My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

Welcome to my Christmas House Tour! I’m so glad you came by today. If you are new here, welcome! We have lived in our house for almost five years. You can read the whole crazy 6 year condensed house tale here in a new post. We recently completed a kitchen remodel and are slowly but surely making this newer house our home by adding personal touches and character. (I’m an old house lover at heart, but it’s been fun having a brand new builder house!) Feel free to follow along the journey into the new year, or search around to see what I’ve been up to so far! My regular home tour is right here.

I love a coastal rustic style with a bit of whimsy to keep things fun and festive, but I definitely keep our Christmas simple. I enjoy adding a little bit of Christmas here and there as the whim strikes — my decor evolves all season long so it always feels fresh to me. And if you are a regular reader, you probably know things don’t stay the same very long. I just love nesting and fluffing and puttering around with what I have to make things feel new again.

Feel free to come on in and look around and stay as long as you like! The coffee is on! :-)

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

I’ll have more posts coming up with Christmas decor details and tutorials I couldn’t fit into this post (including our decorated front porch and a tutorial for fun Christmas project we did!), so be sure to come back to see more! 

This post is already so long and full of pictures, I’m just gonna pretty much keep quiet now and let you look! I will come back as I have time and add links to projects or related posts about a room, or where to find stuff!

My Christmas House Tour

DIY Bottle Lamp & Layered Wreath

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

The kitchen remodel

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

Mug rack is from World Market.   Silent night art – via this collection at Jones Design Co.

My Christmas House Tour

We made the wood chunk garland and mason jar scenes.

My Christmas House Tour

I put Jack & Lily out on the deck so they wouldn’t unravel the tree and jump on you while you took the tour, but of course that means they are outside digging and making a big mess. Sigh. Good thing they are cute. And, Lily looks like she is wearing mud boots! OK, back inside to the tour. I’ll bring them in for a bath later :-).

My Christmas House Tour
My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

For those who have asked, the dining room lantern can be found here!

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

A couple of weeks after I took this picture, on a whim I added plates to my wall, so below is how it looks now!

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

Tips for how I hung everything on the mantel

We used a birch branch we found on a walk to hang ornaments and stockings from on our Christmas mantel this year!

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

Here is a post explaining how to make our rustic Starfish Christmas Wreath!

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour   My Christmas House Tour

Post on Finding JOY in simple cardboard letters here!
Portal mirror from Lulu & Georgia, Joy to the World art via a collection at Jones Design Studio

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

Map wall as seen on left {subway art via Red Letter Words and light via Barnlight Electric}

My Christmas House Tour

Sheet music art from this collection at Jones Design Co.

My Christmas House Tour

My Christmas House Tour

The beautiful Christmas canvas above is from Red Letter Words.

My Christmas House Tour

The Silent Night sheet music art on the chalkboard and the Oh Holy Night print in the kitchen are a part of this awesome Christmas collection at Jones Design Company! (thank you Emily!)

My Christmas House Tour

You can see my Christmas front porch and the tutorial for my DIY boxwood wreath chandelier via the links!

My Christmas House Tour

PS. If you are on Pinterest, I’d love it if you’d pin as many photos from my Christmas house as you like, including the collage above to help promote the tour to your friends (and so you can remember to come back again!). Just let your cursor hover over the image you like and you’ll see a pin it button.

Thanks for coming by! Check out my Christmas House in 2011 and how much things have changed over the past couple of years!

My Christmas House Tour

Here is a free gift for you! Hand drawn woodland animal gift tags you can download and print! Plus some ideas for gift wrapping using items you already have around the house!

My Christmas House Tour

For more ideas, see our 25 ideas for Christmas decorating and crafting here and my latest 2014 Christmas House Tour here!

Start at the beginning of the Housewalk with Jennifer Rizzo! Or, carry on to the next stop, #3 on the Holiday Housewalk …  Thistlewood Farms! Enjoy! 

My Christmas House Tour


  1. I love all your natural elements and especially the pretty dining room! Your flooring is beautiful too, love the natural variations. Your pups are so cute- I had to smile cause mine have ‘to help’ too.

  2. Your home is GORGEOUS. So festive and welcoming – classic, yet not overdone. I love it!

  3. have i told you before that i love your kitchen so much i could kiss it?
    your home is always such a delight to peek into
    & that jack and lilly make it even more adorable!!
    merry christmas

  4. Sweet Melissa – your home is absolutely gorgeous. I love the details in every room! xo

  5. Melissa – everything is so beautiful! And of course, thanks for letting jack and lily join in too!9

  6. How lovely!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the mantel , that is my FAVE!

  8. I want to live in your house! It’s just beautiful, and homey, and comfortable-looking. Well done!

  9. Gorgeous! Love it all, Melissa! Yikes! I have so much work to do!

  10. Just lovely! Your holiday decor is simple and perfect, lots of great ideas! Enjoy your holidays!

  11. Hey friend! Beautiful as always! Can you tell me where you found the red “Oh Holy Night” print? I would love one this year! Thanks!

  12. Lovely details. Where can I find the wall clock on your first pic, it’s just what I’ve been looking for!
    Especially enjoy your selection of cookbooks :)


  13. Lovely! Merry Christmas!

  14. Just enough, not overdone, a delightful welcome to this Nativity season. Eye-catching, heart warming, but not overwhelming.

    I LOVE it!


  15. You have such a beautiful home! I love how you have decorated your mantle.

  16. Beautiful! I’m in love with your big, blue jug lamp. I love the pops of red against all the more natural and neutral elements.

  17. You’ve outdone yourself, Melissa! Your Christmas home is the perfect mix of class and whimsy.
    Merry Christmas!!

  18. Absolutely beautiful, Melissa! (I pinned three pictures as I could not settle on one.)

  19. beautiful!!!! the dining room is my favorite, but it is all so gorgeous! and your photos are so crisp and clear!

  20. WOW!! Everything looks amazing! I am drooling over your kitchen. Thank you for sharing your home and I will be going back and looking again:-) Tell me about your coffee maker/cappuccino maker. Do you love it?

  21. Your home looks amazing as usual! Thank you so much for being a part of the tour. I love all of your touches, and your tree with the fireplace is beautiful.I love the huge,white poinsettia’s!

  22. Holy cow! AMAZING! I am drooling right now!

  23. Great job! Your house looks lovely! I am dying to get back to our house and decorate!

  24. Lovely tour! Your home looks so beautiful! Happy holidays!

  25. Where do your lovely red glasses come from? Are they vintage? Do you know who makes them? Thanks!

  26. Your home is so lovely. Enjoying stop 2 of the home tour. I think I’ll share your links in my blog, too, as I just started posting my Christmas decorating and I think my readers would love to see all of your beautiful work. Your home has such a freshness to it. Open, airy, cheery. Love it. Thanks.

  27. Oh, Melissa, it is all just so beautiful! Every single detail is wonderful.

  28. Everything looks beautiful! You really do decorate every room, lol. I can barely manage my great room. I was just reminded looking at your pictures to let you know I did turn my sofa towards the fireplace after reading your post about rearranging your living room furniture, and I love the way it looks. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Beautiful ! Love your holiday home !

  30. Lisa Bivona says

    it is inspiring, just beautiful.

  31. Absolutely beautiful friend!!!!! All of your touches make for a magical scene in your home!!!!

  32. It looks so beautiful. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home.

  33. Completely amazing~ I love your home and Christmas tour!!! Sooo pretty! I decorate the whole house too~ love your style~ pinning away and happy to be joining you on the Housewalk this year!!

  34. Just beautiful! Love your home and the simplicity of the decorations, they all blend so lovely. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the white subway tile wall and the grey painted cabinets. Thank you for sharing!

  35. Your home is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone. I hope your holidays are merry and bright.
    Have a great day.

  36. Your home is stunning and I love your decor. I especially love your tree done mostly in white, so beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  37. Can I just move in? Your house really evokes a feeling of comfort and peace even through the computer monitor!

  38. Melissa,
    Love all your special Holiday touches, I just pinned away, thank you always for inspiring us all out in blogland,

  39. How absolutely lovely! Just beautiful!

  40. Melissa your home is just lovely. The greenery and natural touches go so perfectly with your rooms. I just love all the natural colors and the red plaid!

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season :-)

  41. so cute! I’ve never been here before ~ your home is darling and the holiday decor is so sweet! xoxo, tracie

  42. It is absolutely beautiful! I love every nook and cranny :)

  43. Oh my word. I am in love with it all! The colours, the elegant rustic simplicity… everything. Some of my favourite elements are the hanging ornaments on the mantel and the Christmas mason jars!

  44. Everything is just gorgeous! Love how you have decorated so beautifully for Christmas, thanks for opening your home to us!

  45. Melissa, Your Christmas tour (as always) is magical. Love Jack and Lily’s mud boots, too funny. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Merry Christmas, Sarah

  46. It is very beautiful. What I think is the most striking though is sense of peaceful simplicity.

  47. So lovely! Are all your small boxwood wreaths real or artificial? If they are not real, oh please do tell where you got them! Also the lovely large chalkboard, details please?!

  48. Sooooo lovely!! I felt so serene while walking thru. I do have one question about the lighted twigs in the milk pitcher in kitchen……..where, of where, did you get those? Ok, I’m gonna be really dramatic here….but must have those. LOVE! You can come decorate my home aannnnnnyy time!!!!

  49. ….and, one more thing, LOVE LOVE your tree and mantle. <3 <3

  50. I love your entire home! Just gorgeous! And those doggies make it perfect!

  51. Melissa,

    I got up from my computer and was a little bit light headed. Must be all the swooning. It’s so lovely and a love the natural vibe. It takes talent to look so simple, yet so yummy. I’m obsessed with the pillow with the animals on the front, and lots more. I know it takes so much time, but would love to see a resource list. Thanks for the inspiration!


  52. Melissa,

    Your home looks beautiful! Love all the boxwood wreaths and tartan, and beautiful touches everywhere. I better get on the stick with my decorating. The only thing I’ve got in common are the dog mud boots :)

    Thank you for the tour!!

  53. Janie H Dale says

    Everything it’s beautiful!!! love the trees. Thanks for sharing your home!!!

  54. You have a beautiful home . . love your style. Pillow love for sure. Your kitchen remodel sure came out nice. Blessings! Sandy

  55. Melissa, what a simply lovely idea for your mantle! Perfection! And those puppies! Absolutely adorable!

  56. You have a very beautiful home and I love all your Christmas decor!


  57. Wow, your house is SO beautiful! I love your kitchen especially. It’s looking so very festive & pretty :)

  58. Melissa your home looks absolutely stunning!! I just love every single detail and it is all gorgeous. You did an amazing job and I’m so thrilled to be part of the housewalk with you! :-)

  59. I almost never comment on anyone’s blog…I just ooh and ahhh and move on to the laundry! However, your Christmas designed home is! So gorgeous and so tasteful. One of those homes I will enjoy going over and over studying every last beautiful detail. Well done.

  60. Just gorgeous! Your home has changed so much. It now is full of character and warmth. I adore it

  61. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us all. So simple and beautiful. My favourite part is your little Christmas tree in the dining room with the red ribbon. It’s perfect.

  62. Love your decorating!
    Where did you find the wall light above the five hooks and blue stool?
    Thank you.

  63. I love the decorations, looks like a dream Cristmas house. Lovely, elegant, gorgeous.

  64. Your home is beautiful! I also have a goldendoodle white like yours, he is 95 lbs. I was wandering how do the two dogs get along? My daughter and her family have one , and my dog does not like him. As always keep posting I love your style.

  65. Oh this has been so fun…your home is just lovely and so inviting!!
    Thank you…off to Karianne’s!

  66. Casey Furlong says

    You know it’s Christmas at your beautiful home but we’re not knocked over the head with the idea. It’s lovely and subtle and natural looking. No clutter though you have a reminder of this beautiful season everywhere. I wish I had your knack.

  67. Christine Mills says

    I love this house it is beautiful!

  68. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. :)

  69. your home is lovely as always…I especially LOVE all the natural elements you incorporated…looks decorated without being too over the top!

  70. I love the look of your home. One of my favorite pieces you did was the wreath with the starfish. It’s looks beautiful. I live in Florida and I love adding a touch of the beach theme with my holiday décor. Plus I’m a huge fan of blue mason jars and I see that you added them throughout your décor. Very beautiful. Making sure to follow you and pinning some of your ideas!!

  71. Absolutely LOVE it! All of the little details are perfect… great job! :)

  72. Gorgeous! It definitely has the spirit of the season throughout. Love that it’s understated.

  73. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. Want to trade? I covet the kitchen. And your adorable pups, ps. ;} Have an amazing week!

  74. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  75. Everything is beautiful! The best house I’ve seen today and I’ve seen quite a few out there! Absolutely love your style, Merry Christmas to you and your family and Jack and Lily too!

  76. Not sure what to say that hasn’t already been I’ll just say….PERFECTION! thank you for always inspiring…xo

  77. Michelle Leigh says

    Where did you find all of your great preserved boxwood wreaths?! I love the size- they look perfect!!

  78. You have been busy and everything is lovely.


  79. It’s all so lovely!! I loved all the natural touches of greenery that you used through out your home, so simple but so elegant. Thank so much for the tour and the inspiration!

  80. Looks so good!

  81. Amazing. Unbelievably beautiful! Pinning, like every photo.

  82. Your home is beautiful! I love all the boxwood wreaths. Where are they from?

  83. Just beautiful Melissa! Thanks for inspiring.


  84. Your home is stunning! Absolutely love your tree! Your kitchen is gorgeous and how can you not love Jack & Lily!! You did a beautiful job decorating your home!

  85. Your home is so beautiful and elegant as always! Truly inspiring! I always am so anxious to see the home tours, I can’t wait to see more!

  86. Hi Melissa. What strikes me the most about your home, is the fact that it always remains genuine. Real people live, laugh and love within its charming walls. Thank you for sharing. I’m hoping that your joy is contagious!

  87. I love the way you snuck Christmas touches throughout and made them integrate with your existing accessories. Sticking to items with just a few colors makes your home look calm, not frantic as can easily happen. Beautifully done!

  88. Beautiful! Could you tell me where you got the window treatment above your kitchen sink? It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

  89. Melissa your home is beautiful…I wish you lived next door…would love to pick your brain.
    Merry Christmas
    Ps. I used my gift card today…what fun! Thank you so much!

  90. I love the simplicity of your home with the pops of red and seasonal touches. It just looks so clean and perfect! Great job!

  91. Absolutely love EVERYTHING! You did such a fabulous job!

  92. I love all the white! So much of Christmas is overwhelmingly red and green. I love the simplicity of the white with the accent colors. You really do such a nice job.

  93. Looks amazing! Do you happen to have a post where you talk about painting your living room with the two colors and using molding to break them up?

  94. Oh my goodness! Everything looks beautiful! I have adored your kitchen since you first posted the makeover and now I am in love with your dining room! Gorgeous!

  95. It’s all so beautiful Melissa! Love the new elements of your home looking glam for Christmas! The kitchen looks amazing, your mantel is dreamy, and every detail is stunning.

  96. Absolutely stunning. Love all of the greenery as well as the chalkboard, the way you decorated a battered book, and your mantel!

  97. Oh my! Your home is beautiful! I am definitely inspired :) I want to start painting immediately. I love the chalkboard in the hall and your entry. I am so tickled I signed up for this blog last night. :) sigh. Namaste

  98. I absolutely LOVE your dining room curtains! Would you mind me asking where you got them? Your house is just beautiful, thanks for sharing:)

  99. I love looking a photos of your home.. I know looking at your home I can it to with my home. You have a great talent and I love stopping by all the time. :O) you inspired me .. thank you so much

  100. Your home is beautiful…love the decorations. Such a nice traditional feel.

  101. I love your beautiful home and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  102. Please tell me the name and brand og grey paint you used on your kitchen cabinets. It is beautiful.

  103. I love your style, Melissa. (Beautiful photography!)

  104. I am a bit late to the party after trying to get autumn put away and clean house for Christmas decorating. If I was a dedicated blogger I would have my house decorated already like all you wonderful bloggers! But it will get done. Your home is warm and beautiful – thank you for sharing it with us!

  105. Simply gorgeous, Melissa – as always!

  106. TELL me there’s a knitting pattern for those gorgeous mittens please! must.knit.mittens.tonight! ;)

  107. What are the white ball strings/tinsley things on the tree? I love them.

  108. Your Christmas decor is perfect…not too little or too overdone! I love it all and the pups look so cute as always.

  109. Thanks for the tour, Melissa! Your home is warm, festive, and beautifully decorated without being overdone. Lovely!

  110. Thanks for all the inspiration, Melissa, I have so enjoyed your tour. I particularly love the Christmas Canvas and other written scriptures you have. Your holiday home is warm and inviting, the perfect place to gather family and friends to celebrate the season. xo Lidy

  111. Your home is absolutely stunning!!

  112. Melissa, everything is just LOVELY!!!

  113. BEAUTIFUL! Pinned! Thanks so much for sharing! Merry Christmas! Melissa

  114. What is the beautiful paint color on the wall in the entry behind the front door and also in the pic that has the stairs with the three windows? Thank you for the information.

  115. Melissa – it all looks beautiful. So clean and crisp and fresh. I love all the greenery and wreaths and the little touches of color. Your tree is dazzling. :)

  116. Fah-bul-lous!!! Melissa, you have such a way of making things just beautiful!!! Happies of holidays to you!

  117. Bonnie Gloade says

    Absolutely beautiful!! I adore your blog and your pretty home. I have had nothing but rave reviews on your pumpkin cheesecake squares. I made them for a function and the entire pan of squares were gone in minutes. Thanks for the great recipe and the beauty you create!!

  118. Everything looks so beautiful & welcoming. I am design & craft “challenged”, but find your blog inspiring. Where did you find the pretty ribbon on your staircase? Also, the tablecloth, & awesome chandelier in the dining room?

  119. Melissa,
    I have come back to your beautiful house tour several times. Your decorating style is fresh, clean and lovely. It is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to you and yours.

  120. I am in love with your home & this tour, perfection! Happy Holidays!!!

  121. WOWZA! Beautiful home. This is the first time visiting your blog (just found it) and it won’t be the last. You have great taste and a gorgeous home. I have the same bow front chest that you have in your entry way. I have considered painting it a hundred times. I adore the way yours turned out. Do you mind sharing what color you painted it?

  122. What color gray is on cabinets? Thanks

  123. Thank you for this beautiful Christmas home tour, I have pinned many pics and love your style. Where did you purchase the red and white striped towels in the kitchen, love them. Thank you.

  124. Stunning Christmas tour! I’m sharing it on my FB page today ;)
    Jamie @

  125. I never tire of taking a peek inside your lovely home, especially your posts! Can you tell me where you purchased the clock in the kitchen window, or at least the brand and model? Great clock!

  126. OH, wow!! Your home is so beautiful. I love your style. I’ve always loved your style. But your new home, wow! Love your floors and the openness of your home, but the way you decorate, just the right touch in every spot. Just beautiful! Congratulations on the new remodel!

  127. I LOVE the chalkboard you have in your hall. Did you make it and if so can you please share how you did? Thank you!

  128. I just love seeing how other people decorate for the holidays, thanks for sharing. There is just a little part of a round rug showing in one of your pictures. Where did you find it – it’s so pretty.

  129. I just saw this post on Pinterest and had to pop over st say g’day and tell you how much I love your Christmas home! We have a grey kitchen and butler’s sink so have pinned that gorgeous picture and will try to replicate your idea this year!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  130. Kathleen W. says

    Your house is lovely ! I especially like the pom pom garland and the plaid table cloth. Merry Christmas to you and yours !

  131. I love your house-I looked beyond the extras! Your decorations are beautiful and so inspirational. I have company every other year and this is my off year, so I have really downgraded my decorating but I will try some of your ideas next year.

  132. So, so beautiful!

    Absolutely love the way you decorated your house – it truly brings out the best of Christmas spirit!

    So many great shots you got there. Truly admire your photography skills and the effort you are willing to put in for the sake of the post.

    The mud boots… so incredibly cute. Jack seems to be on top of the mud problem though, his paws look almost polished :D

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