Puttering in the Kitchen

Puttering in the Kitchen

When we were remodeling our kitchen, I dreamed about how beautiful it was going to be to see our pink and white magnolia tree in bloom outside our kitchen window. I have to say, it’s just as lovely as I imagined it would be to gaze at these blooms as I putter around the kitchen. The flowers won’t last long, but I’ve been savoring each moment of their beauty.

Puttering in the Kitchen

All of the trees in the backyard are starting to fill in and spring is all around us now. I can hardly wait to smell all the lilacs in bloom. I’ll be heading out to cut a big bouquet for my counter soon!

Yesterday the sun even came out. It was SO WONDERFUL to feel the warmth again, we definitely needed that dose of vitamin D. I think the trees and plants were really happy with the sunshine, too! I’m hoping for a few more days of sun, fingers crossed.

Puttering in the Kitchen

I discovered that my giant new kitchen sink is perfect for watering. I can bring in the smaller plants and set them all in the sink together for a good soak and drain as needed. Then after the plants are put back I can swish any mess away with the sprayer and polish up the sink so it’s all shiny again. That’s the best part of puttering in the kitchen, shining up the sink!

Speaking of plants and sunshine, this weekend I bought some potted herbs for the kitchen. I’ll be getting them set up today in new pots (I’ll show you in a future post), it’s going to be wonderful and so convenient having fresh herbs on our counter! I’m also planting some pots outside.

Puttering in the Kitchen

Come As You Are Mat

As I was bringing new plants into the kitchen yesterday I had to smile at Jack’s sweet little face waiting for me through the door. Puttering, pups, pink blooms and plants. These are my simple joys, this week, friend. Simple joys.

What are you up to today?


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  1. Sounds just like my weekend mornings. Very peaceful, just enjoying listening to the birds and feeling the warm sunshine as it filters through the trees, and the thump of Labrador tails as they smile at me :) Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us! Yesterday we hit 80 degrees here in Portland, OR and it’s been a long while since we’ve seen the sun, too. I love looking out my window and seeing the pink flowers of our dogwood, the lush grass (with a few too many dandelions, and the arugula ready to pick. Another sunny day for both of us today, I predict :)

  3. And all “p’s” too!! :)
    It’s amazing how satisfying it is to polish the sink. All is well with the world when the kitchen is clean and the sink sparkles. ;)

    Melissa, I am in love with the old world feel of the area around your sink. Totally.
    Have a blessed day, my friend! xo

  4. We’re headed to Calico Corners near Chicago, as I need to order indoor-outdoor fabric for our canned ham RV. ;-) They can measure our cushions, as I don’t do math that well! ;-) I’ve already shined our kitchen sink, + yes, it’s fun! No sunshine for us today — we’re having a very Pacific Northwest Spring!

  5. That is one gorgeous magnolia. It’s so great to have a nice view from the window.

  6. I’m packing my house up to move in a couple of weeks. Our house has sold and we haven’t bought another yet! The market is super hot (in CT) and we’ve been outbid going over asking price several times! It’s hard to know what to hang on to, when I don’t know what size house I’ll be in next – and pay to store it all temporarily. Super stressful. I long for this to be behind us and to putter peacefully in a new kitchen – somewhere.

  7. Sallie says:

    Your magnolia is BEAUTIFUL! It’s a very special blessing to have a beautiful view out your windows! Here, it is Rain, Rain, Rain, but still beautiful as it creates circlets on the lake. I enjoy watching the birds enjoy the rain! We are past bloom time for lilac and dogwood, but soon the peonies will open and release their fragrance to the wind. The roses will unfurl to show their glorious colors, and the lavender will sprout its purple heads of scent. The sun will return, “and I will think to myself, what a wonderful world.” For now, it’s nice to be cozy inside while the rain taps at the windows. Time for more tea!

  8. Good Morning Diane
    Your kitchen is so beautiful. I love the counter space in your kitchen. The tree is absolutely beautiful.
    My sister-in-law had an amazing tree on the side of her yard, and my brother-in-law installed a window in the Dining Room so they could see the tree. It was a beautiful picture. It changed with the seasons which was so nice.
    My wonderful guy & I are in Idaho for 5 days visiting with my sister and her husband.
    Hope your day is beautiful.
    Much love,

  9. I love puttering around my little house on the weekends when I’m off. My kitchen is nothing compared to your gorgeous new kitchen, but I love my little house all the same! There’s no place like home, isn’t that just the truth?

  10. Oh, the lovely pink blooms look so beautiful thru your gorgeous kitchen window and look perfect with all the blue & white in your Kitchen! My favorite color combo! I live puttering around my kitchen and home! That’s what I’m doing today, actually…cleaning and puttering and switching out assecories and moving them around. My favorite ritual when cleaning! All windows are open to freshen things up and the sun is shining and gentle breezes coming thru…allowing me to hear my wind chimes on our back porch! 💕

  11. I love this post. It’s exactly how I feel today in Olympia Washington. Everything is coming alive and we are getting some sun. 🌸

  12. I love your doormat, and the kitchen view is lovely. Yes, the recent spring/ summer weather here in Portland makes everything better! I spread a load of bark dust after work :). The yard looks 100% better!
    I so wish you were my neighbor, Melissa !!

  13. Such a beautiful view out your window!

    Jack is such a cutie!

    I love puttering around the house!

  14. :) I’ve been there, hahahaha.

  15. Can cook! Will travel !! If you will just let me live in your new kitchen <3 :-)

  16. Carolyn says:

    My life is quite different from most of yours right now, having had open heart surgery (valve replacement) a month ago. Yet, like you, I’m enjoying simple pleasures, like being able to come downstairs, a hug from a little grandson, or a short walk outside admiring the neighborhood’s rose bushes. They are especially sweet right now!

  17. Lisa D says:

    Love the simple joys of life. Gods creation & creatures are so wonderful. Have a blessed weekend ;-) 🐾

  18. I had no idea that the tree I have always thought was a tulip tree, is a magnolia tree. I learned something today!

  19. How are you liking the rugs? I have seriously considered them for our kitchen…can you clean them? Are they comfy underfoot?

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