Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


Fall Porch Ideas

Are you chomping at the bit like I am to embrace all the gorgeous colors of fall?

Here are some fresh and fun fall porch ideas and inspiration pictures for bringing fall color to your porch and garden. They are sure to get you in a fallish mood!

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

via Apartment Therapy

1. Embrace fall color with paint.

Doors, planters, and benches could use a fresh new pop of orange, yellow, red or green!


Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


2. Add natural fall elements to bring color to front porch decor.

Now’s the time to fall-ify that front porch with pops of natural autumn colors. Colorful mums, gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and plants are the perfect fall greeting at the front door.

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

Photo: The Inspired Room

3. Go over the top and add colorful cascading fall vines and flowers to window boxes and planters.

Say good-bye to your fading summer flowers and hello to fall with pops of cascading green, red and yellow foliage!

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Gardenby Jamie Durie via HGTV

4. Arrange fall colored pots like works of art.

Groups of colorful planters is an artful way to bring the beauty of fall to your yard. You can spray paint tired old pots and make them colorful and new again.

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


5. Grab a rustic container to fill with fall goodness.

Rustic containers just scream FALL. This is SO EASY and perfect for your porch. Grab an old metal bucket and fill it up with a fresh combination of fall color! This could work with pumpkins, corn, gourds, mums or any colorful fall filler!

Friday we begin our Fall Nesting! Do a quick fall project, switch out some summer decor, or inspire us with fall ideas you shared last year….or simply come and see what others are sharing. You can link up your posts on Friday or the entire next week! Please link back to The Inspired Room from your post so everyone can enjoy the 4th annual FALL NESTING PARTY!

Let’s all chime in, come out of lurking one and all.


Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


  1. Hi, I am a new blogger/follower & am most certainly looking forward to your fall nesting :) I love this post and pinned some pics from it! Thank you ….great inspirations! I’ll see you friday with my post!

  2. I decided that this year I wasn’t going to incorporate any of that cheapie orange in any of my Fall decorating. Just not my thing…I’m going with different greens, reds, and browns. They have a muted tone to them. And I do love a butternut squash gold. I want that yellow door above!

  3. This one was my fav and I’m stealing it this year. “2. ADD NATURAL FALL ELEMENTS TO BRING COLOR TO FRONT PORCH DECOR.” A well-decorated front porch will make your house look and feel so festive!!! I like to hang garland on the front door and put pumpkins out in sets of three. Three always works and different sized pumpkins look so fun together. I haven’t really decorated my front porch appropriately since 2007 because I was living in Arizona and then Maui. It was way too hot to leave a pumpkin out. I love it when the porch is totally decorated. It is the best place to sit with your dogs and read the paper. Ah… the crisp air. I’m so excited for fall.

  4. I use greens and white with some of the lavender mums. I don’t use the traditional autumnal colors just because they don’t work in my home and for some reason I just can’t use oranges. In fact I have a few post up showing a different side of Fall. Right now I have the softer side of Fall post on my blog. I love all that Fall has to offer and it is so fun to change a few things for the season. love all of your suggestions,

    • I know just what you mean. You don’t want the season glaring at you because it clashes with your own color scheme! It is fun to select tones and colors that speak fall in YOUR home!

      Can’t wait!

  5. I love the first picture and plan to do something similar on my new front porch! My porch is much different, but I think I can make this idea work well. …that is if I ever get the basics done around here after just moving in! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration pics. Looking forward to more!!!


    • Happy Fall Y’all…

      The first picture is simple and elegant, but it looks like the hardest. It’s not terribly complex or revolutionary, but it would take me hours of decorating and time to complete. It’s like when you spend 30 minutes on your make-up to get that “natural look.” Doesn’t it always work that way though? What color is your front door Angela? Good luck!!

  6. the term is “champing at the bit” not CHOMPING at the bit.

  7. Beautiful ideas, love them all! I’m so inspired!
    Thank you

  8. I really want to participate its been a while cant wait!

  9. This post really got me excited to start decorating for fall…gorgeous pics!

  10. Love these ideas. Cool blog…lots of unique projects!

  11. Barbara (WA) says:

    I use a deep, rich pumpkin color that looks so good with the blues in my house. In fact, I think my home looks best in autumn! But unfortunately I cannot use real pumpkins outside at all because of the wildlife around here. I think it’s the raccoons that eat the pumpkins. Looking forward to browsing the fall nesting party photos!

  12. I am trying to bring a little fall here and there, but it is so hard in Central Florida to get excited for it when it is 90 degrees and not sign of it anywhere!

    These are lovely inspirations Melissa!

  13. I have been having a hard time embracing the change to fall this year (to busy dreading winter… so silly!) but I am very inspired by the post to do a little something with my porch to start me off on the right foot. I think I have a ratty old stool I am going to paint gold or red, and I’m going to dig around for a pot to spray paint another color and get myself some mums… looking forward to the links on Friday- seems a little inspiration is all I need! :)

  14. okay. time for me to pull down my half-dead hanging baskets and create something beautiful and lush near my front door. thanks for the huge inspiration!

  15. Oh they all look so pretty that maybe I’ll start craving some autumn flashes of color. Right now, I’m in a more somber mood. Perhaps when the leaves start to turn, I’ll get “into it.”

  16. I like that you put one of your own photos in the mix. I love fall.

  17. Well, I live in Texas and as some of you might have heard we’ve had the worst summer since, I think the 40’s. We broke record heat and if there’s anyone ready for fall it’s us, y’all!!

    So, I’ve been strolling down and through beautiful neighborhoods, mostly historic but to my dismay none are fally decorated. I understand, it’s a little difficult to get in the mood when it’s still hitting the 100s. But we can still pretend on the inside. So, I decide I am going to be brave and take the first step so I set out a scarecrow on the porch. That’s my first step, then come Monday I am hitting a frenzy. Fall is ON baby. This year fall falls on Sept. 22nd, we have an excuse ladies!

    Can’t wait to see everyone else’s ideas and beautiful displays of autumn color and majesty.

    Happy Fall Y’all!!!

  18. i love the colors from the first picture. most people just use yellow, orange and red for fall. green is completely left out, but it works so well!

  19. Oh my goodness I just got back from the Junk Bonanza w/Kristin from High Heels And A Hammer !! We definitely got our fall inspiration on!! Can’t wait to share our junk shopping/fall decor inspiration tomorrow!! ~Chris Ann

  20. Orange, pumpkin orange, tangerine, and maybe a bit of rust and/or burgundy splashed in. Getting a new neutal couch with NO PATTERN, my first EVER in 41 years of homemaking, , so I’m excited to see what trouble I can get into changing from my oh, so dated forest green and burgundys to a warm taupe and ??? (would love to do turquiose but NOT for fall I think)

  21. I was at Lowes today getting some “FALL” color!!! Thanks for the inpsiration!

  22. I just moved to southwest TX THIS week from the Kansas City area. Desperate for fall and so sad to leave it. Just before I left I went to a farm stand and bough 5 unusual pumpkins and gourds – not traditional orange. I made a place for them for a 3 day drive along with 4 pets, husband and daughter. Tender loving care of those things for 1000 miles! Picturing them on the porch of a ho hum brown brick ranch gave me something to look forward to. Now that I see that it is 100 degrees I think I will have to keep them inside! So disappointed! :( Will enjoy your inspiration and save the ideas for the next move.

  23. I have the leaf wreath on the door, the pink/brown mums tucked into faux pumpkins on the stairs, shades of orange paisley welcome mat… but what makes it really pop is my new peacock blue front door! The 2 colors together are really stunning. LOVE fall!!

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