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The Lopsided Cakes are Delicious Too Edition of Mr. Linky

by | Jan 30, 2009 | Authentic Living

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The Lopsided Cakes are Delicious Too Edition of Mr. Linky

by Manassas Cakery

It was another busy week at my house — between housework, being a wife & mom, running The Inspired Room, being a part of Blissfully Domestic, helping the new church get under way, getting ready for Blissdom and another women’s conference, welcoming an overnight guest, a business meeting, and a party at our house tonight to meet some neighbors (I baked a tiramisu cake for the first time ever!!!), I would say my week was full!! {faints} Ok, almost overflowing. I’ll admit, I was overly committed this week. But I wanted to do it all!

All week I reminded myself that things didn’t have to be perfect. I was getting my wabi-sabi down (if you think I am talking about takeout food or the latest dance move, click here to learn about wabi-sabi).

My tiramisu cake is a little lopsided. My bedroom still has garbage bag curtains. And I have no idea what I am wearing tonight for my little party. And that is OK with me. Garbage bag curtains are kind of stylish, if you squint. And a lopsided cake tastes just as good as a perfectly level one.

How about you? How was YOUR week?

We are nearing the end of the first month of A Beautiful Life linkies! I really enjoy reading your posts! Are you all ready for month two? If you haven’t participated yet, now is a good time to jump in! Do you realize that 1/12 of our year is already over–now is a great time to get started in making each week one you feel good about. Your life doesn’t have to be perfectly in order, take it from me, you can join in even if you still have garbage bags for curtains. I don’t mind.

Documenting the beauty you find in the week and sharing it with us will be a good encouragement to you that in spite of the imperfections life hands us, our week can be really beautiful if we put some effort into it.

Finding and experiencing the beauty around us is a choice.

Next month (February) my goal will be focused on creating ambience and beauty around my home. I guess that means I will be taking down the garbage bags, eh? Nothing says “ROMANTIC AMBIENCE” on Valentines Day like black garbage bags on your windows.

Now, it is time for us to see what your life looked like this week!

You can share in the comments and/or link up a post.

Rules for Mr. Linky:

Please link only to posts directly referring to your goals of living a beautiful life. That is what this Mr. Linky is about, encouraging ourselves and each other to make life beautiful in spite of our imperfections and limitations. Some weeks are good, some are not — we can share the good ones and the not so good ones and work to make the next week even better.

Please, no home page links or random links. We don’t want to be confused when we click on your links. Thank you.

Lastly, please link back to The Inspired Room in your post. Here is the button you can use if you want to be all fancy. Just link it up to The Inspired Room since it doesn’t have a link on it.

The Lopsided Cakes are Delicious Too Edition of Mr. Linky


  1. Liz

    I’ve been busy getting my spring bulbs into the garden in what will hopefully be a beautiful display come March/April. But it’s been good to get outside and get working in the garden which is why I’ve shared my Tulips post this week.

  2. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. I love how you’ve drawn a connection between balance and a lopsided cake. Life doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect to be sweet and enjoyable!

    As always, thank you for hosting “A Beautiful Life.”


  3. teresa

    Coming here, reading others links about their goals has given me lots of ideas, thoughts, and has inspired me. Thanks to you.
    My week wasn’t need as crazy busy. But it had it’s challenges – I was lucky enough to have a little extra time with friends- while still fighting off the woodpeckers-
    Have a wonderful day- Thanks tons-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Made with Love-

  4. Kristen

    Wow! Sounds like quite a week. I hope you have a great time at your party tonight. I’m sure your cake will be fabulous. Off to read what everyone has to say about their beautiful lives!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Splurging

  5. janet

    Still reading you every day, just not commenting much because of “the hand”.


    janets inspiring blog post..VERMONT HOUSE FOR SALE

  6. Nicky

    Melissa, I’ve totally experienced this week how imperfection can be in itself perfect, so I know it’s possible to attain. I think sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves can block all expressions of beauty … great and small.

    Taking the time to slow down and to be appreciative inspite of always yields beauty … even when life is imperfect.

  7. Katie at

    I saw your mention of tiramisu on Twitter, and I was really hoping you’d share the recipe you made, Melissa. Thanks for that. I worked very hard to take life slowly this week in Belin, thinking about exactly what you’ve been saying for the month of January. Is it already over??

    Katie at makingthishome.coms inspiring blog post..Take Me Home, Country Roads

  8. Lazy Mom Leslie

    Can’t wait to try the Tiramisu cake! Love that! I agree, garbage bag curtains are just fine. The memories we create are much more important. I totally agree that we all need to get rid of this notion that it has to be perfect!

    Lazy Mom Leslies inspiring blog post..And the Lazy Loot Goes to

  9. Savory

    I love your attitude, Melissa. Releasing that desire to be perfect can be difficult. It’s so deeply ingrained in some of us, but it only brings disappointment, doesn’t it? After all, who among us is perfect? Hope this week leaves a little extra time for you. Thanks for doing this for all of us. It builds community. Savory

    Savorys inspiring blog post..Turn Stress into Strength

  10. Gina

    Thanks so much Melissa for reminding us to see the beauty in everyday, and for the encouragement to just go for it-garbage curtains and all. I appreciate the reminder to reach out and share with others even though things are not perfect, nothing in life ever is and we can sit around doing nothing while we wait for “perfect” conditions-and totally miss out. Pray you have a blessed weekend and a fun party tonight.

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Inexpensive do-it yourself Jewelry Storage…

  11. Vee

    Too busy cleaning up after snowstorms to do much but think about the house…I will be visiting all those who have linked up…I know what Manuela has done, but I’m eager to see what others are doing. Thanks for all that you do…hope that you have a moment to call your own and SOON!

    Vees inspiring blog post..Blue

  12. Myrnie

    No great, flowery post this week…just an explanation of a reward system that has changed life drastically for the better with my beautiful toddler :) Thanks for hosting, this is so much fun to participate in and see what everyone else has been up to!

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Chocolate Box Tutorial

  13. Miss Sandy

    It sounds like you are embracing life beautifully in recognizing that a beautiful life does not mean perfection. Its all in the attitude and yours is catching! I have had another messy but beautiful week at my house too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Miss Sandys inspiring blog post..It’s A Beautiful Life Lessons and Decor…

  14. Madeline

    Your cake is beautiful and looks yummy, too. Its imperfections make it more meaningful because you made it yourself with love. Have a great week! Madeline

    Madelines inspiring blog post..Milk Glass Vase and Things To Inspire Me

  15. Pat

    I won’t add a link this week, Melissa…just dropping by to check on you. I love the lopsided cake!!

    I put a post up about our kitchen island, which included a couple of photos of the snow outside our windows. These were actually part of Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi of Written, inc. The theme, this week, is Simple. Those snow scenes are certainly examples of the beauty around us. The link to the post is below. I didn’t add it to Mr Linky, because it is primarily about the kitchen island and a decision to paint it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Island Dreaming~

  16. Sabrina

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and I really enjoy it. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas and insprirations!

  17. Rita

    What a lovely cake! I’m trying to embrace your concept of wabi-sabi. It’s so heard when life is already so imperfect that you’re struggling towards an idea of normalcy. Thanks for keeping things in perspective!

    Ritas inspiring blog post..Mastering the Art of French Cooking

  18. kathysue

    I don’t find your cake lopsided at all.I thought you did that on purpose remember when people were decorating their cakes in an Alice in Wonderland style and it was the newest kid on the block,well that is what you have created a Wonderland Cake.There are no mistakes in design only opportunities to be creative and innovative.I love your blog and the inspiration it gives to all.I don’t have a blog but if I did I think I would name it “Enjoy the Process”.That is what you are trying to do this year,enjoy all your moments.What a great attitude.Keep doing what you are doing,can’t wait to see what others have posted. I am off to go and see,Kathysue

  19. Meredith

    I’m sure that the lopsided cake was only a counter-balance to everything else that you’re doing perfectly. Think of the lopsided cake as an encouraging wink and a smile! Thanks for the “wabi-sabi” update – such an encouraging concept.

    Merediths inspiring blog post..Catching Up…

  20. Tara

    Hi Melissa

    Have not been here for awhile, sorry-life took over! I am really working on positive self talk when I find myself admonishing myself for all I can’t get to…I have a stady job, a man I love, a warm fireplace each evening…and less of I did not get tothe wash thoughts…I am getting pretty good at this!

  21. Elizabeth

    I LOVE your blog and am truly inspired to spruce up my rooms with each visit. Thank you for having us see the beauty among the madness life can bring. Blessings to you this weekend!

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..A Beautiful Life

  22. Maven

    It’s been a slow week writing for me so I have nothing to link. But I just had to comment because I had a dinner party last night and my mantra all day was “It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

    Of course I haven’t evolved quite enough to put thought into action ;) but I’m getting there…

    Mavens inspiring blog post..What Men Want

  23. pendy

    Thank you for introducing me to the wabi-sabi concept. Now I know there is a name for what I feel about my home. I am indebted.

    pendys inspiring blog post..Wabi-Sabi

  24. Maureen

    Thank you for encouraging us to find the beauty. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to document the small and (seemingly) insignificant because it forces me to see the bigger picture.

    Maureens inspiring blog post..First Shoes

  25. Kara

    This was a perfect Mr. Linky for me this week. I just finished doing a total bathroom makeover. It’s not perfect, but I love it. When I feel a little overwhelmed with all my other tasks around the house, sometimes I just go upstairs and bask in the beauty of my newly completed project. Just the fact that it is done is enough to revive my spirits!

    Karas inspiring blog post..This stuff is magic I tell you, magic!!


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