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Pinterest Style

by | Feb 8, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration

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Pinterest Style


Find your style on Pinterest

I pinned this awesome living room yesterday. I would feel at home in that room. It inspired me.

I like it. It is warm and cozy, white but colorful. Comfortable but stylish. All at the same time. That is what I like.

But sometimes when I’m browsing Pinterest, I get confused.

Or maybe, I confuse my Pinterest followers with my pins.

Or maybe I just have eclectic taste depending on my mood or what I’m looking at. Or maybe I’m not that confused at all.


It seems like I can swing from more traditional with a pinch of modern to a more sophisticated cottage to slightly bohemian to old world to classy beachy to homey with little bit of glamour thrown in for good measure.

I like white. I like dark. I like color. I love texture. I like peaceful. I like lively.

I like serious, I like fun.

I like shiny.

I like natural materials and painted wood.

I like a mix of styles and colors all in one room.

I like dignified with a riot of color.

I like old. I like informal, collected over time — but not collected all from one shop.

But I don’t like tacky. And sometimes there is a fine line between quirky fun and tacky.Pinterest Style


I can scroll tons of images and ideas I don’t like. Everyone is repinning them. Except me.

I don’t find a ton of stuff I want to pin.

I’m picky, but I have a wide variety of things I do like. I’m just slower to find them.

Some people seem to be pretty focused in on what style they like and they’ll pin the same basic variation of that style many times.

Then, there is me.

Just call me the eclectic picky pinner.

I do confuse myself sometimes.


But then again, I learn a lot about what I like by studying a variety of styles, colors and textures and how they work together.

Sometimes as I study pictures, my true authentic style starts to become more clear to me, even if it is not always easy for me to define. Maybe it is easier to see once it is all laid out in pictures. I can see certain identifiable elements of style flowing through a lot of the pictures I love.

Sometimes certain styles make more sense in one house or one season of life than another, so it is totally acceptable to love or admire things that simply won’t work in the house you are in. You can appreciate without HAVING, right? That is what I remind myself when I pin something completely impractical for my home or lifestyle. Unless admiring pushes you over into discontentment, of course. Then you need to step away from the computer.

The best part of studying and appreciating a variety of styles is you can learn to be more creative. I know a lot of people use Pinterest to duplicate ideas. But I don’t really use it that way very often. I use it more to inspire, challenge and define elements of my own style.  And to waste time I should be being more productive or creative at home. There is that tendency.Pinterest Style



One of the things I do enjoy about Pinterest is I can study design and learn more about what I like and don’t like.

And then I feel inspired to shut down my computer and make up my own style.

I am able to see what I already have in a new light, or I am more easily able to spot resale or other affordable items that can create a similar ambience on my own budget.Pinterest Style


As I have studied design over the years, it becomes more and more clear to me that beauty and style is in the eye of the beholder. Which is awesome because it gives everyone the freedom to decide what we like at a budget we feel comfortable with, rather than to just stick with what it safe or popular. If you love your home, that is really all that matters.

There is a lot of freedom to be ourselves in design! 

I enjoy being a bit eclectic in my taste. Even if I do confuse myself about what I actually want in my house.

Do I confuse you? I probably do.

Do you learn about your own style by studying or pinning pictures like I do?

Do you have a clear picture of what your style is or do you keep your options open?

Speaking of the topic of Pinterest, finding your style, being content in a sea of online design perfection and all that, my ebook NOT a DIY Diva: How to Create an Authentically-Inspired Life in a Pinterest World is being featured on the (in)courage Bloom Book Club this week! Yipee! You can find a giveaway here and a quick post published today on Homemaking here.  Come by and say hi! I’d love to see you there!


  1. Susan

    I jointed pinterest a while back, but I have yet to pin anything :) – I get my “fix” of decorating styles by reading blogs, and that takes up enough of my time.

    I agree with you, though – you can be attracted to a decorating style, or an image of a room that you know will not work in your home; sometimes you dream for about 30 seconds about re-doing your room/home/life, but then you realize that you have to stay true to what will work for your life, and your lifestyle, and don’t feel compelled to change it, just because half the blogging world is going it.

    I guess this is why I don’t buy into a lot of the “fads” – it seems like I see some things “everywhere”; I’d rather not just blindly follow the masses. :)

  2. Kim

    I feel like I could have written this post. I’ve just been thinking about my style, or should I say “styles”. I like a lot of different things and at times I find myself thinking, “I just want to start over”. That is not a reality, so I need to work with what I have. I am going to take a look at the pieces in my home and ask myself if I really “love them”. If not, I’m thinking of taking them out of the home to see how I feel about things.

  3. Carin

    Ha ha ha! This post made me laugh. Did you write this for me? It is SOOO me. And, as it happens, I have spent the last few days trying to define my own style, on paper and on pinterest, so this post was very timely lol.

  4. michelle starling

    Oh thank you for this post. You have spoken what has been on my heart that I have not been able to verbalize. New is nice but there is such joy and accomplishment in finding something second hand or in your own home (free) and using it in a new way or restyling. I too have budget constraints and get frustrated with trying to use what I have for a new look. But I have never been disappointed when I do that very thing. I think it takes more imagination to use what you have. Thanks again for this wonderful post.

  5. Jen

    A timely post indeed. I just blogged yesterday about reigning in my “decorating” budget. Although I do shop second-hand and try to recycle/reuse things, I need to get even more creative with the things I already have.

    And whether I want it to be or not, right now my style is “lived-in by a family of four plus one dog and two cats.” :)

  6. Deanna


    I like Pinterest for some of the same reasons you stated. I like to look and see just what it is I like – it has helped me to notice that I need a bit of ‘refreshing’ around my home. I have lots of ideas now about how to do this.

  7. Tracey

    This is why we are friends. Picky, eclectic, confusing ourselves and others :)

  8. Tiffany

    Unfortunately for me I love everything which makes deciding on the way I want my home to look very difficult. I don’t think I could narrow down my style if I tried. But I’m sure my home will evolve into something. Will that be my style? I guess for the moment.

  9. Heather

    I’m a Pinterst junkie, snooping to see what my friends are choosing to pin, checking out the latest seasonal ideas and refining my style choices. I find myself pinning the same look for the kitchen remodel I’m planning. But it has definitely helped me define what I like and don’t like. A good journey. Now all I have to do is stop pinning recipes – I’ll NEVER get through them all.

  10. Gina

    I’m “confused” like you! I love every single picture you pinned. I have yet to pin anything though I joined pinterest a while ago. I love looking over various blogs which make time fly by!

  11. Julie

    I just started pinning recently and it’s very addictive. I’m learning more about decorating, but that is overwhelming for me…I know nothing about it, I just know what I like.

    I do like the whites…I used to be a “dark” girl, but now I’m feeling a need for lighter colors because they make rooms look larger. With 3 kids (about to be four), a husband, a cat, and a dog, things are a bit crowded around here, so I am trying to lighten things up a bit so I don’t feel so claustrophobic.

  12. Ellen Moore

    I have the same sense, of liking so many different styles. Our living room is traditional, with a nod to slightly more modern, with a french style chair in the middle. Our dining room is more elegant, paint a dark red with wide molding, with a shabby cute cupboard with stuffed sheep peeking out the windows. I think it all works, because we love it all!

  13. Becky M

    I would have to say Pinterest is more entertaining than inspiring. My husband and I retired a few years ago . . . my style is comfortable and simple. Most of what I find on Pinterest is way too busy or complicated for me anymore. With that said – I do enjoy Pinterest, it is fun.

  14. Diane

    Hi Melissa!
    I loved your post today. I love your free thinking style. Funny I pick up some pins by repinning. But, mostly now from visiting blogs. There I find, if it is a new to me blog, that when someone has a style I like, I keep scrolling and pinning. And….it’s just because I like it. I haven’t taken the time yet. But, I plan to go back to some of my boards and edit them…eliminate whatever does make my heart sing. And I will not care whether I can or can’t do that with my home at this given time. For me, it’s inspiration. Training me to think outside of my created box. Pushing me to take wings and experiment, to risk. And what do I have to lose? Nothing…but everything to gain. And thanks!!!!
    P.S. I *****LOVE****** your new look here. Except the top ad banner sort of overpowers your name banner….a lot. I know that is prime real estate…but just something to think about. (I hope you don’t mind my saying so.)

    • Diane

      Ha… ‘doesn’t make my heart sing’ – the converse would be too funny!

    • Melissa

      Thanks, glad you like the new look (it is still in process but coming along). And yeah, I wish I could design the ads myself to blend in with my blog, wouldn’t that be awesome!? :-)

  15. Sally

    Oh my, Melissa — you have put words to my thoughts!

    The other day, I pinned a kitchen, and somebody commented, “Nice but SMALL!” – which seemed a little critical. I wasn’t pinning the kitchen because it was small. I’m not sure anyone wants a “small” kitchen. I was pinning it because the colors and design appealed to me. Truth be told, usually I pin larger kitchens!

    All that to say that… sometimes what we pin (especially in the case of rooms) only has ONE element that we appreciate. But, we still pin it, because it provides inspiration in some way. Overall, I think Pinterest is a wonderful too, don’t you? It has brought me to a whole new level of creativity, made me aware of wonderful blogs that I didn’t know about, and so much more.

    Have a great Wednesday, Melissa. ~Sally

    • Melissa

      Sometimes people’s comments on Pinterest are a bit rude or judgmental. Especially when it is a pin of someone’s home!! And you are right, you can pin because something about a room inspires you and you don’t have to love every single thing about it. Big or small or light or dark, rooms can all inspire us in different ways.

  16. Tiffany

    I think I’m a new commenter here, but I had to tell you I enjoyed this post. I’m not sure I have a style, I just know what I like and I know what I don’t like and I’m still learning what works for me and my family. I am not a lover of vibrant color (in my home), but I love to see it in other peoples, so I’m trying to work some in my life and home. I do like to see when a room looks collected over time. I do like pinterest for inspiration. In fact lately, I’m finding it shows me more of the same, like it reads my computer memory of where I’ve been and that’s disheartening. Anyway, good post.

  17. christy

    I agree with you! I love a variety of styles. I don’t spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I just pin things that I like when I see them on blogs or websites and like how I can keep my ideas organized on Pinterest. As my pins grow, I think the style I like will emerge. Maybe it’s ok to like a lot of different styles. :)

  18. Lyn

    An “eclectic picky pinner” … like that. Haven’t pinned any home/room styles yet. Just like looking to see what inspires me. I prefer a mix of styles,too,that eclectic look that says warmth, home, comfort…a home that speaks to who we are. Even my wardrobe radiates eclectic, I’m that blue jean girl w/pearl earrings.

    BTW, great rooms in your post. Loved that living room. The brightness, the white, the pop of color, the books. A place to sit and read, have a cup of tea, some conversation, or just a place to contemplate. Also the kitchen w/it’s blue, green, white color scheme.

  19. Kim

    Great post. Picky and eclectic are good things. I think a mix of styles is good. To me it is somehow more authentic. I sometimes pin pictures because there is one thing that I like in it and sometimes what I like about the picture is not the main focal point, but something off to the side. My style? Hmmmm…I love vintage, industrial, white, crisp/clean lines, bold colour, quirky, fun and especially things that tell a story or say “made in Canada”.

  20. Jan P.

    I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I have been enjoying your pins. You have such a great eye and it’s always such a treat when I open up “Pinners You Follow” and find the new things you’ve found since I checked in last.

    I have been learning a lot about my own style via Pinterest. Sometimes I will pin just for beauty’s sake. The picture might be totally impractical or out of reach for my own personal application, like you mentioned, but it’s just calming, refreshing, or (fill in the blank) just to look at. Some pictures might present elements that I can totally picture in my house. Like I’ve been wondering how a black wall would look, because that is an option I’ve been thinking of but a little hesitant to try. Now I’ve seen a couple great applications and know it can be done.

    • Melissa

      Yay, glad you enjoy my pins. :-) Thanks!

  21. Jo

    I love pinterest, and I use it to figure out what I like. So far, what I like is farmhouse/cottage/vintage, so I have boards to reflect that. But if I find something that doesn’t fit that description, I also have boards called “The Unexpected Element” and “Industrial”. Basically for me Pinterest is a way to keep track of all the lovely things I see online. Before I started using it, I tried to figure out how to do that, but nothing worked quite how I wanted it to.

  22. Suzanne

    This was a timely post for me! I have been thinking a little about my pinterest & what I pin – sometimes I like something but when it’s outside of “me” then I just let it go. I’m confusing enough as it is! :)

    I posted about “pinspiration” today too – must be something in the air. ;)

  23. Molly

    I just love a chandelier in a bedroom!!! So chic….

  24. Mary

    Love this post! I too get so confused at Pinterest about what I like. But I have to say that two things that resonate with me all the time are bookcases and plaid. I love them both. So I absolutely love your first picture. Yes, I could live in that room too!


  25. Sarah

    Thank you!!! I feel the same way, a little confused over what I like. :) And how to proceed even. But then I keep thinking, there has got to be a common thread in all of my “likes”, and I am going to try to find it & use it in decorating my new home. It’s fun having a new home to work on decorating & making my own… but very confusing at the same time. My old home (rented for 3 years in between) had a very specific style & feel. I just don’t think the exact same style & feel are going to work for me in my new house, and with me anymore. So, I’m at a crossroads… which I feel may take some experimentation to get it right for me & my family. Anyways, your post really encouraged me. I have been feeling pretty dizzy whenever I start thinking about it (which is pretty much every day, what with Pinterest & Houzz!).

  26. Donna

    When I look at my collection of boards, one thing really jumps out at me… I am a romantic (which really surprises me!). There is a definite theme to my color palette and my style is eclectic with a soft edge.
    Right now, my house doesn’t really reflect that… but after looking over my pins, I am much more confident of the direction that I want to go.
    That is the true benefit to Pinterest to me…

  27. The Chatty Housewife

    I really think that is what’s so great about Pinterest. We can all explore what our true tastes really are. Pinterest has really helped me understand what styles I like the most and helped me weed out things that I like, but that really aren’t my style at all. I’ve ended up with a mix of cottage, rustic, glamor and comfort.

  28. The Chatty Housewife

    Can you tell me how I can get an image to show up when I post a comment, instead of the little place keeper?

  29. GinaE

    You don’t confuse me at all. I like different styles as well. Isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Sometimes I just pin a photo becaue of one small element and to remind me of something I want to look for in the future.
    Or just appreciating a beautiful room someone has done, even if I can’t do the same style myself. I always like the styles of photos you show. I truly love reading your blog, Melissa.

  30. Cindy

    I’ve always said that “I couldn’t decorate my way out of a paper bag!” and it’s true! And when I’ve asked friends (or even professionals, for that matter) the first question I get is, “What is your style?”!!! Ugh! Now we all know why I’ve never gotten anywhere with ‘making my house my own’! I never have an answer to that question because (like my taste in music) I can never narrow myself down to ONE thing. Pinterest has helped me to “pin” the things that float my boat and hopefully I will be able to use my “Likes” to figure out if I even HAVE a style! LOL! At least, I can turn to blogs like yours to find I am not alone, and that it’s OK if I turn out to have MANY styles!!! :) Happy Decorating!

  31. Aunt B

    Oddly, although my choices are eclectic, if I look back on them I find that regardless of their different styles, they have some unifying factors. It’s interesting to me because it reinforces my belief that you should make/do/buy the things that appeal to you without being too concerned about how they go together. You’ll likely find a way to make them work together because they do have a unifying factor: Your affection/admiration for them.

  32. The Yellow Cape Cod

    Melissa, what a fabulous post! Also, just wanted to tell you I love the new blog design, looks great!

  33. sarah

    interesting post. i don’t have pinterest, and look only maybe once every 2-3 months at other peoples’ pins. here’s why:

    my style is evolving, and while i could get ideas from pins, i LOVE reading blogs and feel like that is where i want to spend my time. i also see so many people commenting on how they have pinned a certain blog post, so why go over to pinterest and just see it again. i feel like the personal “ness” of the blogs is why i love them so. and lastly, i don’t want to become an envious person. i feel like the Lord blessed me and my little fam with so much, and the ability to redo parts of my house when i want to, so why make envy an easy thing to creep into my life??

    • Melissa

      I’m glad you love blogs! :-)

      And I agree on Pinterest, it really comes down to where your heart is or what your motivation is when you look at blogs or pinterest or a magazine or your neighbors house.

      As someone who loves creativity and design in my home and it is also my profession, I do love seeing beautiful pictures and ideas. But, if I cross the line into thinking I need to HAVE everything I see, or if I lose my balance and become obsessed with design, or if I get a “shopping” mentality when I look at blogs or photos, I need to step away and refocus. I wrote about that very topic in my ebook NOT a DIY Diva.

      I think God made us creative creatures so I think he is delighted when we appreciate creative things, as long as we keep it in perspective and don’t let our love of creativity or blogs or design steal away our time and hearts for what should be greater priorities!

  34. Judy

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Of late I have become a Pinterest addict. Love how you summed it up, “I use it more to inspire, challenge and define elements of my own style.” That is exactly what I like about it. I look back at my pinboards and see a coherent style that I then can begin to understand and incorporate into my home. Nice when something gets laid out for you and a light bulb goes on ;)Thank you Melissa & happy pinning.

  35. Karen

    I’m so relieved to know I’m not alone. I see rooms that I love, love, love, but realize I design/decorate in a completely different style. I’ve chalked it up to thinking good design is likeable no matter what the style, but like you, I sometimes confuse myself. :-)

  36. christina

    Thank You :) I thought it was just me. I love cottage, modern, and traditional. I struggle to combine them in my home that won’e look horrible. I wish I just loved one, it would make decorating much easier.

  37. Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

    I confuse people when I try to talk about my style.

    I enjoy many styles. I can appreciate an all white room with just a pop of orange in a piece of art. But, that doesn’t mean I want to have it as my living room. (And, I might pin it.)

    My taste runs from vintage cottage style (very feminine!)to heavy rustic southwest style (very masculine!) I can appreciate a light and airy mostly white kitchen with hints of blues – because I’ve had that that (and loved it!) Yet, today our family has a bold tomato red kitchen designed like Jimmy John’s (because the energy and humore suits where we are now.)

    I use Pinterest to capture feel more than anything.
    And, I love seeing something I already have used in a fresh way.
    Makes me feel like I’ve just gone shopping and I haven’t spent one red cent!

  38. {darlene}

    I have my clients use Pinterest all of the time to help them hone in on what they truly love, and to give me visual guidance on what they adore. I LOVE pinterest for this very reason.
    GREAT post!!!!
    – {darlene}

  39. Christa

    I’m not even exaggerating here… that BHG kitchen literally made my heart stop. Next time I need to think of my happy place to keep myself from going postal on someone, that’s where I’m headed.

  40. Laura

    Thanks! I’m confused! And I have never been on Pinterest. Probably a good thing. This house isn’t seeming to run itself, no matter how much I might wish for that some days!

  41. Mimi

    One of the things I love about Pinterest is that it gives me wings. The poser to go and do my own thing or to explore old ideas in new ways. I don’t feel like I have to do the exact same thing as anyone else. I’m just looking for the inspiration and the opportunity to learn how to style my own pictures better.

  42. Marilyn

    Hi Melissa, Cindy over at Cottage Instincts had a nice post about distinguishing between her likes and her loves. I believe she has a link on her sidebar. Thanks for your blog. I always find it encouraging.

  43. Paula J

    I can so relate to this: “I’m picky, but I have a wide variety of things I do like. I’m just slower to find them.”

    I didn’t join pinterest until recently – so I’m way behind most of my friends. I really don’t have enough time to spend pinning, so I just add something every so often.

    LOVE this post ~ thanks for being real!!

  44. Jen

    I feel like I am eclectic too with design. A lot of the times when I see pins, even if I don’t like the whole picture I’ll pin it for elements that I do like. And im like you I don’t copy pinterest pics, but I love looking at so many different things and then look at my house with fresh eyes. I don’t think your style is confusing at all : )

  45. shelley.

    I am a bit of a Pinterest addict. I love it for the inspiration factor. Just like a good piece of music can inspire me to be creative, so can something beautiful in a home. I love pinning whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. It’s fun to sift through my pins and try to pinpoint(haha)why I love what I do about certain rooms, and to find a common denominator. I love dark, I love quirk. It’s also good practice to hone my design skills by trying to decifer what makes a good room good. Pinterest definitely stretches me in a good way.

  46. Jill Flory

    I can be the same way. My pins don’t always go together and I think ‘if i were building a house would it even turn out liveable!!’ LOL

  47. Grace

    I’m very eclectic too, which can cause me problems when I go to decorate my house – there are just too many things I like. I’ve started a WISH Wednesday series (WISH stands for Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home) where I post a room that I really like and I discuss what it is that appeals to me. At the end of every month I make a mosaic of the photos that inspired me for that month. I’m curious to know, if at the end of the year, I will be able to get a better grasp on what my style is, but so far it is just plain eclectic! I really enjoyed your post.

  48. Bridget from Refined Vintage

    I can totally relate! Not at all confused… No,just very appreciative of good design & creativity. I also find my taste eclectic; I love clean & simple, neutral soft shades and modern & Mid century and romantic old world lots of crystal and patina and color drenched BoHo chic vintage.

    I love so many different styles. So I completely understand your taste as well. I loved all the rooms you have shared here and I actually can see that they do have a common thread throughout. Of course I had to re-pin too!
    I use Pinterest to inspire me too. As I pin away I see my style emerge and it keeps shifting & changing over time just like the interior of my home, I’m always moving things around depending on my mood or the season.I too rarely need to buy anything new to get a completely new look.

    I really enjoyed your thoughts on Pinterest!

  49. Terri

    Hi Melissa,
    I just stumbled across your blog, and I am very happy I did. This is such a cool site, and a great article. I am also a new user of Pinterest, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I love looking at my boards and using it a source of inspiration, but more importantly as a challenge. I’ve been able to learn along the way and incorporate new and somewhat different styles, while blending it with my own. I think that is what is so great about Pinterest. We can all develop and evolve our skills together. It’s like a big team all on one site. If you don’t mind, I would love for you and some of your followers to check out my new pillow line I’ve come out with. Any feedback you have would be welcomed with open arms!
    Thanks again, and I can’t wait to keep coming back!


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