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Fall Nesting & Doormats

Who is getting excited about decorating their fall porch? I know, I know, it’s still summer. But you need to order your fall doormat now or it’s hard to get them, so consider this your friendly PSA. Now, I love summer in the NW and don’t want it to end, but how wonderful is it that we get to follow up summer with FALL — and my annual FALL NESTING SERIES! 13 years of blogging and I’m still just as excited about this series as I was the first time. Fall Nesting & Doormats

Back in the earlier days of blogging, I actually felt like I was the only blogger who was this in love with fall. Starting my fall series in September used to freak everyone out, too early, they said! Well, now they start talking about fall in early August. Ha!

Yet, I’m still a believer in savoring the season you’re in and not rushing it away. My philosophy has always been that I want to let the seasons in my home evolve slowly, just like the seasons outside. There’s a gift in that, but we miss it if we rush through it!

So while you will never see a frantic all-out overnight shift of seasons in my decor, you will sense the gradual unfolding of the seasons in my home. The slow cozy fall vibes will start to unfold, layer by layer, through the textures and natural elements in my home as well as in how I experience my daily routines.

I’m SO excited to go through another fall season with you, friends.

Doormat Sources:

  1. We’re Like, Really Into Fall Doormat
  2. Navy Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Rug (great for layering under a smaller doormat!)
  3. Squeeze the Day Doormat
  4. Oh My Gourd Doormat
  5. Black Floral Doormat
  6. Black Geometric Doormat
  7. Get Cozy Doormat
  8. Hey Pumpkin Doormat
  9. Turn Over a New Leaf Doormat
  10. Navy Pattern Doormat

Did you know I’m writing a brand new book to share with you more of my love of life and home through the seasons? Fall Nesting & Doormats This topic is MY FAVE! Thank you for being a loyal reader of The Inspired Room blog, in ALL seasons.

I’m still enjoying every moment of summer, but you better believe I’ve got my eye on a fall doormat because fall is just around the corner!

PS. My blog posts on the Seabrook Dream House will begin this week, so stay tuned!


  1. Gail Stickler

    There are so many ads popping up it is very hard to see what you have placed on there for our enjoyment.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      If you could screen shot what you are seeing that is hindering your view that would be helpful! I feel like I have so few ads, really the very bare minimum, so I’m curious what it is you see? Thank you!

  2. Dream house

    Love this blog

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