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Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


You have arrived at the fourth and final installment of this Gift Wrapping Tutorial by featured guests Kara and Darcy of McMaster and Storm in Greenville, Ohio! If you want to start at the beginning of the tutorial, click here! Stay tuned for our next featured guest: Sandra Evertson. She has an amazing holiday idea for you, I can’t wait to show you! Now, back to our fabulous Gift Wrapping Tutorial:

In this picture we used vintage paper ribbon found at a garage sale. Find funky faux fruit to add interest and unexpectedness to tuck in ribbon. For the circle tag we used Paris map paper and adhered to card stock, punched a small hole and stuck a corsage pin in to secure. This gift was an Amy Butler bag, so the pin was stuck into the fabric of the bag.


In the next photo, we share our version of a Hanukkah gift. We added apple green ribbon to add contrast to the blue tissue. Filler was added for texture and the natural color softness. A Cavallini label was added and stamped with the recipients name. Again the “gifts” pop out of a box!



Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


Here, a section of boxwood garland was wrapped around a container.


Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


Another package to show dimensional pizazz!


Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Four


May you all have a blessed Christmas season!

Wishing you all the best,

With love,

Kara & Darcy

Stay tuned for the McMaster and Storm Giveaway Post (click here), and more inspiration to come all week long!


  1. Jill Flory

    that was soooo fun! I loved Darcy’s gift, I wouldn’t have wanted to open it either! Gifts from McMaster and Storm are my favorite! I love the goodies inside the package and the packages are beautiful too. I reuse the tissue and sometimes the bags. It is amazing the things you can do with the items McMaster and Storm has on hand. I HIGHLY recommend this shop to any and everyone! It is worth your time!

  2. Lynn

    Hi Melissa, You are most welcome. I really am excited about your event and appreciate how much work goes into something of this nature. I did get a little confused that you have already posted some stuff and thought maybe I had gotten the dates wrong. Sorry about the wind problems. Don’t you hate computer problems? I panic when it happens to me. Anyway….hope it was okay to copy and paste from your blog but I thought that was way better than me trying to ‘splain it. :)) See ya tomorrow.

  3. Rachael

    How could you open the parcel, too pretty to rip into. I have given you an award, its cos I did so enjoy your pre Thanksgiving post!!!!

  4. Lorrie

    Great tutorial. I’m getting ready to start wrapping gifts and plan on using some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gabreial

    WOW, what an awesome blog! Glad I found you from The Vintage Nest’s blog!

  6. Lady N

    Thank you for these four posts! I read through them all and love the tips and the beautiful pictures! The bows are the most gorgeous part of the wrapping! BTW – I added your link to my blogroll (finally got around to it) :)

  7. katiedid

    These gifts are FABULOUS! Too good to open. This is getting my creative thoughts going. Thanks for the wonderful post. :)

  8. Amy Wald

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful details. I recently ordered some things from their store via phone. When I recieved my order, it was wrapped every bit as wonderfully as shown in the tutorials. It was a wonderful suprise and I enjoyed the package almost as much as what I’d ordered. They have such a fabulous eye for the littlest of details! Thanks!

  9. Firefly Hill

    Beautiful! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  10. Jenn and Jacqui

    Thank you vey much Kara and Darcy, we never would have thought of anything like these fabulous ideas :)

  11. Tamara

    That boxwood garland is great! Love it. And I love the way the scarlet ribbon “pops” on that chartreuse. Beautiful packaging, ladies! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Rhonda

    Thank you Kara and Darcy, for the wonderful tutorials!

    I love the boxwood garland:)



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