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Observation: Green Striped Sofas

by | Jul 29, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Observation: Green Striped Sofas

“Observation” is a new series of posts where we will all share our observations on the day’s photo. There is no expected, right or wrong comment. Just share what you see, what you notice, what you love, what strikes you, or what is something you might have learned about design from this photo. You don’t have to love the room to observe things about it.

This exercise is both to stretch our own creativity and to help ourselves and others see from a new perspective.

Need more help with what to look for? Read the explanation post here. Have fun observing!

This photo is from Country Home


  1. Jen M

    My observation: nothing else in the room (except for tones in the pillows, which are on the sofas) is green. Even the coffee table leans more towards yellow. Yet all of the colours used support the green so they don’t look out of place.

    I love the layering – pillows and throw on the sofas, items on the sideboard layered in front of each other, etc. It doesn’t look cluttered, it looks cosy.

  2. Kat

    I’m always looking for ideas on how to put together displays around the house. It looks so easy in a photo, but I never seem to get it right! In this photo I notice that there are several displays working together. What interests me is what is “must-haves” for the look and what is “nice-to-haves”.

    I like the mirror with the earth-colored bottles and candles in front of it. They bring depth to the room. The blue chest is a contrasting item that I never would have thought of putting in there. It adds a whimsical touch, but I feel that it could have been removed without loss. I really like the white mug with the pink flowers in it – they are key in this look. I think it could easily hold its own as table decor without the bowl with the blue spheres.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Meredith

    What a neat exercise!

    I love the absence of end tables. Instead, the narrow sofa table behind the wall gives a space for lighting and display, without weighting down the sofas on either end.

  4. Cherrie

    The only thing wrong in this room is the pink throw rug. That out of the way, the first thing I notice is the continuation of color along the window wall by having white curtains. The mat and end of the bookcase indicate the edge of a possible room within a room which is interesting because this line is taken beyond the add on line upright with little indication of it’s presence. I like the way the pictures roughly mirror the slant of the ceiling thus not making it so obvious. The jumbly way things are placed on the end wall and bookcase is interesting without being offensive and even the blue exception does not seem out of place. It’s still that throw rug! It really doesn’t feel right but maybe the photograph does not do justice to it’s true colour. Thanks. I enjoyed this. Cherrie

  5. tricia

    My first observation was that the stripes on the sofa echo those of the beamed ceiling and paneling on the wall. I also like how the upholstered ottoman/coffee table, are done in the same color as the stripe in the sofa, really anchoring the seating area.
    The pink is a great accent color, leading my eye from the throw, to the flowers, to the pillow, and then up to the pink flower print on the wall.

  6. Muralimanohar…I thought the throw rug was a leftover beach towel from a recent dip in the ocean that is no doubt just off the veranda out of sight. :p But if it IS a throw rug, it’s definitely the wrong color to be in that room.

    My impressions: Comfortable, welcoming, light, casual. The gold frames work, even though you don’t expect them to (or I don’t, anyway, but I am no expert!); rustic, without expecting a bowlful of pinecones on the table; beachy, without plastering dead starfish and shell encrusted eyesores on the walls…The pink warms it up, even being a cool pink…I am not sure about that thick, dark frame in the back; I feel like I am staring at it too much. Clean, without being sterile; homey, without being cluttered.

    The vintage prints make you feel like this has been the holiday home for the family for the last 40 years; the space age retro lamp makes you feel like the family didn’t freeze time during that 40 years.

    Fun experiment!

  7. Brenda

    I love the distressed feel of the walls. It makes the room feel loved , lived in and warm( even though the walls are white). I like how the designer used the planks of the wall as a inspiration to the stripe on the couch , it makes the room flow. The pop of pinks and the blue in the room make your eyes flow around the room –kinda accenting what the designer wants you notice.I learned from this piece is that color can be used as emphasis to what the designer wants to be noticed.

    This was fun and a great learning experiment. Thanks for the opportunity


  8. Jan

    I love it!! Even though it’s not my personal taste and style…it is very comforting.

    It looks like it would be in a little cottage with a beautiful garden, surrounded by that proverbial “white picket fence”. The rug on the floor is like stones on a garden path…the stripes on the sofas is a repeat of the boards, both on the wall and ceiling…all of the additional colors scattered throughout the room are like the flowers in the garden and mimic the pictures on the wall. Casual yet sophisticated! Job well done!

    This could be a place I would go on a relaxing vacation…just sitting in the garden or inside, looking out that beautiful window!!!

    Thanks for this exercise…as an Interior Designer and just a home-body…it was great fun.


  9. Amber

    What I see is something fresh,clean and new against something old and worn. Then there’s that yummy pink,lime & white combo-Love it!

  10. CC

    I love the neutral walls with the pops of color in the room. It’s a very inviting and relaxed room to me.

  11. Beverly

    A room with stacks of books, fresh flowers and pillows truly has it all. It provides words for your mind, beautiful scents for your nose, and comfy places.

  12. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    While the green predominates, the pops of blue and pink are wonderful. The curtains “go away”…the botanical prints complement the greens. My “feeling” about the room is one of cheerfulness. I’d be perfectly content to spend time there. There is much more that I could say, but I’m short on time and long on day.

    Have a good one, Melissa!

  13. administrator

    It looks to me that their inspiration was the botanical prints on the wall. The green, pink and antique white are echoed throughout the room. My favorite thing is the blue chest, it’s the pop of color that keeps the room from feeling to planned. I really love it.

  14. Karla & Karrie

    Love the green stripes – refreshing to see green in a cottage-y room instead of blue all the time. The pink is perfect accent color – the pillow is scrumptous – that makes the sofa if you ask us!! The only thing that sticks out to us, is the pictures on the wall. We’re not sure if it is because they are all haphazardly placed on the wall, or if it needs some fun “found” objects up with the pictures….maybe seeing the whole wall would make a difference though!! Other than that – we’d vacation there for sure!

  15. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    I saved this exact picture from my Country Homes magazine b/c I loved it so much. LOVE the washed paneled walls, the beams, the colors. And I must admit, I love even the pink throw rug/blanket/beach towel thing. It adds a bit of, “I love this and I don’t care about the rules!” to the room. That completes it all to me:)

    Happy Tuesday Melissa

  16. Carrie

    The green stripes are the first thing I see. I love the brown against the rest of the soft colors.

  17. Linds

    I do so love the little blue chest on the table behind the couch and the pink floors on the end table. The pops of color are refreshing.

    I tend to get stuck in my color scheme and afraid to add spots of color that aren’t already in the room.

  18. Deanna

    My first observation is that the room is very fresh and clean. Neat and tidy.

    As I look at the room it is very casual, I like the pop of color of the pink flowers, and throw, and the aqua blue of the metal box on the back table, contrasted with the bright green. The room has a feeling of elegance, while being casual and it looks like the owner has collected things over time; the older botanical prints on the walls, the pottery in front of the mirror. The mirror sitting on the table and leaning against the wall, not hung, shows a more casual feel.

    It is relaxed, feels like a beach house.

  19. Sarah

    The first thing I notices is the washed walls, they seem inviting to me. Next, the pop of pink in the blanket and the flowers. The color scheme is not one that I would naturally put together as I tend to lean more towards traditional warm tones, but even so, it goes. I love that there are new things and old things together. This is fun!

  20. mrs darling

    I love the slatted weathered boards on the wall. Im not sure about that big blue lunch box or whatever on the side there. It wouldnt be my first choice for decoration.

  21. Linda

    I noticed the green stripes draw you to the rough hewn walls of the room-beachy, modern but with a rustic twist. Fresh and clean feel.

  22. Jen

    I am a total sucker for so many things in this room. Basically when you have a white, green and pink palette I am in! Then when you throw in a splash of aqua…oh dear! The piece that doesn’t thrill me is the floor lamp, just not my aesthetic.
    Fun project!

  23. Kristin

    Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations; this room did it well (without looking juvenile). I love the coffee table cubes!

  24. Teresa

    The lamp on the sofa table caught my eye first- seemed out of place. Loved the pop of teal in the tool chest- and for some reason the all white walls seemed striped also, because of the unevenness of the wood {made the sofa seem planned} A lot of things seemed random, but the way it all comes together- my mind tells me that is was planned.

  25. kelly

    Those stripes make that cute turquoise chest on the table behind them POP out!

  26. Courtney

    I love love love the character of the architecture. If apartments would only give us walls like these! Love the lines in the room and how the strong green and white stripes work with the room. Where can I find slipcovers like these!?!

  27. please sir

    I’m drawn in by that blue box and those framed photos!

  28. julia

    I love the impact of the couches in the room, particularly the fabric and it’s crinkly effect, it really makes the room that more inviting surrounded by the more neutral tones.

  29. Angie

    Oh I love the way the pink pops against the green and white. The pictures on the wall also do a great job of consistently providing pink as an accent color. I’m not sure I’m super crazy about the entire look of this room but that pink as an accent – LOVING IT!

  30. Françoise

    I see it as a girl/woman room. I like the coziness of the room, the sofas facing each other inviting company and conversation. The good light for reading if you are there alone. The tables look nice (except color, see below) but if you look at the space between them and the sofas, you immediately realize that stretching your legs is out. I would not sacrifice comfort for looks. What I don’t like is the yellow greens which set my teeth on edge and is so unflattering to almost anyone’s complexion and clothes, and which is emphasized by the acid pinks. These limey greens are especially jarring to me if the windows open on the natural greens of nature. OUCH!
    As is usually the case for me: too much “stuff”. For example, why so many botanical prints on the wall? Two well chosen ones are more likely to be looked at and admired than a bunch of them clustered together.
    Conclusion: change the color of the stripes and and the tables, remove most pictures et voila, a charming woman’s retreat!

  31. Bella

    Everything is so comfortable and timeless…cheery, too, but not overly so. I wish I had a room like this in my house, is what I am thinking right about now!

  32. Kathy

    The very first thing I noticed when I looked at the photo was the botanical prints. The room feels built around them to me. As I studied the space, I realized how small it was–a vacation home perhaps, or part of a larger living space? I love the casual look including the unexpected splash of pink. Because I look at photos for inspiration, I think this “look” is very doable, even on a limited budget.

  33. the Farmer's Wife

    I’m not crazy about the large green stripes on the sofa. They make a statement but it seems out of scale to me. I love the cubes between the two sofas, but the color doesn’t match and is just “off” enough to look odd. The accessories are nice except for that pink throw. The color again is “off”, not picking up the shade in the patterned throw pillow. The botanical prints look messy and haphazard, but I’m a symmetrical kind of gal. HA. I love that surveyor’s lamp, I’ve seen them before and they’re terrific. There’s something else that bothers me. The back walls are rough and whitewashed which evokes a nice, casual feeling but the ceiling is pristine and almost contemporary.

    This was fun. Thanks.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  34. ann marie

    This room says to me sit down and chat. I love the coziness to it. The turquoise chest, and pink flowers are my favorite. The pop of color they bring to the room is eye candy.

    I love that the room is full, yet not cluttery. It is inviting.

  35. pam

    I do like the room, I don’t know if I would have thought of using that blue lunch box with that green, love how the pink stands out. Love the walls, maybe the curtains could have been brighter????

  36. Dianne

    The first thing that jumps out is the color scheme. That green has a lot of yellow in it and of course the pink has red. These are HOT colors. I think they are cooled down by just placing that aqua blue box on the table againt the wall. Beautiful!

  37. David

    You know what I didn’t notice…. how low the ceiling is, especially with that beam overhead. Although this is not my style (or colour) , the use of colour and the vertical stripes on the sofas really keeps your eyes down. I love the blue lunch pail and the pop of pink. This is a great idea, BTW. I am learning a lot reading the various comments. Thank you.

  38. Melissa

    I’m learning a lot too, from all the different viewpoints and types of things people notice! This is fun!

  39. Mrs. B

    I love the pops of bright pink with the green. That’s one of my favorite color combinations. That said, I don’t know that I’d want to use it in a large room in my house because it has such a summery feel. I’m not sure I’d be “in the mood” for this color scheme come fall. However, it looks like these sofas are slipcovered, so maybe they can change them.

    Another thing I notice here is that all the throw pillows on the sofas are unique, none match. I normally like some coordination in my pillows, but it works here because the entire room is an eclectic mix.

    Another observation is that the pictures in this room are hung irregularly. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do that.

    One last observation, I think the seagrass rug makes a great neutral base for those bright colors.

  40. Mrs. Q

    I scrolled down really fast so I couldn’t read anyone else’s observations…so if I double up on someone’s, it is just “great minds think alike” :)

    I like how the green in the sofa brings out the subtleties of the botanical paintings on the wall behind. Also, the fuschia in the pillows help to reinforce the floral theme. The robin’s egg blue is a lovely complement as well.

    Overall, I love the nature feel to the room. The stick lamp, white-washed walls, and neutral colored floor rug really give you sense of the outdoors.

  41. Janet

    I love this exercise. I notice the blue box next to the lamp. I love the unexpected color, the only blue in the room. One of the greatest challenges of being a designer/decorator is appreciating decor whether it is your style or not.

  42. K G

    I love the bright colors against the earthy, neutral tones of the walls, floor, and rug. I especially love the blue antique-looking tool chest.
    And fresh flowers add such life to any scene.
    The picture offers some neat ideas, but I don’t think the pink and green would be my choice of colors for a room.
    Plus–my husband prefers a little “heavier” decor with deeper tones and more traditional pieces, so I know he wouldn’t like this. He might like the mirror…
    Thanks for sharing!

  43. Marie

    My eyes immediately went to the beautiful flowers in the pitcher on the coffee table. I love it! I love the white walls and the beam on the ceiling… very beachy. That big blue lunchbox? I gotta have one!

  44. Suzy

    I love that the stripes from the sofa somehow matches in some harmony with the natural wood wall. The framed botanical pictures bring more green into the room so it matches the green color of the sofa. Lots of small pink details to warm up the room. Mix of old and new to make a cozy everyday living space.

    Thanks for this great observation. Usually when I look at a photo I look everything and I like it or not, but I never thought to look at this way deep putting my likes and dislikes aside. A great experience for me.


  45. Lorrie

    Without reading other’s posts, (which I will do later) what I noticed was the counterplay between warm and cool. Warm green stripes, cool white background. Gold-framed creamy prints on the cool white wall. Airy, translucent glass balls are in contrast to the dark, dense wooden bowl. Lots of texture – wood, metal, fabric, glass and a few prints – the graphic stripe, the pillows and throw.
    And it all comes together in a cozy, casual but polished space.

    Great exercise!


  46. Mari-Nanci

    This is an “Off Topic Comment” but…I seem to have lost my knack for posting/commenting in ‘Blog Land,’ for a while. All I do lately, is put up a few photos, here and there. I didn’t plan on it… It just happened.

    And since I don’t want anyone to think I got *uppity* or anything, :-) I’m leaving this comment, to explain my absence.

    I’m sure to be back in not too long. Can’t keep a “Chatty Person” quiet, for too long. :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  47. Jeannene

    “Wowzers!!!” I love those colors together!! I never thought they would be so complimentary, but boy I sure was wrong…very striking to look at against each other.

    Reminds me of a cottage by the sea, also in the country somewhere.

    Love, Jeannene

  48. Elizabeth

    I adore the long table on the wall behind the sofa, with pictures and mirrors just leaning casually, like an afterthought. I can never really pull this look off, this ‘accidental’ style… but I love it.

  49. Dee

    I noticed the nail heads on the cubes and lighting…both natural and electrical. I like the room.

  50. abbreviated

    Would love the sofa in pink stripes. That green is a tad off for me.

  51. that girl

    I observed…

    The stripes mimic the paneling on the wall…
    The botanical prints are a group of 5 (odd vs even #)
    The items on the table are varying heights to entertain the eye
    The table is two modular cubes that can be moved around
    Fresh pink flowers are also in the wall hanging
    Sisal rug anchors the furniture group without being to heavy

    Looks like a fresh, relaxing room in the spring/summer.

    PS this was fun

  52. Aina

    Just stopping by to let you know how much I love your little messages you are leaving me now and then. It puts a smile on my face right away!
    I hope you are having a lovely summertime!

    Hugs, Aina

  53. PAT

    The room looks like a mix of “shabby chic” and beach cottage decor. The green and white couches ground the look, providing a focal point and setting the tone. The stripes lend a more tailored look, juxtaposed with the casualness of the walls and accessories. It’s a lovely room, inviting — reminiscent of summer days at the beach or lake.

  54. crystalreflections

    At first glance, the pink flowers popped out.. I think it was nice. But then the more you look at the details, the more you find more interesting and beautiful accents. I think that’s what makes this picture a good one for the observation game…
    Pretty and relaxing!

  55. rochambeau

    This is a fun thing to do Melissa! I will first observe, then read others observations.
    ~ This is a happy approachable room.
    ~It is comfortable, the chairs invite you to sit in them.
    ~Daring use of color yet It it soothing
    ~It is femminine
    ~ It would however, not stand the test of time.

    Hope you had a happy day!

  56. twinkle

    I notice that the designer had a “problem area.” The wall with the window has a low ceiling height. The designer took focus away from the problem area by painting the ceiling and walls all white. And the vertical stripes on the couch draw your eyes up, too. So, problem solved!

    And I didn’t read any of the comments about this room until I posted my comment. I didn’t want to have my observation influenced by the other comments. This was fun!

  57. Faith

    I, too, absolutely love the striking blue of the chest. It is unexpected with so little other blue in the room.

  58. Lauren

    This looks like a perfect spot for friendly conversation. I think the narrow table is great. I noticed the touches of glass, and I always enjoy floral prints. The room feels sweet, welcoming and airy, while confidently chic.

  59. aswewalk

    This one is a real challenge for me. Look at the placement of the prints in the background. No rhyme or reason. I’m so symmetrical I’d want to change them right away. Yet the sofa is figuratively asymmetrical–meaning it’s really not harmonious with the rest of the room. It’s stuck there out of nowhere. But it all looks pulled together, modern and bold. I’d love to vacation there. The turquoise on the chest and baubles on the table lend the calm. The pink says “hello!”

    This observation thing is a stretch for me, really. But I’m loving the opportunity.

  60. Melissa

    Hey people! So glad you are enjoying (or at least stretching to learn from) this observation game! You are doing a great job of inspiring me! You see things I didn’t even think of. Excellent work!

    I think I’ll leave this photo up on Wednesday and then give you another one for Thursday. That way everyone who wants to play on this one has a time to share and time to read the comments to see what everyone else saw. Then we’ll be on to another one!

    Happy observing!

  61. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    It is amazing to me that one can look at a photograph again and again and each time discover something new.

  62. Jill

    I like the contrast of the boldly striped sofa and the contemporary colors of bright pink and lime green against the rustic look of the walls, wood-topped table, wicker accessories, and those little drawers peeking out from behind the sofa. It looks like the sort of room you’d find in an old cottage that’s been decorated by someone who leans toward trendy. Charming!

  63. Kim

    I love the simplicity of the neutral flooring and the texture of the rug. The ironstone milk pitcher with monogram and vibrant pink flowers is so beautiful and feminine, yet balanced by the somewhat masculine mirror that anchors the room. Love it!

  64. Robin

    I love the pop of the turquoise lunchbox and how the mirror is casually propped against the wall.

  65. laissezfaire

    This is fun. YOu always come up with the most fun and original things to do. I really like the aged wood wall and the bright green sofa. xoxoxoSu Ling

  66. Marianne

    The room is pretty much in balance. I love the combination of green and pink in the accessoires. The colors are also in the prints. The wooden frame and the blue box are meant as a counterbalance for the green and pink. I love the wooden panelling on the walls. It is a nice room.
    Take care,

  67. Porchlight Interiors

    This room really works. The green stripes are quite casual which goes well with the timber walls, but the actual room layout is quite formal which gives the room a strong sense of style. I love that everything is tied together with green a pink tones which really compliment each other. What a fun exercise Melissa. Tracey

  68. Janet

    I’m with “the Farmers Wife” about the walls and the ceiling not working together. I like the lamps but not the lampshades and although I love the coffee tables they would be a bit useless: can’t stretch your legs and no room for anything with the large tray and bowl on them, especially with the studs on top. I would put the pink flowers on the console table (but it works well like this for the photo). Everything in this room is lined up in rows of similar sizes and shapes so I would try and break that up…. maybe with a round or oval coffee table or something. Generally I think this arrangement was for the sake of the photo and not for living.

  69. Debra W


    Fun stuff, BFF! This room makes me think that it could be part of a cozy vacation home. There is nothing stuffy or too complicated about it. A lovely place to relax with a good book. I love the way that they light comes into the room. I also really like the shock of bright pink over the arm of the sofa. I also like that they used those little ottoman cubes as a coffee table. Good idea because they can always be used for extra seating.

    Hope you are having a great day!


  70. A Fanciful Twist

    I love the obvious, beautiful bright rush of the flower bouquet on the table (and the lamp, love the lamp)… However, I am spying a contraption, with lots of tiny drawers?? Under the credenza (is that what it is called?) Type table way in the back.. See on the bottom left ??? Behind the couch!! OOOOO!!!!! xoxoxo

  71. crystalreflections

    I am looking at this again and now I am bothered with the way the frames are hung on the wall. I would love a little symmetry. I love that the curtains are white and sheer, which makes it airy and light. Casual and serene looking. Though this is not my personal style, it works very well together.

  72. Laura

    I’m observing the knotty wood that they white washed…selfishly because we “inherited” some bad 1970s knotty paneling that I’m toning down, so painted paneling is *always* the first thing I observe!! I’m also observing the random pattern the prints are hung in. Any time I try to go “outside of the box” by hanging things at unexpected heights, it looks like a mess! Here they look more well placed, but I have a feeling if I were actually “in” the room, they would bother me.

  73. Kirstin

    This is fun! I love the total room…reminds me of something I’d have in the country or at the beach. I love the use of colors, but what really stood out to me was the bright blue box, and the pink flowers and throw. It threw in some color that I think made the room pop! And of course I loved the pinstripe couches.

  74. Penny

    I observed the way the color pink was used all around the room for balance. The pink flowers on the table make the pink floral wall print stand out.

    The mirror was placed to reflect the light from the window making the small space seem more open and larger than it really is.

  75. catherine

    I love the simplicity of this room. It’s very cozy and invites me to make myself at home. This green is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. The tripod lampstand is great too!

  76. anne

    I noticed the pink flowers first of all…then the sofas. I was more focused on the area around the sofas and the cube tables…I like the pink cushion and the can always change them maybe to go with different flowers.

  77. Rebecca

    Thank you for offering these little “lessons” – they are a great chance for me to work on something I’m not so good at….!

    I noticed that what seem at first to be colours that don’t match – the blue and pink – are actually in a few different spots in the room and do work. The blue is on the small trunk at the back of the room and the glass balls on the coffee table. The pink is in the pictures on the far wall, the pillow, the blanket, and the flowers.

    To balance those bright colours, the floors, walls, and curtains are all neutral.

    I would think that you could do it the opposite way – have brighter colours on the floor and walls and use neutrals for accent pieces.

  78. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    I’m not a huge fan of the green striped sofa, but I do love the way it’s accented by the other pops of color~the pink and the bit of blue. Lovely vignettes around the room and it’s cozy with the seating area pulled into a grouping. Looking forward to seeing more of this series of posts…..xo~ Janet

  79. Suzette

    I really like this room. It tells me this is a second country home where life is all about being comfortable and relaxing. The one thing I don’t really like is the dark-framed mirror. My eye went right to it, and I felt it was heavy and oppressive. Other than that, I appreciate the hard work it took to make this room look like it took no work at all! :)

  80. Joni Webb

    My observation: straight away – I love this! the green striped sofa is stunning to me. This is me! I love everything about this picture. Do you? If so, we share the same taste – I’ve thought that for a while because I almost always love the pictures you choose to post. thats the observation by moi!

    great idea for a series. love it!!!!!

  81. Marina Capano

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I love your blog! you have such a cute post! congratulation
    visit me anytime…

  82. Christi from Charm & Grace

    I love the clean lines of the stripes and green has always been one of my favorite colors. I love the clean lines of the sofa contrasted with the rough finish on the wall. And the botanical type prints are really wonderful …my favorite thing about the room!

  83. Debi

    I think this room feels very soothing, a great place to relax on the weekend. I love the green striped sofas, they give the room a fresh, playful look.

  84. jane

    initially i really like this room, but the longer i look at it the more uncomfortable i become. there is a LOT of stuff out, and i’m not sure why it was chosen. i get the depth, layering aspect, but there isn’t space to really live in the room. i don’t just sit in most of my rooms. usually i have something with me, and this room is so “done” that it wouldn’t accomodate whatever i wanted to do. i do like pink/green but not these particular pinks/greens. and there is too much on the walls for me. i guess i ‘m bothered by the bottle on the table. what does it contribute? i don’t like things for the sake of filling a spot, and that’s how this room leaves me feeling. HOWEVER the arrangement appeals to me, and i love the walls/beam/ceiling. jkj

  85. Beck

    I love the way that the mat on the floor zones the room. The pink of the homely roses brings out the cushion too. I’d be very happy sitting in the natural light of this room, reading a good book. So snuggly!

  86. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    This is a fun study!! Ok, my observation:

    The strong colors are in the foreground, bring the eye first to the sofa and then to the pillows. The background is basically restful to the eye, although there is a punch of color in the blue box. The floral photos bring your eye up on the wall and then the mirror and old bottles end the study – like a period in a sentence.


  87. Lisa

    I like how the green in the sofas and the flowers on the table seem to tie in to the pictures hanging on the wall. The green, the flowers, the natural woods all give it a feeling of bringing the outdoors in.

    And I love the light coming in from the window. I am realizing that I like light coming in so much, that maybe I need to consider placing my furniture in such a way as to really take advantage of windows and natural light.

    Thanks for a fun exercise!

  88. Tammy

    I love this room. I love the pink accents and the tri-pod lamp near the window. The beams on the ceiling and the destressed? walls.. simply beautiful. :)

  89. Cemay

    I love stripes but these are not very proportioned to the size of the sofas. Color doesn’t bother me it’s the scale. Love the walls, ceilings and floors. Botanical prints are ok but I’d’ve chosen something less rigid like framed mirrors to add depth to the space. I like the sofa table up against the wall that appeals to me.

  90. Naomi

    I really am drawn to the wood walls. They have such a natural look. The turquoise trunk on the table is a nice bit of color that keeps the lime green from looking like too much. I’m not really partial to the striped slipcovers, maybe if they were totally lime green I could live with that. I think the stripes in the sofa compete a little too much with the vertical lines of the walls. Maybe I’m overthinking it here, but that’s what I’m observing.

  91. Nancy

    The room works, it’s very cozy. I like many of the details. But it looks way too cluttered with small objects. I assume that some of these are props for the photograph. If you add in the actual things that people leave around — books they are reading, e.g., it becomes impossible. I don’t believe that every horizontal surface must be filled with things — after looking at this, I immediately put several things on display in my office away :). Thanks for this exercise, and hope you continue with it.



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