New Book: Thistlewood Farms & The Inspired Room

New Book: Thistlewood Farms & The Inspired Room

Do you ever wish you had a personal decorator or maybe just a helpful friend you could count on to answer your decorating questions? I’m pretty excited today to let you in on a little secret.

New Book: Thistlewood Farms & The Inspired Room

My super talented friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and I are thrilled to announce that we are writing a fun new decorating book together! A book we hope will be helpful for all of us.

We really want this new book to offer answers to YOUR decorating questions! In fact, we plan to answer 101 of our readers’ decorating questions in the book.

New Book: Thistlewood Farms & The Inspired Room

In case you didn’t know, KariAnne is actually releasing her very first book this fall. She is as crazy as I am to have a few books in the works at the same time. :) Yet our new book will be unlike any either of us have worked on before. We can’t wait to tell you more about it as it comes together in the upcoming months.

But first, we would love to know what questions you have, so we can start working on our answers! You’ll find the form to ask your questions, below. If your question is selected, it will appear in the new book.

No decorating question is dumb or too obvious, so ask away!

New Book: Thistlewood Farms & The Inspired Room

Thank you for your help to make this book a super helpful resource for all of us. XOXO



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  1. Congratulations to you both! This sounds like a great idea! I absolutely LOVE decorating too. My husband and I do most of the remodel work ourselves, which usually means it takes longer, since he has a full time job and we have to keep up with life, as well. Many of our projects involve many rooms and outside updates/remodeling while living in it. I’m curious how you ladies deal with a prolonged mess and the “unsettled feelings” that come with having “our nest” in unraveled pieces?

  2. I feel like your home is never done being decorated. I love to update little things here and there, move items from one shelf to another and each season refresh blankets, pillows and statement pieces. I can’t wait to see/read your book when it comes out!

  3. Well HELLO! No wonder you blew up the internet! So many gals would love to hear from both of you… together. Two of my favorite bloggers, too! Best wishes and Godspeed and all that good stuff on your new collaboration. It should be fun! xo

  4. How exciting and what a fun and helpful book! My question is one I struggle with all too often. What do you do when you make a bad (decorating) decision? Maybe your new sofa arrives and you hate it, or maybe you slap on the last coat of paint and then decide it’s not really what you had in mind. Maybe you can’t quite figure out exactly what went wrong, but somehow you’ve missed the mark. Short of calling in a professional or starting all over, what can you do with a decorating flop?

  5. Lisapacello@aol says

    My decorating question……I can get the paint, furniture , accessories and pictures I love in one space, but am missing something to pull it all together. This is everyone who is creatives biggest challenge I think…….how to take all these pieces and pull together in one look??

  6. Very excited! Can’t wait to read it!!

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