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Falling for Fall


I‘ve been doing a little bit more fall nesting around my house this week. I LOOO-OO-VE this time of year!

Yesterday was a pretty nice Fall day, a little sunny and crisp outside. I puttered around a bit tidying up and while I didn’t make a huge dent in my housekeeping (eh hem), I dd put away more summer-y-ish stuff and brought out more fall decor.

Falling for Fall

I am very much craving warmer and softer textures! Jack agrees, warm and soft textures are the best. He cracks me up, his legs and ears go every which way when he takes his puppy naps. His feet were way up on the wall right before I snapped his picture. Have I mentioned that he weighs almost 30 pounds now? Four months old and 30 pounds.

OK, where was I? Oh yes.  I’m ready to say good-bye to summer. I’d still like the sunshine though. Cool air, changing leaves and sunny skies. I don’t ask for much. Oh, and a cozy velvet couch near a fireplace. FALL PERFECTION.

You know we only have like about three days left until 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays begins? I am super super excited about this topic (have I mentioned that yet? ) and already have some great ideas and inspiration lined up for the entire month.

hint:  I’m having a giveaway this weekend for those super cozy adorable plush pumpkins. You know you want to squish one.

It is going to be a good month.

Falling for Fall

Tell me. Am I the only one who dreams about velvet couches this time of year? It is like my fall alarm clock goes off late September and VELVET COUCHES pop into my head. I must have an aversion to my white slipcovers in the fall.

Now I’m thinking about a rusty cinnamon colored velvet sofa.
Yeah. That would be yummy.


  1. Lori H

    Velvet couches! Now that’s an image I can carry around in my head as we wait for the 80 degree days to go AWAY! Like you, I would like to keep the sunshine for awhile. Those velvet pumpkins are adorable…I want to hold one up to my cheek! :)

    • Natalia

      Hi! You have such a great taste in decorating. I would like to ask if you know any gallery with photos that could be used in covering my ugly closet with wall print?

      Greeting from Poland!

  2. Jade

    Velvet couches – I’ve never really thought about them before!

    I’m really looking forward to the 31days post too, I finally commited to a topic – 31days to the perfect city.

  3. Sonya Sosa

    Hi ladies. I’m right there with you on the velvet! Last week I changed out my curtains to ones with a burlap-y feel with a gorgeous velvet design(oh, that was the master bedroom). Then I got some huge fluffy gray velvet pillows for the family room. I’m lounging on them as I speak with a lovely cup of Joe. If I could only wish this warm weather away. Go Velvet!

  4. Heather

    velvet couches speak of fall and winter – and your dream of a cinnamon coloured one sounds perfect. But then we’d want to switch it up to something “cooler” for spring and summer.

  5. Alison

    I’ve never longed for a velvet sofa :), but I do love Fall! It’s my very favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather. It’s just so motivating to me. It makes me love to craft and bake and decorate even more than usual.

  6. Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing

    Oh yes!!! I love Autumn! Although I haven’t thought a lot about velvet couches…now that you mention it…that does sounds simply amazing! Sinking down in a comfy velvet couch…sigh. I love the textures and colors of this season! Yes…a wonderful feeling that would be! lol

    I love reading your Autumn and other Holiday articles! Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful inspiration!

    Count me in!

  7. Dawn Camp

    Where did you get the plush pumpkins?! (in case I don’t win) :)

    • Melissa

      Ah darn I meant to link to where to get those pumpkins. I’ll add a link in a bit when I get to my computer. They are from Love Feast Table! Cutest pumpkins ever!

  8. Diane

    Oh a velvet coach does sound soooo cozy. Maybe a new one is in order with a white slipcover for spring/summer????? It’s okay to dream!!

  9. Pam

    I totally agree with the velvet couch! I’m thinking of a green such as a soft olive/army green. I call it fall green. Those squishy pumpkins would be the perfect addition! Ah… Thanks for the fall day dream!

  10. Carol

    Ahhhh-velvet sofa. I could certainly live with that or how about velvet curtains. I am about to change out my living room curtains and replace them with my deep chocolate velvet curtains. I love fall too with the changing trees and the smells of folks having a fire in their fire pit on their decks. We have had some beautiful weather here in the upper Midwest and we are enjoying it thouroughly. Last year we had snow on September 17th and we missed fall. Love your blog and you truly inspire me. Those velvet pumpkins would be a blessing. Can’t wait for 31 days!!!!

  11. Missy June

    I TOTALLY want to squish one of those pumpkins! And my kiddos would love them, too! They are darling.

    Fall is my favorite time of year, even moreso than Christmas. For us, it is a relaxed time with lots of outdoor activity in our beloved Smoky Mountains, soup suppers and coziness.

    I think velvet sofas sound delightful, but I’ll make due with my tweed for a bit longer. I put up new valances this month which highlight gorgeous fall colors … I think my home looks its best in the fall season.

    Cheering you on and loved the update about your church. As a PK and former PW, I have a heart for the women serving the men who serve the church.


  12. Lorrie

    Velvet is the most luxurious fabric. Those pumpkins are definitely squishable!

  13. StephanieB

    I am very excited because this weekend I will be buying some gourds and squash for my decorating! Can’t wait! Fall is the best because I can turn on the fireplace and cozy up with my hubby and dog :)

  14. Liz

    I have been falling in love with fall for weeks! It happens every year!!! Apple crisp, velvet pumpkins I’d love to win (first things I noticed in the picture!), orange everything – burnt or bright – twirled with ambers and greens… FALL, I adore YOU!!!! PS… Wanna hear something dreadful? My grandma had a golden velvet couch – and SHE KEPT IT COVERED IN PLASTIC 24/7! Needless to say, thankful to say, I did not take after her!!!! :)

  15. Sharon

    cute pumpkins. yes, would love to pick one up and squish. would love to do that to Jack too… or… er… hug not squish.
    and the velvet couch… like the rust color but then dark deep plum came to mind… :-)

  16. Jen

    I always want to redecorate in the fall. I’m going to satisfy that urge by sewing some new cushion covers.

  17. Sue M.

    Not having a velvet sofa, the squishable pumpkins would fill the need for “something more luxurious and cozy” looking. They’re adorable and add so much texture (I love fabric and follwing you)! Fall is my favorite time of year…with my son is getting married on Saturday it’s even better this year.:-)

  18. Claire

    i wish there were leaves changing color and falling around me, but i’m in the land of one season, los angeles. seeing this makes me love it, though!

  19. Shannon

    I have been thinking of painting my front door that rustic cinnamon you spoke of for the velvet chair!

    • Melissa

      Sounds LOVELY! I have been thinking of a door that color too. LOVE IT!

  20. Dana

    I love the idea of a velvet couch. But our cats…would make that impossible. Ack!

    Now, the fireplace idea – I’m so there!

    And, I’m pretty excited about 31 days.
    Getting my plan together.

  21. Robie

    I’m loving these velvet pumpkins! Unfortunately, if I put them on my mantel for display, my cats would have a field day with them.

  22. Sharon

    I never really thought about velvet couches in the fall before but now that you mention it, it does sound rather divine! That and snuggling with Jack. Oh man, is he a luv!

  23. Heather

    I love the velvet pumpkins too! But I think I love your dog even more!! :-)

  24. Irma

    I just purchased a beautiful, warm, deep red couch in chenille corduroy. It is so comfy and cozy. My living room is sage green with warm brown wood trim and flooring. Fall and winter are the best seasons for this room. Touches of brass and gold, ivory throws and ivory lampshades help keep it from feeling overly heavy. I used to have a red velvet couch, years ago. So when it came time to replace our last sofa, I was able to replace it with that warm ,deep red I love!

  25. candy jones

    How can I enter the contest for the pumpkins? Just recently found your site and LoVe It!!!!!! C :

  26. kimberly montgomery

    Hi, I know it’s off topic…but your dog, Jack, is too cute!


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