Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

Jack has the cozy fall weekend vibe thing down. He sleeps in his own bed at night but the minute I make the bed in the morning he makes a beeline to curl up on this same spot every single day.

Then after a long nap on my cozy vintage grainsack down pillow he goes wild and throws all of my pillows on the floor. We can’t have nice things at our house.

Having Jack in the house is very much like having a toddler, which brings a lot of laughs and a source of stress every day, haha.

Enjoy the weekend’s Home Style Saturday posts, friends!

PS. I’m super excited for next week here on the blog, I’ll have lots of fun things to show you around the house, including my Fall & Function Front Entry makeover!

Shutters details

Here you go:

Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

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Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

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Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

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Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

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Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes

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Home Style Saturdays |Fall Weekend Vibes


  1. He looks super comfy!

  2. Brittany Romero says

    I don’t blame him, I probably would go for that spot too!

  3. Cutie!

  4. I’m looking forward to the entry makeover. I need some inspiration for mine as it is time since our first 40 degree morning has hit my mums today. I should have moved them into a safe place but forgot. Our front entry still says spring/summer when most have moved to fall but my hydrangeas are still growing beautifully so I hate to change it up. Love Jack! His face says it all!

  5. Love Jack (and that pillow)!

  6. Jack himself adds to your fall cozy! He’s like a friendly , furry throw blanket. Lol

  7. Jack looks so comfy!

  8. Happy weekend, Melissa! I love Jack’s routine of snuggling into your pillows. :) I could learn something from him! Thinking I might be able to start dwelling this weekend – seems like a great fall weekend book. :)

  9. Looking forward to seeing your updated entryway!

  10. Mary Stewart says

    Okay, fess up. Did you make that pillow? I’d love to know where you got it. Jack is adorable. Thanks for sharing and have a BLESSED WEEKEND!

  11. Sweet baby ❤️

  12. Jack is a character 😜I really like the vintage pillow he’s laying on and would like more details so maybe I could recreate it.

    • I would think it would be easy to recreate if you can sew! I no longer have a source as I got it so long ago. It’s vintage grain sack fabric (very thick and nubby texture) with a zipper. The down pillow inside is basically the size of a body pillow, but very fluffy and heavy.

  13. Your Jack is so funny and so photogenic! And smart, obviously. Our Ollie isn’t allowed on our bed, but he spends all day lounging on our sofa and loveseat. Then after supper, he has a little fit for some reason and tosses all ofthe pillows off the sofa, every which way–and they’re big (and he isn’t!). I just sent our adult daughter a photo of his mayhem!

    • Well I’m glad to hear Jack isn’t the only one who has those little fits of tossing pillows on the floor. Jack moves to the daybed later in the day and after he eats his dinner he throws those pillows on the floor too. Ha!

  14. Donna Fancher says

    Can you let us know where you got the fun black and white pillows?

  15. He looks super comfy!

  16. My Molly dog does the same thing! As we leave for work, we say “Go to bed, Molly.” and she runs up into the guest room and sleeps on the couch that is up there. Also goes to the bed in same spare room and knocks all the pillows off the bed. Every day.

  17. Jack is such an adorable furbaby!

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