Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful almost ordinary day except for the fact that we had a photographer and photo stylist for Better Homes & Gardens magazine in our house!! They were there to do a full feature for their magazine on our kitchen remodel, I can hardly believe it! It was AMAZING.

I have so much to tell you about the day and all that led up to it, but I’m going to have to save most of my stories and more of my photos for a post I’ll write when the magazine comes out (possibly February). But suffice it to say it was a really fun day and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. It was fun!

There was something pretty cool about watching the stylist and photographer create beautiful photos of my kitchen. I was honored to have them come out to do this story and am grateful to BH&G! The stylist Michael Walters and the photographer John Granen did an AMAZING job. The photos they took are really gorgeous. I cannot wait until you guys get to see them!

While I won’t be showing specifically how they styled my kitchen until the magazine comes out, I thought you might like this little behind the scenes peek of them at work today in my house!

Update: You can now see the sneak peek of my BHG feature in this post! (November 2014 issue)

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine {Photoshoot of my Kitchen!!!!}


  1. Wow! How fun would that be? Beautiful kitchen, I can’t wait to see the magazine!

  2. Seems so odd to see these unfamiliar people traipsing through the kitchen you’ve shared with us along the way! Congrats!
    Linda recently posted..StorytimeMy Profile

  3. Yay! Congrats Melissa. I’m not surprised to hear they want to feature your kitchen. It came out beautiful. I will be looking for the mag!

  4. How totally exciting!! Please give us the heads-up when the magazine hits the stands so we can get a copy! (I’ll bet you will!) :D
    Cheryl recently posted..JulyMy Profile

  5. …love it!…blesssings laney

  6. Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!

    How totally exciting….can’t wait to see!

    PS…I’m in love with that white painted chair! ♥
    bridget {bake at 350} recently posted..Random Hints for Air TravelMy Profile

  7. very very very fun, Melissa! can’t wait to see how it turns out and to see you in BH&G! love that mag. ha! price tag on the salad bowl :) behind the scenes is always so interesting. have a great weekend! xo
    Sandy recently posted..Fly Fishing North Umpqua River and Steamboat Inn StayMy Profile

  8. Julie Sikkel says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see more of it….can I ask where you got those maps hanging on the wall above that cute yellow purse? :)
    Thanks so much…Julie

  9. WooHoo, BHG at TIR! Congratulations! Funny how things get such a mess to make it pretty for the cameras. Hope you enjoyed your day; I know you did!

  10. I am so excited for you Melissa! What an honor, that is well deserved, to have BH&G recognize all your hard work in creating your beautiful kitchen. Enjoy and continued blessings!

  11. Wow, that is amazing!! Congratulations; can’t wait to see the remodel and the article! Sounds like a blast!
    Mya recently posted..5 DIY Herb GardensMy Profile

  12. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see the finished project in the magazine! Your behind-the-scenes shots are a great teaser.

  13. You cleaned and organized and arranged, and everything was absolutely *perfect.*.. then the team arrived and pulled everything completely apart, yes!?? Lol! Your kitchen and home are so beautifully well done and it will be just wonderful to see how they styled it for the magazine, can’t wait!

  14. That is very exciting! I can’t wait to see the magazine article.

  15. MarieRoxanne says:

    Must be fun, hope they take great shots of the small details, whoo hoo!

  16. So exciting – I loved the behind the scenes peek.

  17. How very exciting!! I can only imagine all the wonderful tips you picked up along with all the behind the scenes stories. Thanks for giving us a little peek into your very fun day! And now I know what you’ve been up to….you’ve seemed a little bit busy lately! ;)
    I love the added ‘real’ touch of the sticker on the big yellow bowl! [wink]

  18. Congrats! That yellow bowl I’m in love! It reminds me of one my Mom had. I also love the hooks on the end of the island!

  19. I’m so happy for you, Melissa! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turned out.

  20. How cool is that?! Fantastic. Perhaps I ought to take BHG up on their recent subscription offer…

  21. Sounds like fun! Stressful fun, but still fun! I’ll be watching for the magazine.
    Dierdre Main recently posted..Orange Decorative Pillow Cover Bird Pillow Euro Sham Scandinavian Decor Home Accent Home Decor 20 Inch Cushion Cover by RentalRevivalMy Profile

  22. Love your white kitchen worktable! I’ll be interested to see the article when it comes out. Congratulations!

  23. Thank is SO exciting!! Cannot wait to see it when it’s out, thank you for the sneak peek :)

    xo, Tanya
    Tanya recently posted..Gold Herringbone To The Rescue: A Thrift Store Lamp RescueMy Profile

  24. How exciting for you! I have been a long-time BH&G subscriber and I can’t wait to see it in print.
    Mindy recently posted..The DirtMy Profile

  25. Renee Churchill says:

    I would love to know where to get one of those laptop stands that he is using. Anyone know?

  26. Congratulations!!

  27. Oh wow! I love that I can download Better Homes and Gardens now on my iPad here in the UK. Look forward to seeing your home in it :)
    Liz ( recently posted..LavenhamMy Profile

  28. How fun! That’s so exciting–congrats, Melissa. Can’t wait to see it in BH&G!! :-)
    Julia recently posted..Hooked: 6 Things I Saw This Week and Had to ShareMy Profile

  29. Melissa, this is so exciting plus your gorgeous kitchen should be featured in a national magazine!! I have a story, as usual. Years ago the Country Living house of the year was on the island. The builder hired my then high school son to water the lawn, gardens and the long landscaped area along the driveway. Since it was all new planting and during a dry, dry August, he worked full time on it. When the day of the photo shoot came I got a call that newspaper, kindling and firewood was needed. So I quickly gathered those items & delivered them. The fire in the fireplace, in the magazine, is MY firewood, heh! It was so interesting to see the equipment set up for the shoot. Of course I saved the magazine that featured the house. I have GOT to write a new blog post because my bath is 98% done- yippee!!
    Barbara (WA) recently posted..If you give a gardener. . .My Profile

  30. Fantastic! I’m a “behind the scenes” kind of girl. That whole process fascinates me. Thanks for the peek! Can’t wait to see the print version. Congrats!

  31. What a fun and neat experience!
    Adelina Priddis recently posted..Dill Pickles #FoodieFridayMy Profile

  32. Thrilled for you and have been a fly on the wall all these months watching the progress. Sorry we’ve been silent…but none the less impressed! :) ~Chris Ann & Kristin
    LoveFeast Table recently posted..The Simple Things in LifeMy Profile

  33. Love any glimpse I can get of your kitchen… it has always looked like it belonged on the BHG magazine cover! Can’t wait to see the issue :-) How FUN!!

  34. Melissa, In BH&G? What an honor. This is absolutely fabulous!! You have done a great job and it is wonderful you can share it with “the world”. Congrats.

  35. How exciting! I can see why they would want to feature it. I can’t wait for the magazine to come out!
    Jennifer recently posted..Fire Pits and Backyard ProgressMy Profile

  36. I am so glad that I already subscribe to BHG … so I won’t miss this.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..HRH Prince GeorgeMy Profile

  37. You thought we “might like this little behind the scenes peek of them at work”???? Girl you know we would LOVE to see the little behind the scenes peek of them at work! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the magazine issue whenever it makes it to the stands.
    Kelly – Talk of the House recently posted..A Home Tour to See…My Profile

  38. Wow… Congratulations!! I bet it was so interesting watching them work. Can’t wait to hear about it all.

    Kristi recently posted..Installing our kitchen cabinet hardware…finally!My Profile

  39. WOW house exciting was this!!! You must have been over the moon. You did do such a fantastic job. Well, deserved!!!!


  40. Congratulations! This is so cool!

  41. Congratulations! Isn’t John Granen the best? He photographed my home two years ago for Tuscan Style. He is an amazing talent! Can’t wait to see your home in Better Homes and Gardens! ~Delores
    Delores recently posted..Campfires Make MemoriesMy Profile

  42. I’m peeing myself for you. SO exciting! I can’t wait to see the photos.
    Mindy recently posted..Peach CrumbleMy Profile

  43. That is fantastic news! Contrats on the shoot!

  44. What a dream come true! I spend hours pouring through every BH&G! It’s my absolute favorite. Can’t wait to see your lovely kitchen in it. How exciting!
    Julie recently posted..H&M HomeMy Profile

  45. Hi Melissa, how exciting!!! Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing it…

  46. Gah! I’m so excited as they’re coming to do a shoot of my kids’ kitchen makeover in 2 weeks! (I helped them with it, blogged about it, and the rest is history). They’re kitchen is much like yours, grey and white, but pretty modern.

    Congrats! I wonder if you kitchen will end up in the same issue as my kids’ kitchen?
    cindy the cottage chick recently posted..::Corner Cabinet Up-Do::My Profile

  47. So so excited for you my friend, so well deserved. Can’t wait for your big feature!

  48. oh my goodness! so amazing, melissa! must have been so great to watch them work — can not wait to see the feature! hope you’re well, xo

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