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Fall Disorganizing

A glimpse of my ‘finished” old house inspires me to not give up!

I know spring cleaning is “a thing” people like to do, but I think fall and organizing should also go together. I feel extra motivated in September to begin organizing ALL THE THINGS. I love to organize my house in the fall because we are in more of a routine, I am inspired for my house to feel more inviting and cozy inside, and because there’s only like 102 sleeps left before CHRISTMAS! Don’t worry though, I won’t talk about Christmas just yet :).

Even though I’m really inspired for fall organizing this year, I’m honestly also feeling extra DISorganized about all the things around me right now. I feel like I’m always stepping over or dismantling more than I’m putting away. Many rooms and areas in our house have had to be in disarray for quite some time due to the work being done on our house inside and out.

I’ll spare you the list of issues, but it’s all a part of the process. It’s not going to be perfectly neat and tidy until it’s finished. And the dream of finishing is why we started our projects in the first place. We know it will all be worth it to us in the end; we just have to be patient on the way to the finish line.

Fall Disorganizing

Many other seasons of life feel like that, too. If you want to chase your dreams (build a house? maybe write a book? build a business?), you’ve got be willing to go through all of the steps make it happen. Even the not fun steps. You may have to stare at a blank slate, declutter everything first, or even dismantle what is not working for you at various points along the way (the not fun part) in order to build or restore it to more beautiful than it was before (the fun part). It’s definitely not always a pretty process and can be slow going to get through the chaos of it all, but finally reaching your dream or goal will be worth it.

You guys, have I mentioned lately how stinkin‘ excited I am about my kitchen remodel? We’ve been happily selecting our cabinet styles and this week we’ll finalize the cabinet layout, too. Then we can order our cabinets so they will arrive in time! I’m not only looking forward to a having a cute and clean kitchen, but I’m looking forward to being able to have drawers that won’t accidentally fall on my feet when I pull them out. It’s the little things, you know?

Are you in the middle of some fall disorganizing?

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Fall Disorganizing

If you need a little extra nudge or helpful motivation to declutter and simplify your home and life, I wrote a newly released book called Make Room for What You Love (written as we were moving from our previous and more orderly house)! It contains all the tips and encouragement I have found helpful to motivate and encourage myself to form new habits and get my house in order. I hope it will inspire you, too.


  1. Taste of France

    Fall is when the “vide-grenier” season picks up again. Garage sales and yard sales aren’t allowed in France; instead clubs and other groups (schools, etc.) organize mass boot sales. They are very fun to go to, and I also participate once or twice a year to empty my own attic (vide grenier means empty the attic). A great excuse for a purge.
    At the same time, the shift indoors in the fall makes me keen to clean. It seems logical to do a deep clean after months of open windows (dust!). And it’s just so nice, with more time indoors, to have it all fresh and clean.

  2. Anne

    ” …. drawers that won’t accidentally fall on my feet …” – that made me remember when we moved into our apartment 20+ years ago – the drawers in the kitchen (anno 1925) were painted shut! I managed to get some of them open and found out that the safest option was to keep them closed ;-)
    I still love the new kitchen we were able to afford 10 years later !

  3. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Totally relate to the feeling of disorganizing more than I’m organizing :) we just moved and as soon as I get a space cleaned up, I remember more boxes I need to bring in. Haha.

  4. Melinda Young

    I agree Melissa, fall is the perfect time to organize. The schedule starts and for me it’s clear where I need to focus on. Summer is more relaxed and fall is back to school around here. Portland had beautiful weather last weekend and we’ve neglected some organizing in our backyard. With husband and our 3 boys we got it done. I am so thrilled! The toy box outside was over flowing and we had a pile of extra stone laying around. We used the stone to finish a path and got rid of the extra toys too. It felt great to get it done!!! Thanks for reminding me as the weather turns to get busy with the inside too. :)

  5. Laura Reimer

    This speaks to my heart. I feel encouraged today to do the mundane hard parts of what it takes to START so I can FINISH!!!

  6. kim domingue

    We live in South Louisiana and it’s hot, hot, hot and humid down here for so much of the year. Our spring only seems to last for a couple of weeks before we’re propelled straight into our hot, hot, hot summer which lasts through October and November some years. But at least in the fall months, the early mornings and late afternoons are cooler…….cooler, mind you, not cool, lol! Nonetheless, we have more fall than spring, most years, so I tend to do a big fall cleaning.

    Currently, we’re in the midst of two houses that are undergoing some renovations……my house and my husband’s childhood home that our kids are living in. We’re also renovating a 20 X 12 building behind my house. As I bounce from house to house to building, the mess can get overwhelming at times and I’m desperate for just one oasis of doneness! Some days I just want to pull the covers over my head and refuse to get out of bed that day. But you have to just wade through the mess until you reach the other side and hope you don’t lose your sanity in the process! It’s always worth it when you’re finally DONE.

  7. Kathy Cheek

    I keep looking at my closets and know that once I dig in…well, I am afraid I won’t come back out for awhile!

    Right now, I think I’d rather just close the door and go out and enjoy the coming fall!

    I know, that’s bad…

    What’s the trick to not letting so much stuff end up in those closets? :)

  8. Natalie

    I love your magnetic chalkboard! The link for it isn’t working. Would you mind sharing where you found it. Thanks!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Natalie! Sorry about that. The link is fixed in the post now. I got mine at Costco years ago but the similar one I found is from Pottery Barn, here is the link! >>

  9. Gail

    Love to be organized!! Especially this time of year with kiddos back in school. I am super excited to see your kitchen. I wish you would chronicle the process so we could see. Wink wink.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I can and likely will show at least some of the process :) as soon as we get started!

  10. Catherine

    Melissa can you share with us about where you got your large magnetic board?

      • Catherine

        Thanks so much Melissa! It’s perfect for my studio.

  11. Julie

    The Urge to Purge seems to be closely related to hormones (!), but with 8 people in less than 1800 sq. ft. I feel I have exhausted my organizational limits. Only so much can go before someone’s feelings are hurt, but I dream of the day when there will be bookshelves to tidy and rooms for real beds. The planning stage is both exciting and exhausting.

  12. Moriah Haefner

    I feel the same way! Also, just wanted to let you know that the link to the chalkboard frame doesn’t work and I was hoping it would! I’m looking for one for our “command center”

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Moriah! This link should work: :) Sorry about that! I tried to fix it this morning I think but it must have not worked. I got mine at Costco years ago, but the Pottery Barn one is very similar.

  13. Jo Jo

    We moved into our newly built home just 5 months ago, and prior to the move I purged like nobody’s business! Having a spanking new house to fill with only things useful and beautiful has been our motto and very well executed, however……in just 5 months….5 short MONTHS…I find I need to reorganize my master closet, kitchen pantry and (hadn’t really yet) our garage! Good thing I enjoy the process! I do a good spring clean and purge too, but Fall is when I like to go thru these areas and do ” maintenance” organizing. ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Good for you! It must feel like a dream to have a finished house to move into with only what you love. Joy!!! I’ll live vicariously through you. It’s crazy how clutter builds up again, but once you are at the point you’re at you can recognize it and deal with it before it has time to take over! Have fun :)

  14. Deanna Rabe

    Not disorganization this year! But every autumn I hear the call to sort and organize our home. Bit by bit it gets done and gives freedom to enjoy our spaces and welcome others in!

    We have some dream projects that we will begin working on possibly over the winter, when my husband’s business slows down and he has time to work on them! Excited as we both want to upscale some areas of our home.

    Can’t wait to follow along with your kitchen remodel! Its going to be so great when it’s finished! I’m excited for you!

  15. Sara Syrett

    I am right smack dab int he middle of fall disorganizing. SO many projects, not enough time! I’ve got rooms torn apart and I just started a 10 week Konmari organizing challenge. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve got myself into. Love coming to your blog for inspiration!

  16. Alexandra

    I am so in the middle of trying to organize everything, but actually making things worse. To me, fall is the time we get ready for the cold months and everything has to be done, cleaned and organized (So that I don’t have to move in the winter). But the only thing I do is messing everything up and worrying about everything.

  17. Julie Bagamary

    Great command center!

  18. Kelci

    Hi! Love the chalkboard set up! Can you share the source for the chalkboard print? The link is just taking me to a blank page. Thanks!!!

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