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Gather: Daybeds

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Gather: Daybeds

Hello friends! It’s Courtney here today. I can hardly believe that it’s getting close to a year since I moved in to my sister’s townhouse! I wanted to pop in and give you a little sneak peek of my room, which is far overdue! My mom often talks about ‘slow decorating’ here on The Inspired Room, and now I’ve experienced that firsthand while working on my room. Nothing goes quite as quickly as I might wish, or that my wallet will allow. :) That being said, I’ve made some great progress with my design plan and am glad I haven’t rushed into anything.

I’ve shared before that my room is tiny. It’s about 9’x9′ with an angled wall, and one wall is mostly filled up with a screen door. At first I wasn’t even sure that I could fit a bed into it, which is, you know, problematic when hoping to use it as a bedroom! I did some measurements and discovered that a daybed would fit just barely. So the hunt was on for a daybed I would love at a price I could afford.

Gather: Daybeds(This photo was taken right before I moved in last summer)

After weeks of searching online, measuring, and debating, I ended up choosing the Window Daybed from West Elm. I couldn’t be happier with it! I had the bed delivered and assembled by West Elm (which saved me so much time and potential frustration) and it fit perfectly in the space. I adore the detail on the side rails, but also appreciate how it still leaves the room feeling open and airy.

With a room as tiny as this, each little piece makes such a big impact, so I was determined to fill it with only things I truly loved. Being so selective has made this a room I really love being in! I’ll be back ASAP with a full room tour so you can see how far it has come! ***UPDATE: See my finished room tour HERE!

If you’re on the hunt for a daybed yourself, check out the sources I gathered above (sources are listed by number below the graphic!). A few of them come with a trundle or even pull out to become a queen sized bed–perfect for a guest room!

Gather: Daybeds

Gather: Daybeds

*** UPDATE: See my finished room tour HERE.

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  1. Talitha

    Glad you found a nice daybed! We have the Brimnes bed from Ikea, number 9. We bought it as a guest bed, because you can pull it out. We have lots of Ikea furniture and love it, but this is the one exception; it was a nightmare to put together, and the pull out part broke very quickly. It can not be used as a pull out anymore, we now use it as a single bed for our son. We then had to buy another bed for guests, so we bought a sturdy double bed, also from Ikea, that we are happy with :-). Hope your daybed works well for you!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Hi Talitha! So sad to hear about your Brimnes bed! I considered getting that one for a long time but totally feared the process of putting it together. I eventually realized my room was too small for the bed to pull out anyway so that was a big reason I didn’t choose it. Glad you’ve been happy with your new bed though! :)

  2. Karolina

    I just chose the Ikea daybed for my daughter’s teen room. It’s also very small so I like the idea of the storage space and the extra bed for her friends. Can’t wait how your bedroom turns out!

  3. Ms Maggie

    So good to see your place come together, thinking of my kids. Daybeds are great in bigger homes too. We have one in each home in the small studies. The make divine places to read or nap or talk with the person working away on their breaks. And of corse, extra beds!!!

  4. Christina Rodriguez

    I love the daybed that you chose. I believe there is a copycat DIY build on Shanty 2 Chic if you love to make your own furniture too.

  5. Marmel

    I purchased a daybed that looks so similar to the one you have. Luckily, I offered $100 for it (it was in a model home and they were trying to get rid of all the furniture). My grandkids love to watch tv and play there and I just slide the toy box right under the bed, perfect

  6. Angelika

    Courtney, I love 2 things about this post: the first one is i like any updates on your mini-room. What an adventure and you have such a good attitude about such a small space! The second thing I love is how you put emphasis on careful, deliberate, and selective… even if it takes a year (or more!) This is something I struggle with as I want to “do it all” and do it all NOW! Thanks for the nice reminder ;)

  7. Courtney (also)

    I know this sounds crazy, but ever since I was (also) looking to move into my own studio last summer and came across your post on small space ideas, I’ve been wondering how your bedroom project turned out! I’ve been checking in occasionally and was excited to see the update! Can’t wait for the space tour. :)

    • Courtney Michaels

      Hi Courtney! I can’t wait to show it! I’m finallyyy hanging my curtains this week (I’ve been putting it off for way too long!) so I should have a good update soon!


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