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How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

How to Make a Wreath Chandelier

This project was created in partnership with The Home Depot. As always, the projects and ideas are mine!

Want to make something fun and unique for your front porch or home this Christmas? How about a festive boxwood wreath chandelier? You know you want one (or TWO). It’s pretty easy! And just wait until you see how it looks with the lights on, it’s magical!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

You’ll need two boxwood wreaths. Mine are Boxwood Wreaths 30 inch and 24 inch, both from The Home Depot. (I ordered mine online.) You can also make this with just one wreath, but we went with the BIG DRAMA and made ours a double-decker!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Then you’ll want some rope or ribbon, or even a chain. We chose some thicker rope like this so it would have a rustic nautical feel. I love it!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Then you’ll want some hooks for hanging your wreath. We installed heavy-duty hooks from The Home Depot that were big enough to handle our rope. Once you get the wreath hung, you can’t really see the hooks (at least on ours) so don’t worry about getting fancy hooks, unless you have a really snazzy porch or are using them inside (or if you think they will show).

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Next you’ll want to have your husband or friend get up on a ladder and hold the wreath so you can decide how low to hang it. You do not need to have an existing light for this wreath project; it will look great even by itself.

If you have a shorter porch ceiling, I would recommend just one wreath hung closer to the ceiling. We decided to hang the first wreath at the top of our lantern. Once you decide how low it will hang, you can judge how long to cut the rope.

Before you cut, look ahead at the tutorial to see how we decided to hang ours so you can figure out how much rope you’ll need.

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Loop the rope around the wire on the back of the wreath and tie the rope in a knot to secure it.

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Then tie the other end of the same rope a few inches over, creating a “handle” you can hold. It’s helpful to leave a few inches of excess rope in case you decide you need more length. Note that your wreath will now hang lopsided, unless you repeat that step again with one more rope.

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Take one more length of rope and knot it on the back of the wreath, opposite the other rope. Then take the remaining end and knot it a few inches over, so your wreath will have two rope handles to hang it from (kind of like shopping bag or purse handles; see the photo below for how it will hang).

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Hang one handle on each hook, with the wreath upside down. Once you hang it, you can retie a rope or balance it out by sliding it around on the hooks a bit, as needed, to make it level.

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Once you are happy with your first wreath, pat yourself on the back and call it done. I loved the look of one. Or go for the drama like we did, and make another one!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

Repeat the process for your second wreath. Just make sure your rope is long enough to hang down through the first wreath. We looped both wreaths over the same hooks.

When you like how the wreaths hang, trim any excess rope and you are done! If you want to add lights, I’d recommend slim wire battery-operated LED string lights with a timer. That way you can set them to come on and off every evening so you don’t have to climb up and deal with them every day!

This was such a simple, fun project for our Christmas porch! I love what a bold statement it makes.

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

It’s pretty all day long, and at night it’s absolutely magical!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

It makes my porch feel like you are entering a fairytale! I think this would be beautiful for a wedding or party, too!

How to Make a Festive Boxwood Wreath Chandelier

If you like this project, feel free to pin it on Pinterest or share it on Facebook and link back to this post!

Come see the rest of the Christmas porch here, and the inside of my Christmas house here!

Wreath Chandelier Supplies Needed:

2 Boxwood (or any kind you like) Wreaths 30 inch and 24 inch
Similar rope
Hooks {mine were less than $1 each}
You’ll need several sets of lights, depending on what size and how many wreaths you use.

Do you decorate your porch or front door for Christmas?


  1. Angela

    This is gorgeous! I love boxwood wreaths and what a creative way to use them!

  2. Christine

    Love it! it looks amazing….Thanks so much for sharing it :-) I definitely HAVE TO plant some boxwoods in my garden next spring to start making those wreaths….

  3. Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi, Melissa
    I saw this the other day and wondered how you attached the wreath. This is so clever and beautifully presented too. Great how-to photos.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. Beverly

    Melissa, I am so sharing this with my husband. It would be great in our sunroom. Your entry is fantastic.

    I posted day two of my holiday home tour. Please come by for a visit.

  5. Susan

    This is my first post so I want to let you know I am very much inspired by your site! I appreciate your attention to cost and simplicity, yet your designs are creative and sophisticated. This holiday hanging wreath is wonderful. I thinks it ‘s so fun to get people to look up to admire beautiful decor. Ceilings are too often overlooked when designing rooms. Enhancing ceilings with more than normal lighting adds another layer and dimension to the space! Your porch design says it all. Really lovely! Thanks so much. I’m also enjoying the virtual Holiday Home tour I found through your site. Super idea and so many creative women.
    Happy holidays!

  6. Cathy Miller

    I am obsessed with boxwood! I absolutely love the stuff and this is one of the prettiest ideas I’ve seen yet. I don’t have a roof on my front porch but when I get one, this will be my first project for the holidays! I love it! Thanks so much for posting this. I love your blog too, by the way!!

  7. Delores

    Your front porch is so festive. I love your style and how you have decorated it. That boxwood chandelier is amazing! I decorate my porch too. Same garland you use around the door, plus a wreath that I personalize with upholstery webbing stenciled “Merry Christmas.” Oh, and white cyclamen and ivy topiaries. ~Delores

  8. AKA~Design

    This boxwood chandelier is the most “genius” idea I have seen this season….Love it.

  9. Marianne Songbird

    I love your outside Christmas decor, that porch is stunning. And that double decker boxwood wreath is genius.


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