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A Scent for Well-Being

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration

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A Scent for Well-Being

Soft lighting, soothing scents, gentle music, sitting down to a nurturing meal, touchable textures and a tidy clean house speak my love language. I absolutely crave an atmosphere that can inspire all the happy feelings at home. A sense of well-being, warmth and coziness, comfort, joy, health, inspiration and positivity are always on my list of goals for a new year.

Fresh, clean, healthy and yummy smelling scents in my home make me feel happy and energized. For the past couple of years I’ve started every day by placing a few drops of my favorite essential oils into my diffuser. I love that daily ritual!

In honor of the new year (and of course our little mini-series on Hygge), I’m happy to share my own special Hygge-inspired blend of essential oils, below.

A Scent for Well-Being

Use a few drops of Young Living Stress Away with a few drops of Young Living Joy (adjust the ratio to your liking, you can use more or less and it’s still great!). Your whole family will thank you because your house will smell AMAZING.

A Scent for Well-Being

You can order the pure essential oils and diffuser kit I recommend here.You’ll get Stress Away free in your box, you can add Joy to your cart now or grab it in the future! I’m happy to help answer any questions, too!

We’ve been ridding our home from harmful chemicals (a great goal for 2017!), so these plant-based products and natural home scents have been life-changers.

Diffusing is a ritual that gets me up and going in the morning, makes my house smell so good and keeps me happier all day.

A Scent for Well-Being

What are some daily rituals that help you keep the mood up in your home over the winter? Please share some ideas in the comments. 

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Get inspired to greater health, joy and well-being in your home in 2017! My girls and I would love for you to join us behind the scenes for our family adventures in healthier home-making. Come get a preview of our new Instagram account called Pure & Lovely (follow us on Instagram @pureandlovelyco) where we’ll be sharing our family’s tips for ditching toxic chemicals and our daily adventures in creating a happier, healthier home.


  1. LB

    Happy New Year!
    I’m anxiously awaiting a tour of your kitchen :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m anxiously awaiting the final things the contractor needs to finish and then I’ll give you the full tour! I’m looking forward to sharing it :). Thanks for being excited along with me!

      • Kathy

        Can’t wait, Melissa!!

  2. elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

    Happy New Year! Love essential oils and use them all of the time.

  3. Shannon // Style Emulator

    I have resisted oils for so, so long. All of my friends swear by them, but I find them so intimidating. I’ve seen you mention them before, and every time my curiosity is piqued more. I’m ever so slowly inching toward trying them. One thing I try to do every day is get outside in the sun. So many people today have low Vitamin D and it affects everything from your mood to your heart. Admittedly, this is easier for me in Florida than other parts of the country!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I was the same way, but a few things finally sunk in. Message me any time and I’m happy to share. And yes to the vitamin D! It’s a bit harder to come by in Seattle but a walk (followed by a vitamin D supplement, ha!) always does me good!

  4. Leslie

    Can you recommend a good diffuser?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, any of the diffusers that come with the premium starter kits at Young Living are great, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices! I have three, the Dew Drop, Rainstone, and the Aria. The Aria is an especially beautiful wood and glass statement piece and plays relaxing music, too, so I’m especially fond of that one! :) You can find more information on the starter kits with the diffusers here > If I can help you decide between them or answer any questions, let me know.

  5. sharon / tpt

    stress be gone, in a bottle?! wow!!

  6. Joni Webb

    ok. i’m waiting!!!!!! i check three times a day!!!!!! sick.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      OH MY GOODNESS, HA! :). They have to finish a few more things before I can give you all the tour, but I will share as SOON as I can!

  7. Myra

    Wonderful!! I love Joy and Stress Away!! And I’m ecstatic about Pure & Lovely! Totally following along. :)

  8. Christi from Charm & Grace Cottage

    I have been dealing with some trigeminal nerve issues and don’t know what I would’ve done without my lavender and Stress Away! Found out yesterday it was an abscess causing the nerve pain, but am so very thankful for these oils during this pain-filled time. Peace and Calming, also, for sleeping. And, they smell so wonderful that it’s a great bonus. Love my YL oils!

  9. Trish Mahon

    I am going to try some of these oils as I have two Belgian Malinois, a Collie, a JR Terrier and a cat. I like my house to smell nice but natural. How do you treat your wood floors to keep them clean? I think I have just ruined the shine on my oak floors by using a stream cleaner. Dying to see the finished kitchen too!

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