O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

I like using unique decor for my little trees. I don’t spend a lot of time on them, but it is kind of fun just to try something different. Last year I used my mom’s silver spoons for the decor on my dining room tree.

As I mentioned in my Christmas House Tour post, this year we put some of my Grandma’s jewelry on the tree. Because I didn’t feel like digging around all my jewelry boxes (I’m a lazy decorator), we just used what we could easily find. Some of it is just random gold jewelry from Forever 21 so it isn’t all heirloom.

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

For some reason, most likely my lack of photography skill, I can’t get all the jewelry to really show in the photos. But, I tried to get a few close ups. In addition to jewelry, we even put in a few other little treasures like a brass whistle.

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

And just for fun, here is my big tree and some of my favorite ornaments this year:

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}

Thanks for stopping by to see my tree! I’m sure enjoying all the Christmas Tours, the linky is still open if you want to join or visit!

I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Christmas Tree party! Go see all the pretty trees!

O Christmas Tree {Heirloom Jewelry Christmas Tree}


  1. I love the jewel on the bottom. Stunning.

  2. katie smith says:

    Love the idea of such a unique meaningful tree, and it is so pretty too. And your big tree is amazing too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your tree! The idea of incorporating jewellery into the decorations is genius! I love the old-fashioned clock on the chain. Lovely!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. What a great idea!..I have many trees in my home and yours is not only beautiful but sentimental too…

  5. This is beautiful, sentimental and lovely. It’s so important to keep family and memories going at this time of year. To do that this year, I made up a little tree for my hall table decorated with wooden toy ornaments and childhood photos framed and hung for each member of the family (27 in all). Can’t wait for everyone to see it when they come on Sunday.

  6. I love it and the love on the tree is apparent granmas pieces look wonderful.

  7. Love the heirloom Christmas tree! What a great way to display fun pieces as well as celebrate a loved one.
    Merry Christmas friend!

  8. What a beautiful idea- I think I will do this next year. I do have a little white tree that I hang my Mothers traveling spoon collection on…..when she was alive, where-ever she would go she would pick up a “state” spoon. I have one dated back as far as 1929.
    Merry Christmas

  9. Just lovely… and such a wonderful idea to display some of your Grandmother’s jewellery. It’s an extra special touch.

  10. So darling!!! What a blessing to be so creative!!!! Merry Christmas!! barb

  11. Jewelry is just perfect for a holiday tree. It sparkles, you can get it inexpensively or free and it’s fits on there so well. What a lovely idea!

  12. melissa, this is exactly what my mom does on her little tree. It is full of sparkles and pearls. The fun thing about her tree is if you show interest in one of the pieces, she takes it off the tree and gives it to you. Pretty special tree, indeed. Full of fun sparkles and bling, Merry Christmas,

  13. Melissa,
    What a sweet idea, using a family members jewelry on a tree. That’s a great idea.

  14. love your tree….
    your home is beautiful!

  15. It’s really beautiful! I love it!

  16. Love this–I like vintage/retro Christmas jewelry too–I like to pin them on retro curtains for Christmas! Like your site as this is my first visit, I found you through “A Wise Woman Builds Her Home”.

    Blessings and a Merry Christmas!

  17. I love this! I did the same thing this year with my Grandmas vintage costume jewelry. I even used a similar clock pendant. I love how you used the earrings, brilliant!

    Also, just wanted to say that your mantle is my 2011 favorite. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
    Merry Christmas, Melissa!

  18. I love the little chubby jewelry tree. I bet the silver spoon tree was very cool too. Beautiful! Can’t wait to get ours up!

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