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{Small Spaces} My Upstairs Hallway Bookshelf

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration, my house

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{Small Spaces} My Upstairs Hallway Bookshelf

Earlier this year I started looking for a small cabinet or bookcase for the top of our staircase in our hall. You can see this little spot all the way from downstairs in the entry, so it always felt like it needed something more interesting than just a wall to draw you up to the second floor. It’s not a very deep space so I didn’t want anything too flashy, large or bulky that might overwhelm, but I did want something with a little bit of personality.

I stumbled upon this cute little bookcase online one day and thought it would be shallow and versatile enough that I could find a spot for it even if it didn’t end up in the hall. I love the cutout X sides and back–the interesting design makes it feel so much lighter and airier than many bookcases, so it is perfect for a small space like this!

We’ve been working our way around the house over the past few weeks attempting to make progress on projects we’ve had on our to-do list forever. It feels great to be crossing so many little things off the list. Tomorrow I hope to show you an update on my simple master bathroom refresh! HOORAY! The walls are finally repainted and the room looks so much cleaner and fresher. Even though painting the walls really was such a simple update, I’m so much happier with my bathroom now.

I still can hardly believe it took us SIX years to paint the walls in the entire interior of our house (and we still haven’t painted all the closets). Ha! Good-bye, swine. Good riddance. That dry fleshy pink paint color has nearly been the death of us. So help me, I ever attempt to buy another house with swine walls, please STOP ME! :-D

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The bookshelf can be found here!
Art: Between You and Me on Etsy.
Storage boxes: Joss & Main


  1. Jeanette @ Snazzy Little Things

    Absolutely lovely, I pop in here now and again and always love what I see. My biggest challenge is vignettes and it also feels like it’s time to buy some new furniture. We have a long list of to-dos and we are working through ours this summer, too!

  2. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    We are so happy and relieved to have just purchased a brand new home on the Island before we were about to be homeless….literally.
    We are downsizing and simplifying. That said, I was quite pleased to discover that all the wall colors are the same. It’s a Benjamin Moore color called Classic Gray. Even the name is simple.

    The palette is the same in every room. It also repeats counter tops, cabinet style, plumbing fixtures. Then there are different light fixtures in every room which makes it fun and surprising. It’s soothing.

    Hooray for the demise of swing.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Congratulations, how wonderful to find the right place on the island! I can’t wait to see what you found — what a treat that it has elements that are already pretty! Hooray! You’ll have fun with that!

  3. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    Cute bookshelf! I’m in the process of trying to finish up projects from our renovation that was last year. It does feel so good to get those projects crossed off my list! I can’t wait to see your master bath!

  4. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    Oops. I meant the demise of swine!

  5. Stacy

    I love your walls! What paint color are they?

  6. Jenny

    Hi Melissa!!
    Love your bookshelf & wall hanging. I bet that space just feels so warm & fuzzy now!! Can you please share your source for your Prov Wall hanging? It’s such a perfect statement for that spot!!
    We just moved & downsized and it feels GREAT!! What has been a bit addictive for me is accomplishing things on my Home To-Do List; so I can fully relate to where you are “at”. It’s just so fulfilling!!
    I, too, am excited to see your MBath mini-makeover. For me, I find that the mini’s have such a big emotional impact. But it’s the small things that make me happy!! Blessings!! -JW

    • Jenny

      Thank you for posting sources!!

  7. Martell Souder

    I love reading your blog. Promise, I’ll buy your book soon! But sometimes I’m confused as to who is writing. I know your daughter writes sometimes and maybe another person? If I happen to miss a post and jump back in, it takes me a couple of reads to know who’s writing. A picture would be great! I’m guilty of reading too many decorating blogs (because they just feed my creative soul) and forget where the writer lives or if they have older kids or are just starting out. You know — just need the perspective. If I take the time to click over to your website, I’m usually good, but I often do quick reads on my IPad. Just my opinion! I love your clean lines, love of simplicity. I tend to add too many littles and you inspire me to take away when I’m piddling. By the way isn’t piddling just so satisfying? Thanks for your time.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Martell! We 100% agree :) We’ve discussed that before and have just been too busy to implement it yet, but we are close to having a bio page and hopefully a photo for the top of each guest post. For now we just always make sure that the girls identify themselves in the first line of the post (whenever it’s not me)! Thanks for your ideas :)

  8. Linda

    The small bookcase is just the right touch for that wall space. You’ve styled it beautifully. It really pops against the wall color. I scored a similarly-sized, tilted bookshelf several years ago and it has been a real life saver–it has made appearances in several locations throughout the house. One of my favorite purchases!
    p.s. I love the Bible verse

  9. Nancy

    Hello Melissa ^^ I love the corner of the wall, even the drapes inside the room~ I can see it :D The bookcase is simple but stunning in different ways! Love to be here and see the gorgeous output. Cheers!

    Nancy Ballard – Assistant photographer

  10. Jean |

    Love the bookcase. Reminds me of our first place, where I had a spot that needed something and I found an unfinished bookcase that was the exact height, width and depth. I finished it myself, and it ended up looking like it was custom made for the place.


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