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With everyone heading back to school, I’ve been thinking about something that is missing in my life: back to school shopping! One of my favorite things to shop for when I was in school was always school supplies. I got a bit too much joy out of going through the aisles picking out just the right combination of folders, pens, calendars, and notebooks. When I was in elementary school, I also usually took it upon myself to design and print out my own personal labels to identify all my supplies…ha. It was a big deal.

These days, I still get excited about office supplies. I don’t have a desk of my own in our townhouse, but I’m thinking I’ll set up a desk of my own when my mom moves to Seattle :) That will be the perfect excuse to stock up on some pretty desk accessories, don’t you think?

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A Sense of Humor for the Home

Quirky Animals for the Home - The Inspired Room blog

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Gather - The Inspired Room

Hello there, it’s Courtney! So, I have a thing for funny animals. I love them in real life (except for sloths, never sloths), but I also love them in patterns and decor for the home. I also love them when they wear sweaters. Am I weird? Yes. But do I feel a little better about my weirdness when I see that Anthropologie, West Elm, Rifle Paper Co, and World Market understand me and incorporate animals into their products? Yes I do.

I love that my mom always has always decorated with a few quirky animals in her home. It makes everything a little less serious. My mom and I are similar. We laugh a lot and see the humor in life whenever possible. We’ve been known to text each other funny looking animals or post random animal videos on our Facebook on occasion. We know it will make us laugh so hard that the only appropriate response will be the cry laughing emoji. So, it makes sense that we would reflect that humor a bit in our decorating style. You just can’t take everything so seriously.


Like that weird little deer head you’ve probably seen on the wall in my mom’s office. I sit in that corner all the time to work, and it just wouldn’t be the same without that guy above my chair. Like my mom said when we decided to buy him one day, “if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right”. :)

In what ways do you add lighthearted fun or humor to your decor?

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Gather is a round-up of design inspiration and gift ideas by Courtney Michaels, creative coordinator and contributor for The Inspired Room.

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Outdoor String Lights {Gather}

Target Patio Makeover by Emily Henderson
Style by Emily HendersonGather - The Inspired Room

I love string lights year round, but outdoor string lights at dusk in the summer just makes me especially happy! They add such a pretty festive glow to a backyard or patio on a late summer evening, don’t you think? Many times when I’m in search of string lights for an upcoming event, the local stores I go to have only one strand left or the color or style I don’t want. To save a little time, I looked around online for string light sources so I’ll have better luck in finding them next time when I need them (FYI, I also found a great set of industrial lights recently at Costco!).

So just in case you too are looking for string lights this summer, here are some online sources for a variety of string light styles (and some outdoor inspiration), below! Enjoy.

Outdoor Cage Lantern String Lights

Outdoor Cage Lantern String Lights - String Light Roundup


Outdoor Industrial String Lights - String Light Roundup

White Industrial Outdoor String Lights -Round Up
West Elm

Copper String Lights - Outdoor string light round up

Cafe String Lights - Outdoor String Lights Roundup
World Market

White industrial string lights - Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

Outdoor Industrial String LightsTerrain

Outdoor Globe String Lights - Round Up

Warm White Industrial String Lights - String Lights Round Up
Lights for All Occasions

Do you use outdoor string lights at your house?

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Outdoor String Lights Round Up - The Inspired Room blog

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