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Courtney’s Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, Rental

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Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Hi there! This is Courtney here, Melissa’s daughter, taking over the blog today!

About a year and a half ago, I moved into my very first apartment of my own in Seattle. It’s been a total dream come true for me to have a place of my own! I’m so grateful for this space.

When I first moved in you may have seen the empty tour of my apartment, as well as some peeks in a few other blog posts like this one. I also share photos of my apartment all the time on Instagram if you follow me there, but I’m excited to be here today to give you an official tour!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you know that I used to live with my sister Kylee in her townhouse in a super tiny bedroom (you can take that tour here!). I got really used to living in that small space, so living in my 600 square foot studio apartment now basically feels like I’m living in a mansion (haha!).

A few notes: the photos in this post weren’t all taken the same day, so you might notice things moving around or notice a rogue pumpkin on my dining table…rest assured that is not there anymore, ha. :)

I’ll share sources below the photos throughout this post, but if you want to head straight to the source list you can click here.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

This is my main living space! My favorite part of my little home is how much natural light there is. The entire back wall of my apartment is floor to ceiling windows, so lots of cheery light pours in all year round. I work full time with my mom for The Inspired Room, and about half the week I work from home right here in this space.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

White Vintage Tea Kettle / White Toaster / Pink Pot

This is my kitchen! I’m not the most elaborate cook by any means, so this has been plenty of space for me. My latest cooking adventure has been learning how to use my Instant Pot!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Gold wall grid / Mug tree / Coffee Maker

I wouldn’t be my mother’s daughter if I didn’t have a coffee station. :) She taught me well!

(The coffee maker I have is this one!)

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Mug tree / Similar Mugs

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Black floor lamp / Shelf by desk

That wall cutout above looks through to where my bedroom is! It’s a bit of an awkward wall, but I love how it lets natural light through to my bedroom. My desk area has actually changed a bit since I took these photos. I rarely sat at my desk to work, so it’s now a TV stand!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Daybed / Ottoman (out of stock, similar here or more here / Rug / Similar Dining Chairs

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

My dining table is a drop leaf pedestal style, which has been perfect for this small space! I usually leave it open, but the drop leaves have been handy occasionally when I need to make more room! I often use this table as my desk, too.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

White Metal Bookshelf

If you took the tour of my old tiny bedroom, you might remember that this daybed was my main bed before. For reference of how tiny my old bedroom was, it was probably only two feet wider than this daybed (about 9×9 overall!). I originally bought the daybed planning to use it as my couch in a future place, and now here it is! It’s been perfect to have as a guest bed when friends come to visit Seattle, too.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

String of Pearls Vase / Little Women Book

I often post about my struggles keeping plants alive on my Instagram stories, but this string of pearls plant has been going strong! I’m proud. :)

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Bunny Planter / Perfectly Imperfect Book

Recently I realized that I have some sort of quirky animal art or accessory in basically every corner of my apartment…they make me happy!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Drop leaf pedestal dining table / similar dining chairs

My apartment is often the go-to destination for me, my mom, and my sister when we have important work meetings since there are no wild dogs to distract us here! ;) Someday I hope to have my own little white Westie…but for now I’m happy with my role as “dog aunt” to all the doodles in our family.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Similar White Metal Beds / Mint pharmacy lamp / Copper String Lights

This is my bedroom! I often see studio apartments in Seattle with a sliding frosted glass door to separate the bedroom off, but mine is wide open and I really love how spacious it makes it feel.

I believe my parents bought this pretty bed at Rejuvenation years ago. I love how the footboard acts like a subtle visual “separator” for the space! I rounded up some similar bed sources here.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Floral measuring cup / Oil rack – HomeGoods

When I was apartment hunting, I was anticipating a very tiny studio apartment, so the fact that I ended up having room for a bookshelf and two nightstands in my bedroom was a surprise to me! I love using this bookshelf as my little oils station to pick out what to diffuse at night.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour
Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour
Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

The double doors on the right above are where my washer and dryer are (which you may have seen in my mom’s book Simple Organizing!) or in this post.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

This was another surprise when I first toured my apartment! I was anticipating stacked laundry in the bathroom closet, but I’ve really loved having the side by side washer and dryer. You know you’re becoming a real live adult when you are excited about the washer and dryer situation! You can see more of my laundry closet organization here.

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Straight ahead is my entryway!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Framed cactus art / Whale Art / IKEA Pax Wardrobe Frame with Bergsbo door and this gold handle

The door on the right is my bathroom (no tour of that yet, it’s a work in progress!).

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour
Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

I had this entry table in my old bedroom. It’s the perfect little spot to set my keys when I come home, and the leaning frame disguises an electrical box behind it (especially when the frame is moved over to the right an inch or so, ha!). Budget tip: frame a sheet of Rifle Paper Company gift wrap for inexpensive large art!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Dip-dyed stool

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour
Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Okay friends, that’s the tour! Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my apartment adventures, I post stories and behind the scenes from the blog all the time! :)

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour
Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Click here to shop all apartment sources!

Courtney's Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

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  1. Kerry

    your home is beautiful!

  2. Denise

    Courtney, Thanks for sharing your beautiful apartment. Your style looks so much like my daughter’s. How lucky young people are today to have such amazing resources at your fingertips. And, with expert guidance from your mother, how could your place be anything but gourgeous?! Thanks again for your fun, informative post!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw thank you for the sweet comment, Denise! :)

  3. Jenny

    Yea! I have been hoping this post would pop up soon enough! Love this sweet space!

  4. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    this is so beautiful, Courtney! ? It looks so airy and magical with the twinkly lights. :) The small places I’ve lived have been my favorites. :)

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw thank you so much, Bonnie! :) There is something so cozy about a small space!

  5. Gina M

    Beautiful!! LOVE the “Laundry Schedule” sign!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thanks Gina!! That was a HomeGoods find! :)

  6. Lori Howard

    Hi Courtney! I wish I had your adorable apartment when I was growing up! It’s a lovely space. Are there any other sources for Rifle paper? The only options Anthropologie had were not the right colors. Also, the rug in your laundry room, the blue one? Source for that? I went online to buy the rug your mom posted on the Inspired Room and it was sold out but I found one at our local World Market. This one you have would work well in the same room with this one. The Little Women book..what a great cover on that book to use for decorating…I’m thinking about justifying buying that one..hmmm! Books with great covers are hard to find these days.

  7. Pat M.

    When you first got your apartment and gave us the empty tour, I remarked to myself that an apartment like yours would be perfect for me – a 76 year old woman who lives alone with her cat. I haven’t changed my mind. I think your apartment must be the best “studio” – although I would call it a 1 bedroom – design I’ve ever seen with that small square footage. I truly love it and know how happy you must be there. A girl’s first home of her own in so special.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Hi Pat! Thanks so much for your kind comment! This is a special space I’ll always remember, for sure! :)

  8. Jenifer

    Your place is darling. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Debbie - MountainMama

    What a great space, Courtney! You’ve decorated it so nicely, but what would I expect when you’ve learned from the best, your mom!! :) Glad I’m not the only one with a twinkle light addiction….they cozy up any space and make it so homey!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you Debbie!! :) Twinkle lights really are the best, aren’t they? So magical!

  10. Megan from Cape Town

    Hey Courtney, this was fun!! I loved getting to meet your pretty space. I must say, I’m quite envious: I’m back at my parents’ house and I MISS having a sweet little place of my own!

    Thanks for the catch up. I’ve missed you since I left Instagram!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw hey Megan!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I’ve missed you on Instagram too! Come back! :)

  11. Julie Briones

    Thank you for sharing your home with us! I, too, live in a small studio apartment (400sf). I LOVE it, and your place has given me some great ideas! Thank you!

    • Julie Briones

      BTW…. that laundry room! What the what?! So nice!!!

      • Courtney Michaels

        Hi Julie! Oh thank you so much!! :) I love how small spaces can be so cozy, I’m glad you got some fun ideas! :)

  12. Ruth

    Wonderful nest so open & pretty. You have a lot of design talent and a big life ahead to developer it further. Thanks for letting me see your comfy home.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you for the sweet comment, Ruth! :) I loved getting to share my home here!

  13. Pat

    Such a beautiful space!! There is so much room for it to be described as a studio plus a great deal of storage. You have such great taste…of course, you have your mom as an incredible mentor! Love everything about your apt, especially the twinkle lights! :) They just feel so cozy to me.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw thank you, Pat! :) I love the twinkle lights too!

  14. Francesca

    This is such a beautiful studio! The clean white decor is really relaxing but with plenty enough detail to make it feel cosy and homely at the same time. As you say, you’re lucky to have a lot of natural light and you definitely make the most of it with your decor too. Great job!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you so much, Francesca! Relaxing and simple but cozy was my goal! :) Thanks for your sweet comment!!

  15. Hillary

    What a cheerful little space! I love all the personal little details.

  16. Sharan Cook

    What a special place you’ve made! I like the cozy touches you placed in each room. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

  17. Jo Jo

    Be still my heart! You’ve really created a super cozy, eclectic , gorgeous home for yourself in your condo! I love how it looks and “ feels”. You must LOVE coming home to your “ nest”. Just beautiful! The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, Melissa…Courtney is her mother’s daughter. ❤️

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw! Thank you so much for the kind comment, Jo Jo! :) I do love coming home to this cozy nest!!

  18. Jill Bailey

    Beautiful space! I ordered the tea kettle pictured above. I’ve been looking for just the right one so thanks for sharing! BTW – it’s 20% off this weekend in case anyone else is interested!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Thank you, Jill!! Enjoy the tea kettle! So glad you got it on a sale!

  19. Kandy

    I absolutely love your apartment! You’ve made it so “homey.” I’m thinking of moving to Seattle and looking for an apartment just like that. The apartment amentities: i.e. granite counters, undermount sink, front-load washer and dryer are on my wish list. I live in Colorado and have had those in several of my apartments. Do you live near downtown? I don’t have any idea which part of the city that I want to live in. My son is farther south.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Aw thank you so much, Kandy! :) Seattle is great! I live about 15-20 minutes north of downtown!

  20. diane streicher

    Court. But that whale print. Would it be bad if we were poster twins.

    • Courtney Michaels

      Diane. Thank you. Let’s definitely be poster twins.

  21. DonnaS

    Your apartment is adorable! Love all the natural light too. Great job decorating :)

  22. Maria

    Courtney, I loved this tour of your apartment! :-) I love seeing all of your snapshots on Insta — it really looks like such a cozy, happy space. I love how you really utilize all of the space to its fullest potential. Very inspirational for me — our house is very very tiny! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    • Courtney Michaels

      Hey Maria! What a sweet comment!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

  23. Judy

    Your apartment is adorable and charming! All the good things!

  24. tammy

    Courtney, I L O V E your home!!!! It is just beautiful and welcoming!!!!! Love it <3 !!!!!!

  25. MaryLisa Noyes

    Your apartment is so inviting! You’ve made such great use of your space to make it seem so much bigger. My daughter moved home recently and this gives me some ideas for her room.

  26. Diana Humphrey

    Courtney it’s gorgeous! Did you also buy the white frames at pottery barn where you got the prints? I really like the simple lines on them. I didn’t see those at IKEA today when I was looking at frames.

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