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My Three Fall Nesting Essentials for the Home

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, My Living Room, My Seattle House | 17 comments

My Three Fall Nesting Essentials for the Home

It’s hard to believe I’m starting my TENTH fall season as a blogger! While fall doesn’t officially begin yet according to the calendar, I’m THRILLED that it is on its way. It’s MY FAVORITE SEASON OF ALL!

Fall represents everything I love about being a homebody.

In the northwest we have beautiful weather all summer long (and into fall, too). While I love the light and warmth and beauty of summer outside, around the end of August I begin to long for those crisp fall days. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the sunshine. I do! But I love that fall signals the return to familiar routines and my favorite cozy rituals around the house.

The rain actually began to fall and the thunder rolled for a couple of days last week! I wasn’t quite prepared for a change in weather just yet, but hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof reminded me of how much I love curling up inside on a rainy day. And just like that, I found myself fluffing up the fall pillows and bringing out the textured blankets.

My Three Fall Nesting Essentials for the Home

I keep things pretty simple so I really don’t add much in the way of “fall decorations” (especially so early in the season). But I do enjoy slowly evolving my home to have a cozier ambience by layering in my three fall essentials: organic textures, delicious seasonal scents and richer colors.

I begin to add more cozy blankets, pillows, and rugs.
I incorporate a few richer hues. A touch of rusty orange hues here and there blend beautifully with the deeper blues and grays of my year-round color scheme. Even the gorgeous pop of red in the tulips (a surprise from my hubby this week) mixed with the evergreen plants seem to be inspired by the ever-evolving fall colors, just like the changing leaves and trees outside our windows.
A mix of wood furniture and accessories, organic textures (like my baskets on the wall) and warm metals add the richness that I love in a fall home.
I fill my home with my favorite seasonal scents (I’ll share a delicious cozy home scent recipe tomorrow!). 

My Three Fall Nesting Essentials for the Home

Later this month I’ll be taking you on a fall home tour around the house, but I’ll be able to share more little corners of my home each week as we cozy things up. Our exterior brick is being painted white this week (I can already tell I’m going to love it just from seeing the primer up!) and the kitchen will be under way in just a couple of weeks, so I’ll have plenty of progress reports on bigger projects this month, too. I can’t wait!

Happy first week of September!

Have you started fall nesting?

My Three Fall Nesting Essentials for the Home

Room Sources:

Linen wingback settee

Rust pillows

Gray and white crewel pillows (HomeGoods, similar)

Rattan daybed

Coffee table

Round pedestal table (it’s a drop-leaf dining table, on sale!)

Gray nailhead wingback

Brass floor lamp

Wood mirror over fireplace

Fireplace paint details

Leather sofa

Blue and white patterned rug (more here)

Leather Moroccan pouf

Woven wood shades

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  1. Summer

    Love what you include in your list of essentials! Especially seasonal scents ♥

  2. Gail

    How much storage space do you need for your off-season pillows, blankets, etc ? And do you do anything special to store it to make sure it is fresh when you bring it back out ?
    Thanks ! (Can’t wait to see the exterior painting ! I felt like if I leaned in closer to my monitor maybe I could catch a peek. Didn’t work.)

    • Taste of France

      We have a big antique travel chest as a coffee table. It stores winter blankets, stock of scented candles, pillows and such that get put away during summer. And during winter it stores the seat cushions from the outdoor dining area.

  3. Cathy

    Congratulations on ten years of blogging! And thank you for the reminder that I need to get my cozier things out. I’m looking forward to that home scent recipe tomorrow!

  4. Linda Holding

    Good morning its a beautiful morning! I love the room, simple and yet cozy. I also love changes out my pillows as the seasons change, it help make the transition welcoming. I actually like changing thing in my home sense i been here so long. Thank you everyone have a blessed day . Linda

  5. LisaV

    Love your decorating style Melissa. The textures and colors in your living room are so warm and inviting. I was wondering where your family watches television? We are a football/basketball, movie and binge watching family. Love it when we can all find the time to be together, get cozy and watch something. Do you have a television hidden where your family gathers? Or maybe you just find other things to do together.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Lisa. We do love getting cozy and watching shows together! This fall you’ll get to see the room where watch our movies and shows. :)

  6. Ann Bayfield

    Living in Vancouver (BC) I can’t wait to see the rest of your house as your style is an asthetic I can relate too, perhaps it’s the weather!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Ann! I’m really enjoying making this house our home. It is fun to see it (slowly, but surely) start to reflect more of what I love, a little bit at a time, over the past year. The natural surroundings of the NW definitely influence my style!

  7. Jo Jo

    Have I started my fall nesting?!? LOL. Last week we were having a hurricaine warning coming up the east coast and had tropical storms warnings for three days with rain and our temps went from high 90’s to low 70’s…..Perfect for my fall nesting to have reared its head! My friends thought I was nuts! I washed my fall/ winter throws, brought out my fall colored throw pillows, changed up my entry tablescape to my beautiful faux pumpkins and small plaques with messages of counting blessings and giving thanks. I switched out a small telescope for a tall, large clear vase with lovely faux maple tree branches with realistic fall leaves and one with acorns…looks so sculptural on a sofa table…I placed a string of amber fairy lights ( on a battery timer) in the base of the vase…so pretty and cozy looking at night as it illuminates the vase and the wall behind the arrangement and placed a fall twig berry swag along my mantle and nestled 3 ceramic pumpkins amongst it. I wound a small wire string of battery operated fairy lights thru the swag. Instant coziness in the evening! Face forward to today….we will be going to the beach tomorrow because our temps will be back in the 90’s for the rest of the week and we’ll into next! Guess I got started EARLY, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL! The only thing I didn’t do this last weekend was make soup or chili! Ha! Waaaaaay too summery still for that. I’m such a dweebe. ???

    • Carolyn

      Dweeb or not, I like your ideas and may have to steal some!

  8. Cathy

    I am with you !! Fall nesting sounds wonderful. It has been an extremely hot, humid and dry summer in Albany, NY. We have had a couple cooler nights this past week and I am so ready to replace my summer pillow covers ( the pillows on my couch). They are waiting for later this month I think. I also add small items like pumpkins, throws, a fall colored table runner, all these types of things.

  9. Kristina

    Congratulations! I love fall nesting. This is a fact I keep to myself, as this is our grueling nut harvest season, and my husband gets grumpy if I mention how happy I am it’s fall while he’s working his tail off. ( Ha ha, heartless of me, I know, but I like harvest.) One thing I do dread a little is that the world seems to be on a scented candles hiatus during the summer, and once fall hits and the scented candles come out — boom — I am miserable in at least 1/2 of my friends’ houses. Even the kindest people I know seem unwilling to believe that scented candles turn some people’s sinuses to hamburger, even the “natural” kind. I’m looking forward to your home scenting tip, as I’m hoping it will be of the non-candle variety. Always looking for ways to add pretty scents which don’t involve burning sinuses.

  10. Kay

    That first photo that was on your FB wall really drew me in. I loved it.

  11. Sara Syrett

    Those three elements are my favorite too! Just today I started using some of my cinnamon and clove essential oils in my kitchen. Your home is beautiful!


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