Easy Valentine's Day Mason Jar Craft {Key to My Heart}

Valentine’s Craft

This is a little DIY craft all my own. And I’m kind of proud of it. I’m a sucker for a craft involving less than three steps. I have limitations when it comes to my crafting attention span. If a craft involves mason jars AND less than three steps, I’m on it! I did a post couple years back on a few mason jar crafts I did, and one was this sweet “key to my heart” jar.

It is so simple!

1. Take a wide mouthed mason jar and fill it with Epsom salt.

Easy Valentine's Day Mason Jar Craft {Key to My Heart}

2. Tie some jute string around the mouth of the jar and hang a skeleton key from the jute.

You might find jute string at Michaels’ craft or JoAnn Fabrics.

I found my keys at Michaels Craft in their dollar section but I’ve more recently seen similar (smaller) keys in the “brad” section of the store. You can also find them at old house parts stores and flea markets.

3. Put a white votive candle in the jar and light it!

Now you’ve got a cute little “key to my heart” jar. Aw.

CAUTION: I implore you to not use a red candle. Trust me on this. It will not give you the desired effect once the wax melts.