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Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}

 Photo: Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

Because my house is in complete disarray getting ready for the new paint and floors going in in several rooms, I’m not doing much summer decorating right now. But I’m not complaining! I am just about busting with excitement over how much cleaner and brighter might house is going to be in the next few weeks! That is kind of like summer decorating, only a little more intense.

Today is the day my bedroom is being painted and next week the carpet will be ripped out and new wood will go in! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Meanwhile though I’m scouring the interwebs for great decorating ideas for my soon to be newly freshened rooms.

And naturally I like to show you what I find because it is much funner (more fun?) to talk about these things with people who like to be inspired like I do.

Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}

Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

This house is kinda my obsession right now. Er, my inspiration.

OK, I’m slightly what you might consider a stalker of this house. I’ll admit it..

I click on the pictures every day.

I think Erin of House of Turquoise must love me because I visit her blog all the time just to look at these pictures. I click through all of the posts about it multiple times. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’ve posted about this house at least twice but I don’t think I’ve obsessed over the bedroom here, until today.

So, there you go, it had to be done.

And this might not be the last time I talk about this house. Warned ya.

I really would love to have this bedroom. But, I’m quite sure mine will look nothing like this, unfortunately. I can’t do yellowish walls because my floors are kind of yellowish.

But I am  inspired by this room even if I can’t duplicate it.

At all.

The shape of my room is kind of like this. Kind of. But way smaller and less windows. And no where near as lovely.

My door frames are similar, and I do have a vaulted ceiling, though. I wish I had white painted wood ceilings in my bedroom but that is a project for another year. That fan looks so much more cool than my fan too. And by cool I mean awesome. And a yellow barn door to the bathroom? That would be COOL too. 

I do love this summery inspiration room.

That is all for now.

Do you have a current favorite inspiration room?

PS. My blog has been extremely slow in loading and I am trying to get it fixed. I apologize for the annoyingly slow loads and inability to pin my photos. I am aware and I’m hoping it will be fixed soon. Sadness. Thanks for your patience and BIG THANKS for all your kind words and love for my newly redecorated office!! I’ll post sources as soon as my blog works better.


  1. Jamie

    That room is awesome!!!!! It makes me want to go the the beach all day, then come home and take a cold shower and take a nap in my towel in that bed with a slight sunburn. And a huge glass of sweet tea. And it’s Saturday and my mom has the kids so I’ll really get to nap and it’s cool if I sleep until 6 or 7pm.

  2. Morgan

    I love this room also! It is so stinking cute. I want that barn door and the ceiling fan is awesome. I totally understand your obsession with it.

  3. Mimi

    I don’t have a current inspiration room, but have been inspired to decorate my bedroom based on a very pale lilac color I saw in a room on the blog, This Is Glamorous. I accessorized with black to make it a bit less girly for my husband. Love the color and have never regretted copying the color..

  4. Jenny

    That Hiya Papaya house is one of my faves too. I have been a multi-time visitor myself, so if you’re in need of a support group – I’m here for you. ;-)

  5. Meaningful Nest

    Loving that bedroom! The colors are amazing and it looks very tranquil and relaxing. I am working on that in our master bedroom. I have pinned many-an-inspiration on my boards on Pinterest. It’s fun to dream.

  6. Barbara (WA)

    Yes, I am obsessed with a bathroom that is the inspiration for our bathroom remodel. My hubby has even sent specs for the vanity to a cabinet company, fingers crossed we can afford it!

  7. Chris

    I love this bedroom too! It looks so serene but summery at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Vee

    Yes, I like the room. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why. Perhaps it’s the pop of yellow here and there. And isn’t that an odd way to place a carpet? Under the bed but not where the feet land in the morning? I know that I’d be scooting to the end of the bed just to get out on the carpet. Ha! I don’t like the transom windows above the bed, yet I do. Oh this is just a puzzle all the way around. Why do you like it?

    • Melissa

      I just really like how it feels! Summery but still has warmth and character. My room will not look like this but it is inspiring some ideas! :-)

  9. Brooke

    oh it’s gorgeous! I hadn’t seen it before but now I’m going to be obsessing too!

  10. Brenda Kula-Pruitt

    I’ve been working on my bedroom this week also. Yesterday I redid a headboard someone was tossing and upholstered it with an old grain sack quilt. I love that bedroom as well. It just has a crisp and clean and cozy feel to it.

  11. Erin

    Haha! I DO love you, but because you have the most amazing blog ever!! So glad you’re still enjoying these gorgeous photos! I agree, such a beautiful room, in the most beautiful home! Terrific inspiration!

    Thank you so much for the shout-outs and links! :-)

  12. Elzabeth

    Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one stalking Haya Papaya’s home tour at House of Turquoise. The rooms are just so appealing, including this bedroom. I don’t usually like yellow but that pop of barn door is so pretty. And the transom above the door is gorgeous. Continue to talk about it, ’cause then I can visit the home here on your blog, Melissa :)

  13. carol jane

    O my gosh. I love love love everything on the House of Turquoise blog. Want it all. Love all the coastal colors. And that kitchen the other day. To die for. Oh well. Keep dreaming!

  14. Garden, Home and Party

    I totally relate. I am currently painting my family room and changing my mantle, I keep carrying around the “inspiration” photos and looking at them. Its fun to have a project. I love your “inspiration” bedroom. Can’t wait to hear about and see the changes you’ve planned for your home.

  15. Kelly Reber

    Worship this room!!! I read House of T but had not seen this room!! I may start stalking it too!

  16. kimber

    Gah. So pretty. I am inspired, but it’ll probably take me 10 years to get to it, lol. I need to redo the girl’s room b/c she no longer lives in it and I need a functional guest room. It’s got an olympic size queen {8 inches wider than the norm} and not a whole lot of other room. I’m refinishing an antique mahogany chest of drawers. I was going to paint it white… but not so sure now that I’m stripping it. I love the wall treatments. I am thinking I might like to tackle the molding project, but then I freak out and say paint will do. But I dunno… now that I see it! Gives me inspiration. And your office redo was candy in a blog post!! I would never {ever} leave!

  17. joan

    That bedroom is unbelievably fabulous. I absolutely love it! I mean everything about it.. the colors, the floor, the bedside lamps, the furniture.. everything! and the master bath is kinds great as well.

    Our bedroom still needs tweaking. I have found bedside lamps (in my house) and bought drum shades for them. We like them… now if only my Waterford crystal lamps would sell so I can buy new liv rm lamps and them move current liv rm lamps to bedroom so I can add the drum shades. What a circle. Re-decorating is certainly a process and sometimes it takes awhile deciding what item goes best in each room.

  18. sheri

    I’m currently stalking, obsessing over literally everything in house….seriously i would marry her house if i could.

  19. Patty

    I will be moving soon and am enjoying all the wonderful inspirations I am finding via the world wide web! My style however is cottage and love all things cottage. Came across your blog through Pinterest. Love It!

  20. Pam

    The bedroom is GORGEOUS! FANTASTIC! AMAZING! (Although I prefer blue) :)
    And your office, well, just beautiful!! I PINNED it!!
    And I stalk, I mean, look at House of Turquoise EVERYDAY. Sometimes twice.
    Great site for inspiration. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  21. Stylelinx

    Cool room- love the floors! Great obsession!

  22. Nicole

    This room is beautiful. I like spending summers outdoors, but I could waste days in this room! The warm colors and white work together perfectly. Thanks for sharing your obsession.

  23. Glenda Childers

    It is fun to get inspiration from your … obsession.:)

  24. Bettsi

    As soon as I opened your post, I said, “That is a very Melissa room!” I can understand your obsession. I have a Pottery Barn room I’m currently in love with: It’s a little surprising to me that with all the great inspiration on the net, the one I pin digitally AND have taped up in my house is a catalog picture, but there’s just something about it!

  25. Christi

    I love the grasscloth wallpaper. I have been telling my husband that I wanted to do wainscotting down our hallway and then do grasscloth paper above it. A total copy of the hallway Sarah did on Sarah’s Farmhouse, but I don’t think she’ll ever come to my home, so it’s okay! lol


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