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Sarah’s Farmhouse at Christmas

by | Dec 18, 2010 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Home Tours

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Sarah's Farmhouse at ChristmasCanadian House & Home: Sarah Richardson

Christmas at Sarah’s Farmhouse

You all know how much I love Sarah’s Farmhouse, well, it was all fixed up for Christmas and featured in Canadian House and Home last month! I unfortunately didn’t get the magazine, even though a couple of blog readers alerted me to its existence! Ahhh, flustered that I missed it! I’m not sure if you can still get it or not?!

But, at least I found a couple of photos of the house over at Canadian House & Home’s site and thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Sarah's Farmhouse at ChristmasCanadian House & Home: Sarah Richardson

I’m thinking I might need that megaphone thing she has on the floor. That could come in handy.

This gallery at Canadian House & Home had some other fun Christmas decorating photos in it too, so check it out!

Meanwhile, I’m over at (in)courage today, talking about having too much stuff and being too busy being busy — I’m needing to make MORE ROOM for what matters most! Come chat with me!


  1. suzanne

    So I am thinking the megaphone is by the stairs so she can use it to “call” upstairs!!! How cute….and what a beautiful cottage!

  2. Shannon

    Beautiful home! I just want to curl up in my pajamas in front of that tree.

  3. FairfieldHouse


    Thank you for sharing these inspirational photos. What a lovely home. Thank you even more for your wonderful post at (in)courage – that it did indeed. I left another comment there.

    You are a blessing.


  4. Cindy

    What an absolutely beautifully decorated house! Thank you for taking the time to share it.

  5. Shelly

    I LOVE Sarah! And her houses! Thanks for sharing the picture of her living room. I’ve been thinking of redecorating my living room next year and that gave me some great ideas.

  6. Fiona's Mosaic

    The megaphone cracked me up too!! How handy! Lovely pictures!

  7. Sharyl

    I love Sarah’s house too! These pictures are gorgeous, I would so love to have that staircase!! Now I am off to read what you have at (in)courage!

  8. Kristen Hawley

    Oh I love her – She has the best designs.

    Look at that tree wow.

  9. Amy F

    I’m gonna cry! I want a farmhouse like this SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! *sigh* Thanks for sharing though ;)

  10. The Cottage Chick

    Thanks for sharing this! I would say I am a stalker of Sarah and her wonderful decorating. I never saw any of this article. SO happy you showed some pictures of the ever-coveted farmhouse she did.

    Love the inspiration- always!

  11. teresa

    Love Sarahs house….=}

  12. susie

    Beautiful. I love Sarah’s house too. She does amazing work.

  13. Anne

    Ooh, that’s a beauty! The numbers on the stairs crack me up, is it for motivation or discouragement??

  14. marigold

    wow! beautiful :)!!

  15. Lana

    I love Sarah’s farmhouse! I watched the whole season and was beginning to wonder if it had sold yet. I would love to see her and Tommy redo another house. I also love reading your blog and seeing your house. I read your article at (in)courage. I get so bogged down in trying to make everything perfect for my children and grandchildren and husband, that I forget what it’s really all about. I’ll keep reading. Lana

  16. lylah ledner

    oh, how lovely…..have a merry christmas friend…

    xoxo lylah

  17. Andrea

    I too adore Sarah’s farmhouse! The article in House and Home was great! I could scan it for you and email it, if you’d like (at least you could read the text) and I may actually be able to get a copy for you. My hubby is a frequent traveller and the lounges at the travelers club at the airport have free older copies of many mag’s (including H & H). I’ll ask him to watch out for a Nov issue when he flies home on Tues! Let me know if you’d like the scanned version in the meantime =)

  18. Michele

    I LOVE Sarah’s House! It’s one of the few shows that I make time for now that I have little ones. We’re planning (hoping and praying) to build our dream home in the next five years, and if I could have any interior designer in the world it would be Sarah. She’s amazing. Now I know others are as crazy about her as I am.

  19. Heidi Ferguson

    I LOVE (like borderline creepy) Sarah Richardson!! I record all episodes of Sarah’s house and totally loved her farmhouse. Thanks for showing these pics! Love her tree!!

  20. Kirsten J

    Another Sarah stalker here – I have such a *girl crush* on her – thanks for the heads up!!

  21. Karen

    Hi Melissa,

    I too love Sarah’s Farmhouse and Tommy Smythe, who as you know assists Sarah and makes me laugh with his witty repartee.
    A friend gave me the issue—I didn’t even know that magazine existed (where have I been?). I’d imagine their site would allow you to order a back issue…it truly had some great Christmas rooms in it.
    Merry Christmas.

    • Tara

      I about died with happiness when I saw that Sarah’s farmhouse was decorated for Christmas! I just finished decorating my living room in the Sarah farmhouse living room style, and am soooo excited to see it decorated for Christmas! Love, love, love it! And a magazine? Gotta check that out!

  22. Kim

    It’s GORGEOUS! I adore the pillows she’s got. And the tree. And the garland. And pretty much everything else!

  23. Linda

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. We got a short look at the holiday show while in Canada last week. Wish the show was broadcast in the US!!

  24. Robin

    Just beautiful. So charming!

  25. Mary Jean

    drooling with envy over those stairs with the numbers on them. Don’t think I did not save that picture and file it away in the how can I do this file!!!!

    Love your new layout! Darcy rocks yet again!

  26. Darlene

    thank you for connecting me to this great designer. wow. her stuff is so lively and fresh. It inspires me to get gutsier. love it.
    also, I love your new blog look!

  27. Noreen & Margaret

    That farmhouse is beautiful and makes mine feel very shabby, let me tell you! Like your blog and we will make you one of our favourites. N&M

  28. Pat

    I just wanted to post my thoughts from your other article at ‘in-courage’… I found it to be right on the nose for me. Thanks!

    Finally! Somebody is making sense of the words inside my head. I’ve had this feeling of not having peace in my home. I know my priorities are out of whack. I am so glad I read your post about Sarah’s Farmhouse and saw the link to this page… because this is what I needed to read today. I know this was a word for me from the LORD. He used you to minister to my heart today.
    Thanks so much.

  29. katiedid

    I just love that house, especially the entry with the red doors. Sigh…

    Happy Holidays to you!!

  30. Irene

    Thaty looks amazing. Feels scomfortable.


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