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Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration

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Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

Hello! It’s Courtney here (Melissa’s daughter!). While my mom is off on a much deserved Hawaiian vacation with my dad, I thought I’d pop in here today to share an exciting home and life update of my own!

If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve been around The Inspired Room for awhile, you may know that I have lived in my first apartment in Seattle for the past two and a half years. You can take a tour of my apartment tour here!

But today, I’m here to share that I am actually MOVING! I think you are going to love seeing where I’m moving to…so keep on reading for the details.

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

Making the decision to move has been bittersweet because I have absolutely LOVED living here. Other than the tiny bedroom I rented at my sister Kylee’s house (see that tour here), this has been my very first place all on my own, so it’s special to me!

So much life and growth has happened here over the last couple years (personally, and plant growth haha…but also plant death let’s be real, RIP to all my crispy plants). My apartment has been the coziest place to come home and recharge in every day.

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

Sooo…why would I move?! I could easily stay, keep living just like I do and probably be pretty content…but living in this apartment was one dream of mine, and I have LOTS of other dreams that I’m looking forward to next. It’s always a bit sad to leave a home that has served you so well, but I’m intentionally mixing things up and diving into a new season that I’m excited about!

So here’s the fun part…moving means that a new design project has been in the works! That’s always the best part about moving, right? :)

Where am I moving to? I am actually designing my parents’ lower level into the coziest little apartment to live in, starting in February!

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

You’ve seen bits of their lower level here on the blog over the last couple years. It has so much going for it already—the new wood floors, windows with lots of light, an exterior entrance into the office, a bedroom, bathroom and laundry room, and the living room with the fireplace! I’ll even be making their laundry room into a cute little makeshift apartment kitchen, although let’s be honest, with this pretty kitchen just up the stairs I’m sure I’ll be using that too. ;)

Another perk…much closer access to my two favorite fluffy white dogs Jack and Lily!

I also work full time for The Inspired Room, so my commute to work will be…very short. Haha.

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

I’ve been putting together design plans, shopping for small space storage solutions, and planning a couple fun DIYs that I will hopefully not fail at, ha. I’ll be documenting the process here on the blog and on my Instagram stories, so I hope you’ll follow along!

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

I will definitely miss my apartment, but the excitement of getting to dream up new design projects like this gives me life!

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!

How long will I be living there? Well, I have no idea! One thing I do know is that I’ll be saving tons every month (Seattle is crazy expensive), so I’m excited for the opportunity to more rapidly save for the bigger dreams I have like traveling and somedayyy buying a house.

I’m sure I’ll live there at least six months or so until I’m ready for another move, or maybe longer, or I could just suddenly pack my bags and announce I’m moving to NANTUCKET? Just kidding, just keeping everyone on their toes…including myself. ;)

Time will tell, but I’m excited for this new adventure and hope you’ll enjoy following along!

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  1. Jo Jo

    So happy for you, Courtney! I’m sure Mama is happy to have you back in the Nest too!

    Can’t wait to see how you design your new living space!

    You sure can’t beat the commute now! Such an excellent way to save money, get to use your design chops and creative juices flowing. Win/ Win!

    God Bless! ?❤️?

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thanks for your sweet comment Jo Jo! :) Excited to share!!

  2. Linda Grubbs

    This is will fun! I’ll be following you…. excited to see what you come up with for the design. ?

    • Courtney Michaels

      Yay! Thanks for following along, it will be fun to share!

  3. Debbie Keith

    What an exciting design project and all around change!! Love your long(er) term goals as well and can’t wait to see how your space comes together. Two years ago we converted our garage into a studio apartment for our daughter (for health reasons) — she and I had the best time designing it together. We’re always looking for new inspiration for her small space so it will be fun to follow along. All the best, Courtney!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you so much for your nice comment, Debbie! Love that you and your daughter created that apartment space together–we’ve considered doing something similar in our garage someday!
      Excited to share the process! :)

  4. Franki

    You GO gal!! franki

  5. Nicole

    The room is so pretty already! Can’t wait to see what you will do! So smart to make the move to save money.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thanks Nicole :) It is such a pretty space, definitely one of the brightest basements I’ve ever been in so I’m thankful for that natural light!



    Congratulations on your exciting news! I love the lower level of your parents home and covet all the natural light it affords, which is definitely more than my 1st floor condo. Can’t wait to see how you make it your own space!


  7. Valarie Sanford

    what exciting news Courtney- God bless you in your new environment ha!

  8. Jeanine

    Great news for all concerned, especially the dogs, haha! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the space particularly the small kitchen you have planned. I’m thinking of doing the same thing in my basement.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you so much! I’m excited to share about that too, it will be a fun little makeover!

  9. Jenny

    That’s so exciting! I absolutely love your style in your apartment, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw thanks Jenny! :) Looking forward to sharing the process!

  10. Sheran Steading

    I thought your brother lived downstairs.

    • Courtney Michaels

      His room is actually on the main floor by the kitchen! :) He’s currently living in the dorms, but he still has his room here!

  11. Debbie - MountainMama

    That’s a great way to save money, and it’s practically a full apartment down there already! My daughters have both lived in my lower level… younger daughter for much longer, she just bought her first house in March. My older daughter came home for about a year and a half, before grad school….they were both down there at that point. Now I’m an empty nester….at least for now! Grad school will be done in May for my older daughter, so who knows? Good luck with your move!

  12. Christina

    I do so enjoyed reading your post ! How exciting that your parents are in Hawaii! Can’t wait for your updates on decorating ?
    Moving is one think I don’t enjoy doing – but a new space to decorate is totally exciting!

  13. Sheila

    I’ll be enthusiastically following along. One question. You had a nice kitchen area in your apartment. Will you be incorporating a kitchen in this space? Or maybe there is one there already that I missed?

  14. Michelle

    Haven’t seen The Inspired Room for a few years, although I’ve always loved reading your mother’s blog. So happy for your new move and what fun it will be decorating. You must be very close to your family and that is wonderful to hear these days. Can’t wait to read more about it all.

  15. Maggie

    Congrats!!! Smart move… who can beat that fireplace! Enjoy

  16. Rebekka

    Enjoy your vacation. I hope you get all the rest and relaxation you need to refresh for a new year.

  17. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    This is so cool! I’ve always dreamed of owning a house with a basement apartment (and also daydreamed of living in one) so I am especially excited to follow along on this journey.

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