The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

Did you all know that my first ever coffee table design book, The Inspired Room, is officially available for pre-sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble?! I can hardly believe it will be out on November 1, yay! Just two months away. I can’t wait to see it on my own coffee table and I hope you’ll have one on yours, too :)

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

In my first book, Love the Home You Have, I shared my philosophy of “home” and my encouragement for finding contentment right where you are. So much of my heart went into that book and I’ve been blessed to hear that so many of you resonated and have enjoyed reading it.

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

In creating this next book, The Inspired Room, I had an amazing opportunity to share tons of my favorite decorating tips and ideas in a full-color coffee table book (AH!) featuring photographs of my home and adorable hand-drawn illustrations!

It’s a high quality large format hardback book, with a whimsical patterned cover and copper leaf accents. It will make a sweet gift for anyone who is on the journey of making a house a home and if you order it now, it will be shipped to you as soon as it is available!

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

While The Inspired Room book is full of ideas designed to inspire you in your own journey of creating a place you’ll love, I love that I get to invite you inside my home, room by room, to show you close up and personal all the details that brought my real-life home together over the past few years.

I’m thrilled to not only show you how our house became a home, but to offer tons of inspiration and ideas for your own home in such a lovely book.

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}

Whether you are new here or have been hanging out here awhile, I know this book will be one you’ll return to and enjoy again and again.

It’s almost like I have the chance to leap out of the blog right onto your coffee table, except if I did that in real life that would be scary. So, rather than ME sitting on your coffee table, order a copy of the book as a special cozy Fall Nesting present to yourself and maybe even share this new book with your friends and family.

The Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}
Here’s the story on the book cover design, if you missed it!

Thank you all for your kindness about my new house and the wonderful support you’ve offered through this process of book writing and home-making. I appreciate each one of you so very much!

Pre-order your copy of The Inspired Room at Barnes and Noble or AmazonThe Inspired Room {A Coffee Table Book}


  1. So PRETTY! I Love it x

  2. Melissa… this is so exciting! :) I can’t wait to hold your book of gorgeous and inspiring photos in my hands… so much better than looking at images on my laptop or phone. ;) And the gallery wall must be one of my favorites of your home. It makes my heart sing, seeing it again.

    Have a blessed day and have fun in your “new” home! [hugs]

  3. Would have loved to have you – perhaps not ON my coffee table, but next to it :-)
    The next best thing must be the book, I guess …

  4. Congratulations, that’s so exciting and I can’t wait to get the book!!

    Oh, and may I PLEASE have that peacock blue ottoman?

    Thanks! :)

  5. I ordered mine the second it was available for pre-order and I can’t WAIT to have it in my hands :) I loved your book and I know this next one will be just as good or even better. Liz

  6. I’m definitely getting one! Can’t wait!

  7. How much fun is THIS? Congratulations. As one blogger to another — do you think of your blog when making decor decisions? I have to admit that I do! ;-)

    • Interesting question! I have a definite answer for it. So, I will think of the blog right now and answer your question into a blog post, ha! :). Stay tuned and I’ll come back around to this topic! Thanks Kay. I appreciate your kindness and interest in my life and work here. xoxo

  8. Congratulations, such a pretty cover!! And now that you have moved out, it’s like having a “Yearbook” for your old home. What fun! And thank you for sharing so much of your lovely personal spaces/decorating ideas with us. You help make experts of us all!

  9. I can’t wait to treat myself to your new book! Yay!!!! Congratulations !!

  10. Just pre ordered mine….happy Day….Lots of wonderful things happening in your life…sweet!

  11. Ordered mine on Amazon yesterday! So excited! Can’t wait!

  12. I can’t wait to have my copy. You’ve been a huge inspiration and I am looking forward to seeing you make your new house into a home.

  13. pre ordered your book today!!! can’t wait ’til it arrives!

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