though whenever I bring branches in they look contrived… maybe I am just not doing it right. I think that I will try again after seeing this post. Thanks
    Sunny recently posted..31 Days to a Better Me day 13My Profile

  21. This is my favorite post of the ’31 days’ so far! Thank you for all the wonderful photos – so inspiring. I have branches on my mantel right now but I will be looking for new branches and ways to display in other areas. So many ideas and so little time – hmmm.

  22. You always have the best pictures! Who would have thought that sticks could look so good :) Silly question, but do your posts in the DIY & room tour (I just checked them out) show in my daily reader when you post ?
    Jessica recently posted..Fall Mantle ~ The playroomMy Profile

    • Hi Jessica, no the DIY and Room Tours do not show up in the main reader. You’d have to subscribe separately to those channels (which the link seems to be missing, hmm, I’ll repost it when I find it). Not a silly question, thanks for asking!

  23. I did that for the first time last Thanksgiving when I made a thanks tree. This spring I did a family Valentines tree. And, right now, as you can see below, I have a fall photo tree up.
    Sarah recently posted..Fall tree craftMy Profile

  24. You found some great inspiration photos. I love using natural things to decorate. I don’t usually use branches at Christmas because I have so many other things that need space in the house. I do love pussy willow branches in the spring and they are a definite tradition around here as are branches with red leaves on the front porch.
    Grace recently posted..10 Reasons Why I Love Sarah Richardson’s CottageMy Profile

  25. Coastal Femme says:

    Love the photos…nature is so beautiful and full of texture!

  26. Okay now I’ve got my mind thinking of what to do with branches and a Christmas centerpiece! Thanks :)
    Pam recently posted..RedMy Profile

  27. A few years ago I was driving in our subdivision when I saw the PERFECT dead bush/tree/something-or-other that someone had dumped at the curb for the trash. The branches were wavy and they were just perfect. Have I said they were perfect? Well, they were. So, just like any good wife would do, I called my husband and asked him to come get it. But by the time he got there, the bush had been covered over with a whole lot of other stuff. So of course I asked my husband to go through all the other junk in 100 degree weather to get those branches. I’m telling you, they were PERFECT. He loves me very much, so he did. And I have used them for Christmas decorating every year since. Clean them off, paint them white, and put them in a vase with Epsom salts. Now that I think about it…I got that idea from you! :)
    Heathahlee recently posted..31 Days of Worship – It Begins at the CrossMy Profile

  28. Great post. Love the branches; cherry blossoms in the spring to icicle-y sticks from the dollar store in winter. I just threw a baby shower and used two large vases with branches and a bunting hung in-between as the centerpiece of the table. It was beautiful. Gave nice height and added a festive look to the table. I just “pruned” my lilac bush back a little for the branches and “voila!”

    This Christmas I am looking forward to making a “Jesse Tree.” I have small children and will be doing it along with our advent calendar. It tells the story of the line of Jesse, bringing Old Testament Scripture to light, showing God’s faithfulness over 4,000 years,leading up to the fulfillment of prophecy with the birth of the Messiah. You make ornaments with each one referencing an event of God’s deliverance of His people and place them on the Jesse Tree that is made from branches. Here’s a link for more info: . I believe it is an ecumenical tradition, because I had never heard of it until I started doing a little advent research. I think it it will be a great teaching tool for the advent season!
    birdsandsoap recently posted..Sounds Like Fun!My Profile

  29. I love the use of branches, especially in the Spring and Fall!! I have a curly willow tree in the park behind my house, time to go a-clipping!!!
    KATHYSUE recently posted..Trader Joe’s Does It Again!!My Profile

  30. So many beautiful spaces. There is something ( or many things) I love in every photo. What a great collection! I love using branches too…. My husband doesn’t get it, but is glad to see me use something that’s free for the most part. I have some I keep season to season too. Last year my sparkly beaches made a nest in my dining room chandeliers,,,,this year they are joking the Christmas tree cuttings in a basin with white lights on my front porch! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration, I know I can count on find that in measure at The Inspired Room!

  31. so Yay!

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