Inspired Christmas {Stairways}

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}BHG

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}Midwest Living

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}Style at Home

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}Country Living

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}Centsational Girl

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}House & Home

Inspired Christmas {Stairways}My staircase from my 2013 Christmas House Tour

Are you decorating your stairway for Christmas this year?

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Inspired Christmas {Stairways}

Click here or the banner above to shop my favorite Christmas decor!


  1. gorgeous!! every last one of them!!

  2. I love the look of a simple garland, which is funny since mine is red and leopard lol. They are all beautiful!

  3. Melissa–I love the fresh greens on all the stairways, can hardly pick a favorite! Though Style At Home certainly did something unusual with her paper cones holding bouquets of pine boughs. We may not even have Christmas in this house this year because of the kitchen transformation, don’t know what the future holds in that department. Also wish to say that the Bloom Workshop sounds so exciting, I even thought of signing up myself and visiting a cousin in Seattle at the same time–but I think we’ll be elsewhere. And Decluttering is what I try to do, and your reinforcement was just fine! Gotta run….

  4. No, but then my stairway is hidden from view unlike these that take center stage as it were. They look wonderful!

  5. I don’t have a staircase to decorate. If I did, I’d use a garland of just “plain” greenery like you did last year. No bows, no lights, no extras. It’s my favorite off all the ones shown. Simple natural beauty.

  6. These are all beautiful examples plus some great entry ideas! I believe I now need red boots :)

  7. I finally have one, so I better decorate it! Love all these ideas!!

  8. I don’t have a staircase at this house! Our first house did and I loved to decorate it for Christmas! Here I have a picket fence and I decorate those with garlands and lights!


  9. Yes, I am. The Style at Home staircase is lovely. We’ll be hanging stockings on the staircase this year because with the gas fireplace all the chocolate would melt if the stockings hung over it!

  10. CherylMericle says:

    Wow thanks so much for the ideas! I am truly inspired.

  11. Nancy of Lake Stevens says:

    These are such beautiful staircases. My dream staircases.As this will be our last home (been it 3 years now) I will never have one like these. But somehow there must be a way to make ours look similar. Our stairway goes straight up from the front door and then turns left. The straight part is framed by half or pony walls. I plan to paint the handrails and the wall caps an espresso color as it will pick up colors in our living room. But I cannot figure out what architectural trim to put on the pony walls framing the staircase. Any ideas or pictures?

    This is my first visit to your site. I am so impressed and can see why the BHG readers honored your blog as they did. Congratulations.

  12. We always hang our stockings on the stairway rail! I love how it spices up the entry!

  13. Oh, how I long for a staircase. Especially during the holidays.

  14. I was SO excited to see Tessa’s home featured in the Midwest Living..(Nine and Sixteen blog!)

  15. I did not know where to put my stockings this year, now I do!!! I also adore decorating with white for the holidays so I am considering putting those long white bows somewhere in my house. They are dramatic and classy.

  16. Can I just say how much I love the hickory floors? We did that in a former house, (baseball bats are made of hickory, that was our inspiration), but never saw anyone use it. I miss that look so much, it’s beautiful!

  17. I’m loving the green and white for the holidays! Style at Home’s garland and stockings is just perfect! Boxwood is so beautiful for this time of year. Since I don’t have access to boxwood I may have to buy some wreaths from Trader Joes and use the branches to make a small garland for our mantle. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspirations!

  18. I appreciated every inch and LOVED this version of Haalelujah!!! Thank you Melissa.

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