Embracing Fall {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}

Embracing Fall {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}
Embracing Fall {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}

I‘m not sure exactly when I did my first 20 Little Things post, but I know I did one in 2008 called 20 Little Things to Treasure in Autumn. At first, making a list like this seems a little silly and maybe even a waste of time, but I can tell for sure every single time I write one it gets me more in the mood for the season ahead.

Best of all, I feel a little more grateful, a little more inspired and a little more focused on what really matters to me.

It’s worth doing. I promise.

Try a list of your own! Then link up your post at the bottom of this post. You can even create a list on FB and link it up here, you don’t even have to have a blog! Let’s ALL do one, shall we? You don’t have to make yours fancy. A simple list will do. Or get creative. Just do it and come back to link up!

And before you go write your list, leave a comment here to be entered into this sweet giveaway!

Embracing Fall {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}

As a special fall treat for y’all, one of my awesome sponsors, Susabelle Home & Gift Boutique, is giving away some lovely gifts to help inspire & pamper you for the season ahead! So sweet!

Chris is offering a delicious smelling Fall candle, Fall foliage notecards, soy milk body lotion to pamper you, & a cake stand kitchen towel for a little nesting.

Would you LIKE her shop on Facebook as a little kind thank you? And remember her if you need a little gift for someone this fall or winter!

All you have to do to enter this surprise giveaway today, my dears, is leave a comment on this post proclaiming your love of Fall Nesting!

And then be sure to enter a link to your 20 Little Things You Love About Fall list!

See you back here for more of the Fall Nesting series and a special surprise from JACK!
Did you see my Fall peacock wreath?


  1. Fun giveaway! What a great way to welcome Fall!

  2. so sweet!

  3. I’m a fall- nesting newbie and loving all the wonderful, creative ideas!

  4. I LOVE your cute graphic!! Now I’m off to “party” with all!
    Happy Fall!

  5. I love the colors of Fall and all the scents of Fall but my one true love is the get togethers with family and friends

  6. I love your list! I agree with everything on it. If a fall day included all 20 things on your list, I believe that day would be pretty near perfect.

  7. Thanks for hosting Melissa! I love your fall nesting series it is one of the little things I love and look forward to!

  8. Great list you have and what a great giveaway.
    I linked up, thanks!

  9. I love your blog! I also love Fall. It makes me feel like baking, crafting, lighting fall candles and decorating. I am excited for this Linky series. I have a teaching blog that I have been spending a lot of time on and am excited for this opportunity to focus on my personal blog!
    The Robin’s Nest
    Fun for First

  10. Trying to nest for Fall in California 96 degree weather…but the doing of it brings about a cool feeling.

  11. Susan Eikenberry says

    Love all the fall colors!!!!

  12. fall is perfection! i love breaking out the fall candles!

  13. You’re so right…creating a list like this really does help us to be thankful for the little things. I need to do this at Christmas too…it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness that we forget about what’s great about the season. :)

  14. I love fall and the cool, clear fall mornings!

  15. fall is the best! I love going to the mall look at the displays everywhere and the cool air!

  16. Hi Melissa, I’m so happy about Jack! hahaha…We have pork roast in the oven as we speak, yum…one of our favorites too!
    Have a lovely evening!

  17. Fall nesting is wonderful! I love making lists like this – as you say, they help focus. Happy Fall to you, Melissa.

  18. Fall is scented candles, pretty mums and pumpkins, the scent of burning leaves, cool evenings, hay rides, cotton fields being harvested and so much more! Mmmmm!! My favorite time of year!

  19. It really wasn’t hard to come up with a list of 20 reasons why I love fall and after reading yours, darn, I forgot the pumpin lattes I look forward to every year.
    Thanks for hosting.

    • Ha ha ha I’m finding the same thing as I’m going through the lists, so many things I forgot to mention :-) I guess that just means there is TONS to love about Fall!

  20. Fall is my FAVORITE! I love crunchy leaves and fall candles! =)

  21. I have to agree with everything on your list. Mm, pumpkin spice lattes! That first one of the season is oh so special.

    Great giveaway too!

    I’m off to look at everyone’s lists.

  22. I don’t know anyone who loves fall more than I do but I know I am in good company! Thanks for these great lists!

  23. Fall is my favorite season to decorate for pumpkins, leaves, so many pretty things

  24. hey melissa!

    i love your graphic! it’s perfect.
    thanks for the party, happy october!
    i always love your fall parties!


  25. hey melissa!

    i love your graphic! it’s perfect.
    thanks for the party, happy october!
    i always love your fall parties!


  26. It’s challenging to be a fall nester having lived in Florida for the past 7 years. Now I’m living temporarily in southern California where it’s actually a little cooler and I can’t wait to wear my boots! What a lovely giveaway! I liked Susabelle Home & Gift Boutique on Facebook.

  27. I love fall.. i wish i could do more nesting this year but we just moved to a new house and we are just plain “nesting” trying to get settled! Oh and doing some major projects at the same time haha..
    I love this giveaway package! That candle would be perfect to add some fall to the air at our place!

  28. I love fall nesting! My palette inside is aqua, cream, and tan. Outside is traditional fall colors. Love it! :)

  29. Great giveaway! And I love your “things” about Fall. Such a lovely little list.

  30. What a fun linky party! This is my first Autumn blogging, so am having a blast.

    Thank you for hosting! I like your list!

    And ty for the opportunity on the giveaway! : – )

  31. Wow, I have really enjoyed your site, just found it last week and you are truly inspirational and talented! I was forced to remodel when our frige threw a water party while away for a week ( parents 60th anniversary, ain’t that cool) so since all the wood flooring, subfloors had to go why not knock out the kitchen wall and make the porch a part of the kitchen.Whew what was I thinking but I have appreciated reading about your adventures and realize at one time or another drywall dust was mostly likely an annoying part of your life for a while. So fall nesting is getting real, purchased a bunch of pumpkins from our farmer friend today, it has rained to hard to be outside but it’s being to look a lot like fall.

  32. Thank you for hosting the linky and giveaway! I am a long time fan of your site, and am anticipating Fall so much! I say anticipating because it’s been 100+ degrees here in Southern California for the last week! Have a blessed week!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  33. Thanks for hosting this fun party. I love Fall!

  34. Fall is my favorite season…..childhood, present and future dreams all wrapped together.

  35. Yea! Fall!!! Love waking up to your contest?

  36. Denise Streit says

    I love the fragrances and colors of fall.

  37. Generally I’m not a fall person–much more of a spring/summer sort of girl, but this year is coinciding with the end of my first trimester and I’m feeling better (most of the time) so I’m loving getting to all the fun things I normally do just in slightly colder weather!

  38. Melissa, your word art is very cool. Will you frame it and show it off in your home? I have one that I don’t like nearly so well. I’m wondering if you’d allow me to print yours off instead? Thanks so much for hosting this yearly event. It’s a fun one!

  39. I’ve been a folllower of yours for quite a while and I especially enjoy all of the Autumn nesting inspiration! This is my absolute favorite time of year – the pumpkin rolls, the weather, the leaves, and it’s also the season I became a mommy. :) Happy Fall!

  40. Please enter me! I love fall nesting!
    Mrs. H.

  41. love the fall colors

  42. I love Fall! Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway.

  43. I do love fall and need to get to my decorating before it slips away!

  44. Anne Marie says

    Love fall nesting especially anything pumpkin related.

  45. I do love Fall – wish it would hurry up and get here! I want to move the firepit out of the garage and get some cozy throws for the patio to ‘nest’ there while we toast marshmallows…

  46. Erin Buchanan says

    ~ Mmmm fall ! Sweaters, boots, mums & white pumpkins. You can’t get any better than this season. Thanks for this chance. :} ~

  47. loving a new type of fall nesting this year as I adjust to fall in the south. a whole different ball game then fall in the northeast.

  48. Hi Melissa,
    Happy Autumn! My favorite season. So happy to celebrate it with you and follow your series again this year. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years!
    Your Friend,

  49. Happy Fall Melissa! I’m all linked up. Thanks for a great giveaway too. ~ Ann

  50. I always look forward to this link party! It’s always inspiring to focus on such happy and positive thoughts and events in our everyday lives. Thank you for hosting once again!


  51. Suzanne G. says

    My favortie season of all:)

  52. Sherry Morris says

    Love Nesting! This is going to be fun!

  53. Even though it is still warm here in Ga, your site is getting me so”inspired” to get the fall decorating finished. Love it.

  54. I LOVE fall. Just wish it would last longer :)

  55. I love fall! :)

  56. love, love, love fall! The colors, the scents, the weather! hoodies and bon fires! love! :)

  57. I love all the coziness of fall nesting! Thanks for a fun giveaway :)

  58. Love fall nesting! Especially in the Pacific Northwest! These fall days have been so glorious!

  59. Another Fall favorite… bittersweet!

  60. Ahhhh…..Autumn! The most beautiful time of year! I love the cool, crispness in the air, snuggling with my honey under a fleece blanket, the beauty in the colors of the trees against the bright blue sky, the varying sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins and squash, slow car rides in the country to admire the hues of fall, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg as I bake apple pie and pumpkin bread, the sound of crunching leaves as we walk on the State Park trails, and looking forward to cozying up with my family in front of the fireplace to enjoy each others presence.

  61. Well i love your list :) Going to pin it to my board.


  62. I absolutely LOVE fall…and I do hope I win :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. Love love your list Melissa, reading it makes me smile and also reminds me of goodies that I forgot to mention on my list, but, really, the list can only be so long, Fall is such a spectacular season!
    Thanks for the surprise giveaway opp, Happy Fall!!
    xOxO Nerina

  64. the giveaway is so sweet. what a cute collection of fall things. i am all cozied up and ready for the cooler weather with leaves and pumpkins around the house. i’m double nesting cuz baby number two comes in 5 weeks!!

  65. I love fall. The trees are SO beautiful right now and the air is so crisp. I gathered up my white ironstone from around the house and got the brown transferware out. Piled on the knitted and fur throws. Put rugs down on floors that have been bare all summer. Have been making pots and pots of soup. I’m a nesting fool! The hardest thing for me is hauling out the boots and giving up my flip-flops. :(
    <3 Maggie

  66. I love fall nesting and I also love those pretty giveaway items!

  67. I love the leaves changing color, the excitement over pumpkin patch adventures, cider, soup, sweaters, and boots. So happy to be surrounded by so many others who love it too!

  68. Oooh..awesome giveaway! Thank you! Going to write my post now :)

  69. Emily Gomez says

    Love fall! Thanks for hosting the giveaway–lovely!

  70. I have to admit this is my favorite season. I love the smells and sounds and cooler weather! I actually started nesting early this year, I guess I was tired of all the hot weather! Dianntha

  71. Hi Melissa! Blessings to you today. This is the perfect day for me to catch up on the Nesting Party entries. I am really under the weather, and though I’m trying to keep up with things around the house… I also need to do a lot of resting – so I have a great opportunity to sit down and read everyone’s lists!

    Hope you’re having a great day! ~Sally

  72. I’m loving having pumpkins out by the front door and creating a little bit of fall to welcome me home each day.

  73. Vickie Boyer says

    Fall my absolute favorite time of the entire year.

  74. Always one of the favorite parts of my day reading your posts-thanks for giving me things to smile about! Off to check out the nesters!

  75. What a fun fall giveaway! Thanks!

  76. I love fall, my decorations have been up for a month now!

  77. Oh how I love fall…but I fear we will miss it here in our area…still 100 today :{
    I have been so busy lately….I need to slow down and prepare a little fall something….I did have have fall dinner….does that count?

  78. Yes, I love fall! It is such a relief from the extreme summer heat and there is so much to enjoy. Love the pumpkins and mums. Thank you for offering the sweet give away. Also, thanks for this link up – it is nice to just take the time to think about the things that enrich our lives.

  79. Fall nesting is the best. I often bring the outside in for my kids to experiment, build, or craft with. The other day my husband came home to find a variety of Fall items in our living room. I heard him say under his breath, “Now why are these things here? Oh ya, creativity.” So glad my man understands me, and my love if Fall!

  80. Melissa – Thanks for throwing this party. It’s my first time! So fun! I love your twenty things “list.” How did you do that? Very cool!

  81. I do love fall nesting. I love the smell in the air, the colors and flavors of fall.

  82. I love fall! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and link party!

  83. I love fall! I LOVE FALL!!! Ok, so now you know. {BIG GRIN}

    I haven’t been by in awhile…I’ve missed your blog. What a great day to stop by and visit, love your list!!! I am in the mood, need to order wood for bonfires, get out the hoodies and plan some majorly fun, fall, festivities for our friends!

    Fall greetings from the south-“Happy Fall Y’all!!!”

  84. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Being in upstate New York makes it a magical time of year. :)

  85. I had fun looking for beautiful, simple, and lovely things that prepare myself for Autumn. I’m Fall Nesting!

  86. Fall is my favorite season love the colors smells pumpkins! Thanks for a great surprise give away.

  87. Fall the best time of the year, the Fair and crisp air. Oh yea can’t forget beautiful pansies and candy corn. Happy fall y’all!

  88. Done! I was so tired last night I could finish…I hope it’s ok.

  89. Candace Carr says

    I love hunting for new pumpkin varieties and collecting Halloween art.

  90. I love fall because it means homemade soup and bread. Now if the temperatures around here would drop below 90 degrees we could enjoy some!

  91. Melissa,
    Thanks for including those of us who don’t have a blog. I often feel like I have something to share, but because I don’t have a blog, I have no “link”. I am one of your quite fans….I look forward to your posts each day and can hardly wait to see what you have to share. Thanks for being You and sharing that gift with us!

  92. Love all of your 20 things..AND putting the warmer comforter on the bed, football food parties, cinnamon/pumpkin ANYthing, and the smell of fireplaces or burning leaves in the air :)

  93. i love fall…however it was 102 degrees here yesterday
    so kind of hard to embrace warm yummy soup and
    cozy fall sweaters!!

  94. Michelle T says

    I LOVE all things Fall! Great give away!!

  95. I love this blog (and fall) so much! I find myself on your website often and leave feeling happy and inspired.

  96. LOVE the graphic you created with your list!I loved making my list as it made me feel so grateful and lucky!
    I giggled tho when I was reading yours and read, “Fuzzy chili and cornbread”!! ( I know it was fuzzy slippers!) but it made me laugh! ;)

    Yesterday we had the perfect fall day, rain, and leaves falling…today, skies have cleared and it is HOT out! But I like that about fall. :)

  97. What a great giveaway! I have enjoyed decorating for fall this year more than I ever have before thanks to the wonderful bloggers like you who inspire me everyday! Thanks, Melissa

  98. Please enter me, I love fall nesting!!!

  99. Just as a pregnant woman gets her house ready for her baby. Just as a bird gathers the stuff to make a warm and cozy nest. Just as a person prepares their heart for worship, and just as a mom goes shopping for winter clothes, I am preparing for the holidays. The days that radiate so many beautiful colors, and things that reflect the beauty of a creator. I love the Fall Nesting Series!

  100. carol jane says

    I love sitting by a fire with a hot something to drink, something yummy to eat, and sharing it with my wonderful family.

  101. Mary Melber says

    The colors changing on the trees, so pretty. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway.

  102. Janine Coleman says

    My husband’s favorite thing to say is, “Nothing beats the fall.” Of course for him that means NFL Sunday Ticket and the start of basketball season. But for me it means a slower pace than summer (no running around to the pool and vacation plans), and a time to reflect on our blessings, big and small. A time for thanksgiving (literally), and to enjoy time with extended family and friends.

  103. Kristi Bailey says

    I love all things fall…the smells, the colors, the food, and of course the fashion!

  104. love fall colors and scents! great giveaway!

  105. I love Fall because it smells so good!

  106. love the morning mist of fall .. especially when it touches your eyes lids!!

  107. We love Fall here in PA….sweet daughter’s birthday
    in 3 weeks. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. Not much of a chill in the air yet down South, but doesn’t mean I can’t start fall nesting…

  109. Love the fall nesting series! I found some pine cones up in the mountains and I’m going to put them with my pumpkins that I just ordered from Bountiful Baskets on my front porch to accent it! Thanks!

  110. I love fall!! Thanks so much for this series! I’m really going to enjoy it. : )

  111. Can’t wait to carve pumpkins!

  112. I enjoy this awesome site to dream about items to enjoy in my home. Fall is my favorite season as it coincides with my birthday as well as my Mom’s. I enjoy the crisp mornings, the lovely sense of change as tree leaves start to drift downward to expose their intricate architecture of branches. Squirrels do lively dances on my fence while my kitties sniff the air and glare at the squirrels for daring to be so close to their “home.” My cats are indoor only and thus have to be content with a changing whiff from the back door of new scents. Pumpkin patches mean I need to incorporate some recipes to use them for a pie or bread. That’s not twenty reasons but enough to let you know how much Fall inspires me and blesses me with high expectations of a season full of thanksgiving.

  113. Castle Swanson says

    I don’t do sun and can’t do heat…but fall is PERFECT for me, whether I get to nest or not. Got a little pumpkin display going on in the dining room, but other than that it’s busy life as normal. At least I can see the display from 3 other rooms, so my little piece of fall is there to make me smile!

  114. Amy Murillo says

    I love Fall Nesting – the very best time of year; beautiful colors, snuggly sweaters, soup simmering and the first fire of the season in the fireplace. Thanks so much for the surprise giveaway for a lucky person! Amy M.

  115. I love the colors of fall and the weather is always gorgeous!

  116. I adore fall nesting :) Pumpkins, flannel, darker colors & thicker/fuzzier textures … it’s all wonderful :)

  117. Usually I miss Fall nesting because Fall doesn’t come to AZ til after Christmas. So thankful to be in MI for a few weeks this year to enjoy all that Fall has to offer and decorate a bit while it is actually Fall.

  118. Fall is warm and comforting–nesting!!

  119. I’m enjoying the Fall nesting, Melissa. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. I love fall! The beautiful aspen trees out here in Colorado, cool mornings and warm afternoons, FOOTBALL, juicy crisp apples and apple cider! And my favorite pumpkin patch!

  121. Kate Reynolds says

    Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I’m looking forward to this series!

  122. I absolutely love fall! Apples, apple crisp, pumpkin patches, falling colorful leaves…all of it!

  123. I will be linking up soon. LOVE FALL!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway. Janita

  124. I love love all the pumpkins and the orange everywhere

  125. I love all pumpkins and all the warm colors! Oh and nestling in by the fire and listening to it crackle!

  126. Fall is my favorite time of year!!

  127. I love all the beautiful fall colors and the cool nights.

  128. Fall -what’s not to love??? Shorter days, longer nights with your sweeties by the fireplace and a pumpkin latte? YEAH!!!

  129. Thank you, Melissa, for the great meme! Happy Fall!

  130. I love fall because it is HALLOWEEN time! Ghosts and goblins, oh my!!

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