Free Printable Gift Tags

Free Printable Gift Tags

Petit Pippin (download HERE!) ^

Hey there friends! I’m here, wrapping gifts, planning family times and refocusing my attention from a busy schedule to just wanting to take a deep breath and be fully present at home.

I hope you are all able to slow down, too! These adorable little tags are exactly what I needed to finish up our gifts and go sit by the fire. Enjoy!

Free Printable Gift Tags

Kelli Murray (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsSanae Ishida (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsThe Elli Blog (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsM Stetson and T & S Craft (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift Tags

The Inspired Room (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift Tags

Kelli Murray (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsBest Day Ever (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift Tags

Creature Comforts (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsThe Inspired Room (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsLove vs Design (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift TagsVerily Mag (download HERE!) ^

Free Printable Gift Tags

Muffin Grayson (download HERE!)

Free Printable Gift TagsJones Design Company (download HERE!) ^

Want more? CLICK HERE for 17 more sets of printable gift tags!

Free Printable Gift Tags


  1. Thank you so much for gathering and posting these! They are all beautiful! Will have a hard time choosing which ones to use.

  2. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    Wow, something for everyone. They are all really great…thanks ever so, because I needed just a few more tags. All the best to you and your family for a holly jolly holiday season.

  3. Spectacular!! Thank you so much for rounding up these beauties. Printer is low on ink so I will have to choose carefully and while I’m here just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful blog – its one of the first I ever subscribed to and you have been keeping me company and inspiring me around my home for some time now. I have just started my own blog and have been taking a few deep breaths to keep calm and focused myself this Christmas. Thank you again !!

  4. These saved the day! I ran out of tags half way through wrapping. I wish I’d used many of these for ALL my gifts. Beauteous! Thanks. Oh – and just pre-ordered your book. eeeee!

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