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Decorating Tables for Spring

Spring Decorating

When I was a girl, my mom was really into decorating our tables for the seasons. I loved it. I would always be so excited about the centerpieces at the dinner table — everything was all festive and dressed for holidays! Let’s get inspired by SPRING table decor!

Here is what I like to use for a pretty Spring Table:

  • Mix and match dishes (have a few patterned or colored accent pieces to mix in if you have all white dishes).
  • Various pretty containers and pedestals (try baskets, wood and ceramic bowls, flower pots, urns, books, pedestals, cloches, glass domes, cake plates, candle sticks).
  • Natural elements. (gather up things you find in nature in spring, like plants, faux birds (no real birds on the table, lol), fruit, decorative eggs, moss, rocks, nests, flowers, etc.)
  • Napkins (cloth or paper are both fine), tablecloths, place mats, or fabric for your table if you so choose.
Decorating Tables for Spring
Decorating Tables for Spring

 How to decorate your table for every day enjoyment:

I think it is fun to have seasonal centerpieces and decor on my table every day, even when I’m the only one home to enjoy it!

When you are decorating for fun and aren’t worried about people having a conversation over your centerpiece, you can set up something with more height and impact in the center of the table. Sometimes a simple pitcher of flowers is enough, but it is fun to group related things together to create a more interesting centerpiece.

My table is quite small, but I love to put birds, nests, small plants and pretty eggs on my table in the spring, but you might have another collection you’d like to use. It is fun to be creative!

Decorating Tables for Spring

How about setting up a spring breakfast table for two?

How to decorate a table for two:

If you are setting a pretty table for two (which I must say is way more romantic than eating in front of the TV!), you can have fun with off-center arrangements. Keep the center piece low for easier conversation and put taller items to the sides to give visual interest around the table.

Decorating Tables for Spring

How about a sunny table just for you?

Decorating Tables for Spring

For entertaining larger groups, if you are limited on space like I am, you might need to get creative when it comes to how you use your space. At my house, I prefer a buffet style set up with various food stations around my home. I stack dishes on my table, put silverware in my caddy, and a few appetizer style dishes, or fruit and rolls for brunches out on my dining room table.  Then the rest of the food is set up in the kitchen, potluck style. Sometimes I put desserts in my dining room (to create more of a fun dessert destination!), salads on my kitchen table and main dishes on the kitchen counter.

Separating the meal into “stations” helps with traffic flow and makes it feel more festive and party-like!

Decorating Tables for Spring

spring brunch

How to decorate your buffet tables:

Even if you are limited on space, you can still add a few purely decorative items to a buffet table. I like to mix in some seasonal decor around the food or dishes, utilizing creative containers and pedestals. Use items that take up minimal space but still allow you to add a spring touch.

I find candlesticks, hurricanes, pedestals, vases or spring accessories to tuck in and around the food and dishes. I vary the height and sometimes put small items up on something to give it more importance among the dishes.

It is OK if the table looks full, more cluttered or more decorated than you normally would like, it is a PARTY so you can be more festive if you want! When you aren’t actually eating at the table you can use every available inch for food and decor.

Decorating Tables for Spring

Tuck in little spring surprises like birds and greenery

What if you don’t have a formal table or dining room?

You can still decorate and entertain even if you don’t have a formal dining room or table … you can use a coffee table, ottoman, or side tables for the food stations or festive decor. Set up card tables of food and dishes in the bedrooms if you need to, you don’t have to have a formal dining room in order to entertain!

Decorating Tables for Spring

Spring party in a basket

Spring party in a basket

Another spring party idea I like is to gather up a “spring party in a basket” (a basket or tray filled with dishes, spring napkins, drinks or whatever you want) and set it on an ottoman or coffee table. Somehow putting things in a basket like this makes even a simple get together feel more special. You could also create a wonderful Spring Breakfast in Bed basket for your sweetie!

Decorating Tables for Spring

This is a really simple spring table decorating idea: put inexpensive plastic craft eggs in a hurricane and fill with spring sticks!

Decorating Tables for Spring

Table decorating rules:

I don’t worry too much about the rules, my idea is for it to look fun and pretty, not to be perfect according to someone else’s standards. I used to think there must be a lot of rules I should know to follow and it would intimidate me from just being creative. Honestly, when I look through magazines, I see everything under the sun when it comes to HOW to decorate a table. Some of it I like, some of it I don’t.

A lot of decorating really comes down to personal preference– so just get creative and do whatever works for you!

Decorating Tables for Spring

A pedestal is a must have for your table and year round decorating. This pedestal is from DaySpring and it is SO BIG and STURDY, I LOVE IT!

Decorating Tables for Spring

Click here to find my entertaining and tabletop decor favorites on Amazon!

Sources for above: Turkish towel (many color options, love using these as tablecloths!) // Teal Matte Dinnerware // Simple Gatherings Book // Wood Pedestal with Handle // 2 Tiered Wooden Tray // Matte Porcelain Dinner Dishes // Bamboo Rattan Cup with Handle // Brass Taper Candle Holder Set up Two // Sage Green Pedestal // Blue and White Ticking Striped Cloth Napkins // White Marble Acacia Wood Round Cheeseboard // Stainless Steel Gold Flatware // Farmhouse Ceramic Pitcher // Marble and Acacia Wood Cookbook Holder and Serving Board // Woven Rattan Napkin Holder // White Porcelain Pitcher // Blue Taper Candles (many color options) // Gray and White Striped Cloth Napkins


The great people at DaySpring are offering The Inspired Room readers a “First week of Spring Giveaway” to celebrate the arrival of this long awaited season! And because DaySpring is so generous, they are going to give away MORE than ONE prize!!

For every 100 comments on this post, one prize of your choice from the amazing list of decorative items above will be given away! That means more chances to win!!

And, because it is FINALLY spring and the sun just might be shining again soon, our friend Saul at DaySpring ALSO wants to give away a GRAND PRIZE of a $100 DaySpring shopping spree to one lucky commenter! YAY SAUL!

So, if you win, what item would you choose from the list above? Leave a comment to enter! Winners will be selected on Friday 9PM PST.

If you are reading this post via email, you will need to click “Leave a comment” in order to enter. You do not have to have a blog or website to win.

The giveaway is closed!


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  1. Jess H

    Love this post, I was just looking at Dayspring’s site Saturday night and daydreaming and would love either giveaway. My favorite… which is difficult to narrow down… are the ever grateful collection. Love the colors, and how delicate they look. Thanks for the giveaway and all your wonderful inspiration!

  2. Jess

    Great post! I love the eggs in the tall vase! That is such a good idea. I have to say that I love the Ever Grateful dishes! Just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Abbie

    Thanks for reminding me it’s time for spring! I *finally* have all my winter/christmas things put away – my excuse is that I’m 8 months pregnant and had to wait for helpers who could climb a ladder – and now I want to get out a few things for spring. :)

    I love the bring colors of the Life to the Full collection – the pitcher is my absolute favorite.

  4. Darci

    I’d love to win the pedestal, dishes or basket for silverware. I just had baby 7 and never decorate, but have wanted to start with the table. Thanks! Darvi

  5. Paula

    I would definitely choose something from the Life to the Full collection! Beautiful dishes with a beautiful message!

  6. Kirsten Victor

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  7. beth moore

    I love the natural colors and feel of each grouping. I’m new to Day Spring & had not seen the Ever Grateful collection – beautiful. Now I’m feeling inspired to take my kids to the beach and see what kind of natural elements we could add to our table. Thanks!

  8. Kathy

    I would choose the pedestal {or the flatware caddy since I just admired it on your baker’s rack post}! I love how you’ve used their items to decorate your table, Melissa. I love the look of the nest in the teacup ~ that is such a great idea.

  9. Terrie M

    I love the Wooden Caddy for silverware. This is such a nice item for summer BBQ’s or any home gathering with buffet service.
    Great items you showcased. I did not know Dayspring had a line of home accessories.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I love these ideas :)

    I’m always looking for creative ways to decorate with eggs without making it look like a kindergarten classroom ;)

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    If I was one of the winners, I’d definitely have to pick the Inspirational Glass Dome. It’s really big and pretty, plus I’ve been wanting one for a while! Love all this DaySpring decor, though. Beautiful!

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    Many Blessings :)

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    What a fresh and beautiful idea to welcome Spring with such perfect colors.
    These are MY colors. So many tend to pull out every pastel color available to celebrate this season. I love the grounded neutrals that will support the traditional colors.
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    happiqueen at aol dot com

  104. Kathy

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  120. Robyn

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    If I were to win I would defintely go for the ‘Life life to the full’ dishes in black and blue that I saw on dayspring the other day and coveted! :-) I would get the runner and placemats as well. It’s hard to choose between the red or the blue and I wish the napkins and placemats had the blue option but like the reversable side that will go with them anyway.

    I love the whole stick with new buds on it idea! Never thought of that before. I might feel a little guilty cutting one, but then again… ;-)

    Thanks to you and Dayspring for this opportunity!! Love it! hehe can you tell I’m excited? I want to make the most of this Spring even if we are already experiencing summer temperatures! :-(

    Have a blessed day! Cheers!

  121. Ellen Moore

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  126. Donna O.

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  130. Becky R

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  131. Linda B

    Loved it all, love the dishes.

  132. Laura

    I think I would choose the pretty pitcher. Or maybe the pedestal. Or possibly the caddy. It just depends on what I’m decorating when (I mean if!) I win! Thanks for the inspiration today!

  133. sarah

    ooh…we have been wanting a bird bath for a while…so i would choose the stand for a bird bath.
    thanks so much.

  134. Laurie

    I love your displays, and DaySpring always has such beautiful products. I’d enjoy having a dome and have been thinking about getting one but I didn’t want to spend the money on one just yet. I love the idea of the eggs in the hurricane with the branches – such a simple and beautiful display!

  135. Taryn

    Ever Grateful Collection dishes: Yellow / Taupe Dishes
    Or the pedestal. OR any of it. please pick me.

  136. TerryBMc

    The birds. My house is like a tree house and they would be quite at home here. Second choice, the glass dome. I love that idea for entertaining–especially outside

  137. Rochelle

    I love the glass hurricanes

  138. Tara

    I LOOOOVE the pedestal! Thanks!

  139. Kate

    I love the wooden caddy!

  140. Maria

    It is a tough choice between the wooden pedestal and glass dome. However, I think the wooden pedestal would look super great on my dining table. I love Dayspring’s products, they are awesome!

  141. Taylor Irby

    I Love the pedestal and the wooden caddy! so pretty!

  142. LM

    I’d probably pick something from the Life dishes. The caddy might be a good option too.

  143. Roberta

    Happy, Happy Spring! Love this time of year and I’d love the beautiful dome to use on my new patio table for serving plates of cheese and crackers under and to keep the bugs away ;)

  144. Lindsey

    I love the glass hurricanes! :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  145. Cheryl

    I absolutely love the wooden pedestal! I tend to keep my decorating the same once I decide on it and my dining table has had the same arrangement for 20 years. I think it is time for a change! Would love to win a choice of something new! I love all the Dayspring products, especially those with verses, what a great way to keep God’s words around me every day.

  146. Jacque

    Oooooh, I’d sooo love the Ever Grateful collection of dishes. They are just fabulous!!

  147. Eleni Gavrilis

    You have truly inspited me! Beautiful designs that have a clean crisp look. Perfect for Spring! LOVE DAYSPRING!!

  148. Karla

    So many gorgeous things to choose from! I have been looking for a glass dome for a long time and absolutely love the one with the cross on top. How special!

  149. Lori

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your creative decor ideas. Love all the Dayspring products! My favorite item and the one that blesses my heart is the wooden caddy especially the scripture verse that reminds us daily in this busy world to: Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing Love! Psalms 107:8 NIV

  150. Stephanie

    I love the ever grateful plates!

  151. Esther

    What a fun giveaway!! I would love any of their things, but I’d have to choose the glass dome. And what beautiful settings for Spring meals!! Love it!

  152. Paula

    I love the wood pedestal. What a great way to decorate with God’s goodness! Thanks for sharing some neat inspriring ideas!

  153. Arianne

    I love the Life to the Full collection of dishes! Great post Melissa! You always have great, easy design tips!

  154. Allison Schultz

    I would have to choose the glass dome. I have been looking for one at antique stores and haven’t been able to find one!

  155. Cassi

    I love the caddy and the ever grateful dishes.
    Very nice setting. I like to sneak little white birds into my decor too

  156. Judy

    My choice would be the glass dome. Or the wooden pedestal… Or the glass dome…. Or the wooden pedestal… Must I choose…. Thanks for the chance

  157. Barbara

    Oh, I love the dishes and the glass dome and the way you have used them! I love the elegant simplicity you have created…a feeling of peace and gratefulness.

  158. Tara G.

    I like the wooden caddy- useful and pretty!

  159. Kristen

    I would pick the ever grateful dinner plates. :)

  160. Sharon

    Well, since I am a dishaholic, I would definitely l.o.v.e. the beautiful plates.

    So love spring!

  161. Laura Pratt

    I love the wooden pedestal! I love that you put the eggs on it. It looks so springy!!!! And I can already see in my mind a summer and fall idea.

  162. Eileen

    The yellow and taupe dishes are so lovely!

  163. Kristen

    All of their products look beautiful but I would probably choose the “Life to the Full” dishes!

  164. Denise Woodall

    Oh my goodness…I had no idea that Dayspring had such beautiful things for the home! Thanks so much for sharing their great products with all of us!

    I would choose the beautiful dishes that you featured in the post…with every picture I kept thinking “I must have those plates”!!! They would coordinate beautifully with the dishes I already have :)

  165. Rachel

    I like to include small birdhouses in my spring decorating. They just make me smile!

  166. wanda

    I love Dayspring! Everything is so pretty and encouraging!
    I have wanted the glass dome for sooooo long. That would be my first pick!

    I have to tell you….as a mom, never underestimate the power of decorating your house with Christian art/verses. I never realized how it affected my kids until my son went to spend the night with a friend in 3rd grade.
    He came home so disappointed. When we talked with him…one of his biggest concerns was the fact that he couldn’t find anything in their home that assured him they loved Christ!

    It was a WOW moment for me! I love having God’s word all around my home and so does the rest of my family.

  167. Amy

    I absolutely love Dayspring! Would love a chance to win this fabulous gift!!

  168. Jennifer

    I love the wooden caddy! All the centerpieces are lovely–it actually makes it hard to choose.

  169. Barbara

    It would be a really hard choice (between the wooden caddy and the glass dome!) but I would probably chooe the wooden caddy first. I am already planning my Spring table display and have most of the items I need…can hardly wait!
    Mostly I’m dying to know where you got your little white bird! I am starting a collection for me and one for my daughter and have been looking for one that size!
    Happy Spring!

  170. mmotherof2

    I love the wooden pedastal! Its not listed above, but I like the Urn that is holding the plaid napkins!! its so beautiful and adds height to the table!!

  171. Leigh F.

    I would love the ever grateful dishes. I love them!

  172. JalahL

    I love DaySpring! I would go for some items from the Ever Grateful collection! I just love that collection!

  173. Danielle M.

    Oooh! That’s tricky. I really like the dishes a lot, but joy is a theme in my life this year, so I think I would get the wood pedastal.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. Jessica M.

    I love the Ever Grateful Collection of dishes- so very pretty!

  175. Carol

    I love the glass dome and the hurricanes! Either would be wonderful!

  176. Angelika

    I would pick the wooden pedestal, because even at trinket shops and goodwill I have not really seen anything like it. Or the dishes, because those are so fun to mix ‘n’ match! Good luck to a certain someone, what an exciting contest!

  177. Chocolate on my Cranium

    I can’t decide between the wood pedestal or the Ever Grateful collection dishes. The yellow ones are a lovely color!

  178. Diana Hall

    I LOVE those yellow/taupe dishes! They match my kitchen perfectly!

  179. Tracey Padgett

    I’d love to have the pedestal! I’m probably going to take advantage of the 50% off and buy it. Then if I win one…I can give it to a freind! I love tablescapes! The ones pictured are beautiful!

  180. Joy Hall

    This is a tough one… everything is delightful. My choice would have to be the Ever Grateful Collection dishes. Love them!

  181. Allison

    I would choose the hurricanes…or the wood pedestal…or the cloche…or the dishes….WOW, such beautiful stuff!!!

  182. Karyn

    Love the wooden pedestal reminding me to be filled with joy because God is GOOD!

  183. Graziela Mink

    I LOVE the Wood Pedestal and have always wanted a glass dome, those are what I’d want to get. And many of the other lovely items you posted! ;)

  184. Regina

    I would love to win the hurricane glasses. Useful in so many ways with decorating.

  185. Bonnie

    I LOVE the “grateful” dishes!What great reminders!

  186. Jill C

    Hmm, decisions, decisions! I think I would pick the pedestal, although everything is very nice. Thanks for the chance to win something wonderful!

  187. Juliann

    I love, love, love the wooden pedestal. It would look beautiful in my kitchen or dining room.

  188. Beth Williams

    My choice would be the wonderful “Life to the Full” 4-pc place setting.

    Now we just use some black plates & it would be nice to add color to our meals.

  189. Sue

    The wooden caddy ~ so many uses.

  190. BarbaraNJ

    The ever grateful platter is so beautiful. The color and scripture is perfect for year round use.

  191. Mrs. Rachel

    I love the “Life to the Full” plates! They’re so happy and encouraging! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  192. sangeetha

    I would choose the glass hurricanes or glass domes

  193. peg karrasch

    Those plates have such an interesting pattern. Being a dishaholic those would be the prize for me!

  194. Stacy B.

    I would choose the glass hurricanes. So pretty.

  195. Jennifer

    The wooden Pedistal is gorgeous!!

  196. maggie

    Wonderful giveaway! I am SO glad spring has arrived!
    I think I would choose the wooden caddy or maybe the hurricanes. ? Difficult choices here! Thanks for a chance to win. :)

  197. Nicole T

    Love the pedestal! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  198. Kathy

    WOW, what beautiful ideas. My choice would have to be the Ever Grateful Collection dishes: Yellow / Taupe Dishes.

  199. Melanie

    LOVE the wooden caddy!!!

  200. Elizabeth U

    Wow! How generous of Dayspring. I could really use this to afford to spruce up my own table! Love the ideas you gave thanks! If I were to win, I’d definitely buy a pedestal like the one you have, and something to corral my silverware. I’m thinking a funky pitcher?

  201. Pamela

    Can’t decide between the wooden caddy and the yellow and taupe dishes. Probably would pick the dishes if I had to. Your decorating ideas remind me of how my grandmother and mother used to decorate – especially for easter and spring. I miss pussywillow trees with egg decorations hung on them. It was such a great memory.

    Thank you!!

  202. Teresa S.

    I would love the wooden caddy!

  203. Kay

    I would love the wooden caddy or the glass dome. I’ve been looking/wishing for a glass dome for over a year. Thanks for sharing such beautiful ideas with us.

  204. VHiggins

    Oh I love Dayspring’s decor stuff!! I especially love the pedestal. I just got laid off so I just drool right now. :-P

  205. Amanda

    I love it all but would have to choose the hurricanes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. Rachel

    I love the Ever Grateful dishes. Fun giveaway!

  207. Kathy W

    I love the dinnerware and the glass dome.

  208. Janet S

    Goodness just one? I really like the colors on the bowls and plats as well as the texture.

  209. shari

    On your list of items I would choose to get the glass dome. Not that I “need” another… oh, how I luv them! Will have to go browse Day Spring’s catalog! Thanks for the chance at winning.

    [email protected]

  210. Teresa F

    I love the Life to the Full Collection dishes. Thank you.

  211. Becca R.

    I would pick the glass dome. I think that would be great in my kitchen!

  212. Kathysue

    Melissa, I love this post, You have covered so many details in how to change out your Spring table for all kinds of gatherings. I love the Spring tray, I do that at Christmas I think I need to do that for Spring too. I am pulling together ideas for my Easter table and I have done a couple of post on the direction I think i will be going. I am having so much fun exploring the possibilities.
    You are always a constant resource of inspiration, thank you for your willingness to share!! Have a wonderful Monday,Kathysue

  213. Christie

    The ever grateful dishes are beautiful!

  214. Wendi

    What a fun post, you got me thinking about creating a fun table scape today. It is time for some fresh air in this house and my children and I always love going to their Grandmas and see what cute centerpieces they have created for the season.
    Any and all of the items would be fun to decorate with and a great first piece to start some creative juices flowing. I can’t be choosy and pick one, any of them would be a blessing and fun to win. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  215. Donna McBroom-Theriot

    I love the little wooden caddy. I do not put my silverware in the drawer. I leave it on the counter in different containers. I really like the wooden one. I have glass domes and love using those in decorating also. I like your ideas on the tablescapes.

  216. Tamela Moore

    Wow!!! I love the dishes and the dome. Really I liked everything that was shown from Day Spring. I love to decorate with encouragment of others in mind.

  217. Jessica

    Ooooh…I love the Ever Grateful dishes. Gorgeous, classic colors. And the caddy too. I’m ready for some springtime entertaining. Thanks for the inspiration!

  218. Lisa H

    I really love the ‘life to the full’ collection and also the wood caddy. I love to decorate for the seasons too! :)

  219. Lisa

    I’ve been wanting a glass dome for awhile, so I would choose that.

  220. Vickie

    So many pretty things to choose from. I think today I would have to select the wooden pedestal. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings, peace and love to you.

  221. Lauren Gregory

    It would be hard to pick between the glass dome and the wooden caddy. I really like everything I see! Making a choice would be hard!! Thanks for sharing!! I feel inspired to decorate!

  222. Susan George

    Thank you for the inspiration of your Spring tablescape – love those Ever Grateful dishes, so unique and love the sprinking of birds, nest and those eggs on the pedal. Just beautiful –

  223. Jamie

    Ooooo, the glass dome is calling me! Thank you for the inspiration to create a beautiful spring table today. I’ll have to see what I can round up here at the old homestead.

  224. Patricia B

    I am in LOVE with these dishes!!! (Ever Grateful Collection dishes: Yellow / Taupe Dishes) We recently changed all of our dinnerware to standard white and are looking for accents. These are incredible!

  225. Lynn

    My choice would be the ‘Ever Grateful Collection dishes: Yellow / Taupe Dishes’. I am always looking for something unique to give as gifts and this would certainly fill the bill! However, anything from the list would be wonderful to give. Thanks for the chance to win something beautiful.

  226. Anne-Marie

    Hi Melissa

    I love your Spring table settings.!
    If I won I would love the yellow and taupe dishes.
    thanks and keep blogging!


  227. Cynthia

    I love the Life to the Full dish collection. So fun and cheerful!

  228. kelly

    love your ideas. I would love the little wooden caddie or those super cute dishes! lovelovelove me some spring!

  229. Marge Heck

    WOW What a BLESSING! I love Day Spring and their wonderful products – I am torn between the dishes and the beautiful stand! Marge

  230. Karen

    I love the plates/mugs with the words on them! Food for thought and food to eat at the same time…talk about efficiency! LOL.

  231. Elaine Pool

    In the “Life to the Full” collection, I LOVE the small blue bowls!

  232. Gailanne

    I would be grateful for anything DaySpring offers, but if I had to pick something special, it would be the Ever Grateful Pitcher. Thanks for the chance to win, stay blessed!

  233. Kristi

    Everything is gorgeous, but I especially love the Ever Grateful dishes! :)

  234. Becky Avella

    What a great giveaway! I would have a tough time choosing between the pedestal, the dishes, the caddy, or the glass dome. If I had to choose right now, I suppose it would be the glass dome. Ask me again in 5 minutes and it will change again. Love it all! I love DaySpring! : )

    Thanks again!

  235. baltimoremom

    I would choose the tray. Thanks!

  236. Hester

    I like everything that DaySpring offers, especially the glass dome. I really enjoy your decorating ideas!

  237. Cindy

    I would definitely be buying the Ever Grateful dishware, because I will probably buy the stand and the glass dome before the giveaway is over! I really appreciate the beautiful pictures and ideas you presented…and even tho’ these weren’t the point – your stained glass windows on the lower portion are completely inspiring as well! I am a stained glass artist, and I know my house will be graced with similar windows soon!


  238. Stacee

    I love so many of them, but I think I’d choose the wooden pedestal (but honestly, I’d be thrilled to win any of the items) :) Thank you for all your lovely ideas!

  239. Angela

    I love everything ~ but would choose the pedestal if I had to pick one item! It is beautiful!

  240. Missy June

    I love every single one of those pieces, but I’m especially crushing on the Ever Grateful dishes collection … so much detail, I love it!

  241. Elizabeth McQuaid


  242. Tammy

    Hummm…I love it all! I haven’t ever owned one full set of dishes in my life (they are either hand me down, mix match, chipped, cracked…Ha). I love Dayspring decor so I would feel grateful for any of it and I might just pee my pants if I won the gift card! The dishes, the caddy, the dome…it all ROCKS! This post was wonderful – very helpful & packed with great ideas. As you know, the past 2 yrs have been tough at times but Spring is always exciting because its a new “season” (wink) and its time to open windows, clean out the “clutter” in our lives and just be thankful for our blessings! Thanks for being YOU Melissa & for this blog that I look forward to each day!

  243. Teresa

    Oh this post is just delightful! I love every single table setting. Such lovely items, and since I collect brown transferware, I especially loved seeing your use of some with all these pretty dishes, etc.
    Choosing just one item from Dayspring would be too hard – but I thought those Ever Grateful dishes were so unique!!
    Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  244. Nereida

    I have been married for almost 25 years and I never did get a set of dishes. We got married quickly and I did not have a bridal shower. With this said if I win I would pick the Ever Grateful – Table and Serving Ware Collection. What a great way to show others what life is really about.

  245. Leslie

    How beautiful! I would choose the Ever Grateful dishes!

  246. Judy

    I would love the pedestal to add height to my Spring decorating.

  247. Mrs. Noel Kline

    I love the Ever Grateful dishes – so pretty!

  248. Carrie

    I love it all! But the dishes or pedestal would make the perfect gift! I just ordered my first Day Spring cards and I just love them can’t wait to order more!

  249. Candy

    What a nice web site. I love the Ever Grateful Dishes, one can never have too many dishes!

  250. Heather Fitzgerald

    I would pick the silverware caddy. I would love to have
    that handy for when I have company for dinner. It is also

  251. Suzanne T

    I’d love to have some of those Ever Grateful dishes on my table. So bright and encouraging!

  252. Patricia Wash

    I would love the Ever Grateful Collection dishes. How wonderful to serve family and friends with thanks.
    Thanks for having such a beautiful giveaway Melissa and Dayspring!

  253. Rachael

    I love the silverware caddy! It would be so nice to have!

  254. Jessica

    What a great post! Thanks for inspiring me to decorate for spring. I really like the Ever Grateful dishes :)

  255. Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia

    Such beautiful Spring decorations, Melissa! I love it all. Those dishes are just too pretty though:)

  256. kerri

    give thanks – wooden caddy

    • charline gillespie

      i would just like thank you so much for the thought beblessed!

  257. Paula T.

    I would love the spring party in a basket…our house is tiny & this would be great for b-fast in bed or for a small informal party! But if I had to pick just one item, I really love teapots & teacups so I’d probably choose that item!

  258. Rosemary

    thx 4 the great Spring decorating ideas! I’m so ready 4 some sonshine!!

  259. Kendra

    I love it all! I would not know how to choose. I think I would feel blessed to win any of them. Thank You for the beautiful decor ideas! Love your stain glass windows too! :)

  260. Carol Brandt

    I love the glass dome and the Ever Grateful dishes! Thank you for a chance to win!

  261. Jenny

    wood pedestal.

  262. molly

    i cant decide between the caddy and the pedestal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  263. Cindy Doll

    All of the collection is gorgeous. To pick one item, it would have to be the Ever Grateful Collection Dishes. I love the simplicity of the design, yet so elegant looking when on the table. Best of luck to everyone!

  264. Sarah

    I’d pick the silverware caddy :) Thanks for the ideas on how to decorate in a small space!

  265. Danielle

    I love the Wall Art they have that says “God is Good All the Time”!

  266. Patti Rae

    I love, love the wooden pedestal! It would look great in my newly renovated house!!
    I love your blog…you inspire me!

  267. Sandy

    I’d pick the pedestal. I love things that leave a quiet or not so quiet testimony of God’s goodness.
    I was just reading the Daily bread and my next Spring Project will be a rock memorial in my garden with the verse “hither to has the Lord helped me” plus others. We live in a strata complex and people have their Bhuddas, etc. in their gardens. Why don’t I have a testimony that will speak volumes! Actually the very fact that we head out to church each Sunday morning speaks volumes. People are watching us all the time. They plan their events around when we get home from church so that we can attend.

  268. Kristen

    I’ve been looking for a caddy like that! I’d like my young daughter to be able to help put away silverware, but the drawer is too big for her to handle. That lovely caddy would be perfect!

  269. Allison

    I have been wanting one of those wooden caddies for ever so long! That is what I would get- I think it would be great for BBQ’s!

  270. Genesee Atkins

    I’m going to order that pedestal right now! I have also seen it on Ann Voskamp’s blog and it’s just gorgeous! Beautiful spring pictures, thank you <3 I love to decorate and just did our church foyer and our home, too. oxox

  271. Mrs. C

    I would pick the Ever Grateful Collection, it’s so pretty, I love the taupe mixed w/ the yellow!!!

    Love all the table suggestions today! So pretty!

  272. Rebekah

    I like the wooden caddy!

  273. Becky

    If I were to win, I’d love the Wood Pedestal. It ties in with Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. Ever since I began reading her book I’ve been on the look out for reminders to put all through my house about how the key to Joy is in giving Thanks! DaySpring has so many great options for this.

  274. Rebekah Beene

    Beautiful, serene, and I can smell the spring breeze and the noises of the yard. Love it! When decorating makes nature present inside it’s wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  275. Rachel

    I love the silverware caddy.

  276. Jamie

    Such pretty things, I would love the glass dome. Thanks for the inspiration today, I’m going to put out some of my spring things right now.

  277. Dawn

    Beautiful! I love to decorate….thank you for the Springtime inspiration:)

  278. Lorrie

    I love the pedestal. The tablesettings are gorgeous – everything is so fresh and springlike.

  279. Christine

    I would love the Ever Grateful collection. Imagine eating off a plate to remind oneself of our wonderful Lord and how we are truly blessed beyond measure. But then the wooden pedestal would be wonderful, too! Too many lovely things and so hard to decide.

  280. Anne

    I love the glass dome – not sure if that’s on the list though, so my alternate is the wooden caddy… :) Happy spring!!

  281. Melissa

    I would chose the glass dome…I don’t have one but have been drooling over this one!

  282. Marla

    Melissa, you never cease to amaze!
    Such lovliness.
    Of course, look at the heart of the one who spreads it, and so beautifully!
    Thank you for the lovely inspiration for this season of Lent and Easter. Our homes are truly a reflection of the attitude of our hearts.

    The wooden pedestal and the message it holds is lovely for elevating items on any surface.

  283. Hallie E

    Are you kidding? I love the whole line! I think I would have to choose the dessert plates though – just another excuse to make more desserts…on second thought, maybe not such a great idea…. Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win such a fun prize.

  284. Wendy Gleaves

    Love the wooden silverware caddy. It is so me!

  285. Cynthia Whalen

    I love love the grateful plates… my cute whites are a bit chipped up right now. Maybe it’s time for an update…

  286. Jill

    Love the hurricanes

  287. addie r forehand

    i love the ever gratefull dinner ware .so love it . i am a customer of dayspring bought alot of christmas gifts . thank u .

  288. Daralynn

    Love the glass hurricanes.

  289. laurie

    I will be embarking on my first apartment soon, although i am 57 and newly widowed, i look forward to this journey. Your decorating ideas caught my attention; especially when using stones, something my late husband and i collected.

  290. stacy

    too much to beauty to chose from! love the caddy and the wooly baby bible!

  291. Kori

    The Ever Grateful dishes are fabulous and so it the pedestal!

  292. erica

    I love the ever grateful dishes! I like that you used them in this spring arrangement – they always looked ‘fall’ to me but now I can picture them used elsewhere!

  293. chelsea koanui

    the ever grateful collection!! i love every single picture!!

  294. Norma

    I love the wooden pedestal!

  295. Danielle M.

    Oh, how to choose! I love the glass dome, I can think of a lot of uses for that, and the pedestal is also a must have. The dishes are fabulous, too.
    I am in a new home, and hosting my son’s First Communion party in May, with a lot of family, any of these items would be a welcome addition to my party buffets.
    Thank you for all the great buffet set-up ideas, I will be putting them to good use!

  296. Cindi

    Your pictured table displays are lovely. The “Ever
    Grateful Collection” Dishes are a favorite of mine!
    Many thanks for this very generous giveaway…

  297. Heather

    It is too tormenting to choose NOW…Torture me if I win! I would love any of the items! Lovely table inspirations, too!

  298. Suzanne

    I too love to decorate for the seasons (what seasons we have here in Texas!) it’s a tradition we started when we first had kids. I would love the china.. I have to confess I have a secret addiction & yellow and taupe go sooooo well with my colors. Thank you

  299. Fiona's Mosaic

    I love the glass dome! It’s very celtic looking! Besides…..I could put a lot of different things under that and it would keep it away from my very naughty kitty cats!!

    Perfect solution!!!

  300. Mina

    I love that wooden caddy and would definitely pick it! I can picture working in my home in so many ways!

  301. Cheryl Kauffman

    I would love anything but the Ever Grateful Line especially speak to me. I have a pastor friend in South Africa who is on kidney dialysis and can no longer travel to the US. I send her Dayspring cards and items at least monthly. She cannot get them in SA. I’ve prayed for her constantly, particularly over the past 6 months as she’s had 5 operations, and never have the words Ever Grateful described my heart more. I am hoping to visit her in September.

  302. Vicki K

    The dome has such a nice shape and the cross is really pretty. Thank you for hosting and to the DaySpring sponsors
    for this giveaway!

  303. Dee Dee Higgins

    Well, if I win the pedestal I won’t have to buy it! And nothing says Spring like yellow, so any stoneware in that color would be fun to have.

    Thank you for the ideas I already got from your great pictures.

  304. Sandy

    Thank you for introducing me to Dayspring. I love the Ever Grateful dishes!

  305. Janna C.

    I think I’d choose the wooden silverware caddy. We’d use it often as we love to have friends in our home for meals. Although, I also really like the wooden pedestal.

  306. Angie

    I would get the wooden caddy and the hurricanes. I don’t have anything like either one, and have always wanted them!

  307. KO

    Love that wooden caddy!

  308. Denise

    I would like the “Ever Grateful Collection” Dishes to remind me to be grateful more than I am.

  309. Ronnell

    Oh such neat things! I would have a hard time choosing between the wooden pedestal, caddy and the dishes. Such beautiful goodies! I am so unlucky so probably won’t win a thing! Sill love looking!


    I am so excited about this giveaway! I had never heard of Dayspring, and am so glad you introduced me! I am in love with the yellow/taupe Ever Grateful dishes!

  311. Gloria clawson

    I love birds! Any of the table settings with the birds and the cups with the nests and eggs are just beautiful.
    I see God’s hand in my little feathered friends! I love to listen to their morning songs in the summer and their evening songs when I go to bed. What a blessing this would be!

  312. Nicole

    Wooden Caddy! Cute, Cute, Cute! So many uses I could find for it! Happy Spring Everyone! =)

  313. Connie Whitmarsh

    I love the silverware caddy.

  314. Jennifer

    Love your ideas!! I love the wooden caddy & the glass dome!! Thx!

  315. Heidi Waud

    Love the pretty dishes!

  316. Karen Little

    My goodness…who can only pick out one item?? I love them all! I have always loved the dinner plates and all the accessories that are shown. What an inspiration to start my spring cleaning! I absolutely would go stir crazy shopping if I won!! I would have fun doing it though! ;)

  317. Ashley Skow

    The Ever Grateful dishes. So pretty!

  318. Nicole F

    Awesome ideas! I would love the white pitcher that had the hydrangeas in it!

  319. jennifer

    LOVE the Blessings Unlimited…just had a gathering and I wanted much more than I could possibly purchase. I got a lot of gifts this time…so for me…those fabulous Ever Grateful Dishes or the caddy. Lovely pieces that speak hospitality

  320. Lisa Wilson

    Ever Grateful Collection dishes: Yellow / Taupe Dishes are beautiful! Love your table, as well :) Happy Spring!

  321. Heather

    This is my first time visiting your site and love how beautiful your table settings are. Inspires me to try a little something for my own table. I would love to decorate with the Ever Grateful Dishes. A great reminder to always be thankful for what God provides and a way to share the blessing with others.

  322. Arlene

    If I was chosen to win, I would pick the “Ever Grateful” collection. Beautiful.

  323. Jenni Saake "InfertilityMom"

    What a fun post and great give-away. I would go for the Glass dome if I could choose something from this list. :)

  324. Susie

    Love the glass dome–so many fun and different ways to decorate with it!

  325. Kristen C.

    I’m in love with it all! but Ever Grateful collection is my favorite :)

  326. Holly F.

    I have a caddy, which I love, but it’s not as good as the DaySpring one. I don’t have a pedestal and it think it would be really fun to have one!

  327. Suzy

    I love the glass dome!

  328. Heathahlee

    That glass dome has been calling my name since I first saw it! : ) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  329. Cherish Boomhower

    I am absolutely in love with the ever grateful dishes! So great!

  330. Bernadette

    The Ever Grateful dishes :)

  331. stef

    I love how you used the wooden pedestal…that would be my first choice for sure!

  332. Teresa

    I love the glass dome and the silverware caddy too. I could get really creative with the dome but the caddy would be great with everyday use or with company. What a FUN giveaway!

  333. virginia

    I would love the Ever Greatful dishes. They would be a beautiful start to preparing and setting a beautiful table for my family during our Easter celebration.

  334. Amy L.

    What’s not to love? But the Ever Grateful dishes … love, love, love!

  335. Lauren Davison

    I love the hurricane vase with the eggs! :) So fun.

  336. Jenn

    I would choose the pedestal…I have some old croquet balls that I have been wanting to display, and I think that they just might work on the top of this pedestal!

  337. Sarah Rose

    I love the black pedistal. So cute!

  338. Heidi

    I “need” that wooden pedestal. :)

  339. Tracy

    definitely the Life to the Full collection. I LOVE those and I love the colors!

  340. Kimberly Moore

    Ohhh i love the evergrateful dishes!!

  341. Shirley

    Everything is so beautiful which makes it very hard to choose just 1. So since I can only choose 1 it would have to be the Ever Grateful Dishes.

  342. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi Melissa, I would choose the glass hurricanes. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a blessed week!

  343. Gayla

    I enjoy reading your site…and your wonderful ideas for making a “home.”
    I do like the God’s Goodness Pedastal…it would be a nice way to display different items for different seasons…
    My 2nd choice would be the wooden Thankful Caddy…how fun to use that!!!!

  344. Shirley

    The Ever Grateful Dishes/.

  345. amanda heath

    I have always wanted some glass domes for table decorating.

  346. Destiny

    Jesus in your dishes? Yes Please! Ever Grateful Dishes!!!

  347. Tracey

    ooooh, the silverware caddy!

  348. destiny

    I love the EVERGRATEFUL dishes!!!

  349. Kenna

    Wow, such great ideas for Spring decorating. I would love a chance to get that wooden pedestal–I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  350. Elise

    Hi Melissa! I just found your blog and I am in L-O-V-E with your style!!! I lost aLL of my Valentine & Spring decorations in our latest, of three, floods. It is nearly impossible to choose… ( I need it aLL )… oK~ WanT it aLL :+)
    I really like the Ever Grateful dishes, the wicker caddy & the glass dome!
    ThanK YoU for the opportunity to win & for sharing your talent with me. I’m iNsPirEd again!!! ** bLeSSinGs**

  351. RJB

    The wood pedestal…or something from the ever grateful or life collections! Too hard to pick just one :)

  352. Stephanie

    I would choose the Ever Grateful Dishes – I have been admiring them for a while now!

  353. Melissa

    I love the wooden caddy! Thanks for the chance.

  354. Debbie

    I love all your ideas! Beautiful!! I would love to have the dishes!

  355. Joelle Raper

    I love the ever grateful edition plates. Such a great reminder of all I am Blessed with…

  356. Faith

    I LOVE the glass dome!

  357. Dana

    That white bird is adorable. It’s all so cute – but the silverware caddy – oh, now THAT’S calling my name. (And, I hope you do , too!) Thanks for the chance!

  358. Beverly

    Thank you for this opportunity to win.

    I love it all, but I especially love the dishes.

  359. Andrea Wood

    I love the Spring Party in a Basket. What a great idea! Baskets do make everything feel more special!

  360. Elise

    Hi Melissa! I just found your blog and I am in L-O-V-E with your style!!! I lost aLL of my Valentine & Spring decorations in our latest, of three, floods. It is nearly impossible to choose… ( I need it aLL )… oK~ WanT it aLL :+)
    I really like the Ever Grateful dishes, the pedestal & the glass dome!
    ThanK YoU for the opportunity to win & for sharing your talent with me. I’m iNsPirEd again!!! ** bLeSSinGs**

  361. Robin Loftis

    Awesome ideas! I love it all, but the silverware caddy and the wood pedastal…. oh and the dishes. :) Did I mention that I love it all?

  362. Deb A.

    I love the wood pedestal. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  363. Lisa

    I love the glass hurricanes. Beautiful! What a creative way you used them too…love it :)

  364. Hannah Weeks

    I’d love that wood pedestal! So nice. I want to put it next to my rocking chair and put nice springy things on it=)

  365. Peggy

    Such great ideas for layering pieces and using found objects to create beautiful tabletop decor! Can’t wait to gather some branches and eggs!

  366. Eliscia

    SO many beautiful choices to make! I reaLLy like the darling white bird, the Spring party in a basket and the glass dome with the eggs inside!
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win something so special!!!

  367. Sarah Gee

    I love the hurricane glasses! They’re so beautiful and simple!

  368. Allison

    Love the silverware caddy and your decorating tips! Thanks for the inspiration.

  369. Jo

    My favourite is the silverware caddy.

  370. Karis

    I love the ‘ever grateful’ dishes……love, love, love!!

  371. Lydia

    I would really love the wooden caddy for my silverware. I’ve recently take the doors off my cabinets and am trying to keep a very organized and neat kitchen- this would help!

  372. Teresa

    I would choose the wooden caddy!

  373. Sonya B

    I would love the wooden caddy or the beautiful pedestal. Either of thes would get lots of use in our house.

  374. joni meyer

    what a beautiful and inspiring post! the wooden pedestal is such a great reminder of God’s goodness to us! really, i would love any of your ideas to give away! God’s blessings to you joni

  375. sangeetha

    Gorgeous table decor! Love love love!
    Thank you for including us in the give away!!

  376. Jody

    Hard to choose just one thing…so I’ll start with the pedestal.

  377. Alexandra

    I really, really like the ever grateful dishes. The pattern on them is just beyewtiful!!!

  378. Julie Boozer

    Oh, Melissa! So many wonderful ideas and inspiration. I think my first choice, if I won, is the glass dome. I have wanted one for quick sometime. But, I think that I could close my eyes and point, and find something I would love from Dayspring. Love the pedestal bowl too!

  379. Ann Parsell

    It’s hard to pick, but I think I would go with the wood pedestal!

  380. Jodie

    I LOVE them all! The dishes would be wonderful, then there is the silverware caddy — and the pedestal — so many wonderful items its hard to pick just one!

  381. Paola Rarick

    Wow!!! Hard to chose. I would have to say some of my favorites are the dome (which I have been looking for everywhere,)the wooden pedestal and the hurricanes are sooo gorgeous. I live in CT so it is so hard to find any Christian inspired decor. Sometimes I even buy things that aren’t so cute just because I am so shocked to see some decor that reflects my faith. I love Dayspring. They do a beautiful job!!! Thanks for the wonderful chance to win something beautiful.

  382. Suanna

    I like the wooden caddy. I am always trying to make things pretty and keep things simple. I think the caddy would be the perfect addition to my decor.

  383. Andi

    I love both dish collections!

  384. ann

    I love the glass dome-have had my eye on those for a while.


  385. Wendy

    I LOVE your ideas and Dayspring too. I’ve wanted the cloche for such a long time! ♥

  386. Joan Clapp

    I have just moved from Virginia to Alabama and I could not moved my unusual chickens with me but I did bring a varied of brown and colored eggs. Thanks for showing various ways of showing off eggs that I may not have thought of on my own. One thing for sure is that I would use my gift certificate and the first thing I would purchase is the God’s goodness pedestal. What a nice housewarming addition to my new home!

  387. Mary Beth

    Loved the glass cloche ever since it appeared, great boost for spring decorating!

  388. Maria

    I am so loving, Life to the Full collection dishes!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  389. Christy

    Everything is so lovely!

    I think my fav is the Give Thanks – Wooden Caddy

  390. Sarah

    Oh goodness! The little caddy is just as cute as those dishes!!! Who can choose?! Love them love them love them ! !

  391. Leanne

    The wooden caddy or the colorful dishes. so cute!! thanks for the opportunity!

  392. Carol Ann

    The wooden caddy would be my first choice! But the glass dome is a very close second…great giveaway–thanks!

  393. Chris

    I love the wood pedestal.

  394. Becca R.

    I’d also really love the hurricane. That is a great piece for anywhere in the house.

  395. Amber

    Love love love the Life to the Full collection of dishes! They are gorgeous! I also really like the eggs in the vase idea with the spring branches..must recreate!

  396. Kerry Sullivan

    The wooden caddy would be great for when we eat out on the patio. But the hurricane glasses, oh they are so pretty!

  397. shana

    the wooden caddy . . . love it!

  398. Lisa k

    Beautiful. I am desiring inspirational decor to fill my house. Thank you for sharing!

  399. Kathi

    I Love the pedastal. I would choose that if I win a prize…Also really like what you did with it. The words are so true, too, that just stopping to notice and be in gratitude for God’s work is what makes us joyful! It is still raining and snowing here, so nice to see your spring decorating as a reminder that it actually is spring!!

  400. Crystal

    Definitely the wood pedastal – I love it with the eggs nestled in moss! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Dayspring decorating items.

  401. G Hartmann

    I just found your blog as well, and absolutely LOVE everything about it and your style! Thank you so much for wonderfully fun and beautiful decorating tips and all of the glorious photographs which so inpire! :D Yayyy!

    • G Hartmann

      And I love ALL of the table decor, but the dishes are divine!

  402. Judith Stasel

    Love the woven tray and the pedestal. Thanks!

  403. Joy

    I like the Ever Grateful collections of dishes. They are beautiful!

  404. Hjordis Owens

    Whenever one cannot afford to purchase the lovely storebought products to make our home look great (and we all have that desire), I turn to God’s creation. As we saw above with the eggs and buds, natural products are easy to get and simple. I have a collection of porcelain doves I pull out each spring and keep on my mantel; I have not purchased any of them – they were given to me. I have also used fantastic brightly colored blooms from the many Bromeliads in my garden. Even the litle bouquets that my granddaughter picks and shares with me make a wonderful centerpiece. Baskets are always useful for decorating. Anything that is simple, natural, affordable, brightly colored and inspirational will make your table and/or home a pleasure. It’s all in the spirit from which it was created.

  405. Tracy

    Oh I’ve always had a “thing” for glass domes and hurricane containers, as we call them here. I’ve just never been able to find them! Your post is so yummy, it has me itching to redecorate.

  406. Kristyn

    You say, “A pedestal is a must have for your table and year round decorating.” Since I don’t have one, that must mean that I need to get one!

  407. Rebekah

    I would choose a plate from the Ever Grateful or Life to the Full dishes. I have a plate rack in my kitchen that would love an update! Yea for spring decorating, finally!

  408. Pam Clarke

    I really enjoy reading your blog everyday. Of the items you have showcased in your home, I like the pedestal & the glass domes. I have a glass dome covering a white candy dish that has a pedestal with seashells in it! Your eye is drawn to pretty dishes and the shells, the dome just adds more sparkle~

  409. MarySue

    I would looooove to have that wooden pedestal! I’ve been admiring it in your pics for some time! I’m glad to know where it’s from, so I can get one of my own.

  410. Laryn Bellar

    Beauiful table and great ideas. how to choose??? lol i would love the wooden caddy…endless uses!

  411. Surf Momma

    I really love the Ever Grateful dishes – I’d have to pick them!

  412. Jackie

    I could really use the wooden caddy…but I also like the colorful “Life to the Fullest” Dishes too…hard choice! Thanks for the chance to win!

  413. Marin D

    I would totally love some of the Life to the Full Collection dishes. I have a plate rack in my kitchen that one has one plate on it. It is sooo sad looking.

  414. Stephanie

    Living in SE Pennsylvania where winter is still hanging on I’m more than ready for Spring! Spring decorating makes everything feel fresh and new. Now if the weather would only cooperate! I would choose the dinnerware or the pedestal. I would love to have your beautiful dinnerware to serve my family and friends wonderful meals on.

  415. Amy Caroline

    I adore the dishes! They are so lovely!

  416. Beth P

    Wow your table looks so cute. I love the wooden caddy.

  417. shelley


    What a wonderful give away! I love Day Spring. Please put me in for the drawing. Thank you.


  418. shelley

    p.s. I would so choose the cloche! I love it.


  419. Abby

    Great Ideas! I love the eggs in the hurricane. If I were blessed to choose I would pick the glass dome. It just is begging me to put something in it. (:


  420. Anne Holychuk

    I love the Ever Grateful collection. Everything is so beautiful!

  421. Erika Russell

    I love that wooden caddy… but the “Live Life to the Fullest” collection is so colorful…How do you choose?!

  422. Annalea

    If I was the one to choose, I believe I would go with the wood caddy. I love the rusticity and simplicity of it. (And I’m such a sucker for dark wood.)

    Thanks so much to you and Saul for such a great giveaway!

  423. Nanci D

    I love it all! Yea for spring! Tobad I live in South Dakota where it’s still snow, snow and more snow. These pictures and ideas were an inspiration to someone who can’t wait for sun. I love the Life to the Full Collection. I love to entertain and would love to have a couple of “fun” additions to decorate with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Miranda

    I love the pedestal! so beautiful.

  425. ileana

    I love all of your decorating ideas! Definitely put me in the mood to update – thanks!

    I would choose the giving thanks hurricanes – they could be used so many different ways. I love the caddy and the pedestal too ;)

  426. Tracy

    I can’t decide…I never win anything, so I’m going to pick 2! When I spotted the wooden caddy, I thought to myself, “That sure is a swell alternative to my little basket version from Target.” It might be nice to class it up a bit, and I definitely do use my version all the time, so I know this would get use.

    But when I laid eyes on the glass dome, I said, “Huh. I wonder where I could get one of those,” even before I realized where this post was going. :-)

  427. Dana

    Since I’m a “dishes addict” I’d have to pick the Ever Grateful Dishes!

  428. JJ in Idaho

    I love this post with so many beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing it with those of us who are “table setting challenged”… I look forward to trying some of your ideas. I would choose the pedestal, the ever grateful dishes, or a thousand other things at Dayspring — love all their stuff!

  429. Midwestgirly

    Thanks Dayspring! There are beautiful things to choose from but, I really need new dishes and I love both styles sooo.. I pick the Life to the fullest dishes. They are HAPPY! They would look great mixed with my white dishes to freshen up the table.

  430. kait

    this website is incredible – everything is chic AND inspiring! i especially looooove the giving thanks glass hurricanes.
    fingers crossed!

  431. Louise

    I really like your idea of the eggs in the hurricane. My very favorite things are the beautiful Ever Grateful dishes and even one would be awesome to have! Thanks for an opportunity to get one.

  432. Marie

    I would choose the pedestal so very lovely—‘To Live With Joy Is To See God’s Goodness’

  433. Joyce

    I LOVE the glass dome with the cross on the top. It has endless possibilites to share your joy and the love we feel each day from the beautiful world God gave us!

  434. kathy

    The spring party in a basket would be a delight to have and pack the most useful ingredients on the tray.
    I would treat my 2 sweethearts, daughter and granddaughter to a luncheon.Using the spring party basket.

  435. mil

    welcome spring! 1st day of spring – a heavy downpour in L.A. – still raining but i don’t mind a bit. i love rain and it is a blessing.
    just like if i get to have a wooden caddy:) it would be a blessing to have one… i could use it in my card ministry! a wood pedestal would be a lovely additional too in the living room… almost anything at DaySpring is lovely to have at home:) and a blessing.

  436. Friedgreenmama

    I have been drooling over that pedestal. Love it Need it. :-). Happy Spring!

  437. ann in texas

    I love your wooden caddy, I’m in a supper club and how cute would that be out when I have them over. You have the most inspiring items. Love ’em all

  438. Kim Walker

    I love the Life collection dishes. So pretty and colorful.

  439. jerikay

    such a lovely spring giveaway!
    i adore the dishes from the ever grateful collection!

  440. Yvonne

    Even though I don’t have very much in my kitchen like these, if I won, I might just choose Life to the Full Collection dishes. I have lots of white dishes and serving pieces and would just love that beautiful punch of color to use, too.

  441. Virginia

    I was asked yesterday at church to host a table for our women’s missions conference luncheon, and boy oh boy would I love to have some Dayspring pretties to put on it! Crossing my fingers!

  442. Heather N

    Ever Grateful for sure! What a wonderful reminder every time you sit down to lunch or dinner. Thank you for the giveaway.

  443. mil

    The wooden caddy would be a blessing to add to my card ministry… the wood pedestal would look good in the living room:) Thank you for DaySpring blessing:)

  444. Debbi

    Just found your website and really love it! Any of the choices for the giveaway would be great! I really like the dishes and the wooden caddy. Thanks toDayspring – they have such wonderful products!

  445. Terri T

    I LOVE those Ever Grateful dishes! You inspired me to do some spring decorating!

  446. Katie D

    Love all of it! I am sucker for cute dishes though, so I’d have to say I’d choose from the dishes! :)

  447. Gretchen

    Ooh, probably the give thanks hurricaines. I’ve been eyeing them for months!

  448. Laura

    hands down – the dishes:)! *heart* them!!!!

  449. Tanja S.

    Love the dishes! After 10 yrs of making/having babies, I am finally getting 2 minutes to make our house a home beyond the love of babies.

  450. Carol

    I like the wooden caddy, the rustic touch is nice with the dishes.

  451. Glenda Childers

    I would love breakfast at that table. Really loved the nest and eggs. Happy Spring, Melissa. I am flying into Seattle on Wednesday and am looking forward to a little Pacific Northwest spring.


  452. kris c

    Oh wow! So many amazing things and ideas!! What WOULDN’T I get?! Love these things, the dishes are so beautiful, as is the cloche and the pedestal. *swoon*

  453. HopefulLeigh

    Great tips! I’ve been wanting the wooden caddy for awhile!

  454. Laurie

    WOW – I bookmarked bunches! I’ll definitely be getting the pedestal – let’s see. how many?! :)

    And the glass dome – oh, my!

    Thanks for such a great post on Spring decorating!

  455. Debra Cheuvront

    WOW!!!!! Love it all!!!! Probably the dishes.

  456. Thelma

    I love that pedestal. And the wooden caddy. And pretty much just everything about the photos you posted.

  457. Ginna

    I like the Ever Grateful Collection dishes!

  458. Katie

    Your table is beautiful…thanks for sharing your creativity! I would love the wooden pedestal!

  459. Diane

    loving the dishes….and the wooden pedestal…well, everything :)

  460. Brenda

    You have inspired me! I love the natural colours you choose in your spring decorating. The birds are so sweet. Love your little caddy for cutlery. :)

  461. Jennifer

    I would choose the pedestal from the list above but I am also eyeing the ever grateful pitcher and the wooden caddy. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  462. Cindy Bridges

    I love it all! But my absolute is the wooden pedestal with the cup and bird nest! I love your site, everything is beautiful!

  463. Leigh

    I LOVE the hurricane glass filled with eggs! I think my 3 year old would flip out over those, that’s definitely what I would do. Super cute. I wish I had your creative abilities!

  464. Leigh

    Ps… I have those same placemats and I love them. They were beautiful at Xmas this year!

  465. jane

    I love the pedestal and most everything DaySpring has to offer.

  466. Lisa

    You have such a lovely touch. I love how you group things together and love the idea of your mom decorating the table for the seasons! That pedestal is so cool – I don’t have anything like that and love the quote on the top!

  467. Sara T

    I LOVE the Grateful dish collection!

  468. Nicole

    I love the Ever Grateful dishes. So pretty and elegant.

  469. Rhondi

    What a great giveaway. I love the live life fully dishes. They are so cheerful!

  470. Lauren Hiser

    the beautiful woven dinner tray. its the perfect base to a centerpiece with out being overwhelming.

  471. angela

    i really love dayspring! their ever grateful dishes sing spring, but could easily transition into fall! love them! xo

  472. Marixa

    I love all of their stuff, but I’d LOVE the wooden caddy!

  473. Lady Dorothy

    Everything is lovely, but I think I would pick the glass dome. I love the rustic cross!

  474. nadine

    Seeing the nest and the china bird makes me smile. YES !! Spring is really here :)
    Lovely touch of whimsy.

  475. Sarah S.

    Thank you Inspired Room (and Saul!) for the chance to win!

  476. Ang

    Ah, spring! I love what you did with the large hurricane vase, blooming branches and eggs as filler. I’m trying to force some apple tree branches to blossom. If they actually open I’ll definitely use your idea.

    Thanks for introducing me to DaySpring decor – I use their cards all the time but didn’t realize they had home decor as well!

  477. Jackie

    I’d love the dishes….or the dome :) lol! They are both gorgeous (well, all of it is) :) Okay..I’ll take it all! :)

  478. cathy z

    Have to go wooden pedestal – thanks!

  479. Jody

    I like the taupe dishes, but the wooden caddy is nifty too.

    Great table displays!

  480. Martha

    Love all the tablescapes spring is one of my fave. seasons. I bought the Glass Dome a couple of weeks ago. is on my dining table witth nest and eggs. I would like the Wood Pedestal

  481. Tasha

    I love the life to the full collection of dishes, the pitcher and the table runner that matches.

  482. Joanne

    I love the pedestal! Of course the dishes are beautiful too! So many choices!

  483. Hannah

    Yay! What a beautiful giveaway! I’ve had my eye on that caddy for a while now…

  484. Sherry

    Melissa, Your table is beautiful and thanks for sharing your tips. I love each and every thing but if I must choose a favorite it would be the glass dome.

  485. Debbie

    It’s so hard to pick just one thing, I love all of it.

  486. Stacie Felton

    If I could pick from anything on the list I would definitely choose the glass dome! I think it is so beautiful :)

  487. Karen Mary

    Oh, the taupe and yellow dishes are just lovely! I have a thing for dishes, and these are just so sweet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  488. Jill B

    Wow! Love the ideas!

    Would be a tough decision for me between the pedestal and some of the gorgeous Grateful dishes…

  489. Jen Sore

    I love both the ever grateful and full of life plate collections. It would be a hard decision…

  490. Susan Tucker

    I love it all, but that glass dome just speaks to me!

  491. MarySue

    The glass dome would be my desired choice. I loved how you put your green apples under it on your bakers rack and then the cinnamon rolls…and I do make a killer cinnamon roll. Thanks for this opportunity. Happy spring and thanks for your inspired designs.

  492. Tanya

    I love those dishes! And also the pedestal, but I could create many lovely table-settings with those dishes! Beautiful.

  493. Tanya

    I love the yellow and taupe dishes!

  494. Mary

    Ooh, I love it all. But I think the first thing I would want to get is the glass dome. Then another pedestal and some of those pretty plates … Oh, what a lot of temptations!

  495. Cathie

    The Wooden Caddy and Ever Grateful dishes are AMAZING and my dining room could really really benefit from both! How exciting! Thanks DaySpring for sponsoring such an a neat giveaway!

  496. Mary Feagley

    You had me at “caddy.” Love it…Thanks for so many ideas. I read a lot of blogs, and this one inspired me today just when I needed it! Thanks!

  497. Terry Kaltenbach

    Love the Ever Grateful dishes and the information!

  498. the chatty housewife

    I’ve always loved that caddy! I like the plates too though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  499. Victoria

    I really like that pedestal! What a great statement piece in a hall.

  500. Angela

    The dishes and the glass dome!

  501. lacey

    Love everything from dayspring. I have no idea what i would choose if i won. thanks for the chance.

  502. Linda

    Those taupe dishes would be a real change for us. I like the border!

  503. Kirsten Victor

    As I look at your post again, I just can’t get over how cute your tablescapes are! You’ve inspired me to put a lot more into hosting dinners and parties. But now I need to build up a supply of cute tablewear! I love the yellow/taupe dishes the most.

  504. Mary Mauk

    I love the hurricanes! I am a candle fanatic who loves to pair pillars with glass pebbles, pretty rocks, seashells, sand, etc. I have just the place to put them as well. Actually, everything is beautiful and I’d be thrilled with any of the items. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  505. Laura

    I think your tables are so beautiful and practical. I love the caddy!

  506. Patty

    Getting married June 18, 2011 in a Historical quaint church in Keithville, Louisiana.
    This shopping spree would help decorate our house with all its grace and simplified unique ideas..

  507. Kristi

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    As a centre piece,on my oval shaped table.
    The Scripture on the box Psalm 107:8 is an
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    Tammy [email protected]~
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    I love your dishes, the taupe and golden colored plates. I would never have known how pretty they look if I just saw them in the store. Thanks for showing them…it encourages me to step outside of my comfort zine and the all white dishes. Lisa~

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    totally love your style, girl.

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  621. Emma2

    My favorite spring decorating trick is using mason jars filled with in season flowers, and adding a pretty spring bow around it. I often use these as favors for special occasions when I entertain at home. Pretty, coordinating, scrap booking paper makes a great homemade tags as well! I love the freshly painted dining room table. It’s bautiful and understated.

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