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Downsize and Declutter Your Home

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Organization

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Downsize and Declutter Your Home

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I‘ve downsized our home and decluttered our belongings a few times and it wasn’t always easy! But today I am sharing a few tips that might help you turn your home into the calm retreat you want it to be! Come be inspired to declutter and downsize with my article on The Decluttered Home!

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  1. Debra @ MsMoozys Open House

    Love that article, even since I read a book about 10 years ago I can not have clutter around me for very long, I might have to do some purging once again soon myself. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. :-)

  2. Heidi

    Thanks for these tips! My next door neighbor is in the process of selling his house and he’s rented three dumpsters already to clear out the 40+ years of clutter he’s accumulated. Seeing all of that “stuff” shocked me and made me want to declutter my house immediately!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh wow, yes, it would be inspiring to keep up on it over the years! But it is amazing how it sneaks up on you!

  3. Teresa P.

    Great tips! I have been in the process of de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff in my home that I no longer used or had a need for anymore. Its a very liberating feeling not to have all that clutter and useless “stuff” in your life.
    It was a real eye-opener when my mother-in-law had to go into an assisted living facility and my husband and I had to clean out her small apartment. We thought it would be a piece of cake since she lived in a small place but were we ever surprised. She had closets and cabinets so packed with stuff you couldn’t fit an ant farm in it! Most of it she hadn’t used in years. It took us days to go through everything and sort out what to sell, keep or donate. I made up my mind right away that after we got through with this task, we would immediately go home and start going through our attic, closets, etc and begin the process of de-cluttering.

  4. Tamela

    Love the article! The only problem I have whenever I declutter… is that it frees up more space for me to add more stuff!…LOL! But seriously, I have completed at least 7 decluttering and organizational projects in my home this year….yeah me! Thanks for sharing Melissa.

  5. Chloe Crabtree

    I spend a lot of time on a 41 foot sailboat in the summer. On the boat I often read books about people who live on their sailboats. Thinking about that, makes you really think about how much is necessary and how much is just extra “fluff”. I am pretty good at de-cluttering, I think my husband and I are in the scaling down phase of our lives instead of the accumulating stages, and I find I really like things clean and organized.


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