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Seattle Drive By - The Inspired Room


One of the things I’m pretty excited for in my move is my ability to do more drive-bys for you guys. Remember how I used to do those periodically? Yeah, way back then? Well, it was a lot easier to find a lot to show you when I lived in Portland. But now that I’ll be in Seattle, WOWSA! I’ll have lots of snooping to do in the lovely neighborhoods near and around where I’ll be living. :)

If you live near my new place (once I figure out where that will be!), watch out. Ha! I’ll be the one in dark clothes, crouching down behind the bushes trying to take a photo of your front door, or the one driving three miles an hour in front of your house. That’s how you’ll know it’s me. :) It’s going to be like old times!

My husband and I went for a little drive the other day in Seattle and had such a great time. We love looking at everyone’s landscaping, their fences and gates, their window boxes and paint colors and just gathering ideas for our own home. Sometimes we just dream. It’s a free summer date night :).

White House with Black Shutters - Seattle - The Inspired Room Drive ByQueen Anne neighborhood drive-by in Seattle

Ever since I started blogging and going on my drive-bys for you all, I’ve DREAMED of seeing YOUR drive-bys. I have always wanted to see what your favorite houses look like, what neighborhoods you love to drive around or walk in and even a peek at your own house! But there really wasn’t an easy way for me to see, let alone for your fellow friends here at The Inspired Room to see!

But now, I have the solution! On Home Love Stories, you can upload photos of your house, your dream house, your favorite neighborhoods and show off any architectural features that you love look at! I’m so crazy excited about this, y’all, this is really cool and I hope you’ll join in.

It’s easy! Just take your phone camera to your favorite street, a neighborhood of inspiring houses, show off charming houses in your favorite vacation destination, or take photos of great fences and front yards to inspire us. Show us where you live! Here’s a drive-by a reader shared of her hometown of Tacoma, Washington! Just look at those houses! I love getting a glimpse of other parts of the country, world or even in our own neck of the woods. It’s a small world, so come meet your neighhors!

drive by - the inspired roomMagnolia neighborhood drive-by in Seattle

Yeah, I know you might worry that it is an invasion of privacy but if the front of the house is visible to anyone passing by and the Google camera could broadcast the same view. And I promise it won’t be nearly as flattering as what you would share, so, no one should be mad! Just avoid showing off their dirty laundry or messy yards for the world to see (which Google does all the time). You can always ask permission if it makes you feel better. I avoid personal details like license plates, people or anything that might upset someone. You don’t have to tell us the street name. I’ve never had anyone complain about their pretty home being featured and complimented, but more than once I’ve had people thank me! 

You can also show off your own home! Many readers have shown me their homes and it’s so much fun to see where you live. I know many of you live in some really cute houses or in charming neighborhoods, so LET’S SEE THEM!

Share yours here!

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Seattle Queen Anne Drive By - The Inspired Room

hile I was on my little working vacation last week, my daughter Courtney and I had a momentary lull in the activity so we decided to drive around one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods, Queen Anne, on our way to the next event. Queen Anne is really great community full of beautiful houses! Some areas in the neighborhood have amazing views of the Space Needle or look out over the water so as you can imagine with views like that, many of the homes are really spectacular.

White House with Black Shutters - Seattle - The Inspired Room Drive By

Courtney is claiming the one above.

Gray House in Seattle - The Inspired Room Drive By

I’m kind of partial to the unpretentious picket fence on this one.

Queen Anne - Seattle Drive By - The Inspired Room

While some of the houses are really stately, they are also very charming, too.

It’s an especially fun neighborhood to walk in on a beautiful day, but this time since we were kind of in a hurry and just passing through the neighborhood, we stayed in the car for a true “drive-by” experience. I wish I had been able to stay longer to take more photos because there are so many beautiful homes, but I’ll go back again next chance I get and even take some close ups. You all know how I love to climb over fences and crawl under the bushes to give you a closer look. :)

Queen Anne Seattle Drive By - The Inspired Room

Even from the car window you can tell there are a lot of gorgeous homes here. Every few houses we would stop right in the middle of the road and gasp! I mean. Honestly. I wouldn’t be mad to live in any of them, but for a couple of million dollars I think the chances are slim. Ok, more like no chance. Well, maybe if we all go in on one together we could make it happen?

Brick House - Seattle Drive By - The Inspired Room

You don’t see palm trees very often here in the NW. Kind of makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, no? Nope. We are still here in Seattle.

Seattle Drive By - The Inspired Room blog

This time of year it’s especially fun to look at all the pretty yards. A lot of the houses have really nice landscaping.

Seattle Drive By - Queen Anne - The Inspired Room blog

Queen Anne Seattle Houses - The Inspired Room Drive Bys

The Inspired Room - Seattle Drive By

This house has always been one of my favorites, I think I might have show it in a past drive-by. Maybe someday the owners will invite me in so I don’t have to just stand outside the gates looking in.

Do tell me. Do you brake for charming houses in your community? Feel free to snap some drive-by house pics and share them with us on Home Love Stories! I’d love to see your neck of the woods!

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