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Green Obsession,
Childhood Memories & Favorite Colors

by | Mar 5, 2009 | Color, Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Green Obsession, <br>Childhood Memories & Favorite Colors

Green Obsession, <br>Childhood Memories & Favorite Colors

Green Obsession, <br>Childhood Memories & Favorite Colors

Green Obsession, <br>Childhood Memories & Favorite Colors

I guess it goes along with my spring fever and maybe St. Patricks day but I am really giddy over green.

My mom always let me help decorate my room when I was younger, but the first bedroom I really remember doing all by myself was painted a pretty shade of apple green. I loved that room! Funny how I am being drawn to that shade of green again! It has such a happy, springy feel to it!

Do you tend to go through phases of life where you are into different colors or combinations of colors?

Or do you always stick with a particular favorite?

Sometimes I just get the itch to try something totally new and fresh (even if I used it years and years ago)!

Here are some great images featuring Spring Green!


All photos: Country Living, except last one House Beautiful


  1. Kim

    YES! My favorite color has changed over the years. Right now, I really like red (some accent walls, accessories, etc.). Yet, I still have some earth tones. Our basement area has the earthy green color, where the main level is brighter. I hope to post about these differences in the future. There are just so many lovely colors!!

    Kims inspiring blog post..Skipping Bible Study

  2. Valerie (Belgium)

    I don’t really like the green color for decoration, but I like the last pic you showed. I had an idea : when we are bored about the winter and impatient to be in Springs, why not change the “tentures” (fabric on the windows excuse my bad English) and the cushions ? One green pair for Spring, one fall colors for fall and winter !

    Have a nice day Melissa !

  3. leigh ann

    I love the pictures with this post! I have always loved yellow. We even had one of our houses painted yellow and I loved that house!! Green is also one of my favorites, along with a light blue color…actually I really like beige and white….I think I love all colors!!! It sounds like you should paint one room the green of your childhood. I love your writing :)

    leigh anns inspiring blog post..Tablescape Thursday

  4. Amber

    I used to deal with my hair the same way I want to deal with paint colors now. it’s just another form of expression. I, too, LOVE the color green. I’m choosing colors for a renovated house now, and I’m afraid that the whole thing is going to be a palette of greens.

    Also, I’ve loved that kitchen posted by Remodeling Guy for a while. I’ve planned to copy the green cabinets and paint the trim in the room the same color.

    I always love your posts and your links. You have gorgeous taste.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..vitamin D for the memory

  5. Erin

    I’m into green right now and have been for a few years. I try other colors, but always seem to gravitate back to greens. I was in a gold-ish yellow phase in the early 90s because of all the warm photos in Victoria Magazine. Currently I’m living in an apartment with green walls, but I DON’T like them. They are hospital mint green, and I need some more yellows & greys in the color!

    Erins inspiring blog post..Sharpie Art & A Quiet Rainy Saturday

  6. sandy

    I love green. My first bedroom (where I got to pick my colors) was green and … purple! With Betsy Clark posters on the wall!

    sandys inspiring blog post..Secret to Saving your Kid’s Memories!

  7. Megan

    I really want the tan and green room! I’ll have two rooms in my house to makeover by the end of summer (hopefully!!!) and want the green window treatments and green accents for at least one! :) It’s so pretty and refreshing!

  8. Rhoda

    I’ve always had green in my house in one shade or another for 25 years now. So, I guess that one is right up there for favorite colors. Right now, kiwi, oliveand lime are my favorites & I use them all over the house. Green sure gets us ready for spring!

    Rhoda @ Southern Hospitalitys inspiring blog post..The black architectural piece has landed

  9. cybill

    I love green, my whole house (interior) is currently painted in different shades of green that blend and change as you go through the spaces.

    cybills inspiring blog post..The short of it

  10. geekdetails

    I’ve had the same favorite color combo for the past 4 1/2 years. I change up the accessories in that color combo, but the colors are the same. I use a lot of pale teal, cherry red, and gray in my home right now. The gray helps calm everything down and the teal and red just make me happy to look at them.

    geekdetailss inspiring blog post..Charity event aka where I’m at this week

  11. Songbirdtiff

    I do go through phases where I THINK I would like a major color change. It usually doesn’t last long, though, and I go back to red and yellow. I’ve decided I just need to add those new colors to what I already have (I’ll be adding some green to my living room this week!) or change a tiny room, like the bathroom.

    Songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Good Stuff (B-52’s)

  12. Robin Rane' ~ All Things Heart & Home

    It’s hard for me not to redecorate constantly, my favorite colors change with the seasons. But my go-to color, in all different hues, in glorious green! love it!
    Robin Rane’
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Heart & Homes inspiring blog post..Hair and Budget Cuts

  13. Deidra

    When I was little I was always drawn to the orange, green and yellow crayons in the box of 64. I called them my carrots, peas, and corn colors. Those favorites have never changed. Sometimes I prefer one more than the other two, but it’s always the same three colors.

    Deidras inspiring blog post..Lent

  14. coco

    I have always loved green (and yellow) my childhood room had both of those colors as well as some blue so maybe it does stem from that! I really think of green as a neutral…it is great on it’s own or paired with many other colors…pink & green, brown & green, blues & green, black & green…when you start thinking about it the possiblities are endless! I have a custom mixed green in several rooms of my house and i love being in those rooms! Your last picture is one of my all time favorites…i have it in my inspiration file and i just pulled it out the other day as I was thinking of spring!

    cocos inspiring blog post..questions & answers…

  15. Denise

    One of my favorite rooms in a previous house was painted a soothing sage color with cream colored trim. The room was a library with a 9 ft. ceiling and lots of windows that looked out to a nice garden. I never grew tired of that room. I’m really drawn to the last picture in your post! Thank you for all the inspiration this week.

    Denises inspiring blog post..The Geek Squad hits Seattle

  16. fonstren

    I tend to go for the neutrals on my walls, floors, and furniture. Then I can change up accent items if I get bored rather than doing a whole room makeover.

    fonstrens inspiring blog post..nej orden onsdagen–who am i?

  17. Remodeling Guy

    Hi Melissa!

    I love the green, especially the top picture! Being predisposed as I am, my eye went to the nice finish work on the handrail! It’s not a simple thing to get perfectly slick bright colors like that.

    Kim and I have seen our tastes change over the years but we’ve always loved a good bit of color! We were married in 1990 and our first furniture sported a multi-color pastel scheme. It was nice, but might look a little dated today! (I secretly still like pastels)

    Have a great day!


  18. Jen

    That’s funny because I’ve been scouring the net this week for pics of green rooms. I think I’m going to use it in my foyer/dining room and maybe my kitchen. I’ve never given green a passing thought up until now.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Winter doldrums? Break out the shaving foam!

  19. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    I love green also and have it in almost every room of my home. I do go in spells with colors. I have a lot of pink now that I would like to get rid of, but not the money to replace the things. I think that is why I enjoy making cards, I can select the years hot colors without having to go buy all new things.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Quick Baby Invitations

  20. Lisa

    So funny, I did a whole post on green a few weeks back. I love green. Calm. Soothing. Restful.

    Lovely photos.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  21. Shannan

    I’m all green and blue, all the time. That photo with the green curtains, tan walls, white couch, wicker chair, dark coffee table…I want it all! It’s gorgeous!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..The month in review.

  22. Kirsty

    Looooooooove it!!! Thanks for the daily shot of inspiration. I am craving green too. My bedroom is green and so fresh and soothing. I’m thinking of taking it to my kitchen next. Loved the photos you posted and those of your guest poster. Isn’t colour fun? I definitely think we lean towards different ones according to the season.

    Kirstys inspiring blog post..Dressed for success…..

  23. Lazy Mom Leslie

    I used to be obsessed with red. It’s everywhere in my home! I still love it but am tending to want to simplify a little.

  24. Karen B

    Well, I have to admit. I hardly have any green in my house. The only green and just barely, is in my bedroom. Blue has been my main color for years and years. Years ago (I’m dating myself) it was blue and peach. Then for years it was blue and yellow with a little green. Now it’s red and yellow with a little blue. Once you have main pieces of furniture that are classic, you can’t really toss them out for something new. That’s where slipcovers would come in handy. I wish they would’ve been in style years and years ago. I’m saying years a lot, oh well, they go fast.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..The Farmer’s Wife

  25. Gina

    It seems like my color choices are always changing too-right now I’m loving orange and green like you-and I’m thinking they look pretty good together! Most of my home is done in neutrals so it’s easy to change colors on a whim by adding different accesories, etc. It must be the gray weather that makes me want lots of bright cheery color!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Bring on Spring

  26. Irene

    Hello Melissa,
    i have tried two new colors in our home: antracite black and pink. this charcoal grey is a great backdrop, an alternative to ecru, that i love, but under the greek light looks very pale.
    pink on the other hand is a color rarely used outside a girl’s bedroom, but i’ve used it in my study and i love it!
    that landing makes my heart jump!

    Irenes inspiring blog post..Vassili Zoulias’ Old Athens

  27. living with lindsay

    Green has always been my absolute favorite color. My whole world would be green if it could be. Unfortunately, my DH is red/green color blind, so he can’t see green – it looks gray to him. He’s asked me to not use much green in our home b/c it looks so dull to him. :( The things you do for love…

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..Are You Ready for a Challenge?

  28. Shelia

    Love the living room picture. I’m using a soft green color on my living/dining room walls and I love it. If it’s a soft enough green it’s almost like a neutral color and almost everything matches it! Your blog is always so inspiring!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    Shelias inspiring blog post..A Bathromm Diva and Tablescape Thursday

  29. teresa

    My color likes seem to change with my age, season, mood- well in other words all the time- Loved the pictures you showed- I’m not usually a big “green” fan- but I love these.
    Have a wonderful day

    teresas inspiring blog post..all boxed up

  30. dawn

    I am totally in GREEN mode too, I just painted my kitchen green, whipped up a few fabric additions to the room, and I have never felt happier when I walk into my kitchen!

    dawns inspiring blog post..Kitchen paint & girls

  31. Lynda

    I’ve always been a big fan of blue and still am although lately I’ve found myself drawn more and more to shades of white, which luckily look fabulous with my blues! xo

  32. Sara

    Well, I go through periods of time where I have different favorites. Green has been my favorite for several months now, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. SO I love this post of course. I’m LOVING aqua/turquoise as accent color…which seems to be very HOT right now. I just saw Barney New York window display….all the manequins are Aqua/Turquoise and glossy!

    But my favorites, year after year are alwasy WHITE and YELLOW. I think these 2 colors are my all time favorite. Good thing green, aqua, and turquoise all can “go” with these colors.

    My only fear, and it is such a great fear I am imobilized, is that I”ll be too literal with a color I like. I’m not a “decorator” and I feel like things become literal when I put ideas into actions. So, I”m scared to put green in my family room. Will it look like green threw up in there?

    Saras inspiring blog post..My Understanding

  33. The Tiny Homestead

    I love green, so I had to comment on this post. Green is always my favorite, but I love all sorts of colors so I don’t get myself into a single color rut or anything. I would love to have the green curtains and white pleated skirt couch in my living room right now. These were fantastic pics.

    The Tiny Homesteads inspiring blog post..The one that got away

  34. Amy

    I love the green curtains in the last photo. That’s a great way to add color that can easily be changed. I LOVE yellows. I have a little bit of gold and yellow in each room.

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Twitter Craze

  35. Donna S

    I’ve been loving teal and brown and green and red… oh my… I’m into all of them. We just moved and I’m loving painting and redecorating.

    Donna Ss inspiring blog post..Home Tour – The Sunroom

  36. Erin Southwell

    Boy oh Boy! Those pictures are fantastic! I love a neutral palette with bright pops of color, but for some reason tend to forget about green. I may just sew myself some apple green curtains now-thanks for the inspiration!

    Erin Southwells inspiring blog post..Another Fabulously Frugal Design Idea

  37. Debbykay

    Lovely photos–I am green with envy (ha!). Yes, I think we go through phases where we are obsessed with a color. Sometimes that color will surprise us! Green is fabulous and is soothing, energizing and peaceful all in one!

    Great post!

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..A Perpetual Astonishment: Spring (Ellis Peters)

  38. Heather

    I love these greens. I’ve been on a green kick for awhile now…I just keep gravitating toward it. It’s so refreshing, and rejuvinating!

    Heathers inspiring blog post..Here I go!

  39. Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarm

    Dear Melissa,

    I definitely go through “color” phases. Right now I am totally into PINK. Sounds so weird, but I painted the ceiling in my STUDIO metallic pink, and it makes me SWOON every time I look up. Color is one of the easiest things to change as I “grow” into new phases in my life. I DO LOVE GREEN too! Have a great week…I am off to the Dominican Republic for a week!

    Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarms inspiring blog post..The Artist’s Way

  40. Misti

    Green is a staple in our house. Can’t get enough of it! These days I am adding in touches of deep rusty oranges and creams. Love all of the photos!

    Misti @ Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..Life is good!

  41. Ruth

    I am lovin’ the posts on green! Green is my all-time favorite color. Give it to me in apple, lime, avocado (hungry yet?), sage, mint, olive, just keep it coming. Green is nature’s neautral, everything just looks better with a touch of green thrown in.

  42. Kim Swales

    I always love the same colors for decor…ivory sage green and pale blues.

    Kim Swaless inspiring blog post..Playing Catch Up

  43. Myrnie

    You know, I used to be a RED girl. Red accents in the bedroom, red clothes…now that I have 2 kids, I’m completely falling back on my musical training and creating “Green Rooms.” Literally. Did you know that backstage there’s a “waiting room” before you go on stage, called the Green Room? It’s a place to calm down and get centered before you go on. Green is such a calming color!

    We’re slowly re-doing our entire house in a palette of green, blue, and yellow. So bright and cheery, and so easy to change the intensity from room to room! Creamy pastel in the nursery, basil green in the living room…I LOVE it! :o)

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Everyone needs cake!

  44. Castles Crowns and Cottages

    Green is my favorite color! Oh such a beautiful blog. Thank you for refreshing our decorating souls as well as being a kindred spirit! Anita

  45. Debbykay

    One more thing…don’t you think it is interesting how colors come and go and come back again? We live in an 1880’s farmhouse. When we first moved in twenty eight years ago, some of the rough cut wainscoating was similiar to the apple green color in your second photo!


    Debbykays inspiring blog post..A is for {Grandmother’s} Amazing Aprons

  46. Connie

    I adore the color green too. Especially when I am designing a quilt…I always gravitate towards the greens. It is a happy color for me.

    Connie @ Young and Relentlesss inspiring blog post..A Sign

  47. {this is glamorous}

    Hello Melissa! Adore these beautiful rooms! Had no idea green could be so lovely . . .

    Happy Friday!

  48. Kim

    I love your post, and we are kinda “color crazy” around our house. We have a green wall in our kitchen/dining area. I faux painted it and it has pretty shades mixed together, kinda textured. We also have a beautiful minty green hutch that I couldn’t live without!
    I didn’t realize I had a “green thing” until today! :-)

    Kim @ Forever Wherevers inspiring blog post..Tasty Tuesday Blog Party Invite

  49. courtney

    every wall in my home is either a shade of green, tan, or ivory… I have always been drawn to those colors. they are calming to me!

    courtneys inspiring blog post..simply nesting is simply cooking

  50. Susan

    Green has always, always been my favorite color…so love this post! I went on a home tour last spring and the formal living room was the happiest shade of green! Thinking I just might need to do that in my living room. :-) Thanks for the inspiration! Susan

    Susans inspiring blog post..Pink "Purse" Saturday!

  51. Lisa

    I seem to be liking green lately too. Most of my green stuff is closer to a sage color or a softer green, but it still makes me feel like Spring and freshness and renewal!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Show and Tell Saturday ~ Favorite Vacation

  52. New Every Morning

    Thank you for joining the party!!!

    I ADORE green. I currently have 3 rooms painted green… 3 different shades, of course. I can’t get enough!


    New Every Mornings inspiring blog post..Sunday Rest

  53. LuLu

    Crazy Love happy Green!!! My favorite as well.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Garden Cupcakes!!!

  54. *Christy*

    This post is just what I needed! My home is anchored on a black/cream color scheme, with accents of tan, red and green. My sofas are green but I’ve been having trouble tying them in with the rest of the decor in the house, b/c I just don’t have a ton of green in the house…YET! That second picture gave me some great ideas on how to blend the black/cream with more green. I also love the last picture, but I’d just substitute red where the blue is. Thanks for the always inspiring posts!



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