31 Days of Autumn {Day 26}: A Fall Table

31 Days of Autumn {Day 26}: A Fall Table
Country Living

Making Memories with A Fall Table

My mom always sets the prettiest tables. I clearly remember each holiday by the lovely tablescapes she created with what she had on hand.

This photo from Country Living inspires me.

The simple yet beautiful centerpiece of flowers, fruits and vegetables, the rust colored envelope-folded napkin and the charming candle with dripping wax makes this a memorable Fall table.

Do you create simple, memorable Fall tables for your friends and family?

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31 Days of Autumn {Day 26}: A Fall Table

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31 Days of Autumn {Day 26}: A Fall Table


  1. I agree! I think a pretty table really sets the scene for dinner. (i.e. it distracts my guests from my cooking!)
    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted..Things that scare parents…My Profile

  2. I love the envelope napkin! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one folded like that!
    Sarah recently posted..Make Your Child’s Favorite Book Come to Life Part 2- Eloise at the PlazaMy Profile

  3. Lol – I always try but have to end up moving it out of the way so there is room for the food! :)
    Jess recently posted..Making a Shelf out of a StairMy Profile

  4. I love setting the table for special events. We just recently hosted Homecoming Dinner for our daughter and her friends. It was fun setting the table for them.
    You can view it here:
    SimplyLKJ recently posted..Adding a little fallMy Profile

  5. I love the envelope fold-I use it anytime we have company. I’m not sure if anyone notices, but I do! Our caterer even learned it for our wedding reception.
    Fall tables are one of my favorites–I can scatter a few leaves and a gourd and call it a center piece.
    Tracey recently posted..My Husbands Office Has Great SticksMy Profile

  6. Franki Parde says:

    I LOVE an embellished table – it’s in the details. I really do it for me although my family/friends think it’s for them. Tee Hee. frabju

  7. Love this table setting! It’s simple, yet beautiful. I always want to set a beautiful table during the holidays, but it seems like with everything else going on, it just never gets done. I’ll have to change that this year! :)

  8. I’m actually planning an Autumn Tea so I’d better get an idea or two for some attractive looks. I like that envelope of a napkin idea…wonder if I could figure it out…
    Vee recently posted..Along the RidgeMosaic MondayMy Profile

  9. Melissa,
    I think the ‘veggie’ center piece is perfect for fall! I have enjoyed checking in daily for your 31 days, so fun. . .
    Thanks for a fun posts.

  10. I always try to avoid faux fruit and just use the real deal! Right now I have a glass vase filled to the brim with Fuji apples and walnuts in the shell as a centerpiece. It’s economical to buy in-season produce for display and then eat it as it’s reaching its prime.
    Kelsey recently posted..End-of-Summer Watermelon Lime SlushMy Profile

  11. I love to set a beautiful table for my guest….I start thinking about what my Thanksgiving table will look like…a few months before Thanksgiving….it’s fun for me =)
    Thanks for your lovely idea.
    teresa recently posted..Saturday Morning Living room-My Profile

  12. Cyndi Spivey says:

    Hey girl!
    I love to decorate my table for fall! It makes our home feel so cozy this time of year. (I almost didn’t leave a comment after our conversation this weekend but now that I’ve met you in person I love your blog even more! :-))
    Fellow PW

  13. Love fall! and just found your blog, its great! I added it to my
    “love to visit” list…
    anne recently posted..LIFE IS BUT A DAY DREAM- SWEETHEARTMy Profile

  14. Confession – I have no idea how to make a pretty tablescape. When I try, it always looks either cluttered or random.

    Maybe that should be another series? I look at your photos and Sandy’s photos. I have no idea how to even start.

    I think I’m a minimalist to the core.

  15. Very simple tablescape here…in the midst of packing for a move, so it too must be movable (but just from one surface to another, for now).

    A few squash, and a wee little pumpkin with silk flowers glued atop (a precious gift) ‘tossed’ onto a pumpkin-shaped plate. Pinecones in a clear vase. My grandfathers’ handcarved wood nut bowl w/mallet (bowl has a center ‘riser’ for cracking nuts). And an oil-rubbed bronze 5-arm candelabra (previously polished brass) with burned 5″ white candles (great for emergency outages as well as stylish).

    The squash will eventually get baked and eaten, pinecones stay out for Winter decor (I decorate by season rather than occasion), plate will be used for the Thanksgiving table then sent home filled with goodies for some one. Nut bowl is perpetually used, as is the candelabra.

    I adore Autumn! And here, right now, we have a wonderful full rainbow!…Don’t you just love reminders!

  16. My kids and I recently strolled around the neighborhood collecting different types and colors of leaves, with a few fall flowers as well. After pressing them in newspaper weighted with decor books (!), we arranged and laminated 4 leaf collages, trimming each with matching colored ribbon. Our new autumn “placemats” are washable and durable enough to last through Thanksgiving! Agreed, autumn is beautiful and bountiful!

  17. I love making tablescapes (and bookcase-scapes and side-table-scapes and mantle-scapes for that matter) but am too hesitant to go out and buy all the stuff at once. So I slowly collect, hoping that someday I’ll have everything I need! For now the look a little lonesome sometimes, but never boring. :)
    House Bella recently posted..Pom FlowersMy Profile

  18. We have 35-40 people for Thanksgiving and I have done all the tables since I was a young girl. I posted one on my blog in April, entitled A Little Bit of Thanksgiving in the Spring. A simple table, yet effective. I love setting a table!!
    Luxurious Life recently posted..Dining on a Settee……My Profile

  19. I love fall for the simple reason you can skip flowers and use pumpkins, gourds and nuts—I do love a beautiful table, no matter how simple. I’d love to know how to fold the “envelop” napkin.


  20. I like my kitchen or dining table to be a presentation of live seasonal treat. Whether a giant vase of peonies with some peaches or fall leaves with nuts and gourds on a stoneware platter or pinecones, evergreen and berries on a crystal plate or a colander full of fresh tomatoes…having something live just seems to add more fun to the table.

  21. I already have my linens of chocolate floral and red napkins, with my green glassware and pinktower spode(red and white). I plan to use leaves on the table and hedgeapples. Sick that I think about these things, but it makes me happy.

  22. My daughter was blessed with a preschool teacher, who, years ago, had them roll this candle holder in birdseed, then inserted a long cranberry red candle into it and gave it to us as a gift. It’s the prettiest thing and has a place at our table every fall.
    Heather recently posted..Big Pumpkins- Waterways &amp Cannons- and WildlifeMy Profile

  23. Isn’t it amazing how one tablescape can inspire so much? The hydrangeas! The green gourd, that rust napkin. Heart!
    Centsational Girl recently posted..HolidayMy Profile

  24. Do you have time to make me one?
    Thank you..i would appreciate it.
    kasey recently posted..A country evening under the starsMy Profile

  25. Beautiful table…have you noticed how tablescapes with natural elements are always the prettiest. :) Lots of inspiration in the pic.
    Susan recently posted..Pumpkin Carving Tips and TemplatesMy Profile

  26. That is such a beautiful setting! Makes me wish I had a garden and could set up a table outdoors.
    Modern Gypsy recently posted..Wandering Wednesday 6: Food for thoughtMy Profile

  27. I like to have something pretty on the table all the time, but I usually end up removing it for meals, especially when all our kids are home for holidays. There’s always too much food to put on the table AND have a centerpiece taking up space. I find that small tea lights scattered on a holiday table works better for me than a large centerpiece. Cloth napkins always make a table look elegant.


  28. This is a beautifully set table. The centerpiece is inspired.
    Elen recently posted..Valour-IT- I’m passionate about it…My Profile


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