Sometimes You Just Need a Chevron Pello, er, Pillow

Sometimes You Just Need a Chevron Pello, er, Pillow

Cheap Therapy: Chevron Pillow

Confession. I talk kinda funny. I have a few words that confuse people as to what I’m talking about. Like instead of “about” I say “a boat.” I always have. Anyway, recently my girls pointed out to me that I say pillow wrong. I say “pello.” I didn’t know I was saying it wrong all these years. I don’t know if my parents didn’t correct me or if I have some crazy unknown accent, but I just say things funny. Now you know.

So, in addition to talking funny, I’m kind of a pello, I mean, PILLOW, addict. I would buy tons of them if I was wealthy. And I would sew tons of them if I wasn’t always too busy to sew. But every now and then, I just have to have a new pillow.

The other day I ran across that cute chevron pillow cover, above, on etsy. She is not a sponsor, this was just a random discovery. You can find her work via Castle Creek Designs Facebook page here. The pillow is actually a gorgeous blue, not black as it appears in the dismal lighting of January.  It looks fabulous with my dining room curtains. So naturally, I had to have it. Everyone has a chevron something right now so I guess for $12 (the pillow cover was on sale!) I will too. A little trendy is fun.

I love pillows.

I also remember buying a pillow in May, in anticipation and HOPE of sunny summer days. Apparently I think pillows will bring more sun in my life, and they do make me happy. I suppose it is cheap therapy — no harm done, right?

And thanks to having white slipcovers, I can pretty much buy any new pillow I fall in love, with because they almost always look great on white. I like options. I like rotating pillows on a whim with the seasons, the weather, and the trends. I always have big stacks of pillows in the corner of my bedroom, just waiting for a new whim when I feel like switching pillows.

So, are you a pillow addict? And, confess: do you talk funny?



  1. I love pillow’s but I don’t really buy them as much as I’d like, as in rarely )C: I love the fact that you say things different. Sometimes I think our language is a bit boring. When my family moved from the midwest/east (ohio) to the West Coast, people thought we had an accent and said words funny…like davenport instead of couch and sweeper instead of vacumn

    • OK, now I feel better. I say pop when other people say soda. I usually say couch and other people say sofa. I say clicker instead of remote control. HA!

      • HAHA! I had to comment on this because I always get fun of for the “clicker” and “pop” thing. What can I say, you can take the girl out of the small town…. :)

        Thanks for amusing me!


        P.S. This is my first time visiting your site and I am in love and inspired!

  2. Total pillow addict! I too have a pile of pillows in the corner of my room and boxed up in the basement and just about everywhere you can think of!

  3. Of course I talk funny — I’m Canadian. I have a few addictions too: baskets, tiny paintings and english transferware plates in single colours like red, brown and green.

  4. My childhood friend talks funny. She also says pello…go figure. And she says “melk” for milk, “pin” for pen and she calls a clicker (that’s what I call it too) a button box. We’re from MA so I’m not sure where she’s coming up with this stuff.

    I say tonic for soda. And I love pillows! : )

  5. I do say things funny. People always ask me where my accent comes from…I come from Kansas where there is no accent. Sometimes I think that maybe a have a speech impediment, cause I say things funny…whatever it is me and that makes me cool! Rock on with your pellos!!

    • Sunny – people from Kansas do have accents :)

      I talk funny because I have an Australian accent. Most Americans don’t understand what I’m asking for when I ask for “a glass of water”. I have had to resort to writing it down more than once in a fast food restaurant.

    • Everyone has an accent, just not one that is foreign to them. But, someone in the world would think it was a foreighn accent to them….;-)

  6. I have lots of addicitions–books, pillows, etsy, art prints, etsy, Target and have I mention I love etsy? ;)

    I talk funny too. And I could use a fresh new pillow on a gloomy day like today in Kitsap county. Bleh.

    • Jessie, oh dear it was a gloomy day, wasn’t it? I think in this part of the country we should get mandatory vacations to Hawaii or San Diego. Sanity trips. You know, for our mental health.

  7. kelly in georgia says

    Looooove pello’s or pillows or whatever y’all want to call them…but I have been stuck on solid color ones for years….until this past month when I bought 4 – yes 4!! patterned ones for different rooms in the house. Hallelujah! Being brave here! I like your chevron one, and your pleated skirt on the ottoman is precious. I suppose I do talk funny…VERY Southern. When we visited Maine, the folks there would immediately smile and say, “You’re from the South, aren’t you?” when I opened my mouth. I don’t say pop or soda…all carbonated drinks are “Cokes” to me. What meal do you serve in the evening…dinner or supper? How about midday…dinner or lunch? If everyone talks “funny,” then what is normal???

    • Southern ladies are so precious. I wish I was from the South. Really, I do. I just love the accents and the mannerisms and the houses and the community there. But, I live waaaaaayyyyy over here in Seattle.

      We have dinner at night, but my grandma always had supper about 5. I have lunch at noon. I guess we all kind of talk funny!!

  8. No matter what you call them, they are always a welcome addition! You are so right, they change the vibe of a room so easily. How can you resist? Enjoy the pello, it likes you too ;)

  9. I love to mix up the pillows as well. I have a friend who sews them for me, so I have more pillow covers than pillow inserts,which makes it a little easier to store the ones not in use. (Not to mention saves a few pennies. Every little bit helps.)

    I have been informed that I pronounce “also” as ALTZO, and “salsa” as SALTZA. Shocking, right? :)

  10. My husband says “melk” and when I began home schooling our oldest, she caught him right away and told him exactly what short i should sound like! :)

  11. I’ve heard people say “pello” before. I don’t know if I mispronounce words, but I’m sure people think I sound funny because I am over-particular about enunciating sometimes ;-) My daughter, age 4, usually says “rum” instead of “room”, and I don’t usually correct her because it’s so hilarious to hear her say in a desperate voice, “There’s no more rum!”

    I do have an addiction…to vintage books. I just bought another today: “Bedside Book of Famous French Stories”, published in 1945. It should be fun to read. Your new pillow is lovely!

    • That is awesome, I wouldn’t want to correct her either. HAAA! Oh, yes, vintage books? I love them. I have some but I would love to really start a great collection. not only to look at but to read!! Very fun! Thanks for liking my post on facebook! xo

  12. Accents are great. I’m originally from Ga. and lived there most of my life. Six years ago we moved to Tn. and people in Tn. have a different accent than people in Ga. For instance, most think that all southerners say Ya’ll, but in east Tn. people say Y’uns (you-uns). I thought that was the funniest things I’d ever heard. I know I speak southernese because a friend from Louisiana makes fun of me. I find that funny because people from there speak differently also. My grandmother use to say “can I hope you?” instead of “may I help you?”. Also it’s “peacanun” not “pecahn”.LOL

  13. I’m a firm believer in pillows and in changing them up! We recently tossed the pillows we had in the living room and we added a few new pillows in a different color – totally changed the look of the furniture and the room as a whole!

  14. I was born in Scotland and moved to the us when I was 7. I have 2 accents the American one, and the Scottish one that I reserve for family, or anyone British really. And my American accent is a little funny too since I’ve lived in Nj, Ny, PA, and GA. A friend of mine who lived in ga actually used to call it a Pello. And I totally have an addition to pillows! It’s a problem. That and scarves. Lol

  15. I too love pillows – I have way too many of them in our living room, all lined up on a window seat and a deacon’s bench and a couch and some chairs….I’m always drawn to them in catalogs.

    I was born and raised in southern California and moved to northern Minnesota when I married my husband many years ago. Since then, friends and family from CA tell me I have a Minnesota accent. Many Minnesotans say
    aboat instead of about, and yah instead of yes, and “thenks for the beg” instead of thanks for the bag, and “oh fer cute” instead of oh how cute. And we say “do you want to go with?” instead of “do you want to go with me?” I notice people here often say ben for the word been, but I say it bin.

    I love your chevron pello, Melissa. :)

  16. Are you sure you’re not Canadian with “a boat”? I catch myself saying it more and more.
    As for pillows….I have to stop myself from buying or making them as I know I can’t just have one (like a Lay’s potatoe chip).

  17. I too love pillows and think outside of paint, they are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to change the look of a space. Thanks for sharing this new Etsy shop too!
    p.s. I make alot of my pillows from cloth napkins…they are already the perfect size and can be less expensive than buying fabric.

  18. HaHa! Pello! I love it! I had a friend who called Peonies ‘Piney Bushes’ – that was amusing. It took me a while to figure out what she was referring too since I was living in Indiana then and could only see corn…no pine trees…heehee!
    I’m originally from Michigan…the harsh-speaking state where we enunciate all our syllables. So they say. So…if that means I talk funny…I do.
    However…One thing I do do….I make up words. All. The. Time. My husband still loves me, so I guess it’s okay. Don’t get concerned unless I start making up a whole language. LOL!

  19. Hi Melissa,

    I just love your blog! Not only because I too am an interior decorator and love all things to do with decorating, but mostly because you are “real” and “authentic”. Don’t change! I am inspired by your work, your faith and the fact that you are comfortable with who YOU are. Your the friend in my inbox I look forward to everyday. :) And yes, I adore pillows! They are relatively inexpensive and if only one accessory can be purchased for a room, it’s probably going to be a pillow in my book! My friends and clients know I’m almost always going to suggest new pillows for a fresh look/change before anything else.

    Have a bright and cheery day!

  20. I just bought two new pillows for our bed at Tuesday Morning for $15 each. They feel like silk and down. Adds a nice touch of color to the bed.

  21. My sister says “pello,” too. Up until today I thought she was the only person in the world who did. I find it annoying in her, but in you I find it endearing ;-)

  22. Yes, I, too, have a “pillow problem.” There. I have so many pillows…currently, instead of buying new ones…I’ve been covering the old ones with scarves…that can be changed periodically…we’ll see how long “that” lasts. franki

  23. I have the same obsession with pillows! I love this new one you have. That color and pattern is so striking to me. We all talk “funny” in our own way. I have been told that I have a funny southern accent. That makes us unique, right? :)

  24. Melissa,
    We all have our “little” addictions. I have a thing for decorative boxes. Preferably antique but I’m not above buying a box from Home Goods if it appeals to me…not so much with pellos, I mean pillows. LOL. Sounds a little Canadian to me, my Canadian friend puts the cutest accent on some of our words.

  25. I confess, I did not get the pillow gene.
    Or, the shoe gene.

    I did however get the small box, vintage everything, and kitchen towel genes. Seriously, how many kitchen towels does one girl need?

    As for speech, when I was little, I talked pike i was from Booklin. (Brooklyn.) Which would be fine if I was from New York, not Chicago. I had long hair that fell to my hips, but I dressed like a boy. One day my Folks were at breakfast in Florida. The waitress asked what the “nice you man” would be having to drink. lol. Then she said, she could tell my folks were from the midwest, but she wondered where I was from. ROFL!

    I grew out of it naturally.
    Now I say “fi dollars” instead of five like every good Chicagoan ;
    And, “tree” instead of three.
    ~ Dana

  26. Love Love Love Pillow- and you crack me up…..its good to hear that you have creative words too =) mine is milk…..I say malk….not sure why, I think it from where I grew up. My HD smile every time I say it.
    Thanks for the smile today

  27. Oh, I also love pillows. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillow for my newly redecorated office. I’ve seen some beauties but not the right one just yet.That’s OK, because the hunt is part of the fun. I guess my main addictions are pretty picture frames, candle holders, and pillows.

    I am told I talk funny but I think what I say is normal. The things that get the most comments are when I say “wader” instead of “water,” or when I give the word “oil” about 3 syllables, or when I “red up” the house when it’s time to tidy up. Oh well, it works for me.

  28. My SISTER says Pellow! I’ve tried correcting her since junior high, but it is just part of her vernacular. How cute!

    I buy too many pillow covers, then don’t take the time to change them out. Silly me.

  29. I love the chevron pillow!

    I also say “pellow” and “rum” for “room” and “pen” for “pin”….as well as a few special ones of my own: “flamango” for flamingo, “pangwen” for penguin”, “beep beep” for my car keyless entry and I also tend to call lunch and dinner/supper “lunch”. I’m also from Louisiana, and when I visited Boston, I had trouble ordering fast food because the employees had a hard time understanding me.

  30. Darling pillow! I need to cultivate that obsession- as I am very sick of my current ones. I think we all have our little speech idiosyncrasies, don’t we? The words “Sherwood Forest” are very difficult for me and I almost always Elmer Fudd them! Thanks for the smile this morning.

  31. Love your new pello, er, pillow. My pillow addiction has just begun. I made three new covers from scarves last week. So fun! And now I can’t stop!

  32. I’m a total pillow addict! I have a tan slipcover on my couch, and I’m with you, I like to change them when the mood strikes! :)

  33. New to your blog and LOVE IT! I love pillows too but am having major problems with the ones currently residing on our family room sofa–the feathers are poking out!! Why is this happening?? Is it because I bought ’em dirt cheap at Ross?? I like feather pillows for their collapse-ability and comfort behind my aching back and neck…but the feathers are driving me crazy. Help!

    I’m from California and have no accent…but to be funny I say things like “tard” for tired and “dinnah” for dinner “aye matey” in a pirate accent to make my granddaughter laugh. My daughter-in-law says “melk” and my son corrects her every time and then I tell HIM that the secret to a lasting marriage is to think every little quirk of hers is cute.

  34. I drive my family crazy with my love of pillows. I would switch them out with each season, or just cuz I felt like it if I could afford it. Or if I had the time or inclination to sew new pillows every few months.

    And I say things funny too. I always thought it was just because I was from Washington. When I say bag, it sounds like beg. I say pop instead of soda, I say couch as well. I actually grew up calling it a davenport, but no one knew what I was talking about, so I switched. I say Pam with a Michigan accent for some reason, and I can’t make myself say it the “right” way. So you have plenty of company Melissa!!

  35. Honey I’m from the South. Everything I say sounds funny; or so I’m told. I live in AZ now and I get asked where I’m from on a daily basis. I do say home and phone like I should be from London though. Don’t ask me where that came from as I do not know. lol Like you, I’ve just always said those “funny”. Oil is pronounced ull and I say buggy instead of grocery cart.

    Cheap therapy for me is a blanket. I have issues with blankets.

  36. Pello isn’t the correct way to say it? I don’t pay attention to others but that’s how I’be always pronounced it. I also say melk. I thought it was one of those caramel/carmel things

    • I was just going to write and say how much this post cracked me up because my husband says pello too. I planned to ask Melissa if she was a melk drinker like my husband, as well. Looks like there’s at least a few of you out there. Haha! I love it.

    • I, too, say pello and melk! My husband always gives me a hard time. :)

  37. I love your pello and I am a pello addict also!! Much to my husbands dismay!
    I think we all say different words differently from time to time. I use to say simular instead of similar until my hubby told me I had been hearing it wrong my whole life. I now say similar!! Enjoy your PELLO!

  38. Melissa, thanks again for a fun post. I always look forward to reading and seeing what you have to say. Great pello. :)

  39. Beautiful pello. I would just call it a charming accent.


  40. OH totally obsessed with pillows (pellos, tomatoe tomato). Shhh, between us, I have a few throw pillow covers in my linen that I’ve never used. I just liked them and said, “I’m sure I could use these somehow.” I can look at awesome pillow covers on Etsy all day long and for some odd reason I always tend to do a quick browse at the pillow section of Target or any store that carries throw pillows even when I’m not in the market for any. So, yes loooove pillows!

  41. I really like your pello.

    I often mispronounce words that I have only read and not heard (which happens surprisingly often).

  42. I love pillows. All pillows. And you’re right, they’re so fun to change in and out because they’re such an easy way to change the look of your whole living room! Well, maybe not the *whole* look, but close.

    Too bad the mister and I are trying to pare down our gross amount of belongings. That chevron pillow is super cute. Almost kind of nautical.

    And I, too, talk funny. Although not “pello” instead of “pillow” (that’s the mister!), I say “gunnoo”. Who says that?? My brother in-law pointed it out once. Both my sister’s and I say it and we have no idea. It is a very lovely and useful word, similar to “gonna”, but not as versatile. So, someone might say, “Are you going to the picnic on Saturday?” and I (or my sisters) would say, “Well, I was gunnoo, but I’m too busy.”

    Oh, well, I own it. I’ll just keep rockin’ “gunnoo” because, for the life of me, I can’t seem to stop saying it!

    And, again, love-love-love the pillow.

  43. very cute pillow:) I can see why you bought it:) You say ‘about’ like the people from Canada say it! They say all their ou sounds as a long ‘o’. I find it quite charming. I don’t know if I say things funny but my Mom has a few! she says iron – ‘ayrn’. And has a few others I think. I find it quite endearing:)

  44. It’s funny you should call this a pillow (pello). I’d call it a cushion. Incidentally, my girls call pillows, cushion. So they sleep on a cushion – weird.

    I used to love cushions, but I now have too many and have stopped buying or sewing them. I’ve just recently done up our old house, so I did a bunch of sewing, then no more. I’m working up to the next sewing frenzy.

    • I’d call it a cushion, too. Pillows are only on beds for sleeping on.

      I love cushions and have recently taken to crocheting them.

  45. Gabrielle Martin says

    I grew up in eugene and I have always said pello. Must be a northwest thing…

  46. I am!! I’m on a fabric kick and making pillow covers :)

  47. My best friend says Pello, too! I often have long vowels slip into my ‘O’ sounds; both my parents are from the north, even though I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It’s funny how the accent slipped into random words of my vocabulary!

  48. I say pello too! My husband is always making fun of me for it (and other weird things I say). He likes to correct me on it, but I’m holding strong – it’s unique and I’m not switching!

    ps. love the new chevron pello! :) I too love having neutral furniture so I can switch it up with my mood. To pellos!

  49. I got to this party late, but wanted to say that the Northwest definitely has an accent. I grew up in Oregon but my parents are from California and I always wondered why my friends said “pellow” and “melk” growing up.
    Recently, I was on the phone at work and another office was referring a patient named “Ken” to us. For thw life of me, I couldn’t understand the other receptionist because she was saying “Kin”. So i kept clarifying, “Kim? Tim?” Hah, she was SO frustrated!
    Native Northwesterners all jump over “finces”, write with “pins”, and poke through fabric with “pens”.

  50. i am a pillow addict – yet I don’t save them. I consign them as I tire of them and move on. Pillows are where I indulge in seasonal and trendy designs + colors – as well as with tea towels + place mats in the kitchen, towels in the bathrooms, blanket throws in all of the bedrooms + the living room, an umbrella for my patio… and an entry area rug and door mat for my front door.

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