Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}
Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}

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Bold, graphic, textured, glam, pretty, quirky, modern or traditional…wallpaper for the bedroom. It definitely can make a big personality statement behind a bed!

If you just do one wall, it is a more affordable and manageable project that could take your room from safe and ordinary to WOW.

Risky? Maybe! Fun, definitely.

Are you bold enough to try it? 

How to Wallpaper: a helpful video!
Bird Wallpaper Inspiration

Wallpaper for the Bedroom {Behind the Bed}


  1. I love the House Beautiful one! It really does make the bedrooms look cozy. I’m adoring the new bold wallpaper designs, and just added some to my small entry way. I was nervous, but I really like it and it was a lot easier to put up than I remember.
    Mary recently posted..The Artwork of Lesli DeVitoMy Profile

  2. I adore wallpaper and have been patiently waiting for it to make a comeback. I have heard that it’s not the wallpaper of a generation ago…easier to put up and without the drawbacks of the old vinyls. The examples you’ve shown here are wonderful to my eye and my favorite would be a combination of color, pattern, and decorating. In other words, I want to pick and choose. Thanks for sharing these…

  3. I really love some of the prints, right now I just have just have basic neutral color behind my bed but would love to add some color.

  4. Three cheers for bringing wallpaper back!

    Glenda Childers recently posted..My top ten ways to make sisterhood friendsMy Profile

  5. oooh! What a great timed post! I LOVE wallpaper! I still really want to find a place to use the imperial trellis wallpaper in green. I drool every time I see it – especially this entryway:http://pinterest.com/pin/191051209163989711/. Yum!

    Do you think trellis wallpaper is “out”? I’m worried that it already is starting to seem like old/trendy news! But I still want it ;)

    • Usually when we think we have seen something “a lot” it is already out by “decorator” standards. They will have already “moved on.” But we probably just think we see things “a lot” because if you are online, it seems like you see it a bunch of times on blogs or Pinterest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is overdone or out. In every day non-Pinterest homes, I bet it is still catching on! Ha!! So I think you just do what you love!

  6. Barbara (WA) says:

    I have enjoyed the comeback of contemporary wallpaper and the idea of using it on one wall. But many of us of a “certain age” have such nightmare stories of installing wallpaper and removing the darn stuff causing huge hesitation to ever use it again. But I think I would if we didn’t have textured walls in this house! I don’t want to do the whole wall prep thing in order to use a wonderful wallpaper design. Not me, nope. Fun post!

  7. Love!! I would totally try it if my husband wasn’t so opposed.
    Ashley recently posted..Save: Current Promo CodeMy Profile

  8. I think they look great but have had nightmares dealing with wallpaper!

    Not a fan anymore of wallpaper!

    It is pretty though!
    Deanna recently posted..It’s Not My Fault Really…My Profile

  9. I love it! But with my current configuration…wall paper is out. I have a bookshelf behind my bed…and it took all I could muster, to put bold paint in the back of it.
    But I did it!
    I think I’d do the wall paper if it weren’t for that. I’ve wondered about wallpaper on the ceiling?
    If I were to do that, it would the embossed, paintable, faux pressed tin wall paper from Lowes, for me.
    …and I’d want to paint a faux treatment that looked like metal showing through old chippy white paint. Because, well, I’ve priced the real thing (vintage tin ceiling panels) and MAN! they’re expensive.

    I have to agree with you …wall paper is both risky and fun! (especially on the ceiling!) ~Pat
    Pat recently posted..Kindle Paperwhite vs. Smart Phone: Frugal Fodder ~10~My Profile

  10. I love wallpaper! These ideas are gorgeous, but I wonder if they would be a little overstimulating for a bedroom?
    Krystin recently posted..Spring Home Decor Mood BoardMy Profile

  11. I was just looking at the prettiest wallpaper on Urban Outfitters website yesterday. Supposedly, it’s easier to take down than it used to be. I still loved wallpaper framed, too.
    Jennifer recently posted..DIY Project: How to Recover a Tufted HeadboardMy Profile

  12. I would love to have wallpaper in our bedroom – the wall spaces are large. But, unfortunately our walls are textured :( Maybe a large fabric wall hanging would be a good alternative?
    Sherri recently posted..Miss Mustard Seed InspirationMy Profile

  13. Great post! I think I would try it, but I like stenciling better because it can just be painted over later.

    Warmly, Michelle

  14. Thanks for always encouraging me, Melissa. Even though I don’t have a penny in my decorating budget right now, when looking at the photos it dawned on me that I’ve got some great fabric pieces leftover from other projects. I could frame a large piece of the fabric with some leftover wood trim. It may not cover a whole wall, but have a similar “wallpaper” effect.

  15. Love the prints! Are those butterflies?????
    Alison recently posted..Decorating with a bird nestMy Profile

  16. Yes I have a project to do a wall, fingers crossed in a few weeks. Urban Outfitters (someone already mentioned) has self stick paper with great beautiful patterns and colors.
    Pam recently posted..VegetablesMy Profile

  17. What a helpful post! I keep wanting to do this but chickening out! This is great inspiration. Love your blog, btw. :)

  18. Printed wall looks very beautiful. This is an easy way to give a new look to my bedroom. I think I would try it . I really love your blog.

  19. I adore wallpapers and I loved these ideas, so I shared the lin in my blog with my readers.
    Thank you!

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