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Style Tips: Seasonal Style

by | Jun 11, 2008 | Style Tips, Summer Decorating | 32 comments

Style Tips: Seasonal Style
Coastal Living, Jean Allsopp

Style Tips: Seasonal Style
Ideal Home, August 2005

Style Tips: Seasonal Style

Coastal Living, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Style Tips: Seasonal Style

Coastal Living, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Many people really enjoy changing their rooms for the season. Whether you have slipcovers for your furniture or just change out pillows, rugs and accessories, part of some people’s individual style is having a home that reflects the mood of the season outdoors.

Not everyone likes to change their rooms all the time, and that too is a matter of personal style! It doesn’t mean you are boring if you like things to stay the same, it just might mean you are more settled and comfortable with your style!

When I see all these bright and light summery rooms, it makes me want to add some fun colors and whimsical or beachy accessories. In the summer, I really do love the idea of punches of citrus color and the laid back looks of wicker and fresh flowers. So many options, so little time! Ordinarily I would consider myself a “Fall” girl, loving the cozier styles. But maybe that makes sense that I am drawn to both, as it is still usually quite lovely here in the fall. You get the crisper air but still the sunny days. I think it is the best of both worlds!

Usually, other than some accessory changes, my style remains pretty much the same all year round. I think I have enough of a balance in my house that most rooms are able to go from season to season without a need for drastic changes.

Style Tip: Considering which season you love the most is a great way to help discern how to decorate for your personal style. And if you can’t decide, you might be one of those women who wants to change their rooms’ appearance every season. You can also decorate with more “season-neutral” items that can easily go from fall through summer with only very little adjustment.

So, which season are you?

Style Tips is a regular feature designed to give tips on developing your personal style. Click here for more inspiration!

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  1. teresa

    I believe I’m torn between spring and fall- Most of my homes colors are fall- but I do have a few very “white/pale blue” rooms. I’ve heard that we should take a look at our closets- notice the colors of the things we wear- and that’s where our color choices show through- in that case- I like white and black :} What season is that?
    Great pictures as always :}

  2. Kathleen Grace

    I always have to be careful when redecorating because I am easily influenced by the season that happens to be right outside my window at the time. In autumn I want warm cozy colors and in the spring time I want white and pastels. I have to stop and think about all the seasons when Imake a plan or I end up wishing I had done something different when the new season comes around!

  3. Tanya

    I tend to shy away from real bright colors. However, when they are shown through accents like this room I love it. As long as it’s not a big piece of furniture, I’ll try it.

    On a beautiful sunny day, these bright and beautiful rooms really shine!

  4. Marie

    I’m definitely an autumn. I try to be a summer, but I keep going back to my old standby. I like what I like, I guess! *Ü*

  5. Penny

    Those pictures make me just want to redecorate for summer! I like the idea of slip covers, but I have been pricing them and they can be quite costly. As soon as I find the right price, I am going to get some for my couch, chair and ottoman I think.

  6. CC

    I’m drooling yet again, Melissa. These pictures are yummy!!!! I’m with you … for the most part my decor stays the same. Accessories are my only change as well. But, oh how I love the eye candy in magazines and books that display seasonal changes! YUM!!! ;)

  7. pam

    That would be fun to change your rooms with the season, it would always feel fresh and new.

  8. Virginia

    Melissa, I need a bib…from drooling (like CC). Such delightful pictures. I am Fall through and through BUT love water and the beach. I’ve just spent an entire day “fluffing” by adding shells and some beach stuff among my every day treasures. Even in Texas, I have to have a bit o’beach. Thank you for the morning beauties!

  9. melissa lewis - off the wall

    Love this coastal look! I like the openness and breezy aspect. Those bookshelves in the photo #3 are so pretty, right up my ally;)

  10. Chris

    I always drool over “summer” pictures of light, refreshing rooms with white furniture. With a messy husband, two kids, and a huge dog, it just isn’t practical. Perhaps someday, I can have an off-limits room just for me. Hmmm..probably not. Until then, I will continue to swoon for your pictures.

  11. deserae

    I would say I’m a summer girl in my imagination since I decorate with lighter colors…….but in reality once it turns really hot outside I tend to start melting and retreat to the air conditioning! LOL….Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics!

  12. Diana

    Love these tips and photos – just lovely!

  13. Brenda Kula

    First, I love your Meet Winston, Because every blog needs a dog! No more apt words ever spoken! And seeing all those pretty things in one’s morning brings such inspiration! I’m one of those gals who like to “shake it up” all the time. I’m moving this or that around, getting new views with new hues!

  14. Susan Drysdale

    I am in love with the room in the top picture. I so want to have a house at the beach and that room would be the perfect look!
    Your posts give me so many ideas for my own home. The rooms really are inspired!

  15. Beverly

    Great ideas to make you think. I believe I lean toward being more of a spring girl, but I also love neutrals.

  16. Mari-Nanci

    Ohhhh, I want to step right into the first and last pictures. And live there! -happppy sigh-

    ‘Smilnsigh’ blog

  17. Mari-Nanci

    I *covet* all that white. Probably because we want what we can’t have. Meaning…. going wild with white paint. My husband {who does anything I want him to} is a woodworker. So, he draws the line at painting wood white. And you just can’t have a really pale look, without wood being painted white.

    Oh well, he will go along with anything else I want. So, I can’t really ask him to “break his heart” and paint wood. :-)))

    ‘Smilnsigh’ blog

  18. mrs darling

    I love this! My house is painted in all sorts of pastels. I do so wish I could have that white wicker furniture.

  19. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    I’m an autumn gal myself, but haven’t decorated in those colors since I was in my 20s umpteen years ago. I still love those decorating choices that I made back then, including the slipcovers.

    Beach style seems very nice and light on the hot days of summer. It somehow makes a room look cooler.

  20. Janet

    I love all the soft summery colours… if only I could just change out all my furniture and colours every season, on my own little whim!

  21. mary

    speciale come sempre!!
    un bacio Mary

  22. mrs. french

    Ok this is serioulsy not helping my desire for a beach house…we really do like the same things.

  23. cindy~my romantic home

    My home is very summery which makes it difficult to decorate in the fall and winter but that’s okay because I really love the light colors of summer! I love all the photos you chose!!!

  24. Ann Marie

    This is a great post with wonderful ideas. I really love fall and spring times and the colors that go along with both. I don’t change our rooms up based on the seasons, but do like to change pillows and such out a couple of times a year. I’ve also been known to move artwork around to give rooms a different look.

  25. Debra W

    Oh Melissa,

    What beautiful rooms! Does someone who I know and love have “beach” on the brain? My little space sits almost naked, but I am loving it anyway. I am still just enjoying the natural surroundings. We have spent every weekend there for the past month and it is wonderful. I cannot wait to see the progress on your lovely, remodeled beach house.

    I keep wanting to email you and then life gets crazy, but I will very soon! My second daughter is graduating next week, so things are a little busy right now.

    Lots of hugs and love,

  26. Lisa

    Hmmm…I think I’m fall ’cause I love the cozy colors. But I also have a room of more spring/summer feel. So I guess if I have different rooms that cover the different seasons, then I don’t need to redecorate throughout the year!

  27. kari & kijsa

    Beautiful rooms, lovely photos! We love it all!!

    kari & kijsa

  28. A Fanciful Twist

    hate to admit this… But, my house, feels, or seems, or I have been told, that it seeems… to be decorated for Halloween, all of the time. Now, I beg to disagree… I would call it, hmmm, well, Hey, i guess I’d say “A fanciful Twist” haaaa. But, I could sooo move into that Coastal Living place…

    On another note. I have been begging Mr. Lovee to take me to do drive byes for you :) I will join in on that one day sooooon!! xoxoxoxoxoox HOOONK

  29. Christi from Charm & Grace

    OK… I have this dream of a wicker filled room. I have some wicker things which have mostly resided in my DD11’s room. I keep bumping into things that I’d like to buy, but in this house just don’t have a room for them. (I know I have missed some bargains.) But, I am waiting and hoping to have a “really and truly” cottage soon. I am hoping then to have my wicker room filled with florals, toiles, and stripes… my feminine oasis! Love that first picture…


  30. Mrs. B

    Hi Melissa! I love these summery rooms. Rooms like this are the reason that from now on I will buy very neutral furniture pieces because I love the idea of being able to lighten things up for summer. The heavy, dark pieces I have now don’t lend themselves well to lightening up. We own a piece of property on the coast where we someday hope to build a house. I can’t wait to be able to decorate with a white washed, beachy feel!

  31. Annechovie

    Hi Melissa~
    I love, love, love these photos from Coastal Living – exactly my style in a nutshell. Thanks as always for your great post and congrats on writing for Blissfully Domestic!


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