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Visualizing Your Style

by | May 17, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Visualizing Your Style

Cottage Living

Do you ever feel like you aren’t quite sure what style direction you are headed for in your room? Or do you find an idea you think would be great for your room, but want to actually visualize it somehow with your stuff before you actually commit to it? Or do you feel like you want to try a new direction for a room, but you aren’t really sure which way to go?

Well, one fun way to visualize and dream without commitment, or confirm you are headed in the right direction, is to play around with Polyvore!

I made my first (and only) Polyvore last summer and it was really fun. I have no idea how to do anything fancy, but it was fun to play around with it.

My daughter tried a “mood board” recently for my style on Polyvore and it really did capture our home! Right down to sweet little Winston who always manages to be in every photo. Awwww.

Creating an inspiration board can really help people like me who tend to love EVERY style. It can keep me on track with what I am actually doing, rather than getting distracted by all of the wonderful ideas that I am NOT doing right now. Ha, any one else out there go a little crazy with all the great decorating ideas and styles of the world? Yeah. So many ideas, so little home to use them in.

Visualizing Your Style

Having an inspiration board can also help you to zero in on a color scheme. You can try out different ones and see what you feel most at home with. You might also detect if you have gone overboard on a color, if you room feels cohesive, or if you feel like you need to add in colors, patterns (or remove patterns!) or textures. Playing around with ideas can also help you find things for your home you might not ever have thought of!

If you want to learn how to do your own Polyvore, check out Anna from Suburban Cottage’s Polyvore tutorial! You’ll have fun learning from someone who actually knows how to use it and I bet once you try it, you’ll be addicted. Even if you don’t learn anything about your style, it is a fun way to spend some free time. It really is a big girl version of a Barbie Dream House.

Have you done a Polyvore yet?

PS. Speaking of being able to visualize a new idea, Team Hyacinth (Holly, Layla and myself) is still hard at work behind the scenes and over at The Pioneer Woman! I don’t know how to do those amazing “presto chango” photos that Layla does, but they sure are a fancy but non-permanent way of seeing your room with a brand new look! It is so much fun to work with Team Hyacinth and see the room evolve before any changes are actually made.


  1. Annelise Wilcox

    I have folders for each room on the computer and I also have an inspiration binder that I revisit every so often. Looking forward to checking out the site.
    .-= Annelise Wilcox´s last blog ..My FIRST Giveaway =-.

  2. Tara

    I actually have been wondering the same thing about my style.

    My style has really changed in the past couple of years since living in Orlando. I think it’s a combination of getting older and figuring out who I really am and what I really love, the fact that we now live near the coast and it’s inspiring to me, and that I ventured out into blogland.

  3. Sarah

    I use Photoshop to make mood boards, but it is basically the same thing. I love it for designing rooms and seeing which things go together and which do not. I’m ‘designing’ (can I really use that word?) my studio apartment I’ll be moving into at the end of August and have made an ongoing mood board to track everything I’ve been buying and plan on doing. It’s really helpful!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Quirky Art for Quirky People =-.

  4. cathy

    Love Polyvore but I also still love sinking into a nice comfy chair and going through my old magazines and catalogs. I have a binder with sections for each area of the house. My home inspiration notebook helps me collect ideas and information for the finished rooms.
    .-= cathy´s last blog ..Our Favorite Organizing Things – Three Ring Binders =-.

  5. Katie

    I have had a lot of fun with Polyvore. I created one for a baby girl nursery a while back when my sister found out she was expecting. So fun! :o) Starting about two years ago, I have kept a mental inspiration board in my head….and when I am trying to decide on fabrics, furniture, even ribbon…I try to visualize it on my mental board….and it really does work (wether mental or real or polyvore) to help me have tunnel vision, so to speak, and keep me on track with what I’m aiming to do. haha! It’s funny to look back and see how my style has evolved. Sometimes scary!! EEK!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Wanna Dance?? =-.

  6. Mary Joy

    That is SO cool! I am going to have to try that out with my new house! I want to do so many different styles sometimes its hard to know which one I should choose!!! I haven’t seen that before…I will either try that or a mood board. Thanks for the ideas!!!
    .-= Mary Joy @ Snapshots from my Heart & Home´s last blog ..Creating home…the desire of my heart. =-.

  7. Megan McGhee

    I recently used Polyvore and loved it! I have an inspiration book that I keep with all the pics I love from mags – house plans, you name it… Polyvore is like my book upgraded – haha! It is a lot of fun – by the way, love the pic from Cottage Living – I miss that mag so much – sigh
    .-= Megan McGhee´s last blog ..Here and now… =-.

  8. anne

    Hi Melissa… I can visualize it , its just getting my old stick in the mud husband to help make the transformation, one by being at home more, two, help knock the fireplace down and three, must importantly, for him to remember that i know more about style than the does.. :-).. Moved in 4 years ago and only two rooms done.. admittedly we knew there was lots of work, but he is being stubborn..!!
    .-= anne´s last blog ..Back home now….and a Postcard Post…. =-.

  9. Janell Beals

    Polyvore is really amazing…don’t use it often, but a great tool for people to use, certainly!! My rooms are all in my head, but for clients it is different, obviously. Have a great week! Janell

  10. Vee

    As you well know, Melissa, you and I have been working on “my style” for a few years now. I’m not sure that I’m any closer to figuring it out than I ever was. Perhaps this Polyvore thingy will work. I’m off to check it out! (Hope that all is well with you, Busy Gal!)
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Flowers and Frost =-.

  11. Eileen

    I’ll have to check that out!

    There used to be a magazine that I felt totally captured my style, but… sniff, sniff…. they’re no more. I miss Cottage Living. I still browse through my back issues and sigh.
    .-= Eileen´s last blog ..Before and After =-.

  12. Gina

    Sounds fun! I’m like you, I love aspects of lots of different styles-which makes my home look a little disjointed sometimes….I’ll have to check that out!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Inspired by Flowers on the Front Porch =-.

  13. this blessed nest

    i’ve done polyvore a while back, but it’s always been for clothes or to reflect my mood.
    this is a great idea to try for rooms. i saw that anna did a tutorial via her tweet – i need to check it out.

    doing folders/polyvore/or just writing ideas down is something i need to improve on, especially for house projects. thanks for the ideas.

    ;) kellie
    .-= this blessed nest´s last blog ..Our Seaside Getaway =-.

  14. Julie

    Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! We are about to redecorate (actually, just decorate for the first time!) our 2 1/2 y/o boy’s room and I’ve been hesitant to start because I didn’t know where to start! Also, my husband has definite likes and dislikes and this will (hopefully) allow me to help him see my vision before we spend any money. Thanks again for the wonderful tip.

  15. Erin

    I hadn’t even heard about Polyvore until today, and now I’m hooked. Oh dear, I just spent a crazy amount of time making a set for my bedroom. This is such a great tool, because like you, I love so many different styles and looks, and this will help me define my style and keep it consistent. Thanks for sharing!!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Cosmetic Bags =-.

  16. Mary Jean

    No Polyvore yet for me, but I’m sure I’ll try it soon! I sure would like to do the magic photo thing Layla has goin on though…do tell if you find out how!

    Have a fab week!
    .-= Mary Jean´s last blog ..Be Still Mondays =-.

  17. Melanie

    I have never used that but I am heading over to AnNicole and learn how to use it.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..A Teenagers Bedroom =-.

  18. Jessica

    Yes I’ve used Polyvore also. Which reminds me I should make something new very soon. Half the fun is finding pics online to use.


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