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6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

Are you in a rut with your holiday decor?

Wish you could break free and try something a little different with your Christmas decor? Or are you the kind who always puts the stockings in the same place, the wreath on the same window year after year and the tree in the same corner? Ahhh, yes.

Let’s consider the possibilities, shall we? How about possibilities that don’t require excessive amounts of effort or skill? YES!

1. Hang the stockings with care somewhere other than the mantel.

A few years back we bird hung stockings from a bird cage. It is fun to do something unique.

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

2. Repurpose anything that resembles a hook!

A skeleton key in an armoire is a creative alternative for hanging a wreath.

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

3. Decorate furniture you normally don’t.

Try hanging a wreath or ornaments from your bed or a chair back! It is super easy but makes a great new statement.

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

4. Faux snow, glitter and new colors are your friends.

Spray your usual greenery or bare sticks with faux snow and glitter and add a fresh NEW color decoration to “branch out” a bit into a new look. Easy! You really cannot mess this up, use a light hand with the snow and you’ll be fine.

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

5. Decorate a new room this year.

Am I the only one who decorates their bathroom? Try something simple like a little snowflake garland across the mirror.

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

6. Use items you normally don’t normally use with your Christmas decor to mix things up.

I’m having fun this year with pine cones and nests for a more rustic natural holiday look. You don’t need to buy anything new, just look around for what you already have.

Are you in a rut?

Being creative does not necessarily mean you need to make a bigger mess, take more time or use more STUFF. Take it from me, the non-crafty queen, creativity can be SIMPLE.

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  1. Julie M.

    I love looking at familiar pieces in new ways! I’ve been trying to do a little more of that each year. Happy decorating!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Eleni

    I love the faux snow and the glitter. They give the ultimate winter festive atmosphere in any place! Have a beautiful December sweetie!

  3. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I love to put wreaths on our kitchen cabinets. Since I spend so much time in there, the kitchen HAS to look festive this time of year! :)

  4. Shannon

    I really love these ideas, especially since I {gasp} don’t have room for a Christmas tree in my condo. :)

  5. Kathy

    I mix things up every year, Melissa, and I think that winds up taking me longer to decorate. I think I need to add to “mix it up” the words “and simplify”! From what I’ve seen around blogland it can be just as festive.

  6. Franki Parde

    I’ve been spray painting branches for a very l o n g time and am known as the “glitter queen.” (Watch out Martha!) It doesn’t get much “cheaper” than that and THIS year is my year of the bird (wreaths, nests, pillows, etc. “cheap, cheap…” :-D franki

  7. Jen

    I simplified the decorations this year and I’m liking the look. Tree is going up on Sunday!

  8. Mary DeMuth

    I have a crush on the way your mind thinks out of the decorating box. Thanks so much for these tips!

    • Melissa

      Ha, thanks…I love to keep it SIMPLE. :-)

  9. Deanna

    I make sure we have a bit of Christmas in every room! Including the bathroom!

  10. Elen

    I like a little Christmas in every room of the house, including the bathroom. We do like to mix it up. The tree gets placed in one spot one year, another spot the next. Same goes with stockings. That’s the fun of it…for me.

  11. Vee

    Great tips! I decorated my tiny bathroom this year just because of the comment you made awhile ago about decorating even the bathroom. I didn’t do much…just a little red house decorated for Christmas on the window sill. Love that snowflake banner and I’m going to get some pine cones to use in the nests instead of the pastel Easter eggs. :D

    • Melissa

      Yay, you go, Vee!!!

  12. teresa

    Oh My! love it all…. You have such an eye….I think you should write a book with all your loveliness. I would buy it, plus…give one to each of my girls.
    Happy Day

    • Melissa

      Aw, thanks Teresa. You always say the sweetest things, I appreciate that.

  13. Lauren

    Thanks for the inspiration! My daughter got some great paper snowflakes when she went to visit Santa and I’ve been trying to figure out where to hang them. Looks like our white “guest” bathroom is going to be a snowy wonderland this year!

  14. Kristin

    These are great ideas…we hung our stockings somewhere different than the mantle this year and I love it! With limited space you have to get creative. Any creative ways to incorporate candles for us candle lovers?

  15. SimplyLKJ

    Love all of the ideas you shared, especially incorporating things from other seaons!

  16. Gina

    The fun of it for me is the challenge of doing things different-I love that. And nope, you’re for sure not the only one to decorate the bathroom!

  17. Marla

    Melissa, I have to ask, the armoire in the photo, is that the one you painted? I remember you were so reluctant to show it. But I have to say, what I can see of it, it looks lovely! You need to quit putting down our friend Melissa, okay?!! I love the way the wood peeks through a little, it makes it look old, and very much used/loved!:)

    Our home is scantily ‘dressed for the holidays’ here (delayed move due to inspection/repair issues {ugh!}). But we are going through holiday boxes and using a few faves. The menorrah (thanks Goodwill) comes on in the front window each night, along with the timer-candles (in epsom;)) in the kitchen/family/living areas. While in our tiny little main bath some festive towels, peppermint soap, and a lighted garland enveloping the mirror, greet guests. This weekend our tree trip – driving to carols, cutting/wrapping/& loading w/hot chocolate & cookies, home again home again to decorate. Then we will gather around to read tonight’s Advent.

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Rejoicing in the Gift so graciously given. So undeserved. So precious.

  18. Sharon

    Though I have NOT unpacked one box of Christmas decor yet, I am looking forward to it. Last year we were still transitioning from the Philippines to the states and all our junk -yes junk- was all in storage, so we did not get to decorate. We moved the day after Christmas. I want so much to get rid of some JUNK and sort of start over. I see a garage sale on my horizon come warmer weather.
    I *heart* your minimalist approach.

  19. kirstie

    beautiful ideas! i especially like the wreath at the end of the bed and the faux snow….i hadn’t thought of that but i know just where it’s going ;-)

  20. lylah ledner

    That blue/turquoise is so my color…LOVE it.

  21. Karen

    This is exactly what I needed some new ideas—I embrace change and unexpected tweaks to the traditional holiday decorating. Thanks Melissa, you always inspire.

  22. Kasey

    Great ideas! I will for sure have to use some of them :)

    I wasn’t in a rut but now I am. Booo.

  23. sheila

    Love the whole-house/every room decorating idea!
    I do the bathrooms too!
    Really an attention getter!

  24. judy

    Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your Christmas posts. My husband is out of work this Christmas and the LAST thing I want to do is decorate. Your great ideas and creativity make me feel for a little while that I AM decorating and who knows, the spirit may move me and I might get a decoration or two up this year. Thanks again!

  25. Michele

    Thanks for sharing this. I needed some inspiration and a little encouragement to get out of the holiday decorating rut. I have two little ones and it’s been overwhelming trying to get all of the Christmas decorations out. My 18mth old is into everything. It’s fun but a mess :) My four-year-old just loves everything about Christmas. When we drive by a house with Christmas lights he says, “OH! They are having Christmas!” So precious! I really enjoy your blog and your approach to decorating. For example, I would have never thought about deocrating the bathroom. How fun!

  26. Hadley Duncan Howard

    I have a wreath hanging from the footboard of my bed, as well! It’s not a “holiday” wreath, just greenery, but it’s gorgeous and one of my favorite things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done anywhere else. Great minds, etc.!

  27. Carmen

    I normally decorate my bathroom too. :)

  28. Teri

    Spray snow sounds like fun and so easy too! You have some wonderful simple ideas! I like the way you think!

  29. Julz

    Love your ideas and finding interesting places to hang conventional holiday decor. I love repurposing things I already own.

    I have little balls of bells that could be ornaments. Instead, I hang them on my garage and front door door knobs. Adds a little festive sound when someone comes home and it also adds a sense of security. If someone tries to come in unexpectedly when I’m home, I’ll hear them. Let’s hope that never happens.

  30. edith

    A little something like a snowflake garland in the bathroom is such a good idea. Not too much just right.

  31. Sarah

    I feel the pull between pulling all the old stuff out and putting it in the exact same place (inspires feelings of home-i-ness and tradition) and the desire to create something new. Maybe that is why a new bride uses something old, something new, something borrowed….

  32. Nikki

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to reduce store bought decorations in lieu of natural, eco-friendly and re-purposed items. In fact, we have twigs and snowflakes in our bathroom as well!


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