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Skybell: A Video Doorbell

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, my house

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Skybell: A Video Doorbell

I treat my home as a sanctuary, a place away from the world where I feel safe. Yet, the sound of the doorbell disrupts the peace of my little oasis. Doorbells just always unnerve me, even if there isn’t a reason to worry. Our doorbell rings often with the delivery of packages, family coming home without their key, or solicitors. Sometimes a kind neighbor has come by to let us know our pups Jack and Lily snuck out and are running around the lake!

Even though the doorbell ringer is probably harmless or ringing for good reason, I often don’t answer the door unless I was expecting someone because I don’t want to look out the window to see who it is. If it was a killer I wouldn’t want them to see me. :) With all of our windows in front of the house, and a covered porch, there’s no way to see who is at the door without looking out the window and being seen. So, I either have to go answer the door and risk it, or I just have to wait for the person to go away (and that can be a little unnerving when they are persistent.)

Skybell: A Video Doorbell

Recently I received a neat little gadget that has changed everything about how safe and secure I feel! Skybell is a video doorbell that you can answer via an app on your smart phone. I can’t believe how cool it is! When someone rings our doorbell, my phone signals me via the Skybell app with a chime so I can look to see who it is (but they can’t see me!). With the two-way audio feature, doorbell ringer person and I can even discuss what to do with the package or I can answer a neighbor even if I am away from home. Anytime I want to see who or what is on my porch, even if I am away from home, I can just click the live video feature to see and hear what is going on. With the built in motion detector, I can see who is on my front porch even if someone doesn’t ring the doorbell. It is pretty amazing! I can even turn the doorbell to silent if I don’t want the sound of the doorbell to send the dogs into a tizzy. That feature alone helps keep the peace in my home!

Skybell: A Video Doorbell

Here are some images of my son at the door, so you can see the Skybell in action!

Skybell: A Video Doorbell

Skybell works with your existing mechanical doorbell chime and it takes only minutes to install. Our doorbell is located kind of far from the door, but fortunately it came with a little adapter that helps angle the viewing range so I can see my entire porch with ease.

Skybell: A Video Doorbell

I love our Skybell! Order your own on Amazon!

This post is sponsored by Skybell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I was compensated to review the Skybell doorbell and I only share sponsored products I love and use myself.


  1. Jenna

    We have a new baby coming in less than 3 weeks! This would be awesome!

    • Lauren

      The Skybell seems like such a great product. I would love to have one for my home as we live on a very busy main road with a river less than a quarter mile away that attracts many people. I would be so grateful to have the Skybell as an extra security measure for all those walking to the river or just walking down the main road.

    • Deja Barnes

      Our neighborhood area is pitch black and it’s very dark at night..this would be a blessing to us!

      • Racquelle Grant

        That is so awesome. I would love one so we don’t have to actually look out the door which always unnerves me when someone knocks or rings the bell unexpectedly. We have a glass door and I hate having to approach it.

    • Anne

      I would really like to have a Skybell!

    • Louise

      What a great product! I have a little trouble getting to the door. This would give me a chance to answer and ask them to wait a minute for me to get there. Or to ignore the people I don’t want to bother answering. I’d love to win this and then tell everyone about it.

  2. Virginia

    I would LOVE a sky bell!!!!!

  3. Bronwyn

    3 dogs running to the door and barking whenever the doorbell rings.

  4. Jodi

    We live back off the road secluded in woods. This would be so nice for piece of mind when I’m alone or its just me & two little ones!

    • Nan

      This is fantastic! I live in the country and it is rare that someone rings the bell. It always startles me. I would love this!

  5. Wendi

    How awesome is this!!!! I love the feature of being able to see who is at your home, even if you are away. Such a smart idea!!! We homeschool and I hate to have to leave my kids, and what we are learning, just to answer the door , so usually I do not go answer it.

  6. Anne Marie

    I would love to win as we live in a large city and safety is always an issue. One never knows who is at the door and opening the door makes me nervous. This would be wonderful.

  7. Amber R

    It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one who gets nervous when the doorbell rings. I live alone and always get really nervous when I hear it and I’m not expecting someone. This would be so nice to have. The silent feature is great too, my dog gets really worked up when he hears the doorbell, even the ones on TV.

  8. Laura

    Doorbells are such an intrusive and unwelcoming way to announce visitors! I’m married to a UPS man, and I know he would LOVE to have this on everyone’s house! People may not answer the door, but they will always check their phone when it dings, and this would simplify his life. So we need one to try out and exclaim over!

  9. Maria Lofftus

    Love the idea that you can see and talk to someone at the front door even when you’re not home – how brilliant is that!?! And the ability to turn the alarm off and still get notification via your phone is also pretty sweet!

  10. Michelle Cutting

    I love this!!! I sneak around the house peaking out windows to see who is at the door. My husband is usually in the basement and doesn’t even hear the doorbell. I have to get one!!

  11. Leigh

    What a fantastic idea! I’d love to know who is at the door when I’m home alone.

  12. Kris

    I cannot hear our doorbell except in one room in our home, thus I miss deliveries (that need to be signed for) regularly. This would alleviate that problem in addition to the security issue of being home alone and not being able to identify who is at your door without being seen.

  13. Ann Becker

    This sounds like something I was looking for. I am a longarm quilter and have customers who come to the door often. We set up a motion detector to alert me to their arrival as I am busy in my studio working. This worked for 2 years. All of a sudden it rings constantly causing me to answer a door and no one was there. We replaced it twice and both replacements were defective. I need this desperately. Thanks for the give away.

  14. Ra

    this is a great invention…. to be able to see who’s there b/f stopping what I’m doing and being able to give instructions to delivery driver without leaving my current chore would be awesome…

  15. Laura Jordan

    I am the same as you with regards to answering the door. I’m a stay at home mom and am home frequently alone. If I’m not expecting someone I often don’t answer the door. Sky bell would be a perfect solution!

  16. Lindsay Maloney

    How neat! I would love to have one of these! I often don’t hear my doorbell. My home office is in the back of the house and the doorbell is usually muffled by kids, noise, and more noise! This would also make me feel more secure being I am home alone the majority of the time!

  17. Repurposed4him

    I can’t believe the way apps are changing our lives for the better. I too get jarred when my doorbell rings and my dog goes crazy, I have to chase her down before I open door so she doesn’t jump on or scare the person at my door. After all that, it’s a salesman, or packages left by delivery guys. It would be great to see if I need to chase my dog! Thanks!

    On another note, I thought i preorder 3 copies of your new book and just realized I never got them. When you offered preorders, where were they coming from (Amazon, etc)

  18. Emilee

    i tend to miss the doorbell-so would be great to have linked to my phone! Thanks for a chance to win!

  19. Sarah

    How smart is this?

  20. susan

    Our doorbell is not working so this would be great! thanks for the chance!!

  21. Sara

    I would love one of these to be able to turn off the door bell when I put my children down for a nap.

  22. Joni

    I have been wanting one of these for a while now. I also can’t see who is at the door without being seen. I very rarely answer my door. This would make it so I don’t miss out on a surprise visit from a friend!

  23. Dana

    I would love to win this! When I was a kid, an armed man came to the door (at a friend’s house) pretending he had flowers for my friends mom. Thanks to a smart babysitter who didn’t answer, we weren’t hurt. He was later apprehended by the police. To this day, I never answer the door unless I am expecting someone! I’m way too scared! This would give me some piece of mind for sure!

  24. Angie

    Lol! I’m not alone! Your post and the comments prove it. I can’t look and see who’s at my door without them seeing me either :). I would love to know who’s at my door when I’m at home or away. Our neighborhood had some robberies last year, the person would ring the doorbell and if no one would answer they would go to the back of the house and break in. It would have been nice to see the persons face who did this. Amazing product! Love it!

  25. Barb

    This is an amazing way to have peace of mind. It’s such a great idea and I applaud the creative and brilliant thinkers out there for this product!

  26. Sue C

    Oh my, I love this door bell. Living alone makes me leery to answer the door at night, especially when I am not expecting anyone. This is a great product idea!

  27. Margaret

    This sounds wonderful. I thought the GPS was a wonderful product; the video doorbell sounds even better, especially when you can check it wherever you are!

  28. AngelinaSparkle

    I would love to have a Skybell! We live in a rural area with some recent problems, and a Skybell would give me some peace of mind! Thanks!

  29. Dina

    I would love to get this for my sister, a single mom who is terrified of answering the door! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Carol

    Brilliant!!! I really need this! Doorbell is on my “to do” list. I NEVER answer the door so this would be wonderful.

  31. Patty

    I definitely need this – great convenience and wonderful security. Few use my front door so I am always alarmed when someone does. The peace of mind would be wonderful.

  32. JennyA

    I would love to win the skybell…I am disabled and slow getting to the door and this would enhance my safety somewhat…thanx for the giveaway opportunity!

  33. P.J. Jackson

    We also have windows around our door, even our door is partially a window. I don’t answer the door either unless I know who is on the other side.
    What a great invention.

  34. Kirstie H.

    I would love a Skybell! Like Melissa, I prefer to only open my door to people I know. It would be so nice to be able to see and hear who is at the door without them seeing me :)

  35. wendy

    I could have written this….well at least the part about not liking to go to the door and reveal myself when I’m not expecting a visitor. That’s so me, but this gadget sounds perfect!!

  36. Joanna Samples

    What an awesome idea! Our doorbell has never worked right. Sometimes it rings and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, the pups go wild. Love the security and privacy this would give. Crossing my fingers that I win. ☺

  37. Sarah

    This product looks awesome. I have 2 reasons for wanting it – I have an office at the end of the garden, so miss deliveries and last week an ex work colleague, who I haven’t heard from in 5 years turned up on my doorstep at 10pm, and when I opened the door was greeted with the words ‘surprise!’ I’ll say! If I don’t win it I’m going to see if I can get it over (we’re in the UK) thank you so much for the heads up.


    I love this idea. We don’t generally use the front entrance to our house (our garage in in the back), so when we get a knock on the front door, it is usually an unexpected guest. Our neighbors and family generally use the back door, and this would be such a sense of security having a feature like that at our front door. What a fantastic invention!

  39. Bri

    I live in a very rural area and would love to feel more secure and safe by having a video doorbell like this. Awesome giveaway opportunity – thank you!

  40. Maura

    Wow, great post. I have two kiddos who are home by themselves sometimes. My son knows not to answer the door but it would make him feel better if he knew who was there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Kylee

    We don’t have a peephole in our door, so I would love to have a way to check who’s at the door before opening it!

  42. Debora

    The doorbell sends our dog into a tizzy, I like this silence and video feature to see who it is before answering. Genius!

  43. Katie

    I can’t hear our doorbell if I’m upstairs with my daughter…until our dogs get all worked up! We disabled the doorbell at our old house, which was very inconvenient but necessary with a newborn and 2 dogs. What a great product!

  44. Katherine Dunn

    I would love to win this. We are in the process of renovating our 1940’s home and have kept the original door, which lacks a peephole. The porch will be finished by the end of summer so this would be perfect. I always have to run to a window upstairs to see who is at the door. Thanks for the giveaway! God bless.

  45. Nancy Meehan

    This is fantastic. I have MS and live in a remote area on Cape Cod. This would certainly help when it is difficult to get to the front door.
    Thank you for the info on this fabulous product.
    Nancy Meehan

  46. Genny

    Oh my gosh! I could have written your exact post! I thought I was the only one who didn’t answer the door when the doorbell rings. And yes, some are very persistent and then peek through our sidelights. If I am not expecting anyone, or a package, I won’t answer the door either. For us as well, there is no way to see who it is without being seen. And the little darlings in our neighborhood like to play ding dong ditch, which can be very unnerving as my husband travels a lot and of course it happens when he is gone. I would love this! I will be sure to look into it! Thank you for bringing this to light!

  47. Mary Anne

    I have a stained glass leaded door so I HATE going to the door to see who is there. We also get a lot of packages so the doorbell rings a lot and freaks me out each time! This would be a great product!

  48. Myra Weare

    We’d love one! My husband gets ups or fed ex everyday for work and if we aren’t home, we have to go to the hub or chase down the truck!!! This would save us so much time and frustration!!

  49. Lancet B

    How amazing! This little Skybell is the perfect companion for anyone. There are so many circumstances when we can’t, or prefer not to, answer the doorbell. The safety and peace of mind is priceless. The Skybell would give me control with the many intrusions in an already too busy life. This could be my new best friend. How exciting!

  50. Krystle

    I’m suspicious that my neighbor keeps taking packages off my front porch and this would solve the problem without having to get a whole video surveillance/home security system!

  51. Caitlin S

    We just moved into our first new home and I would love this video doorbell!! I get that same anxious feeling too every time I hear the doorbell.

  52. Lori R

    I would feel so much safer having the Skybell as my husband serves in the military and lives 3 hours from us. My kids and I would feel safer answering the door if we knew who was there. We get plenty of solicitors who can tell I’m home because my car is in the driveway and typically they won’t leave the front step unless I answer it. What a great giveaway.

  53. Shelly Hoffman

    I have the exact same doors with windows! We have sooooo many solicitors in this neighborhood…it’s one of those densely populated urban neighborhoods with four feet between houses. I NEED the Skybell! Thank you so much for your lovely blog. I start the morning with it!

  54. Noelle

    Genius product- would love to install one on our home!

  55. Pam

    This sounds amazing. We can see the “clipboard people” without going upstairs!
    Thanks for the great tips!

  56. CONNIE

    In order to get to my front door, to see who is ringing the bell, I must gor through 3 seperate doors. That is just the way this old home was built. So I would love to have the Skybell for my home.

  57. Alison Werdann

    This is amazing! I have never heard of SkyBell. I am definitely afraid of the doorbell, too! :) My husband and I just bought our first home and this added feature would really help make us feel safe and secure in our home.

  58. Katie Chase

    What a cool gadget! Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Meghan

    Isn’t that nifty! We don’t even have a doorbell (which is rather nice actually), but I would like to know who is knocking!

  60. Michelle

    I would love to have this! The small peephole we have in our door is hard to see out of and I can’t always get a good view of who is on my doorstep. I value my privacy and would love to have a full preview before I open the door, especially since we live in a bad neighborhood.

  61. Cristina Festa

    What a great invention this Sky Bell is ! For my family it would be great. My husband and I both work during the week. This would be great for all the deliveries etc. that come to our door. My Mom lives with us and had early stages of dementia. I would love to be able to see who comes to the door so I know it’s safe.

  62. Chary Silmser

    My husband & I both work from home. Always getting deliveries, which make my dogs lose their minds, which then wakes up the grandson who we just got down for his nap. Having the silent feature would be AMAZING!

  63. Kathy Hatch

    I would love to win this as we can’t see who is at the door without opening it. This would be easier and safer!

  64. Cristina

    OH MY GOSH that thing is so cool! I just showed my hubby – I totally want one!

  65. Toni

    Since the front of our home is mostly windows including a large window in the door, our family would feel much safer with a Sky Bell. Thank you for the opportunity!

  66. E J Baxter

    Thank you!!! What a wonderful invention!
    I am a handicapped youngster of 68. It is very difficult to get to the door. My husband has installed eye-level peep holes, motion sensor lights, an intercom system & we have a home protection system.
    BUT like you I am very uncomfortable responding to people at the door without knowing who it is. Especially because on our little deaden street we”ve had 4 thefts – break-ins. Our street leads to a paved trail & we have hundreds of strangers going by our home.
    I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate this Skybell if I was chosen.
    so thanks again for being beyond creative & sharing freely what you’re doing.

  67. Judy King

    Oooo…this would be fantastic. I have a travelling husband and live on a fairly busy (well marketed) through street. I see SO many possibilities here! Thanks for the information and opportunity. Please enter me in the drawing.

  68. Joan

    We are a retired and building a cottage home that’s door is configured exactly as yours. I’ve wondered how I was going to deal with this issue and this is a perfect solution. I’d LOVE to win one of these!

  69. Susan Roberts

    I love this product. I live in a community where there are many empty nesters. This would be a great addition to our home and others for safety and peace of mind, The ease of using it with your smart phone is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • VJ

      Oh, what a wonderful product!

  70. Megan

    I would love one of these! I am such a scaredy cat when the door bell rings, and like you I have a bunch of windows at the front of the house so no way to look without them seeing me!

  71. Paula Warren

    Like you, I too love my privacey, My home is my castle and I would love to be able to see just who is on the other side without opening the door to a stranger!!!

  72. Deb Hayes

    What a treat … Would love the Skybell! Thank you ~

  73. Suzie Reilly

    I don’t answer my door to strangers at all. But I work from home and the interruptions can be uncomfortable as I wait for people to give up and leave. All the while my dogs are barking uncontrollably. I would love to have a Skybell. It sounds like just what I need for peace and quite and peace of mind.

    Thank you for sharing!

  74. Rosemary Wagner

    What a great idea! I have an at home design business and a newborn at home…all while remodeling and adding on a front door entry to our house! This would be great to keep baby asleep and safe all while keeping mama sane! ;)

  75. Kelly

    I would love a video doorbell! We don’t have any windows around our front door. When the doorbell rings, we can’t see who it is unless we open the door. I don’t like my children opening the door when they can’t see who’s here!

  76. Kathleen

    What a great idea! I’ve thought of put in security cams for our front porch, but this is even better!

  77. Jenny

    We are moving to a new neighborhood next week, so this would be the perfect addition to our new home!!
    Btw, your blog is my fave so I voted for you in the 2015 bhg contest and just bought your book!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  78. Jeanne Boardman

    I won’t answer the door to strangers either and like you I have a few windows that will expose me if I try to look. I feel safe in my home, I have a big black lab that scares people but it would be nice to see who is ringing the bell. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Lisa S.

    What an awesome safety idea! Thank you.

  80. sarah

    our first baby is due in a couple weeks and our split level makes it tricky to get down to the door when someone rings right away… this would be a great addition!

  81. Jan Campadore

    What a fabulous device! We would love to be able to screen solicitors and perhaps catch the occasional doorbell ditcher. ;) My daughter has friends ringing the doorbell almost daily. How fabulous it would be to check the app on my phone instead of dropping laundry, stepping on legos and tripping over the dog to get the door. A very cool gadget indeed.

  82. Kayla

    I feel the same way about my doorbell! I don’t answer either-there’s too many crazy things going on in the world these days! But this is really cool! I would love to have this-for myself and also my child. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  83. Michelle Rudis

    How awesome is this??? Love your blog, love the Skybell and definitely love that you’re offering a chance to win one. Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  84. Nancy Crane

    I love this idea…after my divorce, my mom purchased a security glass storm door so when I had to open, there was at least a barrier between me and the person…I felt much safer. This new feature would trump that since you can actually see who it is…I rarely answer the door either these days but with this, you can at least see if it’s a neighbor versus a solicitor.

  85. Aimee D.

    I have been eyeing up a video doorbell for a while now. I can’t see out my front door without it being obvious either – and if it’s someone I don’t want to open the door for, then it gets real awkward. I just haven’t been able to convince the hubby to purchase one, so it would be awesome to win the Skybell :)

  86. Kirsten Harrison

    What a great idea…and I would love to see pictures of your sun porch. I just got one.

  87. Beth Jacklen

    I love the idea of skybell! And would love to win.

  88. Lisa

    Very cool! This would be great for us since my husband works night shifts and sleeps during the day when a lot of solicitors and delivery people come by.

  89. Grand Pam

    Thank you for sharing this information. I am not physically able to take care of problems that might occur with strangers and this would be a great help.

  90. Mary Anna

    Wow! That sounds awesome! My craft room/office/fortress of solitude is upstairs in the back of the house. And, just minutes before reading this, FedEx arrived with a package. It is unnerving to hear that sound – and to know that my Lab won’t go to the door, much less bark at anyone there!

  91. Ellen Cole

    That is SO COOL! I, like you, am reluctant to answer the bell. It’s not like days gone by when neighbors would pop over to borrow a cup of sugar. With today’s technology, people do not typically arrive unannounced. I also have dogs who “sound the alarm” at the sound of the doorbell…and continue long after the visitor has left.

  92. Donna Jackson

    This is awesome!!! There are no windows by our front door and the door itself is solid wood so there is no way to see who is outside. This is a game changer when I am home alone!!!!

  93. PatriciaP

    I have similar attitude about my home and the doorbell! Would love to get one for peace of mind.

  94. Juanice W

    Love this idea. We live out in the country and unfortunately can’t see who is driving in the driveway. And I’m all about things that work as apps on my phone!

  95. Tina

    I would love a skybell so I could mute the doorbell and my dog won’t go crazy when the doorbell rings. That would be so awesome!

  96. Catherine

    I have windows flanking both sides of my door too making it difficult to sneak down my staircase from my paint room to check and see who’s there. This is a great idea!

  97. Mollie

    This would be amazing for us! We live in a charming, older neighborhood. Along with the charm comes plenty of interesting characters…Our front door has a huge window, so I can’t see the person at the door until I’m in full view. Now that I’m home with our baby girl, Skybell would give me (and my husband) great peace of mind!

  98. Nicole

    We could so use a skybell. We live on a busy street that is frequently visited by people selling/promoting a number wares, also frequent deliveries and visits from my kids friends. It would be great to be able to weed through the visitors and only answer the door when we truly want to. Thanks for reviewing a super cool product!

  99. Suzanne Holl

    I just retired and am home more now. A Skybell would make me feel safe and help me know when I have a visitor or someone stops to look at my house that is on the market. Once we move (from the west to the southeast) it will help me feel secure in our new home. It is just what I need! Thank you.

  100. Amy R,

    I would love one of these too! We have sidelights beside our door and I can’t see who is there unless I walk right up to it and look out. Would love to be able to see from another room!

  101. Suze

    Just to eliminate the dogs barking is a HUGE plus, besides I know so many women who live alone and I can’t wait to tell them about this wonderful product. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  102. NancyD

    I would give this to my daughter for use at her home! She lives on a busy intersection in an eclectic old neighborhood. And no storm door between she and visitors and a large window in her front door. No where to check out who’s out on the porch. A great product!

  103. Kori T

    What a great idea! thanks for telling us about it. Love your blog, Melissa!

  104. Anne

    Always nice to know I am in good company! I never want to answer my doorbell, and if I knew it was the children from down the street or the UPS man, it would remove all fear! Thanks for posting about this!

  105. Pamela Archer

    This would be such a great feature, for both convenience and security. With an upstairs studio, it would be great not to immediately bolt down the stairs to answer the door especially if it was a solicitor.

  106. Michelle

    We live in a home with a very open floor plan at the front of our house. I love the open floor plan, and the natural light that comes through the windows to the side and top of our door, and the large windows that look at onto our covered front porch. We’ve been looking into different options that will add a camera near the front door, as there’s no way to go see who is at the door…..without being seen! As a stay at home mom to 4, my biggest concern is that the majority of home burglaries happen during the day, when most are at work, and after ringing the doorbell and receiving no answer, thieves often simply kick in the door. We live in a very safe neighborhood, but you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind!

  107. Joanna moomaw

    Skybell sounds great! I watch small children and it would be great to know before hand if I need to leave them to answer the door.

  108. Linda H

    Hi Melissa….what a great gadget! I have often wanted to answer the door remotely….this would make it possible! Your various scenarios make me chuckle and identify!

  109. Cindi

    Hi, I didn’t know this wonderful gadget
    existed! My husband travels overseas
    a lot and I could certainly get good use
    from it…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  110. Katie H.

    I love this! We just bought our first home and we do not have a storm door or a way to see who is at our door without answering it. Plus, we live on a main road so we get a lot of foot traffic. Such a great, smart and SAFE way to keep track of who is visiting your home. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity!

  111. Vicki

    How neat! Love this! We recently moved into a condo and the door is solid wood with only a peephole. So I too am reluctant to answer the door. This would be perfect!

  112. Kelsey G

    This would be perfect for monitoring who comes in and out of my house while I’m not in town!

  113. Tammy

    I also ave “answer the door-itis”. This would be a perfect cure!

  114. Kim

    I love this idea!!!

  115. libby rouse

    Live in the country with a solid front door, would love to have this for safety when I am home alone

  116. Jennifer Crow

    Our front door is all-glass…we usually hide when someone comes to the front door!!!!! This is JUST what we need!

  117. Janet

    Sounds AWESOME!!!

  118. Mary Jane Chaffee

    Wow, what will they think of next !! I love this as our dog goes bananas when the door bell rings, too.

  119. Jamie Herbrand

    our current doorbell hasn’t worked for two years and I have been in no rush to get a new one (obviously) but this would be perfect. We already have security cameras in our home and have been thinking about putting one outside. This is the perfect solution!!!!

  120. Maureen

    Way too many “unnecessary” people stop at my door. During the political season it is a constant flow of traffic. Too, too much. What a help Skybell would bring. Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  121. Paula Nichols

    I would love to try Skybell, mainly because our front door doesn’t have a peephole, and I’m taking a huge risk, each time I open the door. Thanks for the info!!

  122. Shannon C

    Such an interesting concept! Will be nice when solicitors come to front door.

  123. Linda Burton

    My daughter and her husband have just moved into a new (old) home with their 2 yr and 6 wk old children. The neighborhood is a bit sketchy, and she is frequently home alone with the kids. Her house is like yours where she can’t see who is on the porch without them seeing her, so I would love to give this to them as a housewarming gift.

  124. Rachel B

    Awesome idea. Love the chance.

  125. Sandra

    What a great idea!!!!!! We have opened our home to ministry and have house guests staying with us. We have a huge wood door with NO windows that we can see our porch. Just yesterday our 25 yr. old housemate was afraid to answer the door as she was studying. Thank you for the generous offer.

  126. Aimee Powell

    As a military spouse, extra security whenever my husband is away on duty is a huge blessing to our family!

  127. valarie

    What a great product – I love the 21st century!! I live on a very busy street so my front door sees a lot of action so I’d like to weed out friends and foes from each other and this would be so helpful. Thank you for offering a chance to win this great idea

  128. Laurie

    What a great idea! I also don’t answer my door if I’m not sure who’s there.

  129. debbi

    OMGosh this would be an incredible assistant! I too don’t answer the door, which can be just as dangerous (if they think no one is home, are bad guys and go kick in your back door)! We travel often as well.. how helpful to be able to answer remotely and speak to them! Thank you for sharing this! Hoping to win this one – whoohooo! Appreciate it!

  130. Debra Spaulding

    Being recently widowed, I also feel anxious when my doorbell rings. Having lost my big dog recently also, (he was 13) I still have a small dog but not the large bark that would deter anyone with bad intentions. I think this is just what I need! Thanks, Deb

  131. Debra Jerry

    I love this idea! Often the doorbell interrupts our little world, too! I’m so tired of solicitors on the doorstep!

  132. Susan Smith

    We live in a semi-secluded mountain area. If I am home alone, I don’t like answering the door, but I would like to see who is there, just in case.

  133. K. Lynn

    Hello, I would love to have a Skybell. I have to look out the window too, to see who is at the door. Usually, I try to sneak around and see who it is hoping they don’t see me through the curtain. Ha! What a great invention, and combined with the ease of using my smartphone, Skybell would be a great asset to our home.

  134. LoLo

    Great invention and a wonderful giveaway. We are at the end of a long drive and are very limited in hearing or seeing who has come down the drive. There are windows around the front door, but, like you!, I don’t want to be seen when I am trying to find out who is at the door. This would offer great peace of mind and sense of security. Thanks for the information and the chance to win one!

  135. Valerie

    Our house is pretty secluded and sometimes the landlord’s family likes to drop by unannounced, Skybell would be awesome!

  136. annette f. wood

    This would be terrific,as my flat is on the second floor,and running up and down the stairs is becoming harder and harder!

  137. Keri

    OMG! What an ingenious idea! I would love to win this as I am a very private person and a little bit skittish. My husband goes out of town frequently and I have three teenage boys who have lots of friends over, so a Skybell would be perfect to see who is at the door very discreetly!!

  138. Kate

    oh gosh we need this…I am a widow with 4 girls and I am suppose to be the brave one BUT………..
    I’M ACTUALLY SO SCARED, and do that Ninja stuff to peek!
    Would so love to have Skybell

  139. Carol

    I have the same issues with windows! I would love to feel more secure with front door “visitors”!

  140. Heather

    I am tired of solicitors!

  141. Diana

    That is a wonderful piece of equipment. I, too, do not answer my door but cannot see out unless I am upstairs and then have to be careful or I am seen peeking. I ringing doorbell is so startling! Thank you, Melissa, for the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s me!! :)

  142. Kerry F

    love the ability to silence the bell and still receive notification of visitors – my dogs go nuts at the bell!!

  143. Michelle Smith

    Wow! What a neat idea – I like that you can “answer” even if you are not at home.

  144. Christine

    What a fantastic invention! Love it! I can’t see the front door (which is actually on the side of the house) from inside the house and I too always feel a little unsettled when the door bell chimes and I’m not expecting anyone. This sounds perfect!

  145. Kathleen

    I live in the city by myself with my kids & am exactly like you when it comes to answering my door. I don’t want them to see me, so, unless I’m expecting someone, I just sit very quietly until they go away. This is a genius idea!

  146. Barbara Ann

    We live back off the street, surrounded by trees, and yes, it’s hard to determine who is at the front door. I sure love this concept!

  147. Tanya Peshovich

    Wow, how a Skybell would make my life more peaceful! I have two Standard Schnauzers whose job it is to alert the whole neighborhood if anyone comes to our door. I also have two young children. Naptime has become a time of fear that someone might approach to door and send my dogs into a frenzy which inevitably wakes my girls. I have even resorted to applying tape over my doorbell with a note begging everyone not to ring the bell. I also have to peer out of the window in my door to see who is there. A Skybell would provide such a feeling of security and ease. Such a great invention!

  148. Shirley

    Our cute little granddaughter lives with us. It is a race to the door when the bell rings. She goes and opens the door for whoever it is if I don’t get there first. Safety is a big concern. This would be an amazing help to me. Then I might not take a fall trying to protect her/us.

    • Carol Bowman

      What a cool new gadget!! Thank you for letting us know about this – definitely need to check it out!

  149. Angel V.

    I would love this. My husband is traveling a lot for work recently. I don’t like to go to the door and them see me if I don’t want to open it. I never open the when men come to the door when I’m home alone or with my children. It’s hard to see who is at the door without them seeing you.

  150. Natalie

    I would LOVE this! We also have a door that has a lot of windows, and it’s impossible to check who is at the door without being seen. I am often home by myself, so I don’t always feel comfortable answering it if it’s someone I don’t know. This would be a huge help!

  151. Erin Reilly

    Sky bell sounds awesome and with three boys in the house there is always someone at the door. Also, working night shift, I would be able to see who is at the door without having to wake up and go downstairs on the days I’m trying sleep!

  152. Amanda

    I would love one. With two little ones at home, it would help that I wouldn’t have to open the door to a solicitor if I didn’t want to.

  153. Judy

    I would love this! Like many of the other commenters, we live at the end of our street and our home is secluded by trees. I hope I win!

  154. sara t

    What a terrific invention! Having this type visual doorbell would be ideal for me. I commute quite a long way to work and I often miss deliveries or visitors to my house. To be able to respond from far away would help out both me and those looking for me!

  155. Katie martell

    Hi, I too have two little ones at home and our home is a bit isolated so the sky bell would give us an added measure of security. Thanks!

  156. Sally N

    As there is only a small window in the door, I don’t like that someone could see me come to peek out. This Skybell would be so great!!!

    • Sally N

      What does “awaiting moderation” mean????

  157. Cynthia LeBlanc

    Oh my goodness! This would be a wonderful addition to our home!! I take care of my parents, currently at their place. When I am at my own home I am in my grunge clothes hustling to get my own home cared for. I get deliveries of their meds and Amazon purchases. To not have to drop what I doing to race to the door would be an additional sanity saver!!

  158. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Oh how fun! Our town has been having more and more crime issues and we’ve had vandalism on our street. This would just be a really nice safety feature! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  159. Jill

    I would love a Skybell so I can see who’s at the door without getting up from my chair–and whether or not I want to open the door.

  160. DeeDee Isaacs

    What a unique and diverse tool for the home ! Living in a rural setting as we do this tool would be a must.
    Thanks for allowing us a chance to win one.

  161. Manuel Collazo

    Wonderful tool I want to get one of this in my house immediately, we always have the issue of peeking through windows to see who is ringing the bell!

  162. Tracie

    Wow, this would help me feel safer while my husband travels. I won’t feel compelled to go to the door when a stranger rings the bell.

  163. Mona

    Security for the kids and peace of mind(somewhat) from the one cray neighbor that everyone seems to have.

  164. Jaclyn Lorimer

    What a smart device! I have a second floor apartment but the front door is on the ground level, so just like you there’s no good way to get down there & see who’s at the door & we have quite a few interesting characters who come by & solicit or are looking for the previous tenant! Especially if I’m home alone, I feel uncomfortable answering the door if I don’t know who it is. Thanks for this opportunity!

  165. Tammy W

    We are moving into a new house in a secluded subdivision. We don’t know many people at all and it would make me feel safer if I could see who was at our door. To be at our front door, a person would have to have to know us or have a good reason to be there. This would be a wonderful addition to our new home.

  166. Susi

    Excellent idea! Would love one. Thanks for the offer.

  167. Leilani

    We’re building a house with the living areas on the top floor so this would be excellent for us. Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. Melissa K

    Awesome product! I am home during the day and we get tons of solicitors. With a toddler and baby in the way, this would be helpful.

  169. Christina

    I am frequently on my own and love the idea of seeing who is at the door ahead of time. Then I still can answer without opening the door. Brilliant.

  170. Katie

    I’d love this– I live alone, so this would make me feel safer!

  171. Michele

    Interesting idea!

    (side note: I work in a hospital where a doorbell like sound precedes the announcement of a code. Stressful environment in which I joke about the anxiety a doorbell causes me.)

  172. Suzanne Logan

    I hate when the doorbell rings too, my two schnauzers go crazy with barking. And when I’m home alone I hate to answer the door when I don’t know who it is. A Skybell would be wonderful!

  173. Angela

    This is awesome! I don;t have a “no soliciting” sign because I don’t mind girl or boy scouts coming around for their fundraisers but I get tired of all the others. I also lived in southern California for so long that I’m wary of opening to adults I don’t know when I’m home alone. This is a must – wish I’d thought of it!

  174. Susan

    This is a fantastic product! We live on a busy county road, on the edge of town. We also do not have a window in the door, or beside the door, to see who is on our front porch. I am never quite sure who I will find when I open the front door!

  175. Sandy

    Something bad happened in our neighborhood recently and I am doing everything I can to secure my home better so I don’t have to worry. I’d love to win this, but it’s a win even if I don’t just by learning about it. This definitely would help me feel more secure. Thanks for the information and the chance to win!

  176. marly z.

    The Skybell is amazing – so much better than the old optical peepholes. I’d love to have one.

  177. GrahamGal

    We have 2 little ones at home that nap and this would be perfect to insure that they continue to nap (even when someone comes to the door)! I also love the added feeling of security seeing who is at the door!

  178. Kim

    How ingenious! Love that idea and it would be so useful because I have no peep hole in my front door and the window are too high for me to see who’s out there.

  179. Heather

    This would have been perfect when my kids were babies! UPS was always so good at ringing the doorbell during naptime! Now it would be awesome to have because my two dogs bark like crazy whenever someone rings the doorbell!

  180. KoriLin Hillig

    I would LOVE this for all kinds of reasons!!! Security and safety aspects being first and foremost!

  181. Chris

    I love this!!!

  182. Lynda

    Genius! This alone could save my sanity. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  183. Cheryl

    What a great thing to have. Gone are the days of leaving your front door and garage hang open all day. This would be such a security with my large front windows AND no ring of the bell (the best part).

  184. Robyn H

    Great idea! This would be so helpful to have when I’m home alone, especially when those solicitors come around in the evening while I’m making dinner!

  185. Crystal Rose

    I’ve always wanted something like this. It’s really cool!

  186. Kim

    I NEED this in my life!. We have no peep hole and endless solicitors…*whispering* help me.

  187. carol clark

    i would love to try this out as i live on a big place and to see who’s at my door would just be lovely even when im in town i just love this idea

  188. Rachel

    Wow! What a great idea. I love it for security reasons. I live on a busy street and I don’t always answer the door. Where do you purchase these?

  189. Karolina

    I love this! It seems like I’m always home alone with my kids when someone comes ringing my door and I usually hesitate to answer. This would be perfect!

  190. Ms. Maggie

    Our home in the city is at a dead end drive so this would be a big help for security. And we love anything tech- those small touches nowadays make a home really run better.

  191. Colleen in Dallas

    I would love one of these! I live in a large city and don’t open my door unless I know the person standing there. We are told that when someone rings the doorbell, we should let them know that there is someone home for security purposes. This would be so much easier than trying to talk through a closed door.

  192. Hannah

    I would love a skybell! I don’t live in the safest neighborhood and am ofter afraid to answer the door when I am not expecting someone!

  193. Jo @ Let's Facae the Music

    I would love to have this video bell. We live in a wooded area at the end of a dead end street so I like to know who is approaching the house. Especially the front door which we use very occasionally. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music.

  194. Rebecca

    What a great gadget and idea. Would love to have one, thanks.

  195. Robyn Pipkin

    I would love one of these for my daughter who is having her first baby next month, I would feel safer knowing she has one of these, her husband travels for work and isn’t home alot of the time.

  196. Joshua Rief

    Love these new “smart home” options that are actually useful. This is so much better than a dishwasher you start from the office. ;) Would love one!

  197. Ruth Lutz

    What an incredible invention! I really dislike having unexpected people at the front door and this would certainly put my mind at ease! I cannot see out the front without being seen peeking through a window, and since my husband travels a lot with work, this would make me feel safer! Great choice Melissa!
    Ruth Lutz

  198. Patti C.

    I wish that Canadian readers were able to enter your little contest for skybell. I hate solicitors, because my dog goes crazy when someone knocks at the door. Looks like a great idea to invest in. thanks
    Have a great weekend

  199. virginia syombathy

    I have a baby on the way and I know my hands are soon to be full. What a great idea to make life easier… and not to wake a sleeping baby!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  200. Ruth O

    I would love having one of these. Our area is starting to have break-ins and excess police activity, and I have 2 girls, 4 and 7 years old. This would increase my feeling of security.

  201. Kathy

    I saw skybell on morning show, how cool is this to be in back of house and able to see who is ringing door.

  202. Denise

    This is amazing! I could really use this…it is more esthetically pleasing than a security camera at the door sticking out of the wall. When I am working in my office, or away from the house, this would be ideal.

  203. kris with a k

    I love this!! It would be great to know who/what’s on the other side of the door without looking…we live in the mountains and there are times I don’t want to open the door to check noises, etc., especially at night. We have bears in the neighborhood :)

  204. Debbie

    Like you, I have large windows along the front of my 100-year old home which prevents peeking out of them to see who is at the door without being seen. Since I live alone, I do not like answering the door without knowing who is there. So, this could be a lifesaver…..possibly, literally!

  205. Kathy

    I have two old homes, one used seasonally, and this would come in handy to keep an eye on things while I’m away or for emergency repairs and such.

  206. Cynthia Nessel

    This is an awesome new gadget. A great gift for grandparents! I feel the same way you do about answering the door. In my house we say, “pop-ins are NOT welcome.” Friends should just know better about calling first. Enjoy your day! Love you post, and can’t wait to order your book!

  207. Becky Weiss

    What a great product!

  208. Colleen B

    I would love this as my hubby travels a lot. Thank you for introducing this to us!

  209. Marissa Wade

    This video bell would be a life saver! I never open the door unless I was expecting someone too! We have a puppy and my husband and I both work from home. When the doorbell rings the kids and the dog go crazy, lol. Which isn’t ideal if my husband is in a video conference.

  210. Carol Ballard

    it would be a life savor . I am home alone so many times and I don’t hear any one at the door.
    so it would be so convenient . to know if some one is there.

  211. Dee

    I took the time to skim the comments and only see one person mention that it’s not good to hide and be quiet. It then appears the house is empty and much more attractive for a break in. Our goal should be to make our home not inviting to the wrong person. Put in a peep hole and use it. And speak up and ask in a loud, firm voice “Who is there!” no need to open the door. A firm No if you aren’t interested and/or asking for ID shown through the window is totally acceptable. And if it’s a delivery tell him/her to leave on doorstep and retrieve after the delivery truck leaves. Never leave packages at the door…..just inviting trouble or theft. This little device will give you the heads up to talk through the door and announce the house is occupied and to just move on.

  212. Brittany

    Wow! This is really cool! With 3 babies and 2 noisy dogs I definitely need one of these! Without fail, there is always someone at the door at nap time! And I always find myself sneaking around my own house trying to spy out the windows to see who it is! Ridiculous!! :o) Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

  213. Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace

    Oh my gosh this is just what I need! I do daycare in my home and we actually DISABLED our wireless doorbell years ago to avoid naptime disruptions! Between the UPS guy (God love him!) and our neighbor’s wireless doorbell setting ours off, I was regularly worried my naptime sanctuary (that’s my time, y’all!) would be interrupted. This would be AMAZING.

  214. Brandy Cason

    What an awesome gadget! I would love one.

  215. Tawnya

    Oh wow this looks super cool! I’ve been looking for something similar for awhile now. Our front door is located down on the side of our house and is very secluded and you can’t approach the front door to look and see who’s there without being seen so I’m always nervous when the doorbell rings and usually ignore it. We’ve had home invasions in the area before as well as a LOT of robberies where they ring the bell and if no one answers they come break in the back. I actually had someone come to the back once when I didn’t answer the door but thankfully my dogs were in the back of the house with me and when they started barking at the back door (I thought they wanted to go out) the person there must have heard me talking to them because I saw them running away from the backdoor when I approached to let them out. With something like this I could use the two way speaking to answer via my phone even if I’m not at home!

  216. Terrie

    The dogs are affectionately known as “the puppies from h*ll” – a name they have earned time and again. They are brothers, part jack russell and part schnauzer. Very territorial and protective. So when someone rings the door bell, my house becomes world war III. A Skybell would be awesome. Turn the doorbell to silent and just have my phone alert me. Silence would definitely be golden.

  217. Shelly F.

    I love this product. Being a single mother, it is exactly what my house needs!

  218. Laura curry

    we are downsizing to a condo before we retire and I would love to have this on my door!

  219. Amy J

    I would LOVE to have this for my home! I live in a new construction neighborhood and there are often people going around door-to-door trying to sell their services or products. We also have a lot of packages delivered as well, so it would be great to have that peace of mind about who is ringing my doorbell.

  220. Kim

    I rarely answer my door unless I’m expecting someone, so this would be great. Not to mention my three dogs going wild when there’s a visitor.

  221. ella

    no longer having to sneak to the window to see who’s outside?? awesome!

    • Colette J.

      Hehe Ella, I do that too!!

  222. ginger

    I live in a secluded area, so I totally need to get one of these. I have had some very sketchy people show up on my doorstep that totally scared me. With having 4 young kids this would be great to have. Totally going to check out their site.

    thanks for letting me know about this product.

  223. Cynthia

    What an absolutely wonderful concept!! I would give it to my 94 year old mother, who lives next door,
    yet alone. And then probably order one for me!! Genius!!

  224. Gina

    I absolutely love this. The ability to see who is at my door even when I’m not home is FABULOUS!

  225. Valerie

    The Skybell sounds pretty neat! Since I’m a single mom and home alone, I don’t like to answer the door if I don’t know who it is….this would be perfect!

  226. Gina

    Would LOVE this product! With 2 teenage girls and 2 dogs, it could come in quite handy!

  227. Polly Hada

    Oh this would be so wonderful! I am home alone all day and we have a secluded courtyard. I would feel so safe with Skybell. Thx for the opportunity to get one.

  228. Dawn

    we would love this!!! We have a lot of windows near the door & are set back off the road so it would be wonderful to see who is at the door!

  229. Crystal B.

    This is awesome! I have never heard of Skybell. This is a great way to see who is at your front door!

  230. Jennifer

    I would love to win the Skybell. As a single woman it would be wonderful to have added security of the Skybell.

  231. Kim Raley

    As a stay at home wife, I would definitely feel safer being able to know who was at the door! What a neat product.

  232. Ashley

    We recently moved into a new house but the front door has no way for me to see who’s out there so I always feel like I’m blindly opening the door to whoever may be there. I would love this solution!

  233. Nan, Odessa, DE

    Would a “busy box” work at your door?

  234. Linda O'Donnell

    I have an 88 yr old Aunt that opens the door as soon as the doorbell rings without any thought if the person might be dangerous. What a great product!

  235. Brittany

    Our house has a similar front door set up and I am ALWAYS leaving prople out on the porch because I don’t want any strangers to see me. Plus my door doesn’t have a peephole so this would be awesome!

  236. Kathy

    Oh I would love to have this for safety reasons…even while I’m away or at work to see who may be at my house.

  237. Lynn

    I would love one of these for my daughter. She has small children this would be a great help.

  238. Sandi

    Yes,this is an amazing invention.Home Alarm is not within our financial budget,however ,this is a wonderful solution for assurance. Should I be the lucky recipient,I will bring the information to all of my neighbors .Especially,the home bound.
    With Warm Appreciation

  239. Robin

    I would *love* to have this. I was in an abusive relationship and finally moved out, but I have gotten surprised at my door a few times by this person (I still don’t know how they found out where I live). Now I *hate* to answer my door or to go near the windows when I’m not expecting someone.

  240. Colette J.

    I’d love it for the convenience and also for safety reasons. I’m home alone a lot because my husband travels for work.

  241. JennyBC

    Our stairs coming into the foyer are right to the front door. If I am upstairs in my bedroom or laundry room and the bell rings, I can’t come down stairs to see who it is without them knowing I am doing so. this would be so handy and an added safety feature as you mentioned. Great idea!

  242. Mag patch

    skybell sounDs like fun. Xo

  243. debbie

    I would very much like to use this. When I am upstairs and all that is at my door is a package, I don’t have to kills myself running to the door. Security for myself is also a reason I would love this product.

  244. april carney

    We live in a city neighborhood and have a lot of front porch theft. I would love to have this for our home to not only feel safe, but protect our deliveries when we are not home.

  245. Julie Bratsberg

    Even though I live in a nice neighborhood, I have fallen victim to someone who follows FedEx and UPS and snatches packages before I can get them. The delivery companies do not always ring the bell or knock to let me know they are there. In addition, I am slowly recovering from two torn Achilles’ tendons and walk very, very slowly!
    Sounds like a terrific little device for someone who feels the same way about answering the door as you do.
    Speaking of terrific, I pre-ordered several copies of your book and extend my congratulations for a book well-written.

  246. Marla L.

    This would be great to have when I’m downstairs doing laundry and for security cause we also have windows right by the door and I don’t want them to see who is peeking.

  247. Caitlin

    OMG I need this! Glass front door + sidelights = no possible way to see without being seen!!

  248. Ana Maria

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    I have glass all around the front and would love to win this!

  249. Holly Peveler

    I have a window on either side of my front door. I would love, love to have this!

  250. ray

    Because that’s the coolest thing ever. And our doorbell is broken. For years

  251. Lisa

    Can you tell me the paint color of your front door? We have beige siding and black shutters & I want to paint my front door a light blue- your color looks perfect!

  252. Megan

    Our covered porch is not well lit at night AND we have a mailman that seems to always inevitably ring the doorbell with a package during our daughter’s naptime. This doorbell would be great to have!

  253. Mary

    Thanks, Melissa! I thought I was the only grown woman who did not like answering the doorbell when I’m home by myself! As I read your post, I kept sayiing… “yes! yes! That’s me!!” The Skybell sounds perfect!!

  254. Terri

    I would love a Skybell! We have windows in our front door and the sidelights so everyone knows if I come to check who is at the door.

  255. Cindy

    I love this for safety and peace of mind. I don’t like opening the door especially if I’m home alone.

  256. Julie G.

    This would work so well for our home! We have a courtyard home, with the doorbell outside the courtyard gate. I have to go out my front door and through the courtyard to answer anyone at the gate. While I actually love our home’s setup, there’s absolutely no way to tell who might be on the other side of the door. This would work wonderfully for me and my family. Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway!

  257. Angie

    I’d love the Skybell because we live in the country. Having a way to see the person at the door without having to actually answer the door would provide a sense of security! Thanks for the giveaway!

  258. Michele O.

    We have no windows at the front of our house, only a leaded window in the door. I HATE answering the door without knowing who it is! Skybell would be awesome to have!

  259. Kristen

    This is great just for the safety feature alone for me and my small kids on our busy street. I hate opening the door thinking it is my neighbor, only to be a pushy salesman. The no soliciting sign seems to make no difference. I can also see the speaker being helpful when someone I DO know stops by but I am not quite able to get to the door right away.

  260. Gloria

    We are moving to town and this would just be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  261. Cheryl Harvey

    I’m home a lot by myself.

  262. Steph Pontius

    Are you kidding me? That is fabulous! Brilliant! Must have!

  263. Andrea

    Love this! It would be great to know who’s at the door before I get to it!

  264. Lara

    We also have a large window in the front of our house and no way to see who is at the door without them also seeing us. Would love to try this!

  265. R. Pyper

    I also hesitate to answer the door if I’m not expecting anyone. What a great idea for a product!

  266. Megan

    I have been on the lookout for something like this for a while — saw a commercial for it the other day. We may have to get one, giveaway or not!

  267. Leslie B

    I’d love to have a doorbell like this because our currently security system doesn’t have video. We also have a window right near the front door that we’d like to cover so people can’t see directly into our home. This would allow us to capture shots of people outside.

  268. Lisa S

    I have doors with hurricane wavy glass (I live in Florida) and I can’t see out at all! I’m always a little apprehensive about opening the door. Would love a sky bell!!

  269. Sheryl Lynn Johnson

    I would absolutely love to give this a try. We live in Ventura County, California. I’m a pastor’s wife, mom and Realtor. We have an avocado ranch and are looking to build a home on that land. I think this would be perfect for that home. I also think it might be a nice gift for my clients when I close an escrow. How much do they cost? Is there a charge for the app service, or is it just a one-time charge when you buy it?

    Thanks so much! Have a beautiful day – Sheryl Lynn Johnson

  270. Kara

    This is incredible! I have windows up front too and hate that whoever is ringing the doorbell can see me if I come peek out of the windows to see who it is.

  271. Pam M

    I would love this! We are moving next week and it would come in handy in a new neighborhood.

  272. Beth

    What a unique idea! Would love one.

  273. Pamela Malone

    I recently saw a commercial for a similar product to Skybell, and loved the idea. I work from home for the most part, and have a large dog. I don’t like to be disrupted by the bell, particularly if I’m on a call. It would be nice to see who is at my door without having to leave my desk, then I can have the option of answering it. My dog always goes crazy when the bell rings, and the silent feature would be a wonderful thing to have. A wonderful gadget!

  274. Robin Seydel

    Two babies and one big dog. I have a doorbell and holy moly, it is intense!! I would love to have one of these, please sign me up :)

  275. Patty

    Oh my goodness! Genious

  276. Kathy M

    I would love a Skybell! I work from home and when the door bell rings, I always have to decide whether to jump off of a teleconference or not. This is useful in so many ways!! Thanks!

  277. Sharon

    It would greatly increase my feeling of security in my home.

  278. Molly

    Living close to the city, we get a lot of visitors come up to our door every day. With my husband’s work being a decent drive away, I am home alone for about 90% of the day. This doorbell would be an added sense of security and comfort for me, so that I wouldn’t have to answer the door while home alone unless I really have to! Such a great invention!

  279. Lory K.

    I detest our doorbell, and every time it rings, the sound sends shock waves through my entire body. Like you, I’ve also been guilty of hiding from view until I see who it is and decide whether I want to answer the door! My sweet Maltese, Lucy, suddenly sounds like a vicious guard dog guarding her turf and the serenity of my home is shattered for the next hour! A Skybell would definitely fit the bill!!

  280. Teresa Schneider

    Would love, love, love to have one of these. I live in a downtown urban setting, and being able to see who’s come knocking at my door would be such a blessing!

  281. Kathy

    LOVE this idea! I will be purchasing one (once it’s confirmed I didn’t win – since I never win anything) for our historic home we are completely gutting/renovating! #sweethomearizona

  282. Judith Gollihar

    I would really love a gadget like this. i am newly widowed and my house is just large enough that often I do not hear the door bell and miss things or I have to answer the door at the wrong times when I do not need to.. I also do not know if someone is there if I am outside and additionally my subdivision is having trouble with people ringing doorbells and entering randomly to steel things so it would be super helpful. My front door is set up like your example and the only way i can check is by being seen–not comfortable when we are having this problem

  283. Regina

    That is so neat! I would love to know who is there before I answer the door! Thanks

  284. Carolb02

    I could have written your article word for word myself. I live at the end of an unmarked road. My husband travels a lot and we spend our time in the other side of the house from the door. When I am out on my deck, I cannot hear the door ring. Nor can I hear it ring in the basement. Quite frankly, if someone wants to find us they have to walk around the house. I have been begging my husband for some kind of remote doorbell. This would offer me peace of mind and security.

  285. Kathy McCann

    Like you, I have lots of windows near my front door and while I love the light they provide up here in our beautiful, rainy PNW, I am also a bit apprehensive about answering my door, especially when I am alone at home. I have wanted something like this for a long, long time. Thanks for your lovely blog posts.

  286. Elizabeth G.

    It would be awesome to be able to see who is at the door ahead of time. It would make me feel so much more safe.

  287. Kim Ramirez

    This is such a good idea. I would love to know who is at my door before I open it.

  288. Karen Sekeres

    We have an entry gate that has an “old” and unsightly audio feed when the bell is rung. We can’t “see” who the caller is. We’d love to be able to “see” as well as “hear” who is at our gate before allowing them in. This device is much better than the clunky devices we have installed.

  289. Rebecca

    I would LOVE to have one of these sky bells! My husband is a disabled veteran and sometimes getting up to answer the door is quite difficult for him. With this gadget, he could speak to the individuals without having to go to the door – what a lifesaver! Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!!

  290. Beth F.

    This sounds awesome! I hate answering the door with no idea who is out there!

  291. Erica

    I would love this! Would make me feel better about being alone at home.

  292. Melinda Young

    It will be very useful for safety and when our littlest takes a nap.

  293. Robin

    If I am home by myself I often don’t answer the door if I am not expecting someone. We have the same issue about only knowing who is at the door if we look out the sidelights by the door. This would be wonderful for us.

  294. Missy

    What an awesome gadget! Perfect for my crazy barkers and added protection, too!

  295. Fiona Bartels

    I need this for my home for my family’s safety. I am a stay at home working mom with a little one. We are left alone pretty much all day and every day. Where the peep hole for the door, I cannot see out of it because I am short and there are a lot of hiding spots where its unsafe even if I open the door. Also, we don’t have a lot of neighbors so its not they can see what is happening too.

  296. Kara Keiran

    My husband works long hours and this would add so much peace of mind!

  297. Lissa

    I’m like you, I don’t like to answer the door if I am not expecting anyone. This would be great so I can see who is coming unannounced!

  298. Laura

    I hate answering the doorbell when I’m home alone. This would be perfect for our house!

  299. Rita A

    I would love to be able to not actually answer the door for solicitors. This way I could say not interested from inside!

  300. Vicki O'Dell

    I would love to win one but if I don’t I’m definitely going to buy one.
    It makes me crazy when I’m in my studio, covered in paint, or in the middle of writing and I race up stairs to find that UPS just left a parcel and I could have kept working.

  301. Denise P.

    I would love to have one of these–our front door has no peephole and there is no way to approach our door silently from the inside even if it did. My husband thinks I’m paranoid because I never answer the door, but I really want to know who is out there before I do so.

  302. Emily

    We moved into a new neughborhood, we get lots of solicitors and we’ve been having serval break-ins; so I get suspicious & nervous. And too don’t have a sneaky way to peak at my porch.

  303. Jana Adams

    I would love to have that little extra bit of security. Living alone I agree totally with not wanting to look out the window or door without knowing who it is! Also I’m always worried about the packages left on my porch while I’m at work! That would be the perfect solution!

  304. Barbara BB

    I would love to have a Skybell for all the reasons you mentioned in your blog. Especially, when my husband is not home… and the only way I can see who’s at the door, is, like you, to look out the window, and then, alas, they know I’m there. So… maybe I’ll be lucky (this time) and win a Skybell. :)

  305. Sue M.

    Living just outside of town, we normally don’t get people at our door…but when we do, I always get a bit uneasy. Being able to see who it is would be comforting…got to love technology!

  306. Linda F.

    What a great idea! I would love one!!

  307. MaryBeth Wehbe

    I would like one because I don’t have a peep hole in my door and always worried I will open the door to an unwanted guest!

  308. Audry

    We have a large window near our front door so the safety aspect of this device really appeals to me!

  309. Jess O

    That is awesome! Going to check out next time I’m at HomeDepot!

  310. Karen salamone

    I love the idea of this doorbell. I have a house out of state which should be great to keep an eye on. Along with my main residence! Awesome idea

  311. Laura

    My husband travels frequently for his job, so I am home alone a lot of the time. This doorbell would be great for me!

  312. Kathy Milliken

    Just moved to a new city and living alone! This would be fantastic!!

  313. Marilyn Park

    We get so many solicitors, I would love this to monitor those visitors and for additional security.

  314. Melissa Tomko

    We live in an old Victorian home off a busy road in a big city, and I am often upstairs on our second or third floor with my young kiddos when the doorbell rings. This device would help me know when I need to run down to answer and also make me feel much more secure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. Lynn

    I would LOVE to have a Skybell, especially with the auto break-ins and package stealing that have recently occurred in our neighborhood. This addition would certainly provide some sense of security for our family.

  316. Julie

    I am a single mother that is now empty-nested. For the first time ever, totally on my own. I would love to have the added sense of security that this would provide. It is an awesome idea!

  317. Robin Hill

    We’ve never had a working doorbell, so this would be fantastic!

  318. Janice

    I would love one of these! My doorway is somewhat secluded and I don’t have a peephole. This is just the thing! Thanks for giving out the opportunity!

  319. AK Bruce

    I would love this! However, if I was the lucky winner, I would gift this to my parents…for their safety and their peace of mind. My dad was just talking about these the other day! (Crossing fingers!!!)

  320. Christie P

    What a great safety feature! I’d really like to have a dog, but my husband would definitely prefer this, lol!

  321. Rose Padjen

    We live in a beautiful area but have had two home invasion robberies near by! They say that they ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home! If no one answers they kick in the door! I formed a neighborhood watch and we are working together and sharing information. Would love more information on the product to share with my group. This is a awesome idea for a product!

  322. Stacy E.

    Having 5 children at home and sometimes alone, I worry about their safety. Would love to win one of these cool gadgets. :)

  323. Kim Kennedy

    Genius! I love this product! I’m a big chicken and I don’t like answering the door if I’m not expecting a visitor. We’ve had a rash of ‘unsavory’ scammers, posing as contractors, soliciting our neighborhood and I almost feel like a victim waiting to happen when I open the door. My kids also know to not open the door unless they know who’s there. Not to mention the doorbell sets off my barky dogs for 10 minutes. The ability to see without being seen, and the bonus of being able to communicate (ex. instructions to a delivery person) if you’re otherwise indisposed would be a blessing. This product is a GREAT idea and would definitely solve these issues for our family. I will be telling my friends and family about Skybell!

  324. LINDA

    What a cool gadget! If I win I hope it’s the most up to date version!

  325. Kim Ziemak

    I would love the Skybell! I think something like this would make me feel even safer in my home. What an AMAZING concept!!!!!

  326. sandi h

    I hate getting disturbed during a project for a delivery drop off or sales person.

  327. Sonja

    We spend so much time in our backyard, it would be great to not miss people coming to relax with us!

  328. Julie Dodge

    I am disabled and live alone. I am always nervous when someone is at the door, and usually dont answer it if Im not expecting someone. I also cant look without being seen. Im so glad to know Im not the only nervious nelly!

  329. Sheralynne Petty

    I would love this amazing doorbell. I don’t have a peep hole in my door so I am unable to see who is at my door before I open it. It would be so nice to not have to worry who is on the other side or try and sneak a peek out the window without being seen.

  330. cindy m

    It would make me feel safer when home alone. I have trouble walking and if I had this I could pick and choose if I wanted to answer the door.

  331. Kaara

    What a great idea! I would love a sky bell to feel safer while home with our little one when my husband is away at work, sometimes very odd hours. It would be great peace of mind!

  332. Kim Bartlett

    We live out in the country, and I think this would give me such peace of mind! Amazing invention and thanks for the chance to win one!!

  333. Donna

    Great safety feature for many homebound people.

  334. Sherry

    I so need this. Thank you for the chance.

  335. Andrea L.

    I would love to win this! Have been researching similar new products like this and as I live on second floor of house with solid door at top of flight of steps with a door also at bottom of steps I never know who is there not being able to see out door and no windows! There is a bell but no view!

  336. Lynn

    Our house is under construction and we’re living in the walk-out basement which faces south. The main floor outside door is on the north side of the house, so we never know when someone has come into the yard or who is at the door. This sure sounds like a nifty gadget to help us with visitors. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to find out about this.

  337. Kelly

    Yes, please! We need this. Our front door is metal and therefore we are unable to install a peep hole. This would make us feel so much safer!

  338. Bridget

    I would love to have this…it looks amazing!!!!

  339. Ann

    I would live to try it …. For peace of minds sake

  340. Amy S.

    I would love a Skybell for safety and security. Whenever our doorbell rings, I tell my son to freeze and be quiet. I’m too paranoid to answer the door! This would give great peace of mind!

  341. Jackie

    This is great! My husband the house nerd would love playing with something like this and imagine the peace of mind!

  342. Megan W

    i would love a skybell! I have three little kids and it would be so nice to check to see who is at the door without interrupting what I am doing with the kids

  343. Linda

    This is awesome! I am not a gadgety person but I could seriously use this. I, too, can’t see who’s at the door without them seeing me so I don’t answer either! My husband travels some and it’s not always possible to borrow my granddog!

  344. Lori

    i would love to win the skybell, so when we are in our garage doing leather work we would know if someone is at the front door. P.s. In the process of reading your book,

  345. Nancy Mink

    I am an artist that paints for home decor and fabric. My studios are at home. I work there 50 to 60 hours a week, alone at home. I’m nervous about answering the door, and sometimes don’t hear the doorbell! This would answer both of those problems. I’d especially like to feel more secure.

  346. Elizabeth Pickle

    What a perfect little product. Unlike you, even though I have 6 windows, I can’t see who’s at the front door! Sometimes I’m not up to taking s gamble… Thanks!

  347. Sondra

    What a wonderful and safety-minded addition to any home. We would love to win.

  348. Dawn B.

    What a great idea! Our neighborhood seems to be a magnet for solicitors!? This doorbell would solve to problem!

  349. Nancy

    Wow…when I read your story I saw myself. I also do not answer or look unless I’m expecting someone. I’m the biggest fraidy cat ever. Would love to try this new product to feel at ease in my own home. Thanks for opportunity to win. Nancy

  350. Mary Jo D

    I just found your site through Confident Mom. Great site!
    I would love to win a Skybell. I am home alone during the day and into the evenings. We don’t have a window or any way to see who is at the door without opening the door first. The skybell would make me feel so much safer. I love the way you can access it without being home. Thank you for telling us about this wonderful product!

  351. Donna-Lee

    Sounds like a great product!

  352. Donna B

    I would love to be able to see who is at the door without them seeing me.

  353. Kathy

    This is so cool! We receive packages all the time, plus I like the idea of knowing who is approaching my door when I’m not home!

  354. Lauri McIntosh

    i would love one of these as we were burglarized last year and I haven’t felt completely safe since. This would sure give me peace of mind. Thanks for the contest and the chance to win.

  355. Kiera

    Would love to try this especially since we live on a busy road and we have two little kiddos to protect.

  356. Missy

    Thank you for this giveaway. I would love doorbell. I too must look out the window to see who’s at the door. I don’t feel safe, so a video doorbell would be great!

  357. Jackie Klayman

    I stay at home with my kids and always feel leery during the day when people come to the door. This would be great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  358. Tanya Phillips

    This is so cool, have not heard of it. I dislike answering the door as well. I have a window on my door, and if hubby is not home to answer it, I hide and wait for them to leave, lol. Thank you for the chance.

  359. Susan Armentrout

    That looks like just the thing. My mother and I share a 3 story home and of course the doorbell always rings when I am on another floor. Now I don’t have to run myself ragged getting to the door in time to find it is just some one trying to get me to switch electric companies.

  360. Karenann

    I’d love to have a Skybell. We live in a large urban area and it would be great to see who is at the door!

  361. Jennifer D.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t answer the door unless I’m expecting someone. I would love to try one of these since we can’t see our porch unless we look through the sidelights. Then whoever is there sees us. This really sounds like a fabulous device.

  362. Diane

    Skybell…perfect for when hubby is away, will make me feel safe, you can’t put a price on safety!

  363. Kim

    We also have a covered porch but no peep hole or sidelights. Just a big huge window looking out to the porch so by the time you look to see who is there they have already seen you. I also don’t answer the door unless my husband is home. Scares me to death with three little babies at home. This would be amazing I could also avoid my mother in laws unannounced visits… Lol

  364. Melia

    I have little windows in my 1931 door that I don’t want to look through in order to see who is knocking. This tool would be wonderful for me to discreetly know who is at my door. Thank you for the opportunity to win one! :)

  365. Laura Clauson

    Wow, I totally agree with you on how this would change the way I react when the doorbell rings at my house!

  366. Francene

    We would feel so much more secure with a Skybell!! Recently we have had alot of unwanted visitors!! Love this idea

  367. David

    We are somewhat turning our house in to an IoT house and would put this to good use. Plus we’d like to see what our dogs see when we’re gone.

  368. Jaime

    I would LOVE to win this. Just today someone was at the door and one of my daughters went to the door and screamed MOM THERE IS A MAN AT THE DOOR!!!!! I think it was an uncomfortable situation for all of us! I snuck up there, let the dogs in the back door, locked the front door and we all snuck to the back of the house. We really didn’t want to talk to a strange man!!

  369. Christine

    My mom’s alone now and this would bring me peace of mind as well as to her. Thanks for the opportunity.

  370. Rebecca

    Yes! I need this to turn off the doorbell when I’m in a phone meeting at home.

  371. Tonya Broddle

    To eliminate the barking!

  372. Yvonne

    So much better than peeking out the windows and being seen!

  373. Beth Clark

    Our doorbell isn’t very loud and here are times when I don’t hear the doorbell because the dryer’s running or I’ve got some music on. This could help us hear when we have someone at the door. Which means we wouldn’t have to explain why we didn’t answer the door!

  374. Dorothea

    I live alone, so I’d love to try a Skybell – it could potentially be a lifesaver!


    Safety & Security Certainly a added bonus to help each & every one at home….

  376. Hope DaCosta-Schiltz

    The Skybell would make a great addition to our home, as we prepare for a new little addition to arrive in June! My grandmother also lives with us, so between the UPS man dropping off packages, guests stopping by to see the sweet babe and/or the sweet grandma it would certainly come in handy! Plus, our labradoodle, Bremser could be easily let into the back yard just in case the baby is napping so he won’t start to bark! Thanks, Melissa!

  377. KC

    To know that if my kids can’t get in after school, that one doorbell ring will alert me!

  378. Lori

    Wow. Your doorbell sounds amazing! So many cool gadgets are tied to our cell phones these days!

  379. Lisa

    Cool idea! Sky bell is such a neat idea! It would be amazing since we have a baby that tries to catch a nap and a dog that’s terrified of the bell. :)

  380. Patty Z

    I live on a main street and strange people are often at the door. This would make us feel much safer! Great invention!

  381. Heidi

    I hate to answer the door too unless I’m expecting someone! I would love to win one of these!

  382. Patty Z

    I live on a main street and strange people are often at the door. This would make us feel much safer! Great invention!

  383. Jamie Carney

    I would LOVE one of these!!!

  384. Jamie Carney

    I could LOVE one of these!!!

  385. Susan

    For a multitude of reasons, going right now to check out this product…thanks for sharing info! Win as a giveaway, or not–it is STILL a Win :)

  386. Lynn Marie

    What a neat little gadget. I would love a Skybell. Often times the door bell will ring sending the dogs into a barking frenzy and until my heart stops racing from the sudden shock and I get there it is just the UPS man and he is already driving away. There was no need to rush. This would eliminate that problem—-I would definitely use this.

  387. Nikki Mm

    Wow! What a great device! I work from home so this would be incredibly helpful so I could answer remotely the door when the neighborhood kids knock :)

  388. cheryl

    I would love this! Our big Bernese dog lets us know who’s at the door and the guests can hear us all yelling at the dog before we even open the door! not a great first impression and they are a little fearful (of us or the dog, I’m not sure!) With a home business it’s a big distraction – this is a brilliant solution. I would love this :)

  389. Corinna - For My Love Of

    Ohmygoodness that is SO me! Naturally I need one of these because the duck and hide and wait for my heart to stop racing gig is NOT cool!

  390. Cindy Williams

    Looks very cool!

  391. Leslie M

    great idea! Would love to have it

  392. Tracy Williams

    The Skybell would be awesome. Even for a technical challenged person like myself. My two Springer Spaniels go crazy when the doorbell rings. So the silent feature is appealing. Also the video feature is cool. I can’t see who’s at our door without them seeing me.

  393. Debbie

    I have the same issue, no way to see who is at the door without looking directly at them! I usually just ignore them unless I know someone is coming, this would be so helpful.

  394. Suzanne G.

    Oh, how I would love this! We don’t have a door bell, usually our Rottweiler goes crazy before we humans hear the knock at our door. Then the kids and I slither into the living room to try to see if we know who is knocking. This would be perfect for our family.

  395. Cynthia Pond

    This looks perfect. I am single and live in an apartment. It is something that can be installed for security easily and I would feel much safer

  396. Connie E

    I have been looking for something like this-a video camera for the front entrance…but had no idea there was doorbell technology that works with your smartphone! How exciting is that? My kitchen, where I spend the most time, is at the back of our farmhouse, so this would be very handy!Thank-you so much for this giveaway opportunity!

  397. Darlene

    This is a perfect!! I would love to have. I’m a single mom and would definitely give me a sense of security in my home.

  398. Cherri Engle

    i have looked at similar versions of this but have not heard of this brand. Thank you for sharing another alternative. Love the giveaway opportunity.

  399. Angie

    For all the reasons you mentioned in the post, we would love to have a skybell too!

  400. K Broglie

    Our home was broken into last year. We are always looking for things to make us feel more secure in our house. This looks awesome!

  401. Fidelma

    I would love a Skybell. Having a two year old in the house this would alleviate her answering the door instead she could look and see who’s there!

  402. Heather

    Technology is so amazing. What a great idea!!

  403. Robin Mayer

    We have 3 daughters and we do not have a doorbell! So this would be a wonderful safety feature!

  404. Susan S

    What a smart idea!

  405. Rondina

    This would solve the same problem at my home, however, the doorbell is in the door molding. I’m going to have to think about whether it is a good idea to drill through the house brick to install it.

  406. Kate

    This would be amazing where we live — thanks for the opportunity!

  407. Michelle Paige

    I’d love to try this out! We can’t see our front door at all. I’m hearing impaired, and it’s so hard to talk through the door, to hear who is there.

  408. Erin Clouse

    Would love to win this. This would make it a lot easier when I don’t know who is at the door and I don’t want to answer the door for strangers while still in my pajamas.

  409. Barb

    Sounds like a great idea! NOw you can see if Jack and Lily are too dirty to let into the house, too!

  410. Michelle Thornton-Frink

    I am a single, work-at-home mom. This would provide so much peace of mind both during my work day and in the evenings. Thank you.

  411. Tammy

    Great idea! I live downtown and love the windows across the front of my house along with my uncovered window on my front door, but I too have had to hide when someone was at my door or had my jammie’s on.

  412. Latifa Zaid

    I would love to win this because I live alone and would like of seeing who’s at my door without having to open the door or asking from behind the door who it is.

  413. Christi

    Ooh, yes please, it’s genius!

  414. Jennifer Byrd

    I would love to be able to see who is at the door without being seen myself…especially to avoid sales people who manage to not see my clearly posted no solicitors sign from our city :-)

  415. Val R

    The skybel is the answer to my security dilemma , I am a single Parent and am always on edge when the door bell rings or there’s a knock at the door, especially in the evenings, what a great invention, truly could be the answer to so many security issues, the possibilities of who could bennefit from this device is endless.

  416. Marilyn

    Hi Melissa, I think this would be a fun thing to win, because sometimes our delivery people don’t even bother to knock or ring. With the motion detector it would be easier to know if someone was there. (We bought a motion detector that chimes when someone is moving, but it’s too sensitive–and goes off when the tree next to the front porch blows in the wind!) I really like the idea of the video feature, as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  417. Debbie

    I have suffered with anxiety since 2001 when our home was broken into on Christmas Eve while we were at Church. The doorbell makes me jump each time it rings. This would be such an amazing solution and would give me such a wonderful piece of mind. Amazing concept and product. Thank you for sharing

  418. Trina

    I would love to be able to speak with people who are at my door even if I’m not home. What a great way to keep your house secure!

  419. Anna


  420. andrea

    This would be amazing! My whole family would love a skybell! I actually had a situation at night where I couldn’t see the who was at the door, so I opened it to see if something had been delivered, etc. and it was an extremely shady “solicitor”. So now I’m afraid to answer the door!

  421. Kristin

    I would love to be able to see who is at the door without them seeing me… especially if I am still in pajamas!

  422. Darris

    Thanks for letting us know about this product and for presenting the opportunity for one of your readers to win one.

    Like you, we have windows all along the front of the house and the side as well. Even our front door has a big glass window. We are in a rural area with no street lights and surrounded by empty vacation rentals. If someone comes to the door unexpectedly it always alarms me as I work from home. When I first read about this gadget I thought this would have me feel much more at ease. But there are new mothers, hearing impaired, etc. who’s issues far outweigh mine. Actually this gadget would be great for everyone! I would love to see this go to someone who could really benefit beyond the average use. I know you’ll find that person.

    Really enjoying your blog. I view most content first from FB and then it leads me to your blog BTW . . .

      • Darris

        You’re welcome! I always ask my husbands new clients who referred them or how they heard about us. We like to thank our referrals and know how else clients heard about us (we do no advertising but do get YELP referrals).

  423. Nicci

    This would be great to have at our house. We have floor to ceiling side lights on our front door and no storm door. It would have come in handy when I was home on a sick day. I was sleeping on the couch and the doorbell rang. I did my sneaky maneuver to get to a window and didn’t know the person ringing my bell so I went back to the couch. She began pounding on the front door like she was going to break it down. Would have loved to have had a speaker out there to tell her to knock it off.

  424. jenn

    My husband and I both are military and both work for the airlines so we aren’t home a lot, plus since we don’t live near a lot of shopping options, I do a lot of online shopping. This would be perfect for our house!

  425. Lonni

    This is awesome! With two young children, I definitely need this!

  426. nicole dziedzic

    We don’t have a doorbell currently, but we would love to have this one, love the features on this. So cool you can see who is standing outside the door.

  427. Cindy A.

    I am exactly the same way! My fears started years ago when I lived in a crummy apartment in a not so nice neighborhood. I have heard my neighbor’s door being kicked in, seen drug deals in the parking lot, been harassed by hoodlums… you name it! I only answered the door if I knew who was outside and if I could see them through the peephole. Thankfully I am far away from that neighborhood, but I still carry those self preservation instincts. ;)

  428. Alice @ Honestly Fitness

    What a neat little invention! I would love to have a skybell because I am just like you. I get unnerved when the doorbell rings and I am not expecting anyone … would love a skybell to be able to easily see who is at the door instead of having to stealthily see who the person is :P

  429. Alicia

    I would love to own one of these Skybell doorbells so I don’t have to hide myself on the laundry room and peek from there who’s at the door… I’ve been caught doing this and then I feel forced to open the door.

  430. DeDe B

    What a great idea! My office is in the back of the house and like yours I can’t approach the door without being seen. This skybell would be amazing :)

  431. 1stopmom

    I would love to win one because I get a lot of deliveries and the ringing drives my dog crazy!

  432. Sandi

    This would be perfect for our home!

  433. K

    I would LOVE to gift this to my aging parents. It would provide us as well as them tremendous peace of mind when someone comes to their door. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  434. Shannon

    I’ve been looking at these and have been secretly coveting! I hate looking out the window to see who’s at the door. And our door doesn’t work with a peephole. If I don’t know them, I don’t answer the door, so it’s awkward if they see me looking!

  435. kt

    This is such a great invention! We would feel so much more secure having this. We have many friends who have small children like us. We would love to recommend this product :)

  436. Becky

    This would be a blessing! We have robberies in our area where they ring the bell and break in at the back if no answer. I’m afraid to leave my kids alone since we were robbed. It would be so nice to always see when someone rings our bell.

  437. Tina Ray - Roll

    I would so appreciate receiving this, as I am like you, and get scared every time someone is at my door. I have to look out a window that would allow the person on the other side see me as well. It sends my anxiety thru the roof, along with two yipping dogs. I’m not sure why I am like that, but this would be a Godsend! Thank you so much for such a great giveaway!!!

  438. D'Juan

    I would love to have one of these for my front door!

  439. Michelle L.

    After moving to a new neighborhood after a terrible robbery I still battle with the traumatic emotions and feel unsafe when I get an unexpected knock or ring.

    This would be a great peace of mind for me and my two babies.

  440. Kate

    We definitely need this product! We have sidelights on either side of our door and as we come down the hallway to answer the doorbell we frequently see people peering in the windows….Skybell would be a godsend as we could see who was there before walking into the hallway seeing a face peering at us! Thank you for offering this giveaway :)

  441. @itismb

    Sounds like a great use of modern technology for us lone rangers! I live literally in the woods & am home alone most of the time. Im disabled and my entry door is on the basement level. So I cant peek out a window to see who’s there but must climb diwn stairs at the opposite end of the house from the sitting room. My husband once came home and found a would be robber “casing” the house frombthe back yard to see if anyone was home. He was arrested the next day for several B&Es locally. …so the motion detection feature would REALLY be helpful!!! Im really enjoying your blog after recently finding you online. Ive started decluttering kitchen cabinets and cleaning and I feel like I have had a remodel! It’s GREAT! Thanks for your encouragement.

  442. Jan

    My dogs go nuts every time the bell rings – this would be a blessing when packages arrive!

  443. Albion Chrisman

    I would love a SkyBell! Like you, my only way to see who’s come to call is by peeking out the window…which defeats the purpose ;)

  444. Ry

    What a great product! This would be fantastic peace of mind for a stay at home parent with little kids. Would love to win this and gift to my family.

  445. kimberlee

    As we have recently had to have our ‘watchdog’ put down, the SKYBELL would be awesome to have!

  446. Kaitlyn Bird

    My hubby always says killers don’t ring doorbells…I disagree!! ;) Not only would this give me peace of mind but wow, that silencing technique would be amazing for naptime! Would absolutely love this!

  447. Sandy @ModenSimplicity

    How did I not know this existed?! I totally need a Skybell — I’m always way too nervous to answer the doorbell!

  448. Kim K

    What a great product! Would love to have this for the same reasons you wanted it!!!

  449. Michelle R

    I am a stay at home Mom to 3, and there is no way I can see who is at our door without physically going TO the door, which has a window in it. We live on a busy-ish road and, since the weather has been warmer, have had a seriously problem with soliciting. Random soliciting PLUS 3 small kids, and a husband who works long hours, does not make for an anxiety free day. At all. This would be a game changer in our lives for sure!

  450. Chelsea @ married filing jointly

    Oh my gosh!!! I SO want one of these! Please choose me! This would be a God send. Seriously. After two people both advertisers rang the doorbell today after I had gotten my baby down for a nap today I would kill to have a doorbell I could turn off. And the safety feature of this is so cool. Thank you for such a great giveaway! Crossing my fingers.

  451. Trish Barnett

    I work from home, and this would be perfect for when I can’t get to the door.

  452. Sherry W

    After recent break-ins nearby we would be very blessed by this!

  453. Nancy

    I think a Skybell would be so wonderful to have!!!

  454. Michelle

    This is such an awesome idea!!! Love this so much!

  455. Amanda

    What a brilliant idea! This would come in handy for me because my doorbell seems to always ring when I am upstairs. It would be nice to know it’s just a package being dropped off before I rush down.

  456. Terri

    Our front doors are inset and have no windows, so you can’t see the porch from the front windows. It would be great to know who’s at the door before opening it!

  457. Elaine M

    I would love a skybell. I am home alone during the day and I can’t see or hear someone drive up the drive. It kind of freaks me out when the doorbell rings plus the door has a leaded glass window so I can’t peek without being seen. Also, when it’s noon and you are still in your PJ’s it would be nice to see who is there!!

  458. Laura K

    I would also love to not get murdered.

  459. Jenn Thurston

    What an awesome product!! I would be thrilled to have this at our home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  460. Sarah Zanger

    My husband and I just bought a new house in a new neigherhood. And with my husband working nights, this awesome skybell would make me feel much safer in our new little home. :))

  461. Debby

    Our door is surrounded by windows and our kitchen is upstairs! Wierd, I know. I’d love to see who’s at the door before answering it!

  462. Cheri Stiltner

    This is absolutely going to be a life saver for so many people,I myself have been diagnosed with schizophrenia,I have a fear. Of who is behind the door with the symptoms I go thru daily which effects my children I don’t allow curtains to be open so even if it’s the most innocent person we never know.This would definitely be a great product at my home.

  463. Ellen

    I live alone, and this would be great. We’ve been warned by the police that failure to answer the doorbell allows someone seeking to break to think there’s no one home. Being able to answer, but without opening the door, would be great. And there are plenty of times I just don’t want to go to the door.

  464. Jennifer

    I am a mommy to two. My husband is out of town frequently on business and this would be great! It would make me and my little ones feel more secure in our home. I would love to have this!!!

  465. Lorna

    What a great use of technology! Love it.

  466. MarieinVA

    I’m home alone a lot during the day- this would be a great gadget! Thanks for offering it! :)

  467. Stefanie Reinke

    Would love this! Stay at home mom with three littles and our neighborhood is a hot spot for solicitors, usually men. I hate the awkward looking out the window to see who it is to only find it’s a stranger selling something. But they’ve spotted me and I awkwardly shake me head tryin to imply I’m not gonna open the door to them. Sometimes they understand the head shake, but often they are me as a reassurance I’m coming to answer the door and stand there for another 5 minutes then start knocking again. So frustrating:)

  468. Courtney

    This would be amazing! I too don’t answer my door unless I know in advance you are coming. We had had several issues in our neighborhood concerning safety and it would definitely help having the added security knowing who is at your house!

  469. Lori

    Would love to have this installed on my home for security reasons. I have a very loud dog but I’d would love to see who is at my door when I’m not home.

  470. AngelA

    I would love this added extra security to our home. I run a daycare and I never answer the door unless I know whose at the door.

  471. Allie

    What a wonderful invention by some creative minds! I read and I agree with the above comments …the convenience and security this doorbell would provide… helping to not alarm the dogs …and help to keep the precious baby sleeping! As for me…the ‘slower senior’ citizen… would provide for me not only security but also the luxury of time to be able to recognize the ‘visitor’…then I could answer the doorbell only if I choose to do so.

  472. Debby

    With a kitchen on the second floor, this would make life simpler and safer!

  473. ~Kim

    I have the same problem as you ~ I can’t look out to see who is at the door without them seeing me. This sounds like a great solution and I would love to try it!

  474. Nicole

    How cool! What family doesn’t need this?

  475. Sarah Kressaty

    What a fantastic idea to keep the “scaries” at bay! Being able to see who is at your door-especially if you are alone and you don’t want to look out the window. I have windows by my door as well!!!

  476. Laura

    Would love to win this! We are moving from CA to AZ very soon. It sure would come in handy in a new state! :)

  477. Olga

    What a fantastic invention! I would love to try Skybell. I am at home by myself ALOT and have the same issue with the windows by my front door. So most of the time my door goes unanswered.

  478. Rebecca

    I have 4 kids that aren’t always supporting send to answer the door when I’m away but they get too curious and run to the door, peek out and then run away. Not the best method and the complete opposite of how I’ve instructed them to handle someone at the door. This would help so much!! They could see who’s at the door, curiosity taken care of, and obey our rules. OR better yet, I could see who was at the door while awhile and talk to them so that it’s handled immediately! What an amazing gift that would be!

    • Rebecca

      That should say, I have 4 kids that aren’t always supposed to answer the door.

  479. sydney85

    My daughter lives and works at home. I would love to have this for her for peace of mind.

  480. Joe Rivera

    I’d love to own Skybell to compensate for the older doorbell we currently have at our house. With our newborn baby, it would be a helpful gadget that would prevent constant napping interruptions when someone arrives at our door! Skybell seems like a very creative little tool that we could honestly use here in our home.

  481. Kate

    What’s not to like?! Plus I can find out if that UPS man really rings the doorbell or if he just puts the sticky note on and runs away! :) P.S. I’m loving your book. I’m hoping to spread it to all of my clients I clean for. It’s bound to make the world a better place!

  482. Alecia

    What s great product! New baby coming soon, plus 2 crazy dogs, so I think this would be great for us to have!

  483. Lacy Parker

    This is the answer to my prayers!!!! I would feel so much safer…… I always cringe when someone is at the door. Crossing my fingers!!!!!

  484. Laurie

    I would love this. We live out in the country and have no neighbors so at times I’m nervous about answering door. This would be great to have!

  485. Lara

    Well, I don’t have a doorbell currently, so obviously, this would be fantastic!

  486. Nila Pugliese Dulay

    I live on a very busy street in Tacoma. I have everyone ringing my doorbell, from the mailman, Jehovah Witnesses, to the thug needing spare change. It’s mostly the person for change because the bus stop isn’t far from my door. I have an old craftsman door from the 40’s with a 6″ square Door as a peep hole. If I open it, it’s surely large enough for a killer,or even Big Foot ,to put me in a choke hold! I have had many packages including wedding gifts & Christmas gifts taken because I was too chicken to answer & they’ve walked off with my pressies! I’d love to have a sense of security again. Thanks for sharing this great product , you always find neat stuff!

  487. patty reed-pederson

    How awesome is that. Great invention. Pick me.

  488. Charlisa Goodman

    We are remodeling and moving to a home in the county early this summer. Glass around & on the front door would make this a perfect addition to our new “old” home. Thanks.

  489. Julie

    What a fantastic product! Thank you for sharing. I would love having this. Like you mentioned, just the idea of being able to silence the bell is well worth it. I love your blog. Thank you for the great posts!

  490. Lou Rivera

    This is a great idea! I’m like you. I do not like to answer the door unless I am expecting someone. Thanks for sharing!!

  491. Monica

    I recently told my husband that I wanted a new front door without a large window for just this reason! The sky bell seems like the perfect solution so I can keep my beautiful front door. :)

  492. Kathy P

    We have glass around our front door so I have the same problem as you — a person can tell if I come to the door and don’t answer it! This would be really neat, and my high-tech husband would probably like it as well!

  493. Rosalie Weber

    We live on an acreage so there are often times when during the week no one is within sight. It would be nice to confirm who’s at the door, before I go out to the living room. With our window setup, just like you Melissa, the person at the door can see you before you can see them. Not always what you want to experience. Thx

  494. Lisa

    This is great! I have the same situation, with lots of windows and no way to look out without being seen. Living in a subdivision, someone is always ringing the doorbell. Would love to win this giveaway!

  495. Sarah

    I would love this just so my dogs won’t bark!

  496. Kim

    This is really neat.

  497. Jennifer

    This would be great! I have teenage daughters and I love the idea of them being able to see who is at the door without opening it to a stranger.

  498. Debbie

    This is genius! Would love it!

  499. jessica w

    I am about to have a baby, and am super excited about trying one of these so I can see who is at the door while nursing.

  500. Shirley Bennett

    It seems home invasions are increasing lately. At 76 years young I rarely answer my door bell. This is a great idea!

  501. Patrona

    This would be so nice!!! Our living quarters are on 2nd floor, and because of the way our deck is located on 2nd floor, it hides the view of our front walk/door from all of the windows in our home. (we have a poorly designed house, but it is Home, and we are thankful for it! ) This is a great invention made by a truely inspired person!

  502. Ageofreason45

    As an older single woman who also has glass next to the door with no way to see who’s at the door, “Skybell” sounds like the perfect device. I would love to win one. Thx for the offer.

  503. Jamie Carcaterra

    This is pretty awesome. Would love this for good ol peace of mind. With a little one running around I’m always cautious about doors being locked and such. It seems silly but nothing makes me jump like when my doorbell rings and much like many of the others the only way to tell who it is is to look Out my window located right next to my front door in which the visitor would see me. Not that I mind visitors, but sadly the world is rather strange and scary these days. I do have a large dog who sounds like she’s going to come through the door when someone is there, however this would definitely be very handy.

  504. Niki

    This looks amazing! We remodeled a new house to be accessible, and what a chore that was. I am in a wheelchair and can’t always physically get to the door in time. It is frustrating to miss deliveries or even neighbors because I am stuck in the bathroom! There is also the safety factor. Honestly this is perfect for anyone with mobility issues and is home alone.

  505. Mandi

    I would love to be able to talk to a delivery person without running to the door. And knowing who is there would help me with piece of mind. I often have to yell to the kids to stay away from the door until I can run to it to make sure I know who it is.

  506. Trista

    This would be great! I also dislike being disturbed, mostly by kids asking to play with mine, and they seem to persist until they get the the answer that they want.

  507. Mercedes

    I work at home with an office on the second floor. Would be so beneficial to know who is at the door and whether I need to go downstairs.

  508. Cyndy E.

    I would love to win! I’m away more, due to a family member being treated for cancer, so this device would be great.

  509. Jo

    I would love to have a Skybell! We will soon begin construction building our retirement home and security issues are and will be paramount to us. It has fabulous features,what with alerting your phone and providing video access to whom may be there and allowing you to communicate with at person remotely! Awesome device!

  510. Docia fuller

    I totally need this, my husband is very ill and I usually can’t ansewer the door.

  511. Ny

    We live out in the woods and get little visitors to our home. When we do it would be nice to see who’s knocking before opening the door.

    Thank you for the chance.

  512. suz

    I would love a skybell. They sound fabulous. I work out of my home (usually in pjs) and receive packages via UPS. many times I don’t answer the door and he leaves them. The dogs usually alert me. But there have been many many times which I missed an important one for I did not realize I needed to sign for it. This would solve my problem. If I saw I needed to sign, I could slap some lipstick on and a coat over my pjs and answer the door!! Great idea!

  513. Eileen

    Love the look of SkyBell. I have been searching for an interactive front door camera since we moved into our house in 2012. For safety reasons, I wanted the ability to be able to not only be able to see who is at front door but also to interact. Especially when my Teen daughter is home alone, or even myself.

    Would love to win it, especially since both my daughter and my birthdays are later this week!

  514. Candy Chang

    With a 4 yo and an infant, it’d be nice not to have to wrangle my way to the door unnecessarily and would provide peace of mind to be able to see who was at our (see-through) door without giving myself away.

  515. Gina

    This product sounds amazing and would give us great peace of mind to know who is lurking behind that ring!!!!!!!

  516. Anne

    This would be perfect. It would be great to see who is at the door. We tend to get solicitors at the door and sit would be great to see who is there. We also have been robbed and I sometimes get nervous and hesitate to answer the door

  517. Shari

    I have an adorable little boy who thinks it is absolutely hilarious to sneak outside and ring the doorbell. He loves to be the one standing there when I open the door. I’m always met with a huge burst of giggles. As cute as that sounds, it gets old real quick. He always does it at the worst times (kids have a knack for that!). When my dinner is at a crucial stage, my arms are full carrying a load of laundry, I’m scrubbing a toilet, (you get the idea), these are the times he decides it would be great to play a trick on mommy. The thing is, I can’t just ignore it. What if it actually is someone at the door? Or if it’s him and I don’t answer, he gets REALLY persistent. How great to be able to see its him, and though the audio say, “You got me again, silly! Now come inside.” Life changing!

  518. Wendy Ziola

    We have two dogs and a new grandson coming this summer. A skybell would be amazing to see who’s at the door while I’m watching our newest addition to the family. No worries about getting up to see who’s there! What a great idea!

  519. LisaY.

    I love this idea – with a teenager and a tweener home alone for periods of time during the day, I constantly worry about unexpected visitors coming to the door and them running to the window to look out. This would be perfect!

  520. Tina R.

    Love that you can silence the doorbell but still be alerted via my phone. My husband works nights and sleeps during the day. I hate it when the doorbell sounds when he’s asleep!

  521. Marlene

    I have two babies in my home plus 3 step kids, enough said! When the doorbell rings, I usually ask my husband to open the door. I can’t reach the peep-hole on the door, so I can never be sure who’s ringing the bell, and I don’t like to open when the kids are around.

  522. Lori R.

    What a great idea. I love it!

  523. Jenna

    This would be perfect for our front door! I homeschool our three kiddos! We get the usual doorbell rings as you do but it’s not safe when your kids think it’s thier friends, and I can’t answer the door right away! I could check the phone and let them know it’s safe to answer or not! Plus when I drop off our littlest one off to preschool my older ones can check the phone to see who’s at the door! She’s 14 and I’m only gone for 20-30 minutes but it would give her and me a peice of mind!

  524. Margarita Quintero

    I am a new homeowner and i get scared when i am home bymyself….. i would love to have one skybell, specially because it can be used by multiple users…husband can check too…

  525. Rebecca Ragan

    We are in the process of building a home in a very busy area. This would be perfect for our front door!

  526. Katy

    With our home right beside my husband’s business, people tend to drop by all the time – even ‘just’ customers (who are great, but the business has hours for a reason……..). This would be a wonderful addition to our home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  527. Kristin

    We have a mostly glass front door and I feel the same way about being seen! :o)

  528. Natalie

    I would LOVE this thing! I have disconnected the doorbell in our house because it is so disruptive to nap time and also to my peace of mind. Our door is glass and I am in hiding quite a bit from unannounced visitors-most of whom I would love to welcome into my home if I knew who they were and that they were coming over:)! What a genius product!

  529. Staci

    Because it’s cool!!!!!

  530. A Davus

    Visual is always great before you answer the door this day and age :) Would love to try one of these out for safety sake!

  531. Mary McCoy

    I would love to have a Skybell. What a great idea. We too have sidelight windows on each side of our door. I babysit our grandkids and sometimes do not want to answer the door. This would enable me to see who is there and if it is OK to answer.

  532. Ellen

    We live in the country and I am often home alone…this would be terrific!

  533. Valerie

    I would love to win this! It seems like a great product.

  534. Heather B .

    I live alone and would love to be able to screen who is there without having to shout through the door!

  535. Beth

    My husband is a tech geek, and is very safety conscience, he would absolutely love this. It would also let him know that I care about his interests and priorities and I’m not just interested in decorating.

  536. Stephanie

    This would be great for my mother! She lives alone and has two decorative windows on each side of her front door. This would provide her with security and peace of mind.

  537. Holly B

    Wonderful idea!
    I have Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. MS makes simple mundane tasks feel like marathons and comes with a host of other debilitating symptoms. Fortunately, I do not rely on aides to get around, but my daily energy supply is much lower than the average person. I find myself constantly running all over the house to retrieve things I have forgotten. During a relaps, I have an confined to my bed. Sometimes simply getting ready in the morning is a task worthy of nap. Needless to say, there is nothing worse than the doorbell ringing after I have just settled to re-energize. This product would be so helpful.

  538. Michelle Vincent

    My husband and I have different work schedules and I am often home alone at night. I would feel so much safer with Skybell.

  539. Jeanne

    This would be awesome!

  540. Fern Hummert

    What an awesome idea. We live on a very dark street and my hubby travels so it would be fantastic to have one of these.

  541. Darcy

    What peace of mind this would bring, if you often had people at your door.

  542. Marti

    This is amazing!!! We have so many solicitors in our neighborhood and I’d love to be able to see who’s at our door. Even if I’m not lucky enough to win, I’m going to look into purchasing! Thanks!

  543. Tina M. M.

    I would love this! My loving hubby is a police officer so we always keep the house locked up. I too share the frustration of not wanting to answer the door unless I am expecting Guests. How liberating this would be! Thanks for sharing!

  544. Diana

    The Skybell would be really neat to own. Imagine not having to try and peek out the front window without being caught ;-)

  545. kamijan

    Fascinating idea

  546. stacy

    My St Bernard has a BIG bark. And, she hates solicitors. This would be awesome.

  547. Lyn

    Who wouldn’t love a skybell! This will be a great gift for my daughter also

  548. Lisa C.

    We get a lot of solicitors in our neighborhood, despite the “No Soliciting” signs. This would be great to have!

  549. Erin

    I have 5 children, all reaching the age where they can start experimenting and practicing with skills such as answering the door, welcoming guests, and even staying home alone. This seems a really smart way for us to know when it’s safe to allow them to practice and when we would advise them to let us do it. The added security I would feel, too, when letting the oldest practice being at home alone would be reason enough, I’d imagine! But when my husband travels for work, I’d love the extra security, as well. Sounds like a *smart* product!! :-)

  550. Linda S.

    What a cool idea…never heard of it…but for safety alone..would love one of these!

  551. Amy Brown

    wow this is amazing, I could see how this could be helpful for me when i have to leave my older daughter home with my younger boys. We live in a “safe” neighborhood but we live in a crazy world and this would help give a piece of mind. Thanks for producing a great product and helping families be safer. I would love to be able to have this device. will have to put it on my christmas list!

  552. Gretchen

    In small town or city, single or mom….owning a skybell would be the bomb!

  553. Rebecca

    I would love the sense of security thatcSkybellvwoukd bring. We live on a quiet dirt road. I would love to see who was at my door.

  554. Megan Sanders

    I have a big garden and pergola in back of my home and we spend a lot of time hanging out there, but visitors don’t always know to come around back. This would solve the problem of folks stopping by and thinking we aren’t home. Plus the doorbell unnerves my dogs too.

  555. Sandee H

    I love the idea of the Skybell. In reading the reason why you had gotten one I thought “I hadn’t spoken to anyone about hating the doorbell and not wanting answering it”, and for the exact reasons you listed. I think I have to have one. :)
    Thank you for the give away.

  556. Linda M.

    For many years I thought I was among a very small group of people who are afraid to answer the door. I’m so relieved to see so many who feel the same way. I would love to have a Skybell!

  557. Janice Scott

    Our doorbell is inconsistent. Sometimes it rings and no one is there! That’s spooky!
    This would help my nerves as well about how to see who it is while how not to see
    me in my pjs! Thank you for the opportunity! I am looking forward to exploring your website via Ann V!

  558. Angela

    What a wonderful thing!! I would love it for our house because it would help keep the kids from answering the door for safety reasons!

  559. Debbie

    I would love for my kids to have this. They are new parents. Awesome idea!

  560. Amy Campbell

    What a wonderfully useful gadget! This would be so handy when trying to avoid the solicitors who come to our door. :)

  561. Tammi

    This is a neat idea! I would love this for my son and daughter-in-law.

  562. brianna

    so perfect :) with 4 kids under 5, and 3 of whom still nap (if i’m lucky), the save the doorbell from ringing doorbell would be awesome. crazy dog doesn’t match well with sleeping kids. plus i wont have to go running through the house every time fedex shows up…although then i can’t count that as a workout…

  563. Nicole

    I’m moving to a new town and I don’t really know the area well– I’d be scared to look out the window too! This would be perfect!

  564. Jenn T.

    I would love one because, like you, I don’t answer the door. Since our front door has a big window in it, if I can see whoever is out there, they can see me. I’m tired of shushing the kids when the doorbell rings! :)

  565. June J

    What a clever idea. Like everyone else here, safety is #1. We want to feel secure in our homes. We sometimes also want the option of knowing who that unexpected visitor at the front door is. Whomever wins, I’m happy just to have learned what it is. I’ll be looking for this cool must have door candy next time in at one of those diy stores!

  566. Sue Z.

    This would be a Godsend! I’m disabled and like you, have many windows at the front of the house, with a large leaded glass front door with sidelight panels on each side. Unfortunately, I also have a large screened in porch that, once someone has come in to the actual front door to ring the bell – they are not easily seen by neighbors or anyone passing by.
    So I REALLY feel unsafe answering the door.

  567. Pam Klocek

    Would really love to get a Skybell- that added protection would give me a sense of calm since our home is one block of the main street and the rate of crime has increased. Thank you!

  568. juli collum

    This is so GREAT! Between the worry of letting my kids answer the door everytime someone knocks or rings the bell and my medical (bad back and nerve issues- my legs/feet which can make some days unbearable to walk to the front door.) I have commented to friends a few times now great it would be if I could see who was at the door before I put all the effort into getting up or if its SAFE to send my kids to answer the door.

  569. LaShara

    I think this is an awesome product that would allow me to answer the door while away from home instead of having my 22 yr old disable daughter answering the door. Although she is capable of staying home alone, it still worries me that she will answer the door even when we tell her not too. Added security measure…yes, please!

  570. Marisa Patel

    I have an insane fear of home invasions…ugh…I work from home several days a week and it is difficult when on calls to get up to answer the door especially when it turns out to just be a salesperson or delivery. My children like to run to answer the door and it makes me nervous due to you never know who is on the other side. My older sister is disabled and lives with us so she is home alone often. She has a difficult time getting up to answer the door not to mention it really isn’t safe as she would not be able to defend herself.

  571. Lynn Gaylor

    I would love this product. Many times during our homeschool day, the bell rings and someone often thinks they should see who is there. Love this!!!!

  572. kathy s

    no front door window!!! would be a blessing

  573. Rebecca

    I love this! Our doorbell is broken so our only doorbell is the sounds of dog barks :)

  574. Dana

    For my husband recouping from a new hip and two new knees. He could answer the door from wherever he is without needing to walk up and down the stairs.

  575. Kathleen

    Skybell would be so great for us! We are in a great neighborhood but we do have quite a few door-you-door solicitors. I do not always feel safe opening the door to strangers especially with a child in the house. This would allow us to see who is there before we open the door! Great product!

  576. whitney

    I would love a Skybell- I too have windows right by my doors; so a lot of the time the door goes unanswered unless I am expecting someone.

  577. E. Hunter

    I love anything that increases safety and peace of mind! We also have glass and windows near the front door so people can see us when we come to the door, and I am often home alone with young children. This product is a perfect solution! I’m so glad you featured it!

  578. Amanda

    our doorbell has been busted since we moved in last year. this would be great!

  579. carol clark

    i would like to have one for safety purposes i have neighbors that well arnt family oriented and party people and besides being worried about theft at the house and front porch i would like it to know if i go to town who might be or might not be coming up on or property

  580. Sherri W

    What a Cool product! My son is home alone in the afternoons 2 days a week while I work. I would love the peace of mind it would bring.

  581. Susanne

    I’d love to try it, if for no other reason than to keep my dogs from going berserk at the sound of the bell!

  582. PreK Teacher

    Sounds awesome!

  583. Stacy Z

    My 72 year old mother in law lives alone; this could be a god-send for her. I think I need one as well though!

  584. Mary

    Wow! What a fab idea. I would love Skybell, for security and peace of mind. I can’t see out the front door as the windows are opaque. The spy hole is located just above my range of sight for this shorty. Also, to would be divine not to have the dog freak out when the door bell rings.

  585. Lisa Cousins

    This would be perfect for our home of many porches/entries. I could use 3! :)

  586. Peggy Savage

    I also have a window in my front door and would love to have a Skybell. It would eliminate hiding at the top of the staircase while I wait for an unwanted visitor to go away.

  587. Jocelyn

    Same problem as you,tons of windows and no privacy without being seen. We live in the country on a back road so if it isn’t the mailman or UPS I really don’t want to answer. I always tell my kids not too unless I am there and to stay out of sight. This would be awesome to have. Even if I don’t win I will definitely check it out. Thanks for making us aware of this cool product.

  588. Claudia

    It is hard to see who is at my front door and I always keep my storm door locked. I feel uncomfortable opening the front door and there is nothing between me and whomever is on the other side. I also cannot easily see who is at the door until there are right there so this handy little gadget would be wonderful and give me some peace of mind. Hopefully I will win, but if not I plan on seeing if I can fit it into my budget.

  589. Vanessa

    There’s a new baby at our house right now. Also, my husband would love this! Thank you.

  590. Heather S

    I would love to win this and gift it to my grandparents :)

  591. Brandy Moore

    Skybell seems so amazing! Is love to try this out! If feel so much safer being able to see who’s at my door as I’m often home alone with our kids.

  592. Diane

    great idea

  593. Collette

    I would love to win this.
    It would make me feel safer when I am at home alone with my little ones.
    Thank you

  594. Carolyn

    I live alone and am hard of hearing. This would be so helpful!

  595. Joanna

    I would LOVE to have a SkyBell! With two small kids, it would be help feel safer than ever! What a neat product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  596. Annette

    I love this product! What a great way to check the door from anywhere in the house. I like that I could communicate with the person at the door before I get to the door, because many times delivery drivers will leave a note on my door, before I can make it down the stairs.

  597. Scarlette

    What a great idea! We could really use this. There has been an increase of home burglaries in our city. Would be thieves ring people’s doorbells to check if people are home prior to robbing their homes. This has made people in our town very nervous about opening the door to strangers.

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