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Inspired By: Round Mirrors

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Master Bedroom, my house

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Inspired By: Round MirrorsVanessa Francis

Greetings! So confession time. The round window that was supposed to be installed in our kitchen last week wasn’t on the truck as expected, so it wasn’t delivered and is not in my kitchen. Needless to say, I WAS BUMMED! But we are expecting installation this week. Delays seem to be the story of my life! No projects have moved along as quickly or smoothly as I’d like.

But as I’ve said before, delays often produce a better result and I’ve found that to be true with our kitchen project on more than one occasion. More details to come, but we should be back on a roll soon with exciting progress to show you as we enter the phase where more interesting things start to happen.

Meanwhile, one reader mentioned in the comments of our round window post that round mirrors can accomplish a similar look for those who may not want to install an actual round window. Such a good point! Round mirrors are one of my favorite accessories to add a circular shape, reflect light, and add interest in a room.

True story, I probably have a dozen mirrors (many of them are round) sitting on the floor and against walls just waiting for all the remodeling to be done so I can finally hang them on the walls. 

Today I thought we’d “reflect” (see what I did there?) on some of my own round mirrors and offer you inspiration for how round mirrors can add pizazz to a room (and might even impact your space as much as a new round window)!

Inspired By: Round MirrorsPhoto from my book The Inspired Room / Mirror: HomeGoods / Lamp / Dresser (click here for similar, mine is out of stock)

Inspired By: Round MirrorsJessica de Ruiter / Photo: Nicole LaMotte via

Inspired By: Round MirrorsThe Picket Fence Projects

Inspired By: Round MirrorsThe Inspired Room /Mirror: Ikea / Cabinet / Light: Barnlight Electric

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Megan Pflug

Inspired By: Round Mirrors

Inspired By: Round Mirrors

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Serena and Lily

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
The Inspired Room / MirrorLarson Nailhead Trim Chair / Lamp (sold out) / Striped Rug

Inspired By: Round MirrorsSarah Bartholomew

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
House and Home

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
The Inspired Room / Mirror / Lamp / Cabinet: RH

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Serena and Lily

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Andrew Brown Interiors

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Jennifer PalumboMontara mirror

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Becki Owens / Calle Tamara

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Serena and Lily

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
Jennifer Palumbo

Inspired By: Round Mirrors
West Elm

Inspired By: Round MirrorsAnthropologie

Inspired By: Round MirrorsBay Head Beach Bungalow by Chango and Co.

Inspired By: Round MirrorsLonny

Inspired By: Round Mirrors

Inspired By: Round Mirrors

Come back tomorrow for a fun seasonal announcement!

Inspired By: Round Mirrors


  1. Cathy

    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration shots. I’ve pinned a couple. Round mirrors (or windows) do add a nice variety of shape to a room, don’t they!

  2. Taste of France

    I’m on the hunt at the moment for Venetian mirrors. They add a little bling when an elaborate gold frame doesn’t work. They’re hard to find, though.

  3. Jo Jo

    Sorry to hear of the delay of your round kitchen window, but as you say, often times a little delay can turn lead to a better outcome in the end. I,love your inspiration photos of round mirrors. I love a circulat shape. We have two wall hung mirrors in our home. One is a large oval hung above our entry console table ( swoon!) and a round porthole mirror in our guest bath which is done coastal. I’m thinking of checking out Homegoods for a round mirror to hang in our dining or living room! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Kay

    When so much of what we hang on our walls is square or rectangular, the round makes a nice contrast. I want to hang a large clock on the wall above our TV, + I think round is the way to go. IKEA has a bunch of really cool looking clocks, so off we go! TY for the inspiration!

  5. Melinda Young

    Sorry to hear about your delay, but glad it’s leading to something positive. I love round mirrors! They have such character and can reflect a lil extra light, which in the NW, I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for all the lovely pictures of inspiration.

  6. Pam

    Do you have the source for the Jennifer Palumbo mirror in the bathroom? I clicked but did not find any info on the site. I would love it in our newly renovated bath.

  7. Dee

    While on the subject of mirrors can you or other readers share their thoughts on the ‘number’ of mirrors in one room. Or adjoining rooms that share common walls or multiple walls that can be seen from one vantage point. In an open concept floor plan it’s tricky.

  8. Linz

    Did I see a basement pic???? Can’t wait to see your kitchen progress!! Love the round Windows and mirrors.

  9. Melanie

    Great post! And perfect timing. I’ve been looking at mirrors to brighten up my poorly lit living room and found I love the round ones. It’s nice to throw some circles in with my otherwise rectangular and square decor.

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