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A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

by | Apr 19, 2022 | A Lovely Life, Decorating Inspiration, My Books

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A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

You can purchase the downloadable Lovely Life Seasonal Planner here!

I don’t know how busy you feel, but our days sure seem to fly by! Without being intentional with our time, it’s easy to feel like we won’t have “enough” time “left over” to fully enjoy one season before we are onto the next!

Even though we are empty nesters now and do have a bit more freedom than we had when our kids were at home, we are still trying to keep up with the routines of life, our business, family and responsibilities, a house, our dogs.

No matter what season of life we’re in or what we are trying to accomplish in any season of life, it’s important to our sense of well-being to be intentional with the time we have. I shared in my earliest blog posts here on The Inspired Room and in my book Love the Home You Have (as well as most of other books I’ve written!) the value I’ve found in practicing a less-frantic, more mindful and intentional rhythm at home. That includes a pace that flows more effortlessly through the slow evolution of the seasons. I’ve had this book, A Lovely Life, on my heart for over a decade now. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share it with you!

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

In my brand new book, A Lovely Life, I share lots of ways to savor the simple joys at home though every season!

It’s a simple book to look through whenever you have a few moments (and has lots of pictures, too!). I hope it encourages you to be more present in each season of life and to find the beauty around you.

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season


A Lovely Life Planner: A Guide to Savoring Every Season.

A Lovely Life Seasonal Planner is a fun companion to use as you read A Lovely Life, or can be used as a resource on its own. It’s a printable download with customizable sheets for you to write down things you’d like to do in the upcoming season, home*making and soul*tending reflection questions, gratitude lists, journal prompts, quotes to inspire you and more.

In A Lovely Life book I talk a lot about being INTENTIONAL with your days. Sometimes you just have to take ONE LITTLE STEP closer toward the life you really want to live. A Lovey Life book and the downloadable planner will inspire you to do just that. It’s a simple planner to use (not overwhelming or time consuming!), but really will help you to savor every season!

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

You can purchase the Lovely Life Planner HERE. The planner will be a wonderful hands-on companion to the inspiration you’ll find in the book, too. The planner offers you the opportunity to sit down for a few moments to consider what matters to you each season and make a plan for it.

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

I bought myself a brand new pretty three ring notebook and fun clear dividers for my Lovely Life planner pages. It is fun to set up and is definitely making me feel more focused! I already feel so much more intentional and less-frazzled as I’m using it to help me focus on my spring (and upcoming summer) rhythms and seasonal activities in our new home and neighborhood!

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

botanical art printables (several versions available in the set)

We also have this printable download botanical artwork set available here! You can frame the art, give it as a gift, put it in your planner notebook or use it as a cover insert, tack it on your wall or use it on your inspiration board!

You will receive several downloadable versions of the artwork in the set, one with just the botanical design, or three different fonts with the quote Loveliness Can Grow Wherever You Are.

A Lovely Life Planner: A Printable Guide to Savoring Every Season

Sometimes you just need a little nudge, or a friend to be there, to encourage and inspire you to do the things you want to do for yourself and your home! That’s always my hope when I create a book or resource like this.

There is certainly no end to our to do list, let alone the ideas, resources and tips already out there in the world (truly an overwhelming amount!) but I find for myself all I really need is a friend who understands and a few bits of encouragement to keep me going in the right direction! Our frame of mind is SO IMPORTANT!! I can get easily overwhelmed so I hope my book, the downloadable seasonal planner and this botanical art will be just the uplifting inspiration you need to help you focus on what matters most to you.

A Lovely Life is available wherever you like to buy books or find it HERE on Amazon.

Read more about what A Lovely Life book is about HERE.


  1. Pam

    Hi Melissa! I received the free planner download & prints! Thank you so much. I’m so excited to get your book. You are truly a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Looking forward to following along as you make this beautiful beach house your special home! It’s perfect!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ah, Pam, thank you! I’m so glad!Thank you so much for your kind words and pre-ordering the book, too!! Very grateful!

  2. Jessi Vintage

    I could have such accessories :) Grandma’s style from the coast is something for me


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