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Project Procrastinators Party: <br>The AFTER Photos

It is time for the big reveal of our procrastination projects. YES, it has been two weeks already. My, where does the time go? Nearly 90 of  you signed up to do this. Confession time. Did you do your project? Did you even START on your project? Or did things end up somewhere in the middle between started and completed?

I’ll go first. I’m not finished with my chairs. Oh, stop, I’ve had stuff going on, really I have! I didn’t procrastinate, I just had some “situations.” Some of my excuses are huge (Let’s just say it has been a rough week, a very rough week {insert crickets} — I’ll tell you more on Friday), and some of my issues were minor like waiting for SUN so I could paint outside. And then there was the fact that it took a lot longer to dry to primer than I expected and I couldn’t just whip these together at the last minute.

But all excuses aside, I am excited that I got started. I am SO THANKFUL to all of you for joining in with me.

It was just the motivation I needed. In fact, I was so glad I had this project to distract me from my horrible week. Otherwise I might have stayed in bed and eaten far too much ice cream and chocolate while crying over the tabloid rumors about Jon & Kate Plus 8 (which incidentally has nothing to do with my terrible week, but it was just one more thing to cry over. I didn’t need that.)

It was a good thing I had something more productive to do.

So what color did I choose? I decided to go with spring green for the chairs, and then (in another lifetime maybe) I’ll paint my table black. I am all about adding some fun happy moments in my decor lately so spring green to the rescue! And you know I have been obsessing over green so what choice did I have but to choose green?

Project Procrastinators Party: <br>The AFTER Photos
THE AFTER: Ah, SPRING GREEN, oh how I love you
Actually, Pear Green (Pottery Barn/Benjamin Moore)

I have two chairs that have their first coat of paint, and one that still has just primer. The others were set aside for later, I just couldn’t tackle them all at once. I had a few oopsies along the way (don’t look too closely) but overall, I think they turned out OK.

If you liked them better before or wished I would have painted them a different color, you don’t need to tell me that. Just smile and nod and say “WOW, you sure worked hard on those” or something like that. Or I might cry, I’m a little sensitive right now.

They ARE a little bright, but I think they are going to be just the pop of color I was looking for to make even cloudy or dreary days (or otherwise bad days) feel a little more happy.

So, how did your project go? Go ahead, spill the whole story of your procrastination. And link up some after photos for us while you are at it!

I’m looking forward to curling up in my chair and reading through every single one of your posts.

UPDATE: If you are just arriving at the party, it is NOT TOO LATE to add your post! I love fashionably late people!


  1. Peggy

    Great job! I love your color choice.

    Peggys inspiring blog post..Papercuttings

  2. Sarah

    I had been procrastinating my island and chairs for months, but I didn’t sign up to begin with. Your upcoming party did get my butt in gear though, does that count? :) I hope you are doing well and I can’t wait to see who links up. And I LOVE your chairs!!

    Sarah @ Thriftydecorchicks inspiring blog post..Upholstering an unupholstered chair and a rodent question

    • Melissa

      Thank you, and yes, IT COUNTS! :-)

  3. Shannon

    I love, love, love that color green. And they will look wonderful with a black table!!!! We moved to the midwest three years ago – from Washington (close to Tacoma). I know what you mean about the rain! And you are right – that color green will be cheerful on all the rainy days ahead. Thanks for hosting this. It got me started, and now I hope to keep some momentum and attack another project!

    Sorry you have had a bad week! I hope it’s nothing too terrible, and that things get better soon!


    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  4. Shannon

    Wow! I’ve never been first on anyone’s Mr. Linky before!

    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  5. Laryssa

    It looks lovely! So cheerful and fun. Good job! :-)

    Laryssa @ Heaven In The Homes inspiring blog post..Funny Cat Story

  6. Sheila

    Very pretty, I’ve got this color of green “all over the place” here at my house. I love it. I KNOW! The Jon and Kate plus 8 thing just makes me SICK. The last wholesome family (or so I thought).


    Sheilas inspiring blog post..Saints and Sinners

  7. living with lindsay

    I absolutely LOVE the color! Great choice, Melissa!

    Thanks so much for hosting this party. I’m way happier in my space now than I was two weeks ago AND proved to myself that I could teach myself some new things. :)

    I hope this week is going better for you!

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..Thinking Outside of the Covered Cheese Plate

  8. heidi golden

    okay melissa…those are SOOOO CUTE! i want to know HOW you did those!? will you share the details? i inherited some chairs and a table (along with the couch circa 1950!) and i’m trying to figure out how to make them CUTE- paint would do it but i have no clue how! :)

    • Melissa

      Hi Heidi! I took those woven seats off (they were just screwed on) and then at first I just used a sheet of sandpaper to rough up the surface, but that didn’t work so well. So, I got out my HAND SANDER and went over them. Wiped them off with a tack cloth and then painted two coats of a tinted primer (at the paint store they tinted it the same color as my paint). I sanded off any big drips or rough spots. Then I did one coat of the real paint and will do a second one after I sand off some more of the little oopsies. Just to be safe :-)

      I wanted FUN and HAPPY so paint is definitely the solution for that!

      • heidi golden

        thanks melissa! i’m cutting and pasting those directions in to a word doc RIGHT now and that is my project…love the chairs. and melissa – i was so sorry – oh, so sorry to read about the house today. i just feel for you so much….

  9. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. Wow, your chair looks great! I recall your earlier post about how much you love green. You sure picked the perfect shade for that chair. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your before and after photographs! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Home Library Bookshelves

  10. AnNicole

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough week. On the bright side, your chair looks fantastic! I really do like the green. It’s so cheery and unexpected, but not over the top. Well done!

    And thanks for the little push to get something done. Yes, I got ONE thing done…but that’s one more than 2 weeks ago right?

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Par-tay at The Inspired Room!

  11. Jenni

    LOVE the color… and with a black table… I never would have come up with that on my own (that’s why I have people like you to copy ;-)… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

    Jennis inspiring blog post..Best Kept Secret For Tired Moms!

  12. katy

    I love that spring green on the chairs, I bet it really makes the room quite cheery!

    katys inspiring blog post..Busy B’s

  13. Christina

    Your chair looks wonderful. I love it in it’s new coat of spring green.

    I am re-doing some chairs too. One at a time. They take so long to paint, it is just better that way. I get too overwhelmed trying to do them all at once.

    Christinas inspiring blog post..A Spot of Lunch

  14. Tam

    I love your newly painted chair. I have that color in my laundry room and it’s certainly a color that is ‘happy’. I also got my project done!!! YEAH!
    Thank you for motivating us to join you, I certainly needed it.
    Have a wonderful day,

    Tams inspiring blog post..Procrastinator Project – Rocking Chair – Done!!!

  15. aubrey

    That green is definitely NOT too bright, in my opinion–I love them. You’ve done a great job. What green is that? Rustoleum from Home Depot, or the other kind from Lowe’s? I’ve got to go find something to paint green now.
    I didn’t join your party, because I’m the queen of procrastinating, but I guess I still could–I haven’t finished a painting (the living room) project that I began in JANUARY. Since I began it, I discovered I was accidentally pregnant, but that’s NO excuse, right?

    aubreys inspiring blog post..I Want My Handprints in Cement

    • Melissa

      Ok, I totally forgot to put the paint color in the post! And, forgot to mention that I used real paint and a BRUSH. Yep, no spray painting these babies.

      The color is Pear Green from Benjamin Moore. It is also in the Pottery Barn favorite paint color deck.

      Congrats on the accidental pregnancy :-) That is fun :-)

  16. Imelda Phillips

    Your projects are always a source of inspiration for me. Thanks so much for the encouragement on my procrastinator party project…I can’t believe I can finally check it off from my to do list (just been there for the past 2 years:).

    Big Thanks,

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators: The Reveal

    • Melissa

      Thank you, I’m glad you did your floor, it looks so great!

  17. Kara

    I am almost done with my laundry room makeover, but I have to wait till daylight to take pictures. Your party was just the kick in the pants that I needed!

    I like the color of green that you choose, it is so cheerful! And I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but the cute green pillow in the background matches perfectly. Love it!

    Karas inspiring blog post..Trash to Treasure Laundry Sign

  18. melissa

    Okay, Melissa, I’m a dork! It says easy chicken stir fry because that’s what I entered on the last Mr. Linky! Could you delete that part? Anyway, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough week, but I love the green!! You have to tell us the color~I just love it. You need to do this challenge every few months~I work best with a deadline :) thanks, Melissa!

    • Melissa

      That is a great idea, maybe we could do a QUARTERLY challenge for the season. I like it. I’ll do it!

  19. Tina

    LOVE the GREEN chairs! Would you share the color paint brand? Thanks!!
    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage…

    • Melissa

      Sorry I forgot to put it in the original post! Pear Green, Benjamin Moore!

  20. Julie

    Your chair looks great and best of all you have started and have made progress. I am a purple person through and through, but second is the lime, pear and other shades of wonderful greens. Very perky.

    I have ALMOST finished redecorating a bathroom and bedroom that were recently painted. Need to get a bed squared away before the two paintings that will go on the wll above the bed can go up.

    Thanks for the encouragement, it was a HUGE help.

  21. Beach Vintage

    That shade of green is so wonderful and in my opinion works so well. I have repainted and covered some old kitchen chairs recently. I did them all mismatched but I love the result. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Carla

    Love the green! It is a pretty uplifting, sunny, happy color.

  23. lylah ledner

    What a great color…who’d a thunk that’s be so fun. I started some pics on finalllllyyyyyy finishing a project outside – painting the last section of fencing around our pool. Didn’t post it though, but definitely got spurred on with this PP (procrastination projection). The final product….went from white to black. It looks great!

  24. mamaK

    Those chairs are fabulous! I too love the color! I have to confess that I too got caught up in the scandal that is Jon and Kate, and between that and a disk problem, my project suffered, but thanks for the motivation to get back on track!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Smile on Your Brother

  25. Mrs. Petrie

    I think they look brilliant! That green is fabulous! Thanks for the inventive party idea, it really got my butt in gear. Public shame can be such a beautiful thing.

    Mrs. Petries inspiring blog post..Sushi and Tools

  26. teresa

    Love it- Green must be in the air- I just painted a pot “lettuce alone”
    love the idea of a black table with the chairs- question where did you get your white sofa?
    Thanks for the encouragement-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Procrastinators Party- The After Photos

  27. Sharon

    Fabulous color – fantastic job! I love green too. My mom finds that really funny because when I was growing up I absolutely hated green – was much more into pink and blue. Now that I’m all grown up I am finding that green can be a perky picker-upper (like the pear green of your chairs!) or calm and soothing (like the every popular sage greens) or even warm and cozy (like a deep hunter green.) Yea green – and yea for your chair make-over project – well worth the wait!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..A Gift from the Sea…

  28. Chie

    Good Morning Mel,

    I had done the b4 & after projects I planned in right time. As you, knew am home for recovery but my fingers won’t allow me to lay down and just chill out.

    Your chair is absolutely gorgeous! Just brush and paint can really make a difference. Job well done, Lady…

    Have a great day!

    Chies inspiring blog post..REVEALATION DAY @ THE INSPIRED ROOM on her Procrastination Project

  29. Sarah

    love the chair and how it turned out, such a pretty colour, and the seat…to die for

    I joined in for two of my projects, I hope that is ok in your partay? of course delete one if it isn’t…

    the burlap had been sitting in the study for months until last weekend when I made table runners, cushions and bucket bags….too funny how it all happened at once, but I guess that is me all over

    great inspiration on the chair


    Sarah @ A Beach Cottages inspiring blog post..Beach Cottage Tablescape + May Giveaways!

  30. Melinda

    I love the chair. The color is so pretty and peaceful!

    Melindas inspiring blog post..Advice PLEASE!!!!!!!

  31. June

    Your chair looks so fresh and pretty! I started mine but due to budget didn’t finish. Gonna get the rest of the stuff this weekend to finish my last chair and table.

    Junes inspiring blog post..Proscrastination Party…..Sort of

  32. Vee

    You chose the most scrumptious color! That green is a delight and with a black table…ohhh, it’s going to be marvelous. (I’m so sorry that you had a week from, well, not a good week. Love ya you know!) Thanks for just the amount of motivation that I’ve needed to do a project that has been needed for a long, long time. I feel as if I’m joining the 21st Century at last.

    Vees inspiring blog post..Procrastinators Party-The Big Reveal

  33. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa, I love your chairs by the way. Your paint job looks great. That must have taken you quite awhile. I like pops of color too so the green will look fabulous I am sure. I just did a project where I finally painted the backs of my bookcases and it looks so incredible. When I was done I was sad I waited almost 8 years to do it. I think I finished the project the week after you started the Procrastinator Party so I didn’t think I should link but I think it is awesome that you have inspired yourself and so many others to get off our duffs and beautify our homes and ourselves.


    Jennifer @ Blogging God And Mes inspiring blog post..A Submissive Wife…..

  34. TidyMom

    I LOVE your chair! I wish I could do a color like that!! – I’ve been lovin’ green lately too – actually my last trip to GW was all green items! LOL

    I *HOPE* to get my post up today – you know I got my room painted, but I’m having computer issues – so I’m not sure if I can get my pictures online (but I think I may have a way) – so wish me luck on getting them up!!


    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..Lands End Swimsuit Giveaway!

  35. Astrid

    That chair is just AWESOME! I liked it before but the after is just WOW! That green is gorgeous and it makes the chair really stand out! What a lovely chair!

    I have so many jobs that we’ve been procrastinating on…in particular installing trim on our main floor. I’m now thinking of doing that fake wainscoting (with painted walls and trim). We’re alos finally- after six years of living here- redoing our backyard so that we can have a lawn there. Of course it had to rain really hard the last few days before we can get the grass seed down!

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Happy Late Mother’s Day & More!

  36. Kate

    I love the green! I have a little bench on my patio that I painted a similar color and I love the pop of color it gives in a shady corner. I’ll be looking for 2 more side chairs to paint a fun color or finish with a bright fabric at some point. Have to wait for a bargain!

    Kate @ 8119s inspiring blog post..Procrastination pays off

  37. Emily

    I love the color!!! Nice job, Melissa. If I had all you have going on, I’d just be curled up on the couch. Oh wait, I have nothing going on and that is what I am doing. I did not get one single project done in the last 2 weeks. I blame the beach.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..What I Made Wednesday: Crayon and Coloring Book Bag

  38. Mary Lou

    Hi! I didn’t participate, and am new here, but I just love the color of the chairs! My daughter painted some bookcases a similar green, and it looks great in her dining room with all the other dark furniture.
    Hope you are doing better.
    Mary Lou

    Mary Lous inspiring blog post..Thrifty Finds

  39. Michelle

    I’m a total failure! I didn’t get done what I intended to BUT I got a bunch of other things done. Does that count? My original plan was to finish sewing the skirt for my bathroom sink. What I should have thought about when I signed up was the fact that we are in the middle of a huge project that would require all my attention.

    So, in the last week I’ve painted 4 pieces of furniture and lots and lots of trim. No sewing but the painting had to get done.

    Your chairs look great, love the color!

    Michelles inspiring blog post..The Yellow House

  40. Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

    Love the green chairs. I have a lot of green in my house. It’s a great color–can be fun. Can have a peaceful feel to it also. Thank you, Melissa, for hosting such a fun project. Mine wasn’t big but it created challenges for me anyway. I’m proud to say I finished. Stop by and see my cleaned up pantry. ~Kathy

    Kathy at Shocking Pink Threads inspiring blog post..Procrastination Project Before and After

  41. The Pleasures of Homemaking

    Melissa, I love that color (it’s the color I used in my kitchen)! I didn’t do my original project because we had too much rain, but I did an alternate.

    I think it would be great to do this every now and then. It’s good motivation to tackle projects!


    The Pleasures of Homemakings inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinator -The After Party!

  42. Tricia Anne

    I wish I would have signed up for this party! I am in the process of finishing projects that I have allowed to go waaayyy too long. I love the green chair! Very cute!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  43. Julia

    Sorry you’ve had a rough week, but your chair looks great! I love that color. So fresh.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Something’s Missing Here

  44. We are THAT family

    Your chair (s) is lovely!

    I’m sorry you had a tough week. Hope it gets better!

  45. Katie

    Love your chairs! Such a great pop of color! Thanks for the great idea for this party – I am having so much fun looking at what people did. It’s like I’m at a reunion!

    Katie @ Clean & Classic Interiorss inspiring blog post..The Painted Petals Out Power My Procrastination

  46. Mrs.Rabe

    So sorry you are having a bad week….

    The chairs look great! The green is a cheery color and will look great with a black table….

    Mrs.Rabes inspiring blog post..Early Spring Garden

  47. rachel

    Love that color green! I’ve been adding it in my kitchen, too! I didn’t sign up for the party, but I did get some fleece blankets made and mailed out!

    rachels inspiring blog it out

  48. Ashley

    I didn’t sign up for the procrastinating party, but I did just almost finish a huge project in my house. We installed new floors! So, I posted it in the Mr. Linky.

    I totally heart your green chairs! Such a happy color. I’ve got approval from my live-in boyfriend to paint our dining table and chairs. So excited, I want them antiquey white…So sad that we almost killed each other staining and finishing the set a year and a half ago. But our cat jumped up and left a gigantic scratch. Well, it’s now perfect time for a change ;)

    Ashleys inspiring blog post..Installing Laminate Flooring

  49. DailyGnome

    Melissa I love the color you chose – it’s so clean and cheerful and will be the perfect contrast to the dark table.
    Your PPP was exactly the motivation I needed to tackle a few painting projects – thank you.
    Hope your week turns around. Can’t wait to start checking out the other results!

  50. Jane

    I really like the green! I wouldn’t have thought to pair it with black and that’s what I like about it. We have all seen red and black or light blue and black. This is fresh and unexpected. Keep on keep’n on!

    Janes inspiring blog post..Softer Side of Green

  51. Abbie

    I LOVE the happy green pear color! I think my dining room will soon be green, but the walls and then with light and dark furniture choices/fabrics. :)

    Abbies inspiring blog post..Not Me! Monday

  52. Kacey R.

    OH! This green is PERFECT! I’m actually going to paint my mantel green. I’m all about adding som fun cheery pops of color that my house so horribly NEEDS. I’m also redoing my dining table & chairs. It will be a big work in progress but I cannot wait! Thanks for the green – it is perfection and your obsessing paid off! Perfect!

    Kacey R.s inspiring blog post..{Crafty FaBuLoUs}

  53. Rachel James

    I love the green chair redo. This is the time to use what we have and repurpose it! Congratulations on your Washington Post nod!
    love your blog!

  54. Pretty Organizer

    Hey girl,

    Got stuck on auto-pilot and forgot to edit my name/ subject so the first entry is NOT about time management… it’s linked to the update on the cabby knobs I finally got to.

    What a great party. We need one of these a month! That green chair was worth every stress and procrastinated minute! What a find… LOVE the color m’dear. So, what’s your next project?

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..My Kitchen Knobs… an Exhibition

  55. songbirdtiff

    I truly think the chairs look wonderful. The color is very fresh and modern and looks beautiful with the natural seat. I can’t wait to see your finished product.

    I totally feel you about waiting for the sun. My project was my back porch and it has rained nearly every single day of the last two weeks in Arkansas. Everything is flooded, I accidentally killed a frog trying to get into my house last night, and I didn’t finish my project.

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Frugal Porch Makeover

  56. Tiffany

    I think the green chairs are perfect! I LOVE them! I am a big fan of green and I think that shade is wonderful! Great job!

  57. Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

    Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I want your sofa too!!!!

    Guess I’ll be taking after pics in the rain. STOP rain! I actually had someone leave a comment on my before post that read simply, ‘hmmm…’

    LOL! Busted!

    Donna at Funky Junk Interiorss inspiring blog post..Adorable character outbuildings!

  58. Karen B

    There you go, Melissa. I posted my excuses! I think they’re pretty good, actually. ;-) Hope your week is better than last. You might actually like my post, check out the scripture I mentioned.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Procrastinator’s Party Confession

  59. Barbie

    The chair is fantastico! I cannot thank you enough for hosting this party. My office mess was making me physically ill. It was great to face it once and for all. Hope your weekend perks up.

    Barbies inspiring blog post..Where have I been?

  60. Liz

    My bedroom had become a complete dumping ground and I’ve finally done something about it- hurrah!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Favourite Magazine of the Month

  61. Lauren

    OK, I confess! I totally procrastinated the procrastinator’s party. I meant well when I decided to join the party and paint our front door, but I let everything get in the way of actually even starting the project. The only thing I did during the whole two weeks was go get paint swatches from the store. Pathetic, I know.

    However, since I have been wanting to paint my front door for almost 2 years and I had never even gotten paint swatches before last week, I feel just the tiniest bit successful and motivated to keep making baby steps toward getting the door painted. So, thank you, Melissa, for the encouragement I needed to turn this into a real goal rather than a “someday I’ll paint the front door” pipe dream. It may take me the rest of the month, summer or year, but eventually I will send you the link to my before and after photos. Eventually …

  62. Lorrie

    Well, I procrastinated so long that I never even decided on a project! So you made way more progress than I did! I love the green – it’s whimsical and fresh.
    I hope your awful, terrible, no good week ends soon.


  63. jane

    i love the rattan with the green. love anything with green basically, so i’m not impartial. and your week – well, it is thursday, so you are almost done with it. hope it improves dramatically!! let’s talk procrastination: i said to a friend i might put some beads on my chandelier. well, next day she asks if i got the beads up. WHAT? of course, not, it was only in the idea phase. sheesh. and then there was the 4 day hunt for the craft wire that has disappeared. and then the serendipity of using the finest “fishing line” (clear thread?) in existence and tying little knots, ( really, i can barely see anymore) clipping close to the knot to get rid of the ends, and now FLOATING STRANDS OF MULTI COLORED GLASS BEADS between the looppy arms of the chandelier. dh even likes it!! and if i knew how to post a photo i would ’cause it looks really nice! jkj

  64. jane

    this is a p.s. : i think i’m going to paint my standing lamps. official notice of intent. period. jkj

  65. Tracy

    I finally took one step closer to clearing out the garage by repurposing an old chair which become a fun planter.

    Tracys inspiring blog post..Making a House a Home

  66. {this is glamorous}

    Think I signed up for this Procrastination Party and guess what? Have not even started my project yet! Has two weeks really gone by already?

    {Melissa, your chairs look fantastic!}

  67. Noelle Tomco

    I decided to do a project that didn’t include paint/primer/scraping overall making a bigger mess than moving already is. so, the day before the moving quote guy came to the house i was propelled to tackle my storage room. i threw out, organized and pretty much reassembled everything so that i could not only walk into the room but have room to walk in, turn around and find what i need. imagine! thanks for the inspiration to do this and now i have a huge desire to paint my dresser for my daughter BEFORE the move. what am i thinking? any ideas where to get inexpensive but good looking fake glass drawer pulls? i found real glass pulls at anthropology and though they were cheap for glass at $8 a peice, when you need 6 that’s as much as a new dresser almost. well, at goodwill.

    Noelle Tomcos inspiring blog post..Little things

  68. Polly

    I have a bench that’s very close to that color. I think I’m going to have to pull it out of the garage and get moving on my Porch now!

    Blessings… polly

    Pollys inspiring blog post..Losing Myself

  69. Amber T.

    I love your chair in green, great choice!
    Well it’s amazing what 3 days and a couple of cans of paint can do! I haven’t had much time to play with the decor but I did get all my painting done and it looks so much better! Thanks for the challenge , I’ve posted a link above!

  70. Donna S.

    I love the color! I have some furniture that I really need to tackle I’m just so afraid !! :)

    I did kinda finish our project and got sidetracked (as usual) with another project at the same time. At least I got something done!

    Can we do this every month?? Please! I need all the help I can get!

    Donna S.s inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators Party: Our Family Photo Gallery Wall

  71. Amy

    Love the green! I kind of “crashed” the party. I didn’t sign up two weeks ago, but I just finished a project I started months ago and it feels so good!

    Amys inspiring blog post..Speaking of…

  72. Jodi

    I think the chairs look great! And so what if you didn’t finish – getting the projects started was the whole point of your party, right?

    I will say I took on a doozy – and I didn’t finish until the VERY short nap my daughter took today. But I did manage to get it done.

    Next time, I’m going to chose a picture frame or something equally tiny to paint. LOL

    Jodis inspiring blog post..Project Procrastination – After:

  73. Sue

    This was fun! Thanks for hosting. Now to get to work and finish what I set out to do…tomorrow..I promise!

  74. nancy

    I am a party crasher, too. I didn’t even know how to do anything weeks ago(link, write on my blog, paint!)! Well, I am not finished either-but I am blaming nature and weather! Ha! If you see my project, you will see that I gave it a good try and I will finish probably tomorrow….

    nancys inspiring blog post..Procrastionation Project

  75. Lisa

    I made it – Woo Hoo!! LOL. I am very tired now. It’s tough doing so much work at the last minute. :)

    I love your chairs – that color is great!! And I love your honesty too! This was so great for me – I’m sure I would never have accomplished so much if you didn’t make me! Thanks Melissa!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Not My Procrastination Project Post; I’ll Get To That Later

  76. Tami (Pixeltrash)

    Your green chair is so cute! I love the color … it makes such a great difference. Thanks for the inspiration to finish my pool house. I just needed that little nudge. I do love a party and now I’m off to fix a fruity coctail to celebrate!

    Tami (Pixeltrash)s inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinator Reveal! – Pool House Makeover

  77. J. Sheridan

    Hello from Issaquah, WA. I love, love, love your blog, and your chairs are wonderful in green. I am now finding myself looking around my house for something that I, too, can paint this great color. Keep up your special work! We all look forward to it!

    • Melissa

      Hello in Issaquah! Thank you so much for your kind words. :-) You made my night!

  78. sofia

    Well that is a great job and color. I love it. Ok I must confess I wanted to participate but did not get my job done. I have several going on at once. Oh well. Good for you to complete yours.

  79. Sharon

    I simply MUST paint something in that GREEN you have!! That is BOO-TI-FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Those will look fantastic! Thanks for holding the party—I got off my hiney and got something accomplished!! I’m a v.e.r.y. hesitant decorator….I know what I like, I’m just *ahem*, afraid to jump in and JUST DO IT! I’m getting there…your blog is wonderful inspiration!! Thanks!!

    Sharons inspiring blog post..Procrastination Party!!!

    • Melissa

      THANK YOU SHARON! I am so glad you are here!

  80. Mandi

    The chairs look so good, and the green is a really great choice. That shade of green is so fresh. I just love it!

    Mandis inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators…

  81. Jen

    What a great color on those chairs!

    I am still not done with my project, but I think I’ve made some good progress, and have come up with some good excuses (moving!). Maybe this weekend?

    Jens inspiring blog post..Chair Update

  82. Momof2hapas

    Hi Melissa,
    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough week. I hope things are looking up for you now. Your chairs are beautiful. Green is my favorite color….you can never go wrong with green (or blue) in my opinion!
    I didn’t finish my project but I did get a lot done, thanks to your “party.” I posted some update pictures and hope to be finished in the next day or two.


    Momof2hapass inspiring blog post..Procratinated Project Progress

  83. Amy

    Ahh, I did it! Melissa, love your chair and colors; we’re looking at the same colors for our office update soon. So soothing. Uh-oh, I feel another project coming on…

    Can’t wait to check-out everyone’s projects!

    Amy @Feasibly Fit Moms inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinator: *My Pantry After-Party*

  84. Adriana

    The chair looks great!!! I am soo bad that I was not able to finish (read even get started) on my project!! Thanks for having me at your party and I will definitely come through on the next one! (maybe I will just do a picture frame or something small next time! -Ha!)

    Adrianas inspiring blog post..It’s friday again and I am early to the partay!

  85. Linda

    YAY! I finished my entire dining room, not just the chairs. Check it out! Thanks for the kick start! I love that color green. I just painted over green walls in my dining room but it was time to paint and i miss my green.

  86. Annamarie

    Yes, they are bright but how can you not like that? I cannot imagine being in a bad mood when you eat breakfast, sitting on such a happy color. Good job. May just inspire me to finish a few of my own projects. I could use a swift kick in the butt to get going.

  87. Kim

    I love the green color. So different. I hope you get the rest of them done. I too only got part of mine done. Seems that real life got in the way of a lot of us, or Mother Nature, or both. Thanks for having such a fun party. And I’m glad to hear you will be having more. I like having them every couple of months. I need the motivation. Hopefully I can get both of my projects completed by the next one.

    Kims inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators Party-The results

  88. Rita

    I started my day today going to a wall-raising at a building site where my company is joining with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a sinlge mother who has never owned a house before. She and her daughter have been homeless on and off. It humbled me to watch her speak with her heart in her throat, full gratitude for all the difficulties in life that had brought her there.
    You know I would buy your house in a heartbeat because I know there has been so much love and laughter there. I promise you that things will get better. And whoever decides to buy your house will feel utterly blessed!

    Ritas inspiring blog post..The Beautiful Foods

  89. Amber

    I can’t believe I didn’t comment here first. Sorry about the house. I always choose the glass is half full and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and trust me, I have a child that keeps me humble.
    Any ways, I love the green, it is so cheery.
    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, for having this PP, and for your wonderful view of life. We are blessed by you.

    Ambers inspiring blog post..3 Stools Done – Amost

  90. Jennifer

    I added a link with a “borrowed” idea. I think the idea was “borrowed” from you or The Nester but I can’t find the original post. If it is you, I would love to change the post with a link back to your post. Let me know and thanks for motivating! Is it bad that I am late to the procrastinator’s party?!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Mirror, Mirror….

  91. sofia

    I love the green chairs. They are so bright and cheery. I am sorry about your old house dilemma. I hope and pray things work out soon for you. Everything happens for a reason as they say.

    Have a wonderful day

  92. Kathy

    Great job on the chairs! I’ve been working on some church sale chairs. It’s going to take ages to get through these links but I’m excited to see some of these projects! Have a great day Melissa:>)

    Kathys inspiring blog post..The chairs

  93. Kendra

    Thanks for sharing those chairs. I think they are so fun. I have actually been contemplating a similar color for a diningroom chair makeover. It really helps to see yours. If I had been paying attention, I’m pretty sure I could have posted a few projects for this party. Maybe next time. I still have lots of procrastination in me!

    Kendra @ My Insanitys inspiring blog post..Nesting Instincts Shower

  94. Mama Bear

    Not too bright at all. I am thinking of doing something similar with yellow in my kitchen. I think the pear green is beautiful. Have you seen the “myperfectcolor” website? They have the Pottery Barn colors and palettes as well. Lovely work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  95. cynthia

    i FINALLY did it!
    actually TWO projects….

    you will be so happy! we should do this “party” more often!
    thanks for the encouragement!

    cynthias inspiring blog post..hello, my name is…

  96. melissa

    Melissa~thank you for linking up to the party! I just love this pear green color~so springy and fresh. Good luck painting the rest of the chairs with all you have going on~

  97. Mrs.K


    I love your blog and was just reading one of your posts about re-doing your dining room chairs. I have the SAME chairs and round pedastal table from Pottery Barn.

    I bought it years ago when I was into “lighter” wood…and now I want it to be a dark cherrywood stain. Of course, after getting estimates to have it professionally done, I could go buy a new set.

    Could you tell me how you prepared your chairs for painting? Perhaps I couuld use same approach for staining mine. Not being a real handy person, thought I’d ask an expert!!

    Thanks and your house is GORGEOUS!!

  98. Vivien

    I love, love, LOVE the green. I understand how difficult it can be to make a color choice sometimes (i.e. painting walls and looking at a trillion paint swatches) so I admire your bold decision and even more the outcome of the chair. Kudos to you!
    .-= Vivien´s last blog ..the flow of fabric =-.



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