Teen Boy’s Small Bedroom {An Update}

Teen Boy's Room Gallery Wall Decor

Just before the holidays last year I showed you my thirteen year old son’s bedroom inspiration, then his awesome new corduroy wingback bed. Today I’ll show you how the rest of the space is coming along! As you might remember, it is a pretty small room. But we were determined to have a full bed, a desk and a dresser.

Teenage Boy's Room Decor Accessories

One of my favorite parts of this room is the subway art by Red Letter Words. It’s a good reminder of what matters.

Teen Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We found this dresser years ago at a second hand store and it adds the perfect antique touch to Luke’s room. We updated it a bit recently with some paint on the drawers and new hardware, but mostly it has been left as is over the years.

Teen Boy's Room Industrial Desk

To fulfill Luke’s wish for a desk, we found this industrial work table and counter stool at World Market last year (direct link below in the sources).

Modern Boy's Bedroom Industrial Desk in Room

Teen Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You can find the post about the bed here. We are still really happy with it!

Boy's Bedroom Eclectic Gallery Wall

I love that he has his own gallery wall and can update or change pictures or art whenever he wants. He drew the owl in school years ago! This whole wall and the shelf holds some of his special memories and treasures.

Birch Branch Curtain Rod DIY

We found the birch branch while out on a walk last Fall. Since we removed the closet doors to accommodate the desk we decided to hang curtain panels to soften the opening. The branch is hung from curtain tie back holders and secured with jute twine. At some point we will redo the interior of his closet, but for now he’s just fine with it.

Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas

I’ve had the elephant lamp forever.

Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teen Boy's Room Rustic Dresser

The knobs on the dresser are original except for the top ones which were lost. We loved these compass knobs from Anthropologie and they added a perfect nod to adventure which should be a part of every boy’s life!

Teen Boy's Room Decor

Brass Reading Lamp in Teen Boy's Room

Eclectic Gallery Wall and Brass Reading Light

Boys Room Design

Lily the Labradoodle

Our house is casual and pet friendly! Lily loves to hang out on beds so she can see out the window! She doesn’t sleep in here though, she sleeps near me :-).

Jack and Lily

Jack (our Goldendoodle, on the floor) sleeps in this room with Luke every night.

Every boy needs a dog, right? 


Brass wall sconce: Pottery Barn, Bed: Overstock.com, Desk: World Market, Counter Stool: World Market Rug-Pottery Barn, Clock: similar, Compass knobs: Anthropologie, Deer hook: Anthropologie, Subway Art: Red Letter Words, Bedside cart: World Market, Striped Lumbar Pillow: Target, Blue X-base ottoman: Joss & Main, Blue quilt: Target, Curtains: Nate Berkus Textured Window Panel (seems to be out of stock online, but check your Target!)

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  1. what a great room. small yes, but you’ve utilized the space so well. your pups are adorable!
    Kerri recently posted..Random ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. Suzanne says:

    Love this room. The industrial desk is a great find and how you used the branch for the closet curtains. All the personal touches add up to a great space. I am sure your son is one happy kid and yes, every boy needs a dog!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes

  3. Awesome! So many unique thing on display. Thanks for sharing. Janita
    janita recently posted..Tips from a turtle….My Profile

  4. My boy’s room is so difficult to keep organized because he has so many trinkets that he treasures. I really think it is time do so some purging. Also, he is very messy…any tips?

  5. Oh my word, I think this room is totally awesome. Love the desk area, what a great idea and that bed is stunning. Such a fun and unique room for a boy. I would love for you to link this up to my Inspire Me Tuesday party that is ongoing now. http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2014/03/210th-inspire-me-tuesday.html
    Hope to see you there, this is fabulous. Hugs, Marty
    Marty recently posted..210th Inspire Me TuesdayMy Profile

  6. Wow! This is such a great bedroom for a teen boy. Our older son is now thirteen, which makes him an official teenager, which means that I will be going to the salon more often to cover my gray hairs up. But… He’s beginning to question all the Star Wars decor that’s still in his bedroom, which was his love language at the age of eight. Apparently, having a six-foot light saber hanging on your bedroom wall when you’re thirteen is now only SORT OF COOL, and he’s wondering what else we could hang in there. And he wants the framed Clone Wars movie posters to come down, because, in his own words, “Mom, I’m totally out of preschool now.” (Whatever, Son; you hung those posters up when you were ten!”) This room that you’ve done gave me some inspiration — I love the industrial-style desk!
    Jedi Mama recently posted..It Was The Weekend Of The NapsMy Profile

  7. Ok ….I do feel that the decorating you do is beautiful….yet who did the room?
    I have two teenage sons…and never did I try to organize or choose what they displayed…put on their walls…or pick their colours. This is one area of the house that was theirs…to do with as they liked. It did have to be kept clean…but this was their go to space that was as unique as each of them are to this day!
    We all need a place and spot where we can go and just be surrounded by all the things that are important to us….sports memorabilia…music..books…posters…and on and on.
    I just don’t see that in your son’s room….can’t get a picture at all of who he really is.
    I guess some areas just don’t need to be “decorated”
    However, I do love your style in the mainparts of your home.
    Catherine recently posted..Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here…}My Profile

    • Maybe look again, Catherine! I think you’ll see his personal artwork (drawings he did himself), tickets from special concerts with his dad, framed posters, sport team memorabilia, favorite books, pictures, and all sorts of little trinkets, vacation memories and childhood mementos on his shelves and walls. They may not mean anything to you but they mean a lot to him. We didn’t even restyle it for the photos, he is in full control of what is displayed and he organizes it himself! He asked for a new bed and desk when he turned 13 and these met his approval. He loves his room and although you don’t know him, it reflects his personality and I’m thrilled that he has good taste and is displaying so many special memories.
      Melissa recently posted..Teen Boy’s Small Bedroom {An Update} My Profile

  8. Love this room! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a happy room. My boy turned 13 this year and it will be time to update his room soon…love your idea of a more adult bed for a growing boy. Also, love the framed Canadian 10-dollar bill! (You should see our newest currency – fancy and colourful!)
    Martha from Ontario recently posted..Social media not taking wind out of email’s sailsMy Profile

  10. Melissa,
    What color did you use to paint the dresser drawers? They look amazing with the distressed frame.

  11. karen on bainbridge island says:

    …and every dog needs a boy! I think Luke’s room is absolutely perfect for a young man. It’s good looking and functional…I have to assume that your son feels like it’s truly his space.

  12. It’s awesome! In love with those compass knobs, but since I need so many, I’d love to find a more budget friendly source.
    Susan recently posted..Come on down to my boat, baby…My Profile

  13. julianna says:

    As a mom of three boys, I can tell you that his room is wonderful : )

  14. Would love to try something like this when my baby boy (2 yrs old) gets older! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Miss Glenesse recently posted..Hails & FarewellsMy Profile

  15. The room looks great! I like that it is masculine without going over the top.
    Cindy Lyon recently posted..Time OutMy Profile

  16. LOVEEEEEEEEEE and Pinned. Christine from Little Brags
    Christine recently posted..Hiding A Thermomstat In Plain SightMy Profile

  17. Your son’s room is perfect for a teen boy and stylish too! Love the light walls with the bed frame, contrasting textiles and gallery wall. I’m curious if there is meaning behind the framed $10 Canadian bill or if it’s just for fun. Both my teens could do with a room makeover and I will be pining this one for future reference. Thanks for sharing and hoping you all have a great week.

  18. I just want to thank you for posting your son’s room. It is very difficult to find pictures of small teen bedrooms for boys with attainable furniture. Many of them seem to have custom furniture. And finding one with a full bed – even harder. My son’s room is even smaller – maybe 9×11 but he doesn’t need a desk. I’ve been wondering if there was any way to possibly fit a bigger bed since his older brother and father are over 6 ft. Thanks for showing me its a possibility.

  19. My boys will have small rooms too so that desk has given me an idea of how to make the most of the space above the desk.

    Oh and yes every boy needs a dog. That is on our “To get” list once the extension is finished.
    Natalie recently posted..We have some upstairs wallsMy Profile

  20. I totally love the birch branch idea! I often come back from walks with rocks, branches or pieces of moss that look lovely… Nature offers so many beauties!
    Brindusa recently posted..It’s Now Or NeverMy Profile

  21. This room looks so cool! You did an awesome job! :)

    Corinne recently posted..Wise Words Wednesday|My Profile

  22. That is a really fine looking room. A very nice job indeed. He must be one happy 13 year old. I really like a lot of the accessories that you used. In fact, I have the deer hook and compass knobs from Anthropologie. I also have the 3 tier metal stand from World Market. I use it to store art supplies/paints in. I recently bought the Industrial desk also, for use in my other house, as a standing desk for my laptop.
    barbara recently posted..Happy Spring!My Profile

  23. Patricia Neuman says:

    I love this room. I was needing inspiration for my 13 year old sons room and realized I had a lot of the same accessories. Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. I loved this room. For a teen age boy, no design can be better than this. The room includes everything that must present in a boy’s room.

  25. Love this room. Currently working on my 8 year old’s room and this is great inspiration! Love that subway art and the wall with his own artwork. Great idea!!
    Deanna recently posted..{Press} Birthday Party Ideas for Boys ArticleMy Profile

  26. This is such a great boy’s room! I love all the personal touches and artwork.
    Shannon [Our Home Notebook] recently posted..How To Baste And Tack A QuiltMy Profile

  27. Christy says:

    I LOVE this room! It is so fun and has so many personal touches…where did you find the larger pillows on the bed? I know the smaller is from Target, but didn’t see the larger, love the print:)

  28. I love that desk – especially the chicken wire.

  29. I really liked getting to see your sons room. I’ve got a few elements left to tweak in my sons room and I can’t wait for the after. This sure looks cute. I especially like the desk and the gallery wall. (and the headboard!)
    Shannon recently posted..New Plantation Shutters and Blinds.com GiveawayMy Profile

  30. Really fantastic design. May I ask the dimensions of this room? I have an odd 10×10 room I’m struggling with. Thanks.

  31. Did the hutch come with the desk? I love it! This would look so good it my sons room.

  32. Lauren says:

    Love this! How big is the rug? The room I’m decorating is slightly bigger but I’m using your corner bed placement! Wanting to know what size rug I should do with to balance out a queen bed! 4×6 seems a little too matchy in size, maybe the 5×8?!

  33. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing boys bed linen. I would like to know what bed sheet color would be best for a master room with white and chocolate wall paper all over the room. Can you suggest some thing.


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