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Black & White Christmas Tree {DIY Silhouette & Washi Tape Gift Tag Ornaments}

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Master Bedroom, my house | 18 comments

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While the contractors were finishing up more details around our kitchen, we decided to put together a second little Christmas Tree! We had picked up some cute silhouette rubber stamps, gift tags and Washi tape at Michaels’ Craft back when we were working on our Woodland Christmas tree! We thought they might make a fun rainy day DIY project.

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You all know how I love writing up a complicated DIY tutorials, so let’s give it a shot shall we?

Don’t let the long list of steps scare you off.


  1. Stamp the cards with the rubber stamps.
  2. Stick the tape randomly on tags.
  3. For some ornaments, glue patterned paper to the tag.
  4. Hole punch tag.
  5. Hang on tree with strings.

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There you go. Now you’ve got yourself some gift tag ornaments on a tree.

I tried to think of a cute or clever theme name for my tree, but all that seemed to work was a Black & White Tree. I found the white tree at Kohl’s a few weeks ago.

Two trees down! Not bad, considering my house has been a wreck with all the projects going on, right? Good news, though, today the last contractor left until after the holidays! YAHOOO! There is a bit more painting to do, but it will happen after Christmas. So for the next few weeks, my house is mine. ALL MINE. {BIG SMILE}.

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Linky party will go live Friday night at 10PM ET, 7PM PST so get a jump on things and link up then!

White tree: Kohls
Joy to the World canvas: Red Letter Words 


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    This is adorable Melissa!! And now I must find out what Washi tape is… oh and finding a super cute tin pail has been on my to do list for the last week. I want to do a tree for our back porch : )

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    Love the tree! Can you tell me more about the wall hanging in the background? Was this something you made or bought? Thanks!

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    Love this! I’m obsessed with silhouettes at the moment so its great to know Michaels has a stamp…I’ll have to head over asap :)

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    My second tree this year is “The Beverage Family” … all my small cups, mugs, coffee makers, starbucks ornaments etc.

    I would call your tree, “Gift Tag Goodness.”
    Enjoy your home … all to yourselves.

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    melissa, this is adorable. I love a good silhouette and just about anything in black and white as you well know. My gift wrap this year is all black and white with touches of red. This tree would look perfect in my house this year or any year for that matter.
    Come by when you have a chance to see the snow globe I made out of a cloche, it is all about PARIS!!
    Merry Christmas,

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    It’s so hard to decorate when the house is upside down. Love the black and white tree!

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    I love tutorials with simple, easy to understand directions! (: And love that black and white tree! xo, Faith

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    How cute! Many many years ago (before you could buy trees in pretty buckets or urns) I started putting my Christmas tree in a fab tall urn that I have . It lifted the tree gave it presence. But I had to fill scads of zip lock bags with pea gravel and pack them around the tree to hold it up while it was in the urn. It worked though.
    How did you get this tree to stay erect in your pretty bucket?

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    I love your tree and the wall art too! The combination just looks beautiful together!

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    Love your idea of the second tree..would you believe I love pigs and I have a Christmas tree with all pig ornaments.ho ho ho

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    Melissa, that is so creative. Black and white, now there is a combo you dont see too much at Christmas time. You are kinda teasing us now, holding back on that kitchen!! LOL!! Im waiting anxiously for the reveal. Have a blessed season to all of you.

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    Clever! And really pretty, too.

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    Darn it, everyone has a cute little white tree and I don’t! Well, I’m fixing that tomorrow and buying one :) Love the little tags as well. I am happy to say that I am ready for the home tour linky next week. I cannot even believe it but somehow, the house is pretty much decorated :) I inboxed you earlier as well with a question. Have a great night!

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    Oh those were complicated instructions.

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    How neat! I never would’ve thought a black and white xmas tree would look good until I saw the pictures!

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    Pinning this for next year….so cute!


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