Memory Keeping:: Easy Map & Travel Art

From time to time on The Inspired Room, I like to share ideas I find for art or decor that have real meaning for your family. I ran across this neat idea at Martha Stewart and thought it would be a great one for all of those brochures, maps, … ** Read more **

Style Tips:: Subtle Contrasts

I am drawn to this photo from Country Living, I guess because of the contrasts I see. It is simple in its decor but a little complicated at the same time. I love subtle contrasts....black & white, cluttered and quiet, reflective and worn, summer … ** Read more **

Staircases & AWESOME Photo Wall

traditional staircase design I'm wee bit obsessed with stairs. When I was a first grader moving into a new home with my family, I remember my utter fascination with the stairs. I remember there were a few steps and then a landing and then a … ** Read more **

A Place of Your Own

As "keepers of the home," we give and sacrifice for our families 24/7. We make sure our kids have room to play and our families have clean clothes and nutritious food to eat. We volunteer, we clean, we host holidays and birthday parties -- we work … ** Read more **

Where I Blog

If you are a follower here on The Inspired Room, you've seen my blogging corner many times. You just might not have known it was my prime blogging spot! That right there is my blogging chair. You can see I sit there a lot, since my green pillow is … ** Read more **

31 Days


I love my bloggy friends. And I love parties. And I love the idea of getting together with bloggy friends to have a party. And when you decide to get together with your bloggy friends to party for 31 days in a row, you know you are going to have a … ** Read more **