Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Another weekend project outdoors … DONE! I’m on a roll finally! GO ME! I’ve always enjoyed being inspired by photos of potting benches tables. I’m not sure what it is about them, they are just so charming — and practical too.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Potting Table:
A place to spend some time cutting herbs, potting new plants,
and just being inspired by the garden.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

I’ve shared several posts of ideas for potting tables, and potting shelves over the years, including my dreams of having my own someday. Yes it is true. I finally got around to fulfilling my wish for my OWN potting table.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Here is what I started with, a blank slate and some fun garden accessories. This table was something I brought from my old house. It has just sat here, barren, for the past couple of years. Waiting. and Wondering. WHEN will she use me, again?


Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Behold, the beauty of plants.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Embrace the aroma. Too bad we don’t have scratch and sniff blogging yet. I’m totally going to get rich by inventing that someday.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

Gotta have some rain boots if you are going to be a gardener in the Pacific Northwest.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden

The potting table as viewed from out new fire pit area (another weekend makeover!). I even have a little patio sized orange tree. It smells heavenly. Again, need the scratch and sniff blog platform.

So, to make this potting table dream come true in a weekend, I gathered up a few pots, herb & vegetable plants from Lowe’s, pretty green trellises, an old chipped up Adirondack chair hand made for my daughter when she was a baby by my uncle, and a few accessories and I have a great start to a potting area that I hope will only grow into a lovely kitchen garden over the years. I’m pretty pumped about this.

How is your garden growing this year? Do you have a little place to plant pots?

Many thanks to Lowe’s for the fabulous opportunity to re-do my outdoor spaces this year! More weekend makeovers to come! Lowe’s provided the pots, plants, trellises, vines and the green pillow featured in this post.

Weekend DIY Project: My Potting Table & Garden


  1. kelly in georgia says

    Wow! Looks beautiful! My garden is waiting on some cooler weather. 100+ temps for several weeks now kills (no pun intended) any visions of gardening here in the South.
    Your scratch and sniff blog platform sounds like a fantastic idea! Just think about all the foodie blogs…

  2. Melissa… I’m so excited for you! I dream of having a great little kitchen garden someday. You are in the perfect location for one! It is so blasted hot and humid here that one could hardly breathe outside, let alone garden. It’s finally cooling off a bit this week, and I have some serious weeds to attend to. I suppose I’ll have to retire to a better climate someday to realize my dream :) In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through you!

  3. wonderful!
    Everything still looks so green for August… the benefits of your climate, no? And with all those herbs, I am SO coming over for lunch.

  4. Hi Melissa,
    You did a great job with your potting bench. I have a great potting bench but it is kept in the trash bin area of our yard behind a gate. I do use it but it definitely needs some sprucing up, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oh…this is just lovely! It looks ‘estatey’~ as though it has been in your garden for many, many, years. : )

  6. If I put some rainboots outside, will that bring rain? We haven’t had any since mid-June, so I am envious of your wet weather! Love all the projects you’ve completed in the yard! Power on, Melissa!

  7. How awesome and relaxing. It makes me want a big mug of coffee and some rain boots. To bad here in Texas I had to bring all my plants indoors because of the heat going on here. For now I will have to look at your potting table and dream. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kathy Hegedus says

    What a great inspirational piece of garden art. You have filled my mind with such grand ideas…..little too late in the season to build my little garden planting oasis now, but look out next spring! Yes….you are right, you do need rain boots…..ordering a pair for myself,next on my to do list.

  9. It’s so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE plants and have always wanted an herb garden, because I love cooking with fresh herbs, but I am horrible with plants! lol! I keep thinking I’m still gonna try….someday! Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. That looks so pretty, Melissa–you’ve really got the touch. I have a hard time with outdoor spaces. I start off all ambitious in the spring, but then when the hot 90 degree days of July and August hit, everything gets seriously neglected out there. Love your porch makeover, too! :-)

  11. LOVE it! Gorgeous! Great set up!

    Question: Where oh where did you get the orange tree??? I have been looking for one.


  12. Beautiful Melissa! I have always loved potting benches, but unfortunately, I’m not much of a gardener… yet! I have dreams of converting someone’s trash China Cabinet or Buffet into a fantastic Potting Bench! One day! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m not much of a gardener either, I kill most of my plants accidentally. But, container and small space gardening is really something that I have found I enjoy, it is peaceful and relaxing to be surrounded by all the beautiful textures, scents and colors. Even if I do kill things.

  13. Wow! That looks beautiful. I just spent the morning potting plants too, though mine doesn’t look nearly as good. Looks like another trip to Lowe’s might be in my future.

  14. LOVE those rain boots and the lavender is beautiful! I find potting benches to be so lovely and relaxing. Love this!

  15. Beautiful! Everything looks so green and healthy. Love your boots!


  16. I LOVE your potting table! It’s fabulous :-)

  17. Melissa, love your new potting table and outdoor space! So pretty!

  18. Wow… what do I have to do to make Lowe’s be so kind and generous to me too? ;) Please do share your secrets!


  19. Our herbs are doing well, but I’m afraid our heirloom tomatoes are struggling. I love the idea of a citrus tree!

  20. It looks great!

  21. Tooo cute! And am so happy for you! Yep, you’ve been wanting this for a while-and it’s *yours*! I love the way you incorporated the baby chair-love it! I have some plans…now to get’em done. (sigh) daddy had some wunnerful old school windows in the barn loft for the greenhouse that never got finished :( so my eldest neph&i are going to split-my arbor with a potting bench, bitty greenhouse,&coldboxes at south end, and neph is building a fort for the boys with a greenhouse/coldbox end. We cant build haymazes for’em in Grampa’s barn like I did for him&his brother,so he’s taking the history to his house 2.5hrs south of me. And in OH,we need coldboxes! :)

  22. It’s all very gorgeous. Great inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your pretty photos.

  23. So super cute….love it. I think everything looks brighter in your neck of the woods…..{just came from my Daughters in Or….oh the beautiful flowers!}
    Thanks for sharing

  24. I LOVE this! What an incredible, DOABLE idea! Love it. I read your blog ALL of the time but rarely make time to comment. This one was just irresistable!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  25. That is such an adorable potting table! I can see how it would inspire you in the garden. :) When I’m not doing aromatherapy type stuff, I love to be in the garden. I think I’ll look into creating a layout like this. Thanks for sharing!

  26. What a beautiful area you put together! I love the table and the plants just make it all look so full and lush. I have a tiny key lime tree and it is already producing limes! Yay, I didn’t kill it!

  27. Where did you get the table for the potting bench? I have been looking for something like that all summer to go on a new patio.
    I love how you set your potting bench up. I really like how you used the child size adirondack chair.

  28. Franki Parde says

    That turned out SO nice! Check! franki

  29. Oh my!!! It’s so very cute:)
    We sure do need rainboots here in Indiana too!!!!
    Have a great weekend:)

  30. I love it! Love the rainboots, too.

  31. Beautiful. It’s still too HOT here in Arizona to even think about plants. Though I do have some basil & verbena that is blooming, and zinnias. Still have to wait for a month. Scratch & smell is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Just gorgeous! Love it all!

  33. Brenda Liesen says

    Melissa, what did you use for the base and top. I really am inspired,soo cute. Thank you for sharing.

  34. I love the classical look of the pillars on the potting bench.

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