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When Too Much Sparks Joy


How to declutter when too much sparks joy

There are plenty of things we tend to hang onto in our home that we know is just unnecessary clutter. The problem those of us who are home and decor lovers face (I’m guessing you are a probably home-lover since you are here at The Inspired Room) is we also tend to have too much that might not look exactly like clutter because it sparks some measure of joy.

If we are overwhelmed by stuff, we might be hoarders of junk or simply very disorganized. Let’s be honest, we might be both of those things. But while I’m not a hoarder of dead cats, or ugly trinkets that clearly do not spark joy, I tend to keep too many things that actually “spark joy” now or might at some point.

At least I used to keep ALL THE THINGS. I’m working on overcoming that tendency, in spite of myself.

Sometimes in our efforts to create a home we love, we aren’t sure yet what actually sparks joy, or we don’t want to let go of what might spark joy down the road or at least be of use to us in the future.

When Too Much Sparks Joy

Home-lovers might have an extra challenge that perhaps would not qualify as true hoarder-status, but it might need an intervention nonetheless. It’s called DESIGN CHAOS SYNDROME. And yes, it’s a THING even if it’s not a technical one.

When Too Much Sparks Joy


DCS tends to be complicated and impacts people who:

  • love many beautiful things
  • are indecisive or lacking in focus
  • aren’t sure what their design direction is
  • loves many styles and colors and patterns and neutrals
  • don’t have a clear plan or purpose for their home
  • recently moved
  • are in the middle of remodeling
  • hope to remodel or move someday
  • are in transition in any way
  • have had more than one style or size of home
  • have piles of extra decorative pillows and accessories
  • shop at yard sales and fill their garage with future projects
  • love to buy craft supplies just in case the urge to craft ever strikes
  • have a long list of projects to get to that require spray paint or slipcovers
  • would rather get something new to decorate their house than file and shred papers
  • would rather shop or look for pretty ideas than actually declutter those bins
  • enjoy pinning organizing ideas to Pinterest more than completing actual decluttering tasks
  • are perfectionists and procrastinators
  • love to start new projects and have several going on around the house at all times
  • have a small house but a lot of things they love
  • have a big house and plenty of room for things that sparked joy
  • have so many things going on, even things that spark joy, they can’t keep up with it all

If any one of those qualities or situations describe you (or maybe all of them and more) you are likely struggling with more than just ordinary clutter, you might have too many things you love or not enough time or space for everything you love.

When Too Much Sparks Joy

Can you see how any of those tendencies or the resulting pile ups of stuff can cause you to be overwhelmed? I have ordinary clutter issues, too, don’t get me wrong. I can pile up papers with the best of them. But I definitely feel the impact of the design-related issues. If you do too, you (and your house) might have DCS (design chaos syndrome).

It’s a THING, but the good news is YOUR STUFF doesn’t have to OWN YOU. I finally had an epiphany and realized why I had so many issues. I wasn’t lacking joy, I was lacking focus. I totally get that you should keep things that spark joy, that’s a helpful concept, but I could have JOY SPARKING everywhere and yet still couldn’t seem to keep up with, declutter, organize or streamline ALL THE THINGS.

Y’all. The struggle was real.

When Too Much Sparks Joy

I wrote Make Room for What You Love because I want to help people who struggle with ALL THE THINGS. The ordinary obvious clutter, the design-related clutter and everything in between.

The book actually isn’t even about sparking joy or interior design or even only for design-lovers, but it is for anyone who just feels overwhelmed and wants to refocus and simplify their home and life.

I hope this book won’t just tell you what to do, I hope it will also speak to your heart so you’ll be inspired with hope of lasting change and results you can see and feel.

Today is the official release day of the book and I’m so excited for you to read it! 

Order Make Room for What You Love at Barnes & Noble or Amazon!

While I still don’t have it all together, at least I know where I’m going and have a plan to get me there. It feels so good to finally have strategies that actually work for me and my home, instead of my habits working against me! Whatever your challenges are, this book offers encouragement, hope and realistic tips to help you get where you want to go.

When Too Much Sparks Joy
* The giveaway is now closed and winners were contacted. *

My friends at DaySpring kindly offered The Inspired Room readers a giveaway to celebrate the launch day! Yay!

I think this gift bundle sums up perfectly how I feel as I’m writing books. I’m sharing my heart, stories and solutions with good friends like you who resonate with the real purpose, joy and challenges of making our home our sanctuary. Thanks for being such an encouragement to keep on sharing!

Dayspring is giving away 5 sets of the adorable items in the graphic below (I have them and they are really cute). Five winners will be contacted on May 5 and will need to provide a U.S. address for DaySpring to ship the prize pack!

When Too Much Sparks Joy

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If you are ready to SIMPLIFY ALL THE THINGS, you can find more info on the Make Room For What You Love book page.

Order Make Room for What You Love at Barnes & Noble or Amazon!


  1. shelly l

    I sold my 2700 square foot home. I am downsizing to a 1200 square foot condo. I have scheduled a company to come in and conduct an “estate sale.” I put that in quotes because it’s not that my possessions are worthy of being called an estate. I just have way too much stuff to sell to call it a tag sale!
    Starting this week, I will be going through my house, room by room, shelf by shelf, drawer by basket, and packing up only the things that truly matter.
    I am nervous about finding the voice that will tell me what is important. I know I will need to listen quiet and close. I am looking forward to letting go and feeling more free.

    • Rose

      Hi Shelly ~
      I know how you feel, even though it’s been 7 yrs ago we sold our home of 2,000 + sq ft and also moved to a condo, it was hard to say good-bye to so many things – but – they are only things. You are smart to go and keep only the important things in your life. – When it is all said and done and you look around your new place you are going to smile, because you have only the things that mean so much to you.

      Good luck with you move. You will like living in a condo – Everything is done for you.
      Much love,

      • shelly

        Thanks Rose! I figure as long as I remember to take my teen age son, the pressure is off all the other decisions!

  2. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    We went through a recent renovation and from time to time each room had its own chaos. We are now spending time on a regular basis getting rid of unnecessary things starting with the attic. We have a big attic and have just packed things away over the years. No more. Thanks for the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Vanessa

    I am so excited about this book! I am always looking for strategies to live a simpler life! Congratulations on your launch day!

  4. Gina

    After moving my parents into a retirement community and clearing out their home of 45 years I’ve made a promise not to burden my own children with that task. It’s difficult but we are slowly getting rid of things we’ve collected while being in our home of 23 years.
    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  5. Kristin M

    From the girl who loves too much.

  6. Sue Wynne

    That’s me, always making bad design decisions and ending up with too much of the wrong stuff. Love your blog and look forward to reading your book!

  7. Donna

    Those items are beautiful! Thanks, Melissa, for giving me the chance to win one of them. I try to keep a handle on clutter and usually succeed, but it’s taken a lot of years to get here.

  8. Patty

    We had to put my mom in a retirement type hospital. Very hard and now what to do with the house and everything in it. My dad and her had lived there 45 years. Dad passed away 28 years ago and still a lot of his stuff is still there.

  9. leigh

    Much of what you listed is me for sure! Thanks for your giveaway opportunity…Love your blog and inspiration ideas…. Thank you!

  10. Sheila

    I have been waiting for this book so long! I have things I know my children will never want and the guilt of giving away my Mother’s things is preventing me from giving them away! Help:)

  11. Carol

    Thank you, Melissa, for giving me so much food for thought. I’m looking at my “treasures” in a new way.

  12. Cindy Franck

    I would love to own your new book. I can identify with many of traits on the list. I lack focus. I love to decorate and make our home an inviting place for us, and others to enjoy.

  13. peggy

    So that’s what is wrong with me!

  14. Suzanne ludwic

    I need help! My latest hobby is going to estate sales where I’ve acquired beautiful decorative items that don’t fit in my Florida, basement-less home! I have veered from my original style (elegant key west) into farmhouse, rustic, bohemian, oriental! I am in desperate need of your book!

  15. Gwyneth Miller

    It’s time to look at my treasures differently!

  16. Jo Jo

    Love and have all your books so far! You have truly inspired me to love the home I have and to declutter my life and home and focus on how our home feels, making it a true sanctuary for me and my family. Thanks, Melissa! You’re the best! ?

  17. Ginger

    I really appreciated your blog post this morning. This is indeed my problem…lacking focus. I love so many lovely, different things, and am drowning in them all. :(

  18. Karen

    I saw myself in your list a number of times :/ your thoughts on finding a focus have me thinking! Would love for my home to become a place where love and ministry happens naturally! Thank you Melissa – have been following your blog for a long time and am always blessed!

  19. Linda Meents

    I always enjoy your blog!

  20. Terri

    Looking forward to reading your new book Make Room for You Love! my home is a mish mash of memories!

  21. Maria

    I definitely fall under this category. I also hate throwing out perfectly good things and filling up a landfill with things that aren’t broken. I definitely need to get my act together and start donating stuff and getting rid of clutter. Thank you for the understanding :)

  22. Robin

    Congratulations and much good luck Melissa!!!

  23. Donna

    Similar to the phrase, “happy wife, happy life”, I think “happy home, happy life” is acurrate as well. Looking forward to having a plan!

  24. Mindy

    Your description of design chaos syndrome is exactly me! Now I really want to read your book!

  25. Jennie

    Great post and looks like a great book!! I am not a fan of clutter either and having problems with my office and family members who seem to not want to throw things away ;)

  26. Cheryl Acuna

    I am in the middle of a huge remodel of an old farmhouse and enjoy reading your posts for help and inspiration. Thanks so much Melissa. Looking forward to reading your new book. Simplicity and focus are always my goals.

  27. Julie Perun

    Oh my, that article has me written all over it! There are so many beautiful things in this world, and I love so many of them. I, too, feel like I am drowning…Would love any help I can get! Thanks Melissa, and good luck with your newest book!

  28. Diania Abernathy

    This is more than just an organizational book. It’s like a best friend helping you to sort and declutter and laugh with you over then stuff…er…junk you’ve kept over the years as well as cry at letting go of something beautiful that just doesn’t work any more! Doing all of that with grace and gentleness so that you don’t feel defeated by the process….that’s what Melissa Michaels does in this book! Thank you West Coast friend!
    From your Southside Virginia friend ;)

  29. Brown

    Your summary made me realize this book is for me. I realize I’m living with family expectations of keeping heirlooms and stuff like crafting projects in case… I didn’t expect to read this this morning! I’d also like to enter for the giveaway, I know a contradiction…ha.

  30. Anne

    Love to simplify and get rid of stuff (aka minimalist)! My husband is worried I might give him to the thrift store too!

  31. Lisa Cooper

    I periodically try to go through my “stuff” and weed out the items that are unnecessary. It’s a hard process but so satisfying when I am done! I just wish I didn’t have to do it so often!

  32. Janice Cook

    Adorable items!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Rebecca

    I am the queen of not finishing a project I have started. I blame the two little ones running around my house!! I did manage to get guest room curtains hung this weekend, now to find an hour to wax my newly painted kitchen chairs!!

  34. Eileen

    These are all so nice. Would love to win for Mother’s Day

  35. Candace Lech

    Having lived in our present home forty years and now moving, sizing down I have become visually aware of accumulation. Making difficult choices to give away, throw away or keep is tough. Funny though, once I let go I don’t miss it so why leave it in a drawer when it could bring joy to someone else?

  36. Ellette

    As I get older I find it much easier to get rid of things. Seems like when you are younger you are in the “acquiring” stage and just trying to figure out what you like. With age you know that a little better or maybe you realize that it’s not as important as it once was!

  37. Angela Pickering

    Always inspiring…. Thank you.

  38. Teresa

    Wonderful giveaway! I have a fondue set and a large rice maker that take up much space along with many other things but I keep holding on to. One was a gift and that seems to make it harder to discard. You are an inspiration!

  39. Jeri Ray

    This hit home with me, I consider my home style as eclectic. As individual items, most things do spark Joy. But I have too much, resulting in clutter. Your blog does inspire me!

  40. Vanisha

    It takes a bit of courage to get rid of things you love even though you know they need to go. I look forward to reading this new book of yours to help with the letting go.

  41. Susan Callan

    Love love all the wealth of information you share and how you share ‘life’ with us.

  42. Karen

    I was doing well getting rid of things I no longer wanted until I started my vintage business. I started buying lots of fabulous things at estate sales and thrift stores. With little storage space for the items I sell, some end up displayed in my house (which is generally fine) but others end up stacked up in a corner of our family room and in our bedroom :( The clutter is distracting and annoying. This post is a gentle nudge encouraging me to find a better solution to my inventory storage! I really want our house to clutter free, functional and beautiful. :) Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  43. Gina

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I was just writing a blog post this week about how I love that our master closet is cleaned out, but I think I could tweak it even more and get rid of some more clutter. hubby tends to hold on to things for sentimental reasons, long after they things have been useful, or even decorative. Drives me batty! I am slowing discovering our style and vow to stay focused on it when I buy things for our home.

  44. Michelle

    Congratulations on the release and thank you for all the inspiration!!!

  45. Michelle

    Melissa, I’m so excited about this new book! Your words are always an inspiration and an encouragement, so thank you! And thanks to you and Dayspring for this awesome giveaway!

  46. Terri

    I’m simplifying slowly, but surely.

  47. Willie

    More than anything, I feel TOO busy to make much progress. Life happens and I’m still stuck. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!

  48. Willie

    P.S. I would treasure your book, as my about-to-be college graduate daughter is also planning a wedding and setting up her first home newlywed home in a few months. Your book could help both of us !!!!

  49. Barbara Parker

    Congratulations on your new book! I would love to have a copy! I have DCS for sure. Think I said yes to each bullet point! Some focus is surely needed in my life. I enjoy your writing style so hope you will be the one to help me figure it out.

  50. Melinda Young

    I love the practical advise you lend to not only help decorate and decluter, with what we love, but also how to love our home while keeping a purpose and focus.

  51. Heather

    I like so many different thins, it really is hard to pick and choose!

  52. nancy mattingly

    Launch day is exciting, congratulations! I’d love a chance to read this book! Sounds like it could help a girl like me. ?

  53. Barbara Jansz

    Enjoying your last book and looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for your inspiration!

  54. T. Daugherty

    Always dreaming of a new space along with wanting my current space to be the space it should be and what I wished it would be is exhausting. I recently made the choice to de-clutter and it has become addictive….just wish there was more time. I am learning one step at a time when I see the progress that alone brings me joy. Here’s keeping the progress of joy!

  55. Nancy Raichur

    Oh so ready to simplify … loved your suggestions and comments. The new book looks fabulous … will love to read it.

  56. Darla

    Thanks for the push to get moving :) Been wanting to do some purging :)

  57. Heather

    Look this concept. As a home decorator I love a lot of different looks so it’s hard to hone it down. I love forward to reading your new
    book and congratulations on its release. Happy Sunday. What a fun giveaway!

  58. Susan Kendall

    I feel like I cling to this beautiful clutter ONLY because it floats on the surface of the darkness that is daintily floating on the surface of the darkness that is swallowing me alive. LET THE LIGHT IN AND TAKE OFF THESE SHACKLES!

  59. Gail Millette

    Wow! You nailed most of my issues right there! I have so many “places” that need a clutter overhaul ! And right now, I have a month off work; perfect time, right? Unfortunately, I just had shoulder surgery and my right arm is in a sling for 6 weeks! ?So, I get to just sit here, look at it, and plan what I will do when I have both arms, and once again, no time to work on it! But I am inspired!

  60. Glenda

    Trying to downsize and declutter and always looking for new inspiration!

  61. Marianne Hamilton

    Simplify your life….you’ll feel like you lost ten pounds!

  62. Kathi

    Congratulations on your launch day!

  63. Chris Rohwedder

    Finally, a name for what ails me….DCS. I have almost all the symptoms listed. I’ve been working at applying the poultice of simplifying but on my own, it’s hopeless. Vthank you for all your tips. Together I think there is hope looming. ??

  64. Rosemarie

    Looking forward to your new book. Glad to hear there is a name for what I have :-).

  65. Kate

    This is exactly what I need to read! I have too much stuff, especially craft things. I will definitely be ordering this book.

  66. Lori berger

    I need your book! I can so identify with loving too many beautiful things. And some that may not spark joy anymore but I can’t let go for one reason or another. We are at the beginning stages of a planning a remodel but I’m finding that it’s so overwhelming with the fact that we like so many styles, color combinations, neutrals…I need to get more in touch with what really feels right for our family and our home. I’m not really sure how to accomplish that. I’m hoping your book can help.

  67. Dianne

    I have been decluttering for a couple of years while building a new house and moving. Two huge yard sales and donating the leftovers. I thought surely that was enough but after moving in and keeping my new home uncluttered I find that I still have many boxes of treasures left. These are the hardest to part with since they made the cut originally. Getting the courage to get rid of them now is so hard. I need your wonderful new book to inspire me. Thank you Melissa and Dayspring!

  68. Barb

    Oh boy, I was feeling a bit smug as I went thru the “symptom list” but then the next one applied to me, and the next and the next and on and on. This book sounds like the cure for what ails me!!

  69. Susan Graton

    Oh my Stars! This post is for me in a nutshell. I live in a small house with a lot of things that
    “I love”. But friends jokingly say walking through my house is a bit like going to a museum.
    I love antiques and unusual items. But I am running out of room. I’m not really loving the look of a museum. Thanks for the great ideas!

  70. Lynn

    Oh dear. That is me! Too much stuff that sparks joy or projects that would bring joy if I could ever finish them. Love your blog.

  71. francesca gunn

    Design chaos syndrome!!! I didn’t know there was such a thing but yep, its me. I think purging is only half the battle…FOCUSING is the first step. It’s funny how we already know everything you are saying in the book but its the funny and fresh approach that makes getting it done doable.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Exactly. It’s not rocket science but oh my do we need the pep talk and reassurance that we are not alone! Ha! <3

  72. Barbara Hirt

    I do need to understand this. Just this morning I’m sitting here wondering if I could bring a padded “bench” in place of the coffee table that I now think is too big, but will it go with the new rug. Ugh!

  73. Jeanne

    Great tips!

  74. Andrea

    I don’t think I have design chaos, but I do have clutter. Lots of it. And I have LOTS of hobbies that I “dabble” in, so it just adds to the piles. Here’s to a new year with less clutter!

  75. Cori

    I just love how realistic and down to earth you are Melissa, and your taste is impeccable!

    • Sherryl

      You have described me to a “T”. I love so many things and have no one style to put together. Help!

  76. Claire

    This is the most accurate d script ion of my type of clutter I’ve read – finally! I just love too much –

  77. Carol

    We down sized from 3200 sq ft to 1200 sq ft and it wasn’t until I started following your blog that I was able to start decluttering. It’s a process and I’m loving it. Keep the encouragement coming Melissa!

  78. Linda P.

    Once again you have hit the nail on the head (many things–too many– in my home spark joy) and also, once again, given the solution—focus! Thank you!!

  79. Alissa A

    Love your blog and would love to win!

  80. Jeanne

    This what I have been trying to do for years!!

  81. Rana Durham

    thanks for article and yres i am ready. clutter needs to go to get back concentratiom.

  82. Joan

    I married my husband 29 years ago. We combined six children and have since inherited many things from his parents and mine. We are very sentimental and many of the things were and are quite beautiful. We are both also book lovers and lovers of the pursuit of knowledge. We recently downsized and made a commitment to endeavor to simplify life. We have come a looong way but it continues to be an ongoing struggle. It would be so nice to develop a stronger rule of thumb so that every item consideration was not a matter of torture.

  83. Stephanie Donnelly

    I am so happy to know that others have my “condition”! We moved from a small house to a monster sized home and filled it to the brim. Then, we needed to downsize and brought it ALL with us because I had selected each and every thing with love and I couldn’t bear to part with it. I’m slowly beginning to figure out that each house was its own “person” and had its own style. So, I am currently figuring out how to love our new home by working around its cottage-y charm.

  84. Diane Merkel

    I am a devoted follower and have all of your books, including “How to Make Room . . . .” You have a unique gift; I would bet each of us thinks you are talking to us individually. Keep up your wonderful work!

  85. Suzanne

    I love your blog and your other books. I am excited to read the new book. Thank you for sharing.

  86. Debbie

    So much to think about as I’m constantly working to edit my “treasure trove” of found and re-purposed things of beauty for our home. Thank you for your wonderful insights!

  87. Theresa Jenkins

    What cute quotes!
    I would love to win!

  88. Peggy

    Hi Melissa!
    I am looking forward to your new book!
    I may have known in my heart what I needed to do to Love my House, but without your words, photographs, motivation and ideas, I felt so unsure. Thank you for the inspiration.

  89. Jami Hemmenway

    I am inspired by you every single day! Whatever the topic is, I’m struggling with it, too, and you make me realize two things: I’m not alone AND there’s hope!! Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  90. Denise Wright

    Each one of your books have been so inspiring to me. I’m excited to read this next one! Let the decluttering begin!

  91. Marvel Nofziger

    I’ve got all three of your books and love them all. I love your updates and pictures which inspire me. I collect too many things that I love and I really need to discard a lot of it and with the help of your book (I preordered and received it already) I can do this. Thanks for opening your home for all to see and be inspired,.

  92. Carol Landeis

    Oh Melissa ~ I think I have this syndrome~at least I have a name for it. I collect scrapbook supplies hoping someday I will scrapbook. Interestingly the thing I so love has now become a huge load on me. I am looking forward to the book. Congratulations on another book. Well done Melissa.

  93. Cindy Jones

    Since both my husband and I have just recently retired we have no excuse to let clutter stay in our house. We are going to get busy and use all the suggestions in your new book. Wish us luck! I hope we agree on what needs to be tossed and still speaking to each other! Lol!

  94. Laurie t

    I preordered this book, it came on Friday and I am already half way through it. I feel like you’re speaking directly to me! Started cleaning out my “stash” of home decor yesterday and going to continue to plug away today. Love your blog and your books Melissa!

  95. Julia Molewyk

    Your book sounds inspiring and helpful. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Kristin

    I definitely qualify for DCS! My favorite identifying characteristic is “Would rather get something new to decorate their house than to file or shred papers”.

    I love this new book and starting today to implement the principles in my life by planting the flowers I bought a month ago so I can enjoy them this summer:-)

  97. Christine Delgado

    I am always looking for ways to simplify my life and my house…so looking foward to reading this book!

  98. Kathleen Smith

    I have been working on decluttering and simplifying. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  99. Christine Delgado

    So excited to read this book!! Always looking for ways to simplify my life and house…

  100. Anja Hedefine

    It’s hard to get rid of things you love–but there is too much. And I’m having a hard time letting go of my daughter’s possessions and clothes. She died less than 2 years ago from cancer, less than 4 months after she was diagnosed. Does your book deal with issues like that?

  101. Christine Delgado

    So excited to read this book!! Always looking for ways to simplify!!

  102. Staci Richard

    I am so excited to get rid of what I don’t love and intentionally plan my space. I have struggled with indecision, so I have not collected much in the way of decor. Reading, learning and looking forward to turning my house into a home. ?
    Thank you, Melissa! ❤️

  103. Aubrey

    I think I have DCS that I have worked hard to recover from! Haha! I have sold or donated so much of what I refer to as “visual clutter” and my home is so much more relaxing as a result.

  104. LisaV

    Love your blog and your books Melissa! Thank you so much!!!

  105. Ellen Cole

    Finding my style is a big part of the problem. I have numerous, disparate things I love…and no clue how to make them into a cohesive design style.

  106. Katerina

    Omg you just diagnosed me, lol. I have to get this book. I love everything but I don’t like clutter. I am constantly trying to organize and it never seems to work. I’m getting this book and doing it right once and for all. Thanks for all the great advice and for the giveaway.

  107. Michelle Wilson

    Yes, finally you pinpointed my weakness. I really have culled down to things that are beautiful, that bring me joy. But there’s still too much and too many styles, and I still have two storage units (down from 5!!). I’m thrilled to know I’m not unique. I thought I was a lost cause. So you’ve given me hope, Melissa!

  108. the chubby dove

    since our move last year, we have really skinnied down on decor items. we’ve sold many of our things and used the money to do upgrades on the new house.

  109. Julie

    Wow a great post- really makes me re think
    I would love to read your book!

  110. Sandy

    You are such a talented lady! I’m looking forward to reading this as well as your new coloring book, even if I don’t win a copy!

  111. Lorna (dsc) Jordan

    Roses are red
    My Design chaos syndrome makes me blue,
    But you dear melissa, provide hope,
    So many blessings to you!!!

  112. Dori

    So many of those criteria describe me, it’s embarrassing! Can’t wait to really delve into your book! Have 3 projects going that I have to finish first, tho Heh heh.

  113. Jen

    So many challenges! We are in the “in transition” category and it’s hard to know what to get rid of or to keep!

  114. Trish

    Love your design inspirations and now, your latest words of wisdom on DCS… Can’t wait to read the book!

  115. Cathy Mspes

    Simple ! I soooo want this book !

  116. Stephanie

    So excited for you, Melissa, congratulations! And so encouraged by YOU… Thank you for sharing your life with us:). Love the give away picks, thanks!

  117. Kari Vandervelde

    I can completely relate to DCS! Thank you for not only putting into words this struggle that I can identify with, but also helpful suggestions on how to deal with it. Congrats on your book, and thank you for the chance to win the giveaway!

  118. Charlie benedick

    Congratulations on the new book. Each and every one of your blogs inspires me to think about the way I think about my home, my “stuff” and my love for decorating. I will read a paragraph or a page or two, and stop to pause and look around my own home. Many times I think, “yeh, I could do that!”

  119. Peggy Oliphint

    Congratulations on your new book! I own the first two and have also given them as gifts. They are both beautiful and practical. Really looking forward to reading this one as well! Yours is the only blog I subscribe to. I get a little thrill every time I see it waiting in my inbox. ?

  120. Susie

    Yay! Just received my copy in the mail and cannot wait to read it! Loved your other two books and am hoping this one helps me to organize, find my focus and keep my spaces uncluttered, clean, and beautiful.

  121. Terri wedding

    Thanks Melissa! And I have some vacuumed package throw pillows that may need to move on.

  122. Terri Wedding

    Thanks Melissa,

    I do have some random furniture and throw pillows I need to part with and I’m good at letting go.

  123. Allison Johnson

    This post is for me. I definitely have too many things that spark joy AND a lack of focus.

  124. Joette

    Most of those points hit me right between the eyes! I love “home stuff.” We are having a community yard sale in 2 weeks and my husband would rather have a root canal than participate. I think we are going to donate to Habitat. I have 4 more weeks in a sling from shoulder surgery but I can sift through the throw pillows one-handed if need be! I have to feel I can breathe!!

  125. Sky Sanchez-Fischer

    This is a blessing! As I read through the “You might be DCS challenged if” (haha) I was nodding so much my head was in danger of falling off! We bought a new home two years ago and I’ve gone through multiple style and decluttering stages since. Luckily I haven’t spent a fortune on decorating because I can’t quite put my finger on the aesthetic just yet. But it’s brewing. And I’m hopeful. Just purging gives me the peace I seek for now, and then I can create the home of my dreams. Thank you for another treasure, Melissa. And congratulations!

  126. Christine

    This is hilarious, but so ME! I need to go order your book now.

  127. Kay Blaauw

    Yes, this sounds like a book that would give incite in what to part with. Would love to read!

  128. Barbara Craig

    My issues are a combination of not parting with things clutter (might be useful/someone can use this/attached to past memories/drop it in a box till I have time to deal with it/etc.) and not really knowing what our personal style is, so no plan to get there. Over 31 years of marriage that turns into a lot of stuff! Like what I’ve seen of your new book so far — definitely need to make room for what we love and convert our house from storage to a restful oasis!

  129. Cathy

    I honestly believe this book speaks to everyone!

  130. Chris

    I often feel overwhelmed with all the beautiful things I have been blessed with. I thought it was just a hormonal thing…haha! I am excited to see what changes or suggestions you new book have for the crazy decorating women like myself.

  131. Mary

    Well, I definitely have DCS! One of my goals this year is to simplify my home and life. I’ve begun to purge unnecessary items in my home that no longer bring me joy ~ and it feels great!! I enjoy your blog posts, Melissa, and would love to read your latest book!

  132. Marlo

    You have perfectly described me. I will check out your book. I read your first book last year, and I enjoy your blog often. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  133. Cathy Lipscomb

    I’m in that stage of life where I want less stuff and more peace with what I have. But letting go of the familiar is oh, so hard. And I’m terrible at making decisions. A recipe for disaster, for sure. Or at least for staying where I am. I’m ready to get started with a little help from your book.

  134. BLBC

    I am well on the journey of simplifying and loving it! Releasing “things” has become a great joy in loving the home I have made. Eager to lose myself in the pages of your new book, Melissa; ah, the joy of reading and your blog tops the list!

  135. Pam Cates

    The older I become, the more I know I can do with less “things”. Just keep the “things” that you really love & specak to you.

  136. Lenora Everett

    I am looking forward to reading your book and can certainly use your ideas to pare-down and beautiful my home! I love your blog and have shared it with others.

  137. Kathy

    Wow. I certainly need to discover my style. I so relate to loving lots of different types of styles and therefore I don’t think my home flows as I would like it to. We’ve also had two graduate from college and they are now on their own. With only one at home, we are in the process of downsizing. So much of this book sounds perfect for me. And May 5 is also my birthday. :) Thanks for sharing!

  138. kim domingue

    I’d like to say something to everyone who, like me, has been struggling to
    “un-stuff” and declutter their homes. The hubs and I have been married for 36 years. We started out with nothing and gradually moved up a step to very little then climbed to the “some stuff” catagory, lol! The point being that, for some of us, letting go is hard because the memory of being poor is strong.

    Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, started me on my journey to a less is more state of mind. There were so many people that lost EVERYTHING they owned. It was heartbreaking. The girlchild and I looked around our two households…… and we got busy. Between us we donated enough stuff to outfit a small three bedroom mobile home from furniture down to flatware only excluding major appliances. We had motivation, we had a cause. When Hurricane Lily hit, we did it again although this time I believe we only managed to outfit a one bedroom mobile home. It felt good. Not only were we helping people but our own homes felt so much lighter. But after that, the decluttering got much harder, it was tougher to let things go.

    I’ve been on this journey for 11 years…….I’m a tortoise, not a hare, lol! But that’s okay. If pushing yourself to get rid of things puts you in a state of emotional or mental distress then take a breather, step back from it for a while.

    People like Marie Kondo would have you do it all in one fell swoop. But not all of us can do it that way and that’s okay. There’s more than one way to go about doing anything. I find that it’s easier on myself if I make a pass through clothes, for instance, and then revisit the closet again in three months. I’ve had a chance to get over what I let go of and get used to what’s left and then it’s easier to say to myself “hmmmm, still a lot in here that I think I don’t want or wear any more…..lemme go grab a bag and fill it up!”. I’ve used this method on every catagory of ” stuff” and it’s worked on them all. Am I moving at a snail’s pace? Perhaps, but I’m not having a nervous breakdown in the process. Sometimes it’s only one bag. At other times I’ve filled the back of the pickup truck three times in a weekend! But whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s all a victory! And I celebrate it as such.

    So, to anyone else out there who’s beating themselves up because you feel you’re not going fast enough or Kondo-ing it just right…….know that you’re NOT ALONE! And there’s plenty of room in my boat for all the tortoises, lol! After all, better to run slow or walk if you have to than to never start the race at all!

  139. Abbi

    Congrats on your book release!

  140. Kim

    This so describes me. Hate to come home to my house bc it’s so ugly to me & I can’t figure out a system that works for me. I definiteky need help…along with decor style!! This chance to win the give away is awesone. Thank you!

  141. Crystal

    Looking forward to the read! Hoping to set some foundations this year both by going through the things accumulated over many moves and my parents’ divorce and by beginning to decorate and make a house home for the first time.

  142. Deb

    Sounds like just what I need…,I have been saying this forever I just love too many different styles.

  143. Cindy Childers

    We are military and move every couple of years so I am forced to ‘clean out’ and declutter stuff all the time. Yet every time we move I tend to pick up special things from each of the areas (especially) internationally that we live in. But I am realizing that the more you have, the more stuff you have to clean (and dust in particular). Less is more! At 42 I’m finally learning this :) Cindy

  144. Linda Stoll

    Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you, Melissa! I’m delighted at your success …

    A blessing indeed.

  145. Ann

    After homeschooling for 17+ years and procrastinating for nearly two, the declutter bug has bitten in a big way. (Kickstarting the process took the possibility of my mother-in-law having to move in with us and the necessity of clearing a path through all the paper piles to allow the installers to put a new air conditioner in our bedroom.) And I know it will be process, but the reward is a house that we can actually live in and enjoy as our nest is beginning to empty, and the possibility of moving from clutter control to design and decorating. It’s a monumental task, but I am excited with the progress I’ve made and hope to continue in the right direction.

    I am enjoying learning from you, Melissa, through your blog, and hope to borrow your book(s) from the library.

  146. Tracy Uebel

    Everyday I endeavor to rid my house of an item to either give away or pitch. I love too many things, too many styles and enough is enough!
    I enjoy your blog and it has been most helpful to me for many years! I look forward to reading this current book…and learning more ways to simplify and minimalize my living space.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  147. Renee Johnson

    Melissa – Nicole Dougherty is my daughter, and through her work and your blog, I have become a fan of yours ! Love all your ideas, inspiration and creativeness in all you do. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the months to come !

  148. Shelley Krupa

    Timely for me right now! Just beginning to get motivated to simplify my home and its contents! Thank you!

  149. Sharon Mann

    Hi Melissa – thank you so much for writing such an enlightening & delightful book! I’ve read it cover to cover and found lots of inspiration, I’ve recently remarried (at 70 years old!) and am decorating a new villa. I’ve always had homes that I loved decorating and now am excited to begin on this one too!

  150. Kimberley

    Thank you! You hit the nail on the head for me. Can’t wait to read your book. Blessings!

  151. Katie Seest

    I am learning this lesson in a somewhat difficult manner in this season of life. Our family is moving across country from a well-loved home and church to a smaller home and community and all the “stuff” is overwhelming as we seek to downsize and get rid of clutter. It has been a blessing and freeing at the same time hard. Looking forward to seeing how God uses our new home to be a joy to us and others.

  152. Mark Laible

    We just received your new book and we’re so excited. We really need help in this area because we are merging two households.

  153. josephine

    Thank you! So excited to read your new book.

  154. Heather

    clearly I need your book. I could check off every single symptom of Design Chaos Syndrome. yikes.

  155. SueinMtVernon

    Gosh, do I need your new book! Your “checklist” describes me perfectly! Thanks for the give-away and am now off to order your book!

  156. Heather Bivins

    Yes! Too much might “spark joy” someday! I never realized that’s exactly what I struggle with. Thanks!

  157. Lisa

    Yikes! I struggle with many of the qualities you listed. Thanks for your words of advice!

  158. Caroline

    LOVING the book already. Thanks for writing it!

  159. JoAnn Hancock

    The items from Dayspring are beautiful and peaceful! I love the sayings and the colors. I would love to win a set. My house definitely needs an update. I have been in this house for 24 yrs and still have gold velvet living room chairs Yuck! Your description of DCS describes me to the tee and I am working on getting rid of my clutter. Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement, Melissa!

  160. Deborah

    What a fun giveaway package!

  161. Teri

    Its an ongoing process, I tell ya. Thanks for the tips and the giveaway!

  162. Deirdre

    Oh I definitely have DCS lol! I feel like this post and therefore the book, were written for me. I’ve lacked focus for awhile, especially when it comes to a cohesive vision for my home. There are so many styles I love and it’s been hard to narrow my focus! I’ve also had 2 kids in the past 3 years, so it’s been difficult trying to create a comfortable home that reflects our family while navigating kid clutter and the remnants of my past style mistakes. I think I’m finally getting there, but this book might be the extra push I need!

  163. Lynn C.

    Received your book last week and am excited to do some decluttering and sorting out. I struggle with things I might use someday (including craft supplies) and also passed down family heirlooms. Looking forward to reading through your new book.

  164. Debbie Carr

    Would love your new book. I’m trying to give a few things a week away to Goodwill to help declutter my life. My new motto is to get rid of things and not accumulate.

  165. Mandy M.

    I fit almost every category on the list! I look forward to reading your book as I have read lots of organizing books and tried other “systems” and none of them stuck. I have a lot of trouble parting with things…children’s books, children’s school papers and artwork (three kids…two in college…still have stuff from preschool!), seashells (lots and lots of seashells!), recipes (organized but a lot of them!), etc. Am worried because not only do I have my own clutter but may inherit my parents’ someday.

  166. Dana Black

    Having moved into our forever home this past year, I’ve found that I have way too many things that I love asks not enough space of time for them all. I’m thinking I should start using the silver everyday instead of storing it, etc. I could use some good advice, sounds like this book is a must have for me. I’d love to win a free copy!

  167. Karlie

    I’m in the process of de-cluttering, simplifying and organizing my home, been doing a good job of it so far but all of the stuff I’ve packed up has gone out to the garage, that’s next on my list because now it’s so packed with unwanted items from the house we can’t park any of our cars in there! Sigh….. I definitely need to read your book!

  168. Nancy DiSalvo

    I’m looking forward to reading Make Room for What You Love after reading Love the Home You Have. Thanks for being so open and sharing.

  169. Miriam

    I am so looking forward to reading this newest book. I have followed your blog for years and enjoy your practical posts.

  170. Sheila Irwin

    That list has me laughing a little because any of us who love decor have been some of those things (or many) at any one time! Late last year in December, I purchased the book The Art of Tidying and it really got me thinking. It spoke to me in so many ways, as I have a very neat house but TONS of old decor items in the garage that I either couldn’t bear to part with, or were “too expensive” to give away, or too valuable, or… you name it! I purged a LOT in January and February donating many bags of stuff, and had a big garage sale. The letting go I’ve done already is so freeing that I really feel I’m ready for more. But I do want to say that your list really relates to those of us (and that’s many, I’m sure) who aren’t always sure about our decorating direction and that creates a lot of the clutter as well. I love a lot of styles! I’m curious to read your book and see how you’ve dealt with really paring down and clarifying one’s own style so that my garage will finally be empty:)


  171. Diane

    I confess I have a design chaos syndrome. I hate to throw away all the cards and some of the drawings my children have made for me; I realize it’s the memories that they trigger rather than the item itself so maybe I will just take a photo of the items. Later I will have to declutter iPhoto.

  172. Michele

    I need that book! You have sure nailed my problem, and now I need to figure out how to fix it!

  173. Tracey

    I love to Make Room For what I love. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  174. Stephanie

    Can’t wait to read the new book!!! And maybe even make it this year’s Christmas gift to family!!

  175. Cathy Mapes

    Simple…Thank you for the fun reads !

  176. Alice Adams

    You have described me in this post! I am now living with 3 generations of stuff! I am overwhelmed so I do nothing! I just can’t seem to get started! I live with moderate rhymutiod arthritis and have days that my body just won’t let me clean out closets! My husband and I live in a 3,0000 plus square foot house and all my closets and my basement storage rooms sure full! I cannot wait to read your new book! I so hope it motivates me to declutter and get my life back!

  177. Laurie

    I could say yes to quite a few of your questions :0

  178. Gigi Fodrey

    You gave us a lot to ponder. Thanks for sharing this list.

  179. Kim

    Thanks for the give away and your blog!

  180. Linda Leclercq

    Thanks for all your inspiration and sharing on your blog and Instagram over the years ,I have followed along silently but done all the tasks .My house has evovede over the years like I never thoughts possible.So thanks .Loved your last book and will deffinitly read the new one its a winner????

  181. LC Caldwell

    I think you always have to remain. cognizant not to clutter up your space whether it be large or small as well as not clutter up your mind. Good luck with your book. I really am enjoying it.

  182. Jill Scales

    Loved your first book and can’t wait to read this one!

  183. Wynne

    Am I the only one who would love to know where to purchase the striped tote bag and tassel pictured on the hook? Thanks!

  184. Ruth

    I have 4 weeks to pack up and move from a home we have lived in for 23 years. I need help letting go.

  185. Joanne Taggart

    Oh Melissa, I’ve got the design chaos syndrome bad! I fit the description! I’m a late bloomer. Didn’t get into decorating until mid-life and love it! I’ve got so many ideas and work within a small budget or one that is non-existent. And that’s okay because I love a challenge. But I do hang onto stuff always thinking ‘what if’. I can’t wait to read your book. Your words are right on and very helpful. Please help! Thanks. I’m full of eager anticipation. Have a great day!

  186. Laura McGrew

    Love your style! I am pretty sure all these giveaway items, will “spark joy” for me!

  187. Rachel

    5 kids….I need simple!

  188. Michelle M.

    With our adult daughter and 10 month old granddaughter moving back in with us – I feel like not only our life but our house is full of chaos. Definitely need to get some order, have a plan and be able to enjoy the good in this situation. And I am definitely the Type A personality who doesn’t feel comfortable or happy when I see chaos as the first the thing when I come home every day…..

  189. Dana Moss

    After years of living with in-laws, my husband and I purchased our very first home. I have years of nesting pent up inside and a strong desire to make a house a home NOW. I’m learning to not buy ALL THE THINGS now and stepping back to remind myself that doing so takes time and that I need to fill my home with things I love and not settle with what I think fills that purpose now.

  190. Jeri Sherfy

    I will be buying your book! I have so many things that I love and no room to display them. My husband and I moved in with my aging aunt when her husband died 3 years ago tragically! We moved into one of the bedrooms in her 2 bedroom home. Her home is decorated to her taste so I have a bedroom and bath to call “mine” and am still in the process of making them mine. As you can see this gives me little room to display the few items I have been able to hang on to from our 34 year marriage. So I am in need of good advice! I love your blog and read it faithfully though this is the first time I have ever posted a comment! Thanks for all you share with us. Please enter me in the “give away”! Thank again!

  191. Judy Whitaker

    This is me! I can’t wait to read the book. Judy

  192. Ann

    I am looking forward to reading your book. I think my problem with decorating is that I currently live in a church parsonage. The church has been very kind in letting me update things over the last 6 years, yet I have this internal struggle all the time that the house really isn’t mine! How much updating is too much? Do I spend my own money on things? If I remember right, you are or were a pastor’s wife? Did you ever live in a parsonage? How did you make it work?

  193. sallie sparks

    My heart completely resonated with the words of this blog post! I cannot wait to read your book!

  194. Rhonda

    Melissa, I preordered your book, and can’t wait to dive in… I love your gentle, tender heart…you are so inspiring and talented!! Your photo-book, The Inspired Room, has changed my house forever!! Thank you so much…

  195. Kathy

    Ok… so now I know what my problem is….I have Design Chaos Syndrome!!!!! I so badly want my home to look cute, clean, and in style, but also it needs to be “lived in” so I never know how to decorate it. I buy cute things but I never know where to put them in my house and it nothing seems to go together. I’m on a tight budget so I can’t afford to remodel my home… I need help!!! I’ve read your book “Love the Home you Have” and loved it and got some good ideas and would really love to win this book too.

  196. Michelle Vasquez

    Our home is small and I have to periodically do big clean-outs and I’m overdue. So much has been going on in life lately and I need to make time to get some cleaning and de-cluttering done!

  197. Helen G.

    Trying to simplify our schedule… Saying no or yes to the right things. Looks like a great read!!! Thank you!

  198. Laurie Bergh

    I am looking forward to the new book!

  199. Clare Taylor

    That describes me to a “T” * I love ALL THE THINGS (credit The Daily Oatmeal for that phrase….)

  200. Amy B.

    I hate the chaos of clutter but can’t ever seen to get a handle on our stuff. Would love to read this book!

  201. Michelle

    So glad I found your blog! Every entry provides new inspiration!!

  202. Linda F.

    I’m so excited to read your book! I have your other two books, which I love, and I read your blog daily. Thank you for the inspiriation!!

  203. Karen

    You said it so well! I would like to have a less cluttered home and I do try. But my small attempts don’t make a big difference. My challenge is that I see potential with so many things. I like to redo so even letting the broken, used items go is hard. I’m trying to just focus on being a funnel of sorts, I can redo or create but then need to pass it on within a short timeframe. No more having things lay around because “someday, I’m going to…..”. Keep the flow moving!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement.

  204. Rachelle Rodriguez

    I loved your book Love the Home you Already Have and this one sounds like one I should read as well! Thank you! :)

  205. melissa newell

    We are moving in 8 weeks and this post cant be more relevant! I am purging and really asking myself do i need this?! However, our current house is 2000 sq feet and new house is 4000 sq feet and i dont have a big budget to “recorate” or add a lot to my decor already so I am trying to be real careful! Huzzah on your new book Melissa!

  206. Kaye W.

    Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your challenges, insights, and your heart. You have inspired me to declutter and decorate my home in a way that brings joy, contentment, and love to those who live there and those who visit there. Your other books have given me great food for thought. But, I am especially excited to read your new book as a jumping off point in beginning this process. Many blessings to you and am looking forward to your new coloring book as well. :)

  207. L

    Would love the help from this book! Need to unpack boxes that moved with us 10 years ago!

  208. Michelle

    Would love to win this!

  209. Annie

    I am a lover of all things antique, pretty and vintage. It is in my blood….my mother was an antique dealer. I need to pare down because I feel as if I am suffocating in my home. I would love this giveaway to have new perspective.

  210. Lynn

    Oh dear I have all the symptoms! This book sounds like just what I need!

  211. Marilyn B.

    I too am a keeper of ALL THINGS. I have a style (Early College), but would like to grow out of that a bit, and make this house a home for my family. My parents are hoarders, and I know that is a tendency with me as well, so I would love to give my daughter and husband a different, cleaner, stress-less home we all can enjoy. Congrats to whomever wins this giveaway (PS- I would love to win this, but I know there are others that need it more than I) :)

  212. Marisa P

    I am definitely one of those people…I lack focus and LOVE all different types of styles making it very difficult to make a decision and not end up with too much stuff :-(

  213. Nancy B

    So many of our things come with memories whether from family or friends. My Mom moved in with my hubby and I going on 3 years ago and she has enjoyed taking pictures of my precious possessions throughout these years. It is fun to look back at her pictures every season but also makes it easier to separate myself from these items because I have my pictures. Mom downsized and sold her home of 50 years to come across country to be with us so I know it’s time for me to downsize as well and enjoy retirement not clutter!
    But I still love pretty items and would love to win the wonderful, thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day.

  214. Elisabeth

    Your book sounds like just what I need. I’m wanting to declutter. I love too many things and that makes clutter just like you said.

  215. kathy w

    I love too much stuff and it is hard to tell what I really love.

  216. Heather Beato

    Can’t wait to read the book! I have no problem getting rid of stuff that doesn’t spark joy, but the stuff that does but doesn’t fit the picture now but might fit the vision in the future… SO.HARD.TO.LET.GO!

  217. Tara G.

    I always appreciate how you balance classiness with honesty. Your home reflects that, too, and authenticity speaks volumes.

  218. Phyllis Davis

    Looking forward to your book!

  219. Teresa Bellinghausen

    Thank you for the inspiration to simplify, simplify, simplify!

  220. Caroline

    I could use this bundle. I have been living in transition for a long time, and now, decisions need to be made and more trust placed in God to be my ultimate provider.

  221. Linda

    Can’t wait to become more “educated” as to what to keep and what to share with others! I do collect a few too many things, but I love beautiful and interesting stuff!

  222. Christina

    Well I have a diagnosis !!! I have recently started to finish projects that I buy supplies for !! Yay !!! I have all your books so I’d love these giveaways !! Thank you for your wonderful “eye” ! Love your blog ! That’s in my want to do list also !!!
    Have a blessed day!

  223. Kim W.

    I would LOVE to learn how to make my home beautiful with beautiful things that I love. There is often too much “stuff” that I think I love leaving me not enough room for what I really love.

  224. Ruth

    I too like simple beauty and simple comforts around my home. I would like help though in how to best communicate this to my husband. He collects so much and after his parents both passed away, he brought so much of their belongings into our home. Ugh!

  225. Debby

    DCS! I’m afraid I’ll spark a fire with all the “joy” in my house! In fact, I had just started to order some throw pillows on one of my favorite websites, but I stopped myself just in time. I love beautiful things and meaningful things and artful things and sentimental things and–my husband always says–too many throw pillows! I’m not a hoarder–I do give things away to friends and charities–but I just love home decorating and can’t resist a good sale. I hope there’s help for me in your new book! Thanks for your constant inspiration to love my home, but also to love what it does for my family and friends even more.

  226. Michelle Vincent

    Your advice is always helpful and I leave very inspired! Thank you for sharing.:)

  227. Lola

    Just completed Melissa’s five week challenge group. Highly recommend this book!! Practical and useful tips on dealing with the clutter!!
    I’m sure I will keep coming back and reteading as I continue to work on my house!

  228. Bobbie

    This looks awesome! I seem to have a problem with clutter, for some reason! Would love to read the book!

    Thank you~

  229. Christina

    We are in the process of decluttering our house. We plan to look for a new one this summer. In the meantime I want to make the eventual move smooth as possible. Unfortunately we have way too much. I enjoy ayour advise. It helps me when I lose faith and want to quit.

  230. Shari

    We are in the process of downsizing. I couldn’t think of a better time to read your new book!

  231. Sara Jordan

    I have loved the first two books. They have given me new perspective about my home and how I respond to my home. I’m always inspired here with this blog. Thank you for the encouragement.

  232. Betty P

    Happy Launch Day! Looking forward to reading. And then parting with at least Some of The Things. Wisdom in a beautiful wrapped as always Melissa.

  233. Terre


  234. Catie

    A dear friend JUST lent me Love the Home You Have and I am loving it!! So happy to visit your blog! You have a new follower! :)

  235. Kimberly

    I am always trying to simplify. I love home decor/crafting/DIY so I could easily fill up my space with all the things. To prevent this from happening, my motto is, “If one thing comes in, one thing has to go out.”

  236. Betsy

    I have every one of those things on your list! Ugh…’s really starting to bother me! “Can’t throw that out it belonged to Grandma” ” look how neat this is” but sitting in boxes for 20 years brings no one joy!! I wish I could wake up and it would all be cleaned out. Thank you for helping me see the light. My Husband saw the light 20 years ago! Ha ha

  237. Katina

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your new book sounds fascinating! I so agree about keeping home decor items when you are in transition! I have/had a huge problem with that when we moved at first, but then I took all my leftovers – I might need this someday – type things to Goodwill and then my head felt much clearer!!!

  238. Roni

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for “the list”. It could all describe me:( And you are right….a lack of focus! I loved your first book and can hardly wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  239. Samantha G

    Thank you for the opportunity! I’d love to win because that banner is adorable!

  240. Mary

    You, as always, hit the nail on the head, Melissa!! Even just keeping “things that spark joy” can result in TOO MUCH!!! Time to get ruthless in weeding out the “less loved” to showcase the “more loved”. Can’t wait to read your latest book!!!

  241. Tonya

    Sometimes I feel like your eavesdropping on my thoughts! I know there is joy in purging and you’re very insightful to say sometimes we just need focus. My freshly painted kitchen now has me feeling a little zen. A beautiful array of white plates on one wall and nothing on another wall. Why? I am being intentional. I’m learning to only buy what I love whether I shop retail or second hand. It may take me longer but I know it will be worth it! Thank you for being genuine.

  242. Natalie

    Oh my gosh- that list! I recognized myself in way too many of the descriptions of DCS people :/ My hope is to begin purging as soon as school end in June. It’s time! Thanks for the giveaway & congratulations for launch day!!

  243. Marilyn Lundberg

    I just ordered your book. This is the perfect time for me because we are planning on a remodel. I tend to hang on to things out of mostly guilt. Hopefully I can rid myself of the guilt and also find the focus I need to know what I really love. I admire your style and hope I can define my style with your help.

  244. Debbie Klausing

    Well, it is certain that I need to read your book! I feel so stuck and need to act!

  245. lynn

    Melissa….you have hit the nail on it’s head for me anyway!..I need to learn how to irradicate the DCS in me !

  246. Michelle Holland

    Congratulations and blessings on your new book! I would love the Dayspring package!

  247. KayLynn Drummond

    I’ve been loving the book! Thank you for writing to my perfectionist/procrastinating, I might need this someday, I’m moving and have been waiting to use this, but this piece has history self!

  248. Krissy

    Oh my! I see myself in so many of the qualities on your list. I love all the pretty things and lack focus. Thanks for the insight!

  249. Christy Cox

    I found myself popping up on that list numerous times! :) It sounds like a must-read for me! Congratulations on the book launch and thanks to Dayspring for the giveaway!

  250. Laura

    I scored a 20 out of 22. Do you think that I have DCS?? (large eye roll).

  251. Carolyn

    This really resonates with me. I’m about to be home bound for some time for medical reasons, and was thinking, maybe I should make a quilt during that time. Now I’m thinking: hmm, maybe not! Looking forward to your new book…boy, they’re coming out one right after the other; you’ve certainly been busy!

  252. Marla

    Rather a house full of friends than a room full of things.
    Things can occupy space, but only the love of friends can warm it.:)

  253. Stephanie

    This! This is exactly what I need to figure out. I like too many styles and have no clear focus. I’m looking forward to checking your book out and actually DOING instead of just pinning!

  254. Jessica

    Less less is truly more! Love your new book!!:)

  255. Sarah

    Moved about a year ago to a home MUCH in need of updating. And as a working mother of two, with an 11.5 hour day away from my home and children I struggle daily to find peace and simplicity in my home and my life. We have started many projects along the way and struggle to finish any of them. Time and energy have been 2 huge hurdles, but more so my focus just isn’t there to actually complete any of the projects. My hubby and I gutted our first home down to the studs and rebuilt the entire thing, but I was never truly happy with it. We are in our second (bigger) home (hopefully for the next 20-30 years or longer) and I can’t seem to find my direction. To say that I have DCS is an understatement – ha ha ha – unfortunately I scored a 21/22. I constantly pin and read blogs on organizing and decluttering and while each one has helped a little bit, I am still in search of my “holy grail”. Can’t wait to get this book and hopefully find my focus and some inner peace!

  256. Kari

    I am so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that we have in our place right now. I keep taking loads to Goodwill, but I never seem to make a dent in it. We live in a tiny SF apartment so even a little bit of stuff gets cluttered very quickly!

  257. Brocanteuserose

    Awesome! I am currently trying to down size but I LOVE all my clutter, except I don’t love how it makes me feel. Which then translates into me not loving whatever item it was, so it goes in the closet with all the other things that I had to have or planned on using. My fantasy life or the just in case aka one day life if not the life I live. So figuring out how to reduce to what I love, use and functions is my current goal!

  258. Lisa

    Where to begin?!? So excited to have found your books and site. I find myself totally overwhelmed with a blended family blessing us with 6 kids, my mother lives with us, back in school, trying to start a business, and of course work and life in general. Looking forward to my reading and watching your posts.

  259. Margaret Armour

    Yes, I am all the things listed! It’s a struggle!

  260. Carolyn

    I have read your first two book and LOVED them. I am looking forward to reading your new book!

  261. Heidi

    I’ve been thinking lately that I need to declutter and simplify my home. Your book looks like just what I need to point me in the right direction! Thanks.

  262. Rachel

    So, so excited to dive into this book! I have most of the issues on the list. Yikes!

  263. Kyla

    Your book launch couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. After a small wood stove fire forced us to move from my “fixer upper” dream home, we’re getting a remodel and a fresh start (and hubby WANTS this to include simplifying our belongings). Win here or buy there, this book may save my marriage (only kidding, kinda lol). Thank you for the opportunity <3

  264. Karen Jeanne

    I fit almost all of the above… but the hardest part is we have moved, combined 3 households, and I hate to get rid of things. I’d love to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  265. Adrienne

    It all makes sense! I lack focus and much of the time my focus is pulled so many directions other than my home – all needed things that must be dealt with. I do find joy in too many things!

  266. Liz

    I think every bullet point you listed in this post describes me and what’s going on in my home! Lack of focus is really my big problem. Hmmm, I may have to head over to Amazon next to pick up your book. I love your other ones, BTW!

  267. Elizabeth Flores

    I love reading and decorating! When I read too much, the clutter builds and the focus on decorating/decluttering my home is shifted. Thus, the gift set above would be perfect for me!

  268. Sandy

    Love it! I am coming to the realization that we (Already! I feel like we just moved!) have some serious purging to do. I started in our bedroom and the rewards of simplifying are huge! Can’t wait to make my way to the office (eek, eventually). Love the giveaway too! How adorable!

  269. deb

    Finding the time and the energy to get projects done is my problem the creativity flows in my ideas but keeping up with the mundane tasks sapss my energy. When i get back home im going to give each room a good organizing and list the wants to make it a happy place!

  270. Maddy Battista

    I am very excited about reading your new book. I downsized almost 6 years ago. I also was left all my Dad’s collections – and he collected so much that it could fill another home.
    I finally became determined to get rid the overwhelming feeling. each time I opened the large storage unit. I couldn’t deal with it and quickly closed the door. Finally, a few months ago I started with my townhome – by the way had many boxes here to go through. I have faithfully been plugging away at it. I have learned to play music etc while I work at it to feel better. And used the word “Just Do It”
    Your book will immensely help me stay the course.
    Thank you, Maddy

  271. Lorelei

    This looks amazing–thanks for the chance!

  272. LaTanya


  273. Christine Enyart-Elfers

    Congrats on your new publication! I’d love a copy of the book. Currently, I’m in Arlington, VA helping my daughter & son-in-law move from one condo to another. Actually, it’s a great move for them. Open living situation & perhaps 250 sq ft more… But still small by American standards. They are expecting my first granddaughter in 6 weeks, so the move comes at a good time but is also causing A LOT of stress & tense moments. They are beginning to be ruled by their possessions & create lots of messes that are tidied up,at the end of the day. Urggh. They need help!

  274. Sue Russell

    We are beginning to declutter after living in the same house for 29 years; all the “kids” are out on their own. I do not want to have to sort through all this stuff when we finally pick a “retirement” location. Actually one never actually retires – we find out next purpose/way to serve and move on. :-) Your book looks like it would be quite helpful.

  275. Jill D

    We just brought in more “stuff” after my mother-in-law passed away and we cleaned out her house. I already had too much! I would love to read this book and simplify!

  276. Molly V

    I loved your other book and would love to read your new one as well!

  277. Carmen N

    I could really use this book; I’m one of those that would like to duck and hide when company comes.

  278. Jackie

    The list is so true it helps all of us to take a look at ourselves an our homes an calls for an honest evaluation .I have may styles I like but I also am a neat freak so I love a room then I am bored buy then remove but there’s no clutter anywhere I desert clutter.I am trying very hard to figure out exactly what things if any I really LOVE. That’s my issue.

  279. Maureen Tkach

    I have been reading your blog for several months now and anxiously await new pictures of your remodeling, especially outside your back door. I just went through an extensive outdoor remodel due to extreme damage from of all things, carpenter ants. They ate almost the whole front of my house!! I love the items that you are offering to give away, and would love to be on the receiving end if possible. Take care and continue to update us with your updates!!

  280. Rachel Daniels

    I am about to move half way across the country with my husband and 3 young children. I am using this as a reason to let go of all the hand me down furniture and linens family has given us when we were first married. I can’t wait to see your new book!

  281. LindaR

    I wish there was a pill for DCS….pretty sure that list just diagnosed me. ?

  282. Kathy Forsyth

    I can relate to many of the symptoms of DCS. I lack focus primarily and I like so many different styles and color schemes. Do I really have to only pick one?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You can mix styles and colors, I prefer a mix myself! It helps cut down on unwanted items, clutter and visual chaos though if you are intentional with at least a few decisions. :)

  283. Lindsay

    You described me perfectly!! I am so overwhelmed with stuff and my lack of focus keeps me away from doing anything about it. It’s like I’m paralyzed. I just ordered your book. Thank you for putting my “design chaos syndrome” into words and for making me feel less alone. I dont even invite my friends over because I’m embarrassed with our clutter. Thanks again and I can’t wait to dig into your book!

  284. Lavonne

    Terrific ideas and you definitely identify my particular issues with “stuff”

  285. Karen

    Design chaos syndrome is me…… here’s to a new year and more focus in every aspect of my life!

  286. Mel

    This post could not be more perfect for me to read right now. I’m putting away the Christmas decorations today and using this snowy day to clean up the house a bit. I’ve felt that way so many times before – that there are too many design styles that I like and that I’m lacking focus in what I want my house to look like. We’re moving in the next six months to a bigger house and I want to start the purging process now, but don’t know where to start. Can’t wait to read your book and see what direction it takes me in!!

  287. Manette Gutterman

    Simplifying is easy when I’ve never been a shopper or trinket lover. Now I’m working on organizing because my house is so small we grew out of it years ago!

  288. Mary Zacharias

    It looks like I am waaay behind. I just found this article and can see myself in 17 of the 22 listed symptoms of DESIGN CHAOS SYNDROME. Not only decor/craft/quilting/sewing but in other areas of my life (okay ALL areas of my life). I am so excited to read this article and will be purchasing “Make Room For What You Love” today!

  289. Heather Mask

    I so enjoy all of your posts. It’s been almost four years since we’ve moved to our current home, and we purposefully downsized when we bought this home. There is a lot of freedom in having time to do more because we are taking care of less. I too enjoy “shopping” my home to create a little change in our decor. It’s wonderful to see not only how you decorate and care for your home but also how you embracing loving the home you have and purposefully organizing and simplifying.

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